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North AmericaNorth America– West Coast– West CoastNorth America – East CoastTorontoVancouverSeattleHarvard SquareHighlineChicago (2)Irvine ValleyNew York (3)Boston (2)Dean CollegePhiladelphiaWashingtonSacramentoSan FranciscoSan FranciscoBerkeleySanta BarbaraLos Angeles (2)IrvineSan DiegoMiamiHighlineWelcome toKaplan AspectTorontoEast VillageWhether your goal is to accelerate your career progression, securea valued university placement or simply to travel the world, with aKaplan Aspect course you will gain the English language skills andacademic approach you need to succeed. You’ll also make friendsfrom around the world and enjoy an unforgettable and enrichingcultural experience.Kaplan Aspect is the unique result of combining two prestigiouseducational groups to provide you with the best study coursesin the best locations worldwide. As the world leader in testpreparation, Kaplan has been helping students to achieveacademic and professional success for 70 years. Aspect hasover 40 years of experience in providing first-class internationaleducation. Now Kaplan Aspect brings these educational strengthstogether to offer you unparalleled choice and consistently highstandards of teaching and student care.Whatever your personal, academic or professional languagelearning goals, we look forward to helping you achieve them thisyear with a Kaplan Aspect course.David JonesChief ExecutiveKaplan Aspect Dean CollegeBostonContents4 Your journey to success6 Effective learning8 Choose your courseCoursesFluency in English9 English language courses10 Academic Year and SemesterUniversity / Exam Preparation12 TOEFL iBT and Academic English14 IELTS and Cambridge ExamPreparation15 GMAT, GRE and SAT Preparation forInternational students16 University Placement ServiceCareer18 Internships20 Pathways to University21 OPUS Paid Work and StudyLiving abroad22 Your new home23 Student support

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Your journey to successBy choosing to study with Kaplan Aspect you will be joining themany thousands of students who have already benefited fromour experience in international education and our commitmentto quality. Our wide range of courses includes intensive languageacquisition, university preparation and internships. Our schoolsare in some of the world’s most inspiring locations. Our first-classteachers are complemented by excellent learning facilities andcaring student support. There’s no better way to begin your journeyto personal, academic and career success.A world of choiceFrom fashionable city centre locations to the campuses ofprestigious universities, you can learn with Kaplan Aspect insome of the world’s most desirable study destinations. Choosefrom our 38 schools in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand,Canada, the USA, Malta and South Africa.Courses to meet your needsWhatever your current level of English language ability, we canprovide you with the right course to meet your needs. You’ll findlanguage courses for your summer vacation, intensive exampreparation for TOEFL or GMAT, and vocational work and studyprogrammes amongst others. Please turn to page 8 for a full list ofcourses available.

I love the teachers and staff at KaplanAspect because they are all verypatient and professional. Learning andliving abroad broadens your horizons. Ifyou stay at home, the world stays small,but you can choose to make your worldbig. Stop thinking about it and just do it!Vivian Hsu, Taiwanese movie star andKaplan Aspect studentEffective student supportOur friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide you with allthe support you need to make your stay abroad a reallyenjoyable one. They will give you comprehensive informationbefore you travel and help you choose the best accommodationoption to suit your needs. They will also help you settle in atyour course centre and provide ongoing advice and supportthroughout your stay.Quality assuranceWe are committed to offering high quality education and studentwelfare at all of our schools and this commitment is recognisedby government bodies worldwide. Kaplan Aspect is accredited bythe British Council in the UK, ACCET in the USA, NEAS in Australia,NZQA in New Zealand, ACELS in Ireland and CAPLS in Canada.

Effective learningAt Kaplan Aspect you will make rapid progress towards yourlanguage goals with our carefully designed curriculum. Our highlytrained and inspiring teachers will use the very latest teachingmethods to help you reach your full potential.Communicate in EnglishUsing an extensive range of classroom materials,your experienced and enthusiastic teachers willcover the complete range of linguistic skills: reading,writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary.In addition, our proven communicative methoddevelops confidence and fluency in your spokenEnglish by encouraging you to try out immediately thenew skills you have learnt.Take control of your learningTake the language learning process into your ownhands by spending time using our computer andmultimedia facilities and interactive software. Youmight choose to research vocabulary for business,revise your tenses or work on your pronunciation.Support, motivation and progressThroughout your course your progress will bemonitored regularly and recorded in your IndividualStudent File. Meetings with your teacher will identifykey areas for improvement and keep you focused,whilst progress tests will help maintain yourmotivation and show when you are ready to advanceto the next level.A record of your achievementAt the end of your course you will receive the KaplanAspect course certificate detailing your level ofproficiency in the English language. Such a record ofyour achievement will contribute to your academic orprofessional profile, providing documented proof ofyour improved language skills. Sample schedule*

