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About Total Life Changes At Total Life Changes (TLC) we provideproducts and a community that you’ll feel,as well as providing an opportunity toCHANGE your socioeconomic status througha rewarding binary compensation plan.The Revolutionary ResolutionLet us take the craves away! A revolutionarygame changer in dieting from Total LifeChanges . TLC’s exclusive proprietary blendis Resolution. Extensive testing resulted inone unique fat burning machine giving wayto No.20, the final formula for your Resolutionto weight loss. The perfect choice for drasticchanges in just 23 days. Resolution andthe two-stage program supports regularcardiovascular workouts and weight trainingthat will not interfere with your desired results.

Your New Year’s ResolutionLose weight quickly and safely, with little to no change of yourdaily routine. When used with our moniker 1200-calorie diet,Resolution supports speedy weight loss, including stubbornbelly fat, and helps reduce the odds of returning weight gain.Total Life Changes own COO John Licari was one of the first totry samples of Resolution.“I was a little hesitant to try them, because I am anavid runner and I train at least three times a week.I didn’t want anything to interfere with my weeklydiet and exercise but at the same time I had about7-10 pounds of stubborn belly fat that I just couldn’tshed over the past few months. After reviewingthe 1200-calorie diet plan and considering that itis okay to make necessary adjustments, I gave it atry and couldn’t be more pleased. It just works. It’sreally that simple. I had a few to no food cravingsand lost 10 pounds in 10 days. Just amazing!”The recommended daily 1200-calories diet allows for a(200-calorie) breakfast, (400-calorie) lunch and dinner, and two(100-calorie) snacks throughout the day.Enjoy (3) balanced meals each day consisting mostly of proteinand vegetables, while limiting fruit serving sizes and excludingthe starch category for the best results.Resolution is derived from certified-grade raw materials (thatmost pure ingredients available), processed according to GoodManufacturing Practices (GMP) and made in the U.S.A.

ApprovedDrinksPLAIN BLACK OR GREEN TEASPICES/SEASONINGSSelf-brewed. You may use sweeteners; Steviaand Saccharin (Sweet ‘N Low) are allowed.Aspartame, Sucralose (Splenda) and regularsugar are not allowed. You may add flavor witha fresh lemon, lime or orange only. No additionaladded flavors or ingredients in the tea packets orbags including fruit, rosebuds, roots, honey, etc.Do not consume pre-bottled teas.You can use any spice you want, just be sure it doesn’tcontain sugar or starch. Salt and pepper are allowed. Readthe ingredients of everything you consume. Even a minorintake of something that is not allowed can affect your results.BLACK COFFEENo creamer (only 1 tablespoon of fat free milkper day is allowed for use in coffee/tea; does notcount as a dairy selection.)CHEWING GUMYou can have gum, but be sure it is flavored ONLYwith Xylitol (a natural sweetener). Most brands useAspartme, which is not allowed.Be sure to consume the equivalentof half your weight, in ounces ofwater, daily.

