2020 PTSG Speaker’s BiosRay MondragonRay Mondragon is Professor of Hermeneutics and Exegesis at Chafer TheologicalSeminary in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is also a professor at Trinity SW University,Word of God Seminary in The Ukraine, and professor at the International Baptist BibleCollege in Ukraine. He also teaches regularly at Grace Church of Albuquerque, NM.Ray graduated from The University of New Mexico, (BS in Civil Engineering) DallasTheological Seminary (ThM in Old Testament Literature and Exegesis), and TrinityTheological Seminary (DMin in Biblical Studies). His website which focuses on Creation Science, Biblical studies, Bibleprophecy and Bible exposition.Tim ChaffeyTim Chaffey is content manager for the Attractions Division of Answers in Genesis.An apologist with a passion for training young people, he speaks regularly at theCreation Museum in Kentucky, camps, schools and churches, and has authorednumerous books including one which is the basis of his presentation at this1

conference: Fallen: The Sons of God and the Nephilim. Tim is a tall person and playedcenter in basketball, winning a national championship in basketball at a small collegelevel. He has a BA and MA in Biblical and Theological Studies, a MDiv in Apologeticsand Theology, and a ThM in Church History and Theology. Tim is married and has twochildren. Tim specializes in the historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus and the creationverses evolution controversy. His blog is GunnGeorge Gunn is the vice president of student services and is an Associate Professorof Bible, Theology, and Biblical Languages at Shasta Bible College in Shasta,California since 1986. He has a BA from Shasta Bible College, 1981; an MDiv fromNorthwest Baptist Seminary, 1980; a PhD from Tyndale Theological Seminary, 2015;and a DMin from Corban University School of Ministry, 2019. He is married and hastwo sons. His blog is Aniol2

Scott Aniol is an author, speaker, and teacher of culture, worship, aesthetics, andchurch ministry philosophy. He is Chair of the Worship Ministry Department atSouthwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, he foundedReligious Affections Ministries, he lectures around the country in churches,conferences, colleges, and seminaries, and he has authored several books anddozens of articles. Scott is the Editor of Artistic Theologian, a scholarly journal ofworship and church ministry, and serves as chair of the Biblical Worship Section of theEvangelical Theological Society. Scott hold a MDiv in Theological Studies (SWBTS), aMA in Aesthetics (NIU), and a PhD in Worship Ministry (SWBTS). Scott is married andhas four children. His website is LutzerErwin Lutzer is Pastor Emeritus of The Moody Church where he served as the SeniorPastor for 36 years. He earned a B.Th. from Winnipeg Bible College, a ThM fromDallas Theological Seminary, a MA in Philosophy from Loyola University, and anhonorary LLD from the Simon Greenleaf School of Law. A clear expositor of the Bible,he is the featured speaker on three radio programs that are heard on more than 1,000outlets in the United States and around the world: Running to Win—a daily Bibleteaching broadcast; Moody Church Hour—The Moody Church’s Sunday morningworship service; and Songs in the Night—an evening program that’s been airing since1943. Dr. Lutzer is also an award-winning author of numerous books. Dr. Lutzer andhis wife, Rebecca, live in the Chicago area. They have three grown children and eightgrandchildren. His website is

Don PerkinsDon Perkins and his wife, Marie, reside in Southern California with their daughters,Tramaine and Bethany. They are committed Christians and ministers, having served insome type of ministerial role for over twenty-five years. Donald Perkins is an ordainedMinister and is the Founder and President of According to Prophecy Ministries. Heserved as Assistant Pastor at Christ the Deliverer Assembly, in Baton Rouge,Louisiana and has also served with two nationally known TV ministries. He travelsextensively as a well-respected speaker on Bible Prophecy for conferences, seminars,Bible studies and local churches. He is a staff instructor on Bible Prophecy at theImmanuel Bible College in San Diego, CA and a guest instructor on Bible Prophecy atEcola Bible College in Cannon Beach, OR, Cathedral Bible College in Escondido, CAand Heritage Christian College in El Cajon, CA. Don’s website Marsh4