The chart below shows the progress youcan make with a Kaplan Aspect languagecourse. On arrival at your school you willbe given a proficiency test to enable ourstaff to place you in the correct class foryour level of language ability. Regularprogress tests during the course will thenallow your teachers to monitor your levelof improvement. Typically, students onan Intensive English course take just tenweeks to progress from one language levelto the next.Proficiency100 iBT, 600 PBT TOEFL, 6.0 IELTS, CAE/CPE, EU C2You are very close to native speaker fluency and can handle all complexwritten and spoken languageAdvanced71-99 iBT, 527-597 PBT TOEFL, 5.5-6.0 IELTS, CAE, EU C1You communicate confidently and fluently, but may lack specialistvocabulary and make some errors with complex languageHigher Intermediate47-70 iBT, 457-523 PBT TOEFL, 5.0-5.5 IELTS, FCE, EU B2You are competent with grammar and can understand and contribute tomost conversations on familiar topics, but may make some mistakesIntermediate29-46 iBT, 390-453 PBT TOEFL, 4.5-5.0 IELTS, PET , EU B1You can talk about everyday matters but with a limited range of style andexpression. You read and write fluently about familiar topicsLower Intermediate13-28 iBT, 313-387 PBT TOEFL, 4.0-4.5 IELTS, KET / PET, EU A2You can write and speak in familiar situations and have a fair knowledgeof grammar, but your vocabulary is limitedElementary0-12 iBT, 310 PBT TOEFL, 3.0-3.5 IELTS, EU A1You can use and recognise common words and greetings and simpleinstructions but you have limited grammatical knowledgePlease note that 10 weeks per level isjust a guide to average progress rates.We cannot guarantee an exact periodof study over which specific languagegoals can be attained.Weeks:01020304050

Choose your courseWhat’s your goal? Kaplan Aspect courses can help you to achievefluency in English, university entry or career success. Choose yourcourse and location below, then read on for more details!Your goal Courses UKFluency in shLondon - Covent GardenLondon - Leicester anadaTorontoChristchurchVancouverUSADean CollegeBostonHarvard SquareNortheastern UniversityNew York - Empire StateNew York - MidtownNew York - East VillageWashington DCMiamiPhiladelphiaChicagoIIT - ChicagoSeattleHighlineSacramentoSanta BarbaraSan FranciscoBerkeleySan DiegoIrvine ValleyWhittier CollegeLos Angeles - WestwoodOtherCape Town*Malta** Please note that programmes offered at our partnerschools in Torbay, Cape Town and Malta will vary fromthose described on the following pages. University / Exam PreparationAcademicYear andSemesterTOEFL andAcademicEnglishIELTSCambridge iSATExamPreparationiGMAT /iGRECareer successUniversity English forPreparation BusinessInternships OPUS PaidWork andStudyVocationalprogrammes