ApprovedFoodsPROTEIN:VEGETABLES:Egg Whites (6)100 caloriesEach serving is weighed in at 1 cupChicken Breast110 caloriesLettuce (any variety)10 caloriesTurkey Breast115 caloriesCucumbers20 calories95% Lean Ground Beef135 caloriesEye of RoundSTARCHES:Melba Toast - (1) cracker15 caloriesTomatoes35 calories80 caloriesGrissini Bread stick - (1)15 caloriesCelery20 caloriesFlank Steak165 caloriesSaltine Crackers - (1) piece20 caloriesOnions65 caloriesTop sirloin190 calories25-45 caloriesSpinach10 caloriesBison (buffalo)110 caloriesChard0 caloriesVenison (deer)120 caloriesFennel30 calories1 can Tuna Fish in water80 caloriesDAIRY PROTEIN:Red Radishes20 caloriesSteak Lobster95 caloriesMake sure all products are “Fat Free”Asparagus30 caloriesCrab85 caloriesMilk - 1 Cup (8 oz.)90 caloriesCabbage25 calories110 caloriesYogurt (plain, non-fat) 3/4 cup (6 oz.)103 caloriesChicory40 caloriesScallops95 caloriesCottage Cheese (non-fat) 3/4 cup (6 oz.)100 caloriesBeet Greens10 caloriesOrange Roughly75 caloriesCod85 caloriesFlounder/Sole90 caloriesSea Bass/Tilapia100 caloriesHalibut/Mahi-Mahi110 caloriesShrimpVEGETARIAN PROTEIN:Tofu (firm/extra firm)75-100 caloriesTofu Noodles20 caloriesWasa “Lite” Crackers - (1) pieceFRUIT:Apple - 1 medium74 caloriesOrange - 1 medium95 caloriesGrapefruit - 1/4 cup (sections)85 caloriesStrawberries - 1 cup (sliced)50 caloriesBlueberries - 1/2 cup (whole)40 calories3.5 oz. Per Portion*All foods are to be weighed prior to being cooked/consumed. Make protein at least half (50%) of your dailycalorie intake.You can make a salad with a few different vegetables justbe sure to accurately calculate your portion sizes (2 cupstotal) and the corresponding calories. It is recommendedthat you have just one item at a time for ease of digestionand better results.

10 Day 1200 Calorie MenuDay 1BREAKFAST:Egg white omelet w/spinach& tomatoesLUNCH:Grilled chicken w/coldchicory saladSNACK:Celery sticks savory dilldressingDINNER:Poached halibut steamedasparagusDESSERT:Sugar-free gelatinDay 6BREAKFAST:Egg whites w/allowedveggies of your choiceLUNCH:Curried shrimp w/tomatoes& Indian cabbage riceSNACK:Melba toast w/strawberryjamDINNER:Pepper crusted steak garlic spinachDESSERT:Chilled sugar-free orangepopsDay 2BREAKFAST:Nonfat Greek yogurt 1orangeLUNCH:Tilapia or tuna (oil free, inwater)SNACK:Fruit w/warm vanilla sauceDINNER:Chinese chicken saladDESSERT:Fat-free frozen strawberrysorbetDay 7BREAKFAST:1/2 grapefruitLUNCH:Breaded chicken cutlets cucumber saladSNACK:N/A Bloody Hot Thin MaryDINNER:Creole gumbo grilledasparagusDESSERT:Zucchini breadDay 3BREAKFAST:Egg whitesLUNCH:Mongolian beef w/cabbageSNACK:LemonadeDINNER:Tilapia w/herbsDESSERT:Sugar-free applesaucew/cinnamonDay 8BREAKFAST:Strawberry smoothieLUNCH:Boneless chicken hot wings coleslawSNACK:Virgin mojitoDINNER:Fajitas w/Mexican cabbagericeDESSERT:Apple cookiesDay 4BREAKFAST:Strawberry smoothieLUNCH:Chinese chicken saladSNACK:Tomato basil soupDINNER:Creole Shrimp steamedspinachDESSERT:Fruit w/warm vanilla sauceDay 9BREAKFAST:Nonfat Greek yogurtLUNCH:Blackened chicken saladSNACK:Peanut butter w/celeryDINNER:Tilapia w/herbs steamedveggiesDESSERT:Chilled orange popsDay 5BREAKFAST:Nonfat cottage cheese 1orangeLUNCH:Shrimp cocktail cevicheSNACK:Melba toast w/strawberryjamDINNER:Baked Cajun chicken saffron cabbageDESSERT:Apple chipsDay 10BREAKFAST:Egg whitesLUNCH:Slow roasted beef brisketSNACK:1 appleDINNER:Mexican chicken soupDESSERT:Fresh strawberries

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Saltine Crackers - (1) piece 20 calories Wasa “Lite” Crackers - (1) piece 25-45 calories FRUIT: Apple - 1 medium 74 calories Orange - 1 medium 95 calories Grapefruit - 1/4 cup (sections) 85 calories Strawberries - 1 cup (sliced) 50 calories VEGETARIAN PROTEIN: Blueberries - 1/2 cup (whole) 40 calories Tofu (firm/extra firm) 75-100 calories