Cory Marsh is Associate Professor of New Testament at Southern CaliforniaSeminary. He has a BA in Biblical Studies (2012); MA in Biblical Studies; MDiv (2015);and ThM (2018). Currently, he is pursuing a PhD in Biblical Theology at MidwesternBaptist Theological Seminary. Cory has served in various pastoral ministry roles atlocal churches teaching the Word of God in congregational, small group, andevangelistic settings. A frequent conference speaker and published author. Cory ismarried to his high school sweetheart, Shannan. The two live in Orange County, CA.His blog is located at ary-blog/.William WatsonWilliam Watson is Professor of History at Colorado Christian University. His degreesare from Cal Poly (BA History, 1976), Talbot Seminary (MDiv, 1979), University ofCalifornia Riverside (MA European History, 1981 & PhD English History, 1995). Heserved as a linguist for Army Intel in Berlin (1973-75), taught at a Christian high schoolin the 1980s and at Azusa Pacific and Cal Baptist in the early 1990s before coming toCCU in 1996. He also teaches occasionally as an adjunct professor in WesternCivilization at the University of Colorado Boulder. He was a Fulbright Senior Scholar toMoldova in 2004 and an Oxford Visiting Summer Fellow in 2007. As a graduatestudent he studied at the Huntington Library, the British Museum, and Oxford andCambridge, as well as helping to compile a database on everything published in theEnglish language prior to 1800, allowing all this material to now be available online.His research specialty is 17th and 18th century English Church History, with a doctoraldissertation on the politics of English clergy, and subsequent research on therelationship between religion and science, and now eschatology. Watson is author ofDispensationalism Before Darby (Lampion Press, 2015). NOTE: Dr. Watson wenthome to be with the Lord on November 12, 2020, therefore, Dr. H. Wayne House willbe reading his paper which Dr. Watson had already prepared.5

James FazioJames Fazio is Dean of Bible and Theology, Professor of Biblical Studies at SouthernCalifornia Seminary. Fazio has a BA (2002), MA (2005), ThM (2013), and DMin (2-17)from Southern California Seminary. He is currently working on a PhD in history fromQueen’s University in Belfast Ireland. In 2011 James accepted the position as Dean ofthe College at SCS. In 2015 his responsibilities expanded to include oversight of allundergraduate and graduate biblical studies programs at Southern CaliforniaSeminary. Between 2007 and 2017 James served as President of Uganda Ministries,which launched significant educational initiatives, including the development of twoschools in the Rukungiri District of western Uganda. His persistent work in Uganda hasbrought him to serve on the board of White Fields, an international church planting andleadership development organization that is active in several countries across Asia,Africa, South America, and the Middle East. James and his wife Amy have fourchildren. His website is ary-blog/.Mark Hitchcock6

Mark Hitchcock has authored over 30 books related to Bible prophecy. He hasearned a ThM and PhD degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and is an associateprofessor there. He lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with his wife Cheryl and serves asSenior Pastor of Faith Bible Church. He and his wife have two married sons and threegrandchildren. His website is KoenigBill Koenig is the President of Koenig—World Watch Daily. His daily online newsservice that has readers in 50 states and 79 countries. Prophetic news is posted 365days a year. He has been a White House correspondent since 2001. Bill is the authorof Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel. The 576-page updatedbook, in its 30th printing, documents record-setting catastrophes that occur whenAmerican Presidents pressure Israel to give up their covenant land. He authored,“Revealed: Obama’s Legacy in 2016”. Bill has spoken in churches and congregationsin 32 states and 10 countries. Bill and his wife Claudia reside in the Washington D.C.area. Bill’s website is

David ReaganDavid Reagan serves as the Senior Evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is anative Texan who resides in a suburb of Dallas. Dr. Reagan is a Phi Beta Kappagraduate of the University of Texas in Austin. His graduate degrees were earned inthe field of International Relations from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy ofTufts and Harvard Universities. Dave was the founder of Lamb & Lion Ministries in1980. Before entering the ministry he had an extensive career in higher educationwhich included the following positions: Assistant to the President of Austin College inSherman, Texas; President of South Texas Jr. College in Houston; Director ofPepperdine University's Center for International Business in Los Angeles; and VicePresident of Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma. He is the author of many religiousessays which have been published in a wide variety of journals and magazines. Hehas written about 15 books relating to Bible prophecy. Dave’s website is

Dr. Andy WoodsAndy Woods became a Christian at the age of 16. He graduated with High Honorsearning two Baccalaureate Degrees in Business Administration and Political Science(University of Redlands, CA.), and obtained a Juris Doctorate (Whittier Law School,CA), practiced law, taught Business and Law and related courses (Citrus CommunityCollege, CA) and served as Interim Pastor of Rivera First Baptist Church in PicoRivera, CA (1996-1998). In 1998, he began taking courses at Chafer and TalbotTheological Seminaries. He earned a Master of Theology degree, with High Honors(2002), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Bible Exposition (2009) at Dallas TheologicalSeminary. In 2005 and 2009, he received the Donald K. Campbell Award forExcellence in Bible Exposition, at Dallas Theological Seminary. Andy is the seniorpastor of Sugar Land Bible Church and is president of Chafer Theological Seminary.In addition, Andy has contributed to many theological journals and written a number ofChristian books and has spoken on a variety of topics at Christian conferences. Hiswebsite is

Bible studies and local churches. He is a staff instructor on Bible Prophecy at the Immanuel Bible College in San Diego, CA and a guest instructor on Bible Prophecy at Ecola Bible College in Cannon Beach, OR, Cathedral Bible College in Escondido, CA and Heritage Christian College in E