Fluency inFluencyinenglish englishEnglish language coursesKaplan Aspect English language courses are ideal for students ofall levels who want to improve their English quickly and effectively.Each of our four courses has a special focus, allowing you to directyour study in a way that suits your particular language needs.nGeneral English classesOur experienced team of teachers will focus your study on thefour main language disciplines of reading, writing, listeningand speaking. Your fluency and confidence will increase rapidlythanks to Kaplan Aspect’s proven communicative teachingmethod.lIntensive EnglishThe fastest way to become fluent in English. Elective lessonsaccelerate your progress and personalise your course.Each week you receive:n 20 lessons of General Englishl8 elective lessonss7 lessons of supplementary structured studyGeneral EnglishThis semi-intensive course allows you to balancecomprehensive classroom tuition with structured study and freetime activities.Elective classesElective options on the Intensive English course will depend uponyour choice of school and your English level, but may includeVocabulary, Current Affairs, Local Culture or English for Business.English for Business electives may include subjects such ascommunication in the workplace, participation in meetings,writing skills in business situations and interview techniques.sSupplementary Structured StudyYour supplementary structured study lessons give you accessto learning materials such as online language exercises, coursebooks and interactive computer programmes, allowing you tofocus on the language discipline of your choice.Each week you receive:n 20 lessons of General Englishs7 lessons of supplementary structured studyVacation EnglishThe perfect way to combine English classes with a holiday.Practise your new language skills whilst out sightseeing duringyour free time!Each week you receive:n 20 lessons of General EnglishEnglish for BusinessLearn essential English language skills for communicatingeffectively in a range of business contexts.Each week you receive:n 20 lessons of General Englishl8 English for Business electivess7 lessons of supplementary structured studyCourse FactsCourse length Minimum 2 weeksLesson length 45 minutesClass size Average 12, maximum 15Entry level Elementary - Advanced(English for Business is Intermediate– Advanced)Minimum age 16Start dates Every weekLocations See page 8

Fluency in englishAcademic Year and SemesterBecome fluent in English, enhance your academic profile, improveyour career prospects, immerse yourself in a new culture andmake friends from around the world—you can achieve all this on aKaplan Aspect Academic Year or Semester!A life-changing experienceOur Academic Year or Semester is an amazing opportunity toexperience life in another country for 5 or 9 months. You’ll gaina truly international perspective on life as you study alongsideclassmates of many different nationalities. You’ll return homewith significantly improved language skills and memories to lasta lifetime. And because these long-term courses are availableat discounted prices, you’ll get great value for money from thisinvestment in your future.It’s your choiceIf you choose the Intensive Academic Year or Semester, our rangeof programme options allows you to tailor the course to suit youracademic or career goals. Depending on your level of Englishand your choice of school, you can personalise your course withElective Classes, English for Business, Exam Preparation or anInternship—it’s the perfect way to get the most out of your timeabroad.Intensive Academic Year or SemesterLong-term courses for fluency in English, available at all KaplanAspect locations. A wide range of elective options allows you topersonalise your course for academic or career needs.Each week you receive:n 20 lessons of General Englishl8 elective lessonss7 lessons of supplementary structured studyGeneral Academic Year or SemesterGreat value long-term language courses allow you to immerseyourself in a new culture. Available at all Kaplan Aspectlocations (except Australia and New Zealand).Each week you receive:n 20 lessons of General Englishs107 lessons of supplementary structured studynGeneral English classesYour General English classes will initially focus on makingsure that you are able to communicate effectively in everydayEnglish. A wide-ranging syllabus will then develop your overalllinguistic skills, helping you to read, write and speak English withconfidence and clarity.lElective classesThese vary from school to school but may include CurrentAffairs, English for Business, Academic English, TOEFL/IELTSExam Preparation, Writing and Vocabulary, Speaking andPronunciation, Idioms, Local Culture, Literature or Film Studies.sSupplementary Structured StudyYour supplementary structured study lessons help you toreinforce what you have learned and improve the areas whereyou need most practice by using selected books, online languageexercises and interactive computer programmes.

Course lengthAcdemic Year: 9 monthsAcademic Semester: 5 monthsLesson length 45 minutesClass size Average 12, maximum 15Entry level Elementary – AdvancedMinimum age 16Start dates See tableLocationsUK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia andNew ZealandPlease note that course options willdepend on your language level andavailability at the school of your choice.In some cases, Internships will berestricted by visa regulations or you mayalso need to move to a different locationto do an internship. Further details areavailable on request from your KaplanAspect representative.Academic Year course datesStart dateEnd dateTotalTuitionVacation 1wkswksStart7-Jan-0812-Sep-0836328-Mar-08 24-Mar-08Finish14-Apr-08Vacation 2StartFinish7-Jun-08 22-Jun-0812-Dec-0835327-Jun-08 22-Jun-0813-Sep-08 21-Sep-0823-Jun-08 27-Feb-09363213-Sep-08 21-Sep-0813-Dec-0829-Sep-08373213-Dec-087-Mar-09 936327-Mar-09 22-Mar-0913-Jun-09 28-Jun-09*14-Apr-0911-Dec-09353213-Jun-09 28-Jun-0912-Sep-09 20-Sep-09TotalTuitionVacationwkswksStartAcademic Semester course datesStart dateEnd dateFinish7-Jan-0830-May-08 21 208-Mar-0816-Mar-08*24-Mar-0815-Aug-08 21 207-Jun-0815-Jun-0815-Jun-0814-Apr-085-Sep-08 21 207-Jun-0823-Jun-0814-Nov-08 21 2013-Sep-08 21-Sep-0829-Sep-086-Mar-09 23 2013-Dec-084-Jan-0920-Oct-08 27-Mar-09 23 2013-Dec-084-Jan-095-Jan-09 29-May-09 21 207-Mar-0915-Mar-0923-Mar-0914-Aug-09 21 2013-Jun-09 21-Jun-09*14-Apr-094-Sep-09 21 2013-Jun-09 21-Jun-09* Classes will start on 24th March 2008 and 14th April2009 in USA and Canada, but as these are publicholidays in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand,classes in these locations start on 25th March and 15thApril11Fluency in englishCourse Facts

exam preparationTOEFL iBT and Academic EnglishTOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the most popularexamination for North American English, and the internet-basedTOEFL iBT is the preferred version amongst academic institutions.As an international student you will need a good TOEFL scorefor entry to college or university in North America. The KaplanAspect TOEFL and Academic English course is designed to helpyou achieve a high score and is based on the excellent teachingmaterials and curriculum developed by Kaplan, the establishedworld leader in test preparation.Prepare for successOur renowned TOEFL and Academic English course prepares youfor all four sections of the TOEFL iBT and highlights the academicEnglish skills you need to succeed at university. The courseincludes TOEFL-focused reading, writing, listening and speakinginstruction and frequent use of practice exam questions.Eight full-length TOEFL iBT simulation tests help you becomeaccustomed to the test itself and the exam environment.Valuable academic skillsIn addition to specific TOEFL preparation and practice, yourcourse also focuses on the essential academic skills you needto succeed in an English-speaking undergraduate class. Ourexpert teachers will help you develop your reading and writingtechniques and improve your grammar in preparation for studyingin a university setting. The skills and strategies you learn will alsobe valuable preparation for the TOEFL iBT.Kaplan is a worldleader in TOEFLiBT preparation.Prepare for successwith exclusiveKaplan coursematerials.12Exclusive course materialsKaplan Aspect course materials have been developed by our testpreparation experts for exclusive use by our students. Materialsfocus on TOEFL iBT strategies as well as academic English skills.Audio CDs are used together with the course books to help youpractise the listening section of the exam. Our materials andcurriculum are frequently updated to reflect teacher and studentfeedback, ensuring the most effective learning experience.

Course factsMy TOEFL classes helped me toget the score I wanted. The teachersknew all the details about the test andwere very patient.Onur Colakoglu, TurkeyKaplan Aspect SeattleTOEFL iBT and Academic EnglishAchieve a higher TOEFL score in as little as four weeks andprepare for academic life at university in Canada and the USA.Each week you receive:n 20 lessons of TOEFL and Academic Englishs15 lessons of structured studyexam preparationCourse length 4-16 weeksLesson length 45 minutesClass size Average 12, maximum 15Entry level TOEFL iBT 53Minimum age 16Start dates Every 2 weeks (see schoolpage for exact dates in your chosenlocation)Locations See page 8Books included in course priceExam fees not included in course pricenTOEFL iBT and Academic English classesFully trained teachers will help you get a higher score on the TOEFLiBT and strengthen the English skills you need to succeed atuniversity. Class time is spent discussing test-taking strategies,reviewing practice tests and improving your academic Englishskills.sStructured StudyDuring structured study lessons you will take up to 8 full-lengthTOEFL iBT simulations in our computer labs and receive feedbackon all sections, including the new speaking section. Additionalstudy and library materials may include books, audio materialsand a customised study plan.13

exam preparationIELTS and Cambridge Exam PreparationAn internationally recognised language qualification can aidyour entry into higher education, either in your home country orabroad, and strengthen your career prospects in the internationalemployment market. On a Kaplan Aspect Exam Preparation coursewe give you the skills, techniques and encouragement you need tosucceed.IELTS ExamThe International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is aninternationally recognised qualification and an entry requirementfor universities in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. It isalso used as a language proficiency guide by many governmentsin issuing work visas.Cambridge ExamsThe University of Cambridge Local Exam Syndicate examinationsare recognised around the world. Kaplan Aspect can help youprepare for the First Certificate (FCE), the Certificate in AdvancedEnglish (CAE) or the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).Choose the option which is right for youIELTS or Cambridge Dedicated courseEach week you receive:Cambridge Intensive Dedicated courseEach week you receive:IELTS Supplementary courseEach week you receive:l 20 lessons of IELTS or Cambridge Examl 28 lessons of Cambridge Examn 20 lessons of General EnglishPreparations7 lessons of supplementary structuredstudyPreparationsl7 lessons of supplementarystructured studys8 IELTS Exam Preparation lessons7 lessons of supplementarystructured studynIELTS Exam Preparation Course FactsGeneral English classesClasses will help you to develop the four essential languagedisciplines of reading, writing, listening and speaking as well asimproving your grammar and vocabulary.Course length 5 or 10 weeksLesson length 45 minutesEntry level Intermediate – AdvancedMinimum age 16Start dates See school page for exact dates in your chosenlocationLocations- Dedicated courses in Oxford, London Leicester Square, Sydneyand Vancouver.- Supplementary courses in London, Oxford, Bournemouth,Dublin, Vancouver, Perth, Auckland and Christchurch.lIELTS or Cambridge Exam Preparation classesThese highly focused exam preparation classes will cover allsections of your chosen exam in detail and teach you the verbalskills and test-taking strategies you will need to succeed.sSupplementary Structured StudyYour personalised structured study plan will enable you tosharpen your exam technique and continue to work on essentiallanguage skills. You will have full access to our extensive library ofmaterials including online practice exercises, course books andcomputer simulation tests.A pre-arrival level test is highly recommended and can be arranged by your KaplanAspect representative. Additional accommodation may be required to include theofficial exam. .Cambridge Exam Preparation Course FactsCourse length 9 or 12 weeksLesson length 45 minutesEntry level Intermediate – AdvancedMinimum age 16Start dates January, March and SeptemberLocations- Dedicated course in Cambridge (FCE, CAE), Edinburgh (FCE)and Dublin (FCE).- Intensive Dedicated course in Sydney, Perth, Auckland andChristchurch (FCE , CAE, CPE).IELTS and Cambridge exam fees not included in course price14

GMAT, GRE and SAT Preparationfor international studentsGMAT preparation for InternationalStudents (iGMAT)The GMAT (Graduate ManagementAdmission Test) is a requirement for allstudents wanting to study for an MBAin the USA. We prepare you for the testwith in-depth reviews, practice testsand skills workshops. Kaplan Aspectstudents also experience the examformat first-hand by taking the exclusive‘Ultimate Practice Test’ at an officialGMAT testing centre.GRE preparation for InternationalStudents (iGRE)The GRE (Graduate Record Examination)is required from students who wish totake a Master’s or Doctorate degree inthe USA. We’ll help you prepare for thetest with a strong focus on verbal skills,strategies and analytical writing.Each week you receive:l12 lessons of GRE preparations 20 lessons of structured studyEach week you receive:lexam preparationIf your ambition is to gain a graduate or undergraduate degreefrom a prominent university or college in the USA you will needto take the GMAT, GRE or SAT. At Kaplan Aspect we are experts inpreparing international students for these challenging tests,using the exclusive teaching materials and unique curriculumdeveloped by Kaplan.SAT preparation for InternationalStudents (iSAT)SAT is a standardised test of criticalthinking skills used for undergraduateadmissions in the USA. Our teachers willhelp you develop effective test-takingstrategies in an interactive setting,keeping you focused and motivated rightup to the day of the test.Each week you receive:l16 lessons of SAT preparations16 lessons of structured study12 lessons of GMAT preparations 20 lessons of structured studyliGMAT / iGRE Course FactsGMAT, GRE or SAT Preparation classesYour test preparation classes will focus in detail on each aspectof your chosen test using Kaplan Aspect’s exclusive coursematerials to help you achieve the best results possible.Course length 12 weeksLesson length 45 minutesEntry level TOEFL iBT 79Minimum age 16Start dates Frequent start dates throughout the year (see schoolpage for exact dates in your chosen location)Locations See page 8sStructured StudyYour structured study lessons are an integral part of your courseduring which you will have access to our extensive library of studymaterials. Completing regular practice tests in our computerlabs will also help you build your skills and confidence as youcontinually work towards a higher score.iSAT Course FactsCourse length 8 weeksLesson length 45 minutesEntry level TOEFL iBT 69Minimum age 16Start dates July and AugustLocations BostonBooks included in course priceExam fees not included in course price15

University preparationUniversity Placement ServiceA prestigious degree from an English-speaking university is thefirst step towards a successful international career. With theKaplan Aspect University Placement Service (UPS) you will benefitfrom our extensive network of partner institutions and our longexperience of guiding students through the admissions process.Our dedicated staff can help you gain entry to graduate andundergraduate courses at universities in the UK, Ireland, USA,Canada, Australia and New Zealand.– Kaplan Aspect can help you apply for a Master’s or Bachelor’sdegree, Associate degree or diploma.– Our knowledgeable and experienced placement advisors willadvise you on the appropriate university and subject choice tosuit your needs.– We have a network of over 100 partner institutions worldwide, allof which have a positive acceptance policy towards internationalstudents.Our track recordOver 10 years of studentplacementsOver 100 partner institutionsworldwide– Many of our partner institutions are able to issue you with aconditional acceptance onto their degree courses before youleave home.– No official English test score is required for entry to a numberof our partner institutions, making your path to universityacceptance that little bit easier.– Our Basic UPS service is free when you study with Kaplan Aspectfor 16 weeks or more.Kaplan Aspect have successfully placed students at many differentuniversities around the world. Here are just a few of our recentplacements:USA and Canada– City University of New York (CUNY)– Johnson & Wales University– Washington State University– San Francisco State University– Texas A&M University16UK and Ireland– University of Cambridge– University of Edinburgh– Imperial College London– Trinity College Dublin– The University of NottinghamAustralia and New Zealand– Australian Catholic University– Edith Cowan University– RMIT University– AUT– Lincoln University

University preparationChoose the level of University PlacementService that suits your needs:Level of ServiceLocationPriceFeaturesBasicUSA, Canada, Australia*,New Zealand*175 USD/CAD– One application to a Partner Institution in the USA, Canada, Australia or NewZealand– Personalised help choosing a Partner Institution to meet your study goals– Assistance with the application and acceptance process– Conditional Letter of Acceptance available before leaving your home country– Guaranteed admission to a Partner Institution – subject to meeting entryrequirementsFREE if you study for 16weeks or more with KaplanAspectAdditional application50 USD/CADPremiumUSA, Canada, Australia*,New Zealand*500 USD/CAD(300 USD/CAD,250 AUD/NZDif you study for 16 weeks ormore with Kaplan Aspect)– One application to any institution in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealandand one application to a Partner institution– One to one counselling to determine your academic goals– Assistance with the application and acceptance process– Conditional Letter of Acceptance available before leaving your home country– Guaranteed admission to a Partner Institution – subject to meeting entryrequirementsAdditional application250 USD/CADPremium PlusUK, Ireland500 GBP/ 750 EURFREE if you study for 16weeks or more with KaplanAspect– Apply to up to 6 undergraduate or 3 postgraduate courses at universities in the UKor Ireland– In-depth evaluation of academic transcripts and language level– Help choosing the right institution for you– One-to-one advice and support from a fully trained, expert advisor, includingadvice on personal statements and references– Attend university open days or higher education fairs at a Kaplan Aspect school– Applications can be processed all year round– Accelerated application process and application tracking*Australia and New Zealand: Only available prior to arrival with a booking of 16 weeks or moreUniversity preparation courses available.See page 20 for further informationabout the Kaplan Aspect pathways touniversity.I used the University Placement Servicein New York. My advisor was so kind andsupported me a lot. She worked hardfor me and I was accepted to the collegewhich I wanted to go to the most.Izumi Shibasaki from Japan gained a placeto study International

Sacramento Santa Barbara San Francisco Berkeley San Diego Irvine Valley Whittier College Los Angeles - Westwood Cape Town* Malta* Choose your course What’s your goal? Kaplan Aspect courses can help you to achieve fluency in English, university entry or career success. Choose your