Cuesta College Outreach & Enrollment ServicesSELF-GUIDED CAMPUS TOURFor more information about guided campus tours, please contacttheOutreach & Enrollment Services Office(805) 546-3952M–TH, 8:00am to 5:00pm, Fridays, 8:00 am to 1:00 pmASCC SOCIAL CLUBM–TH, 9:00am to 4:00pm, closed on Fridays*When school is in session. Please call for hours during summerand semester breaks.More information about Cuesta College departments and servicescan be found at or by calling (805) 546-3100.Hours and information may be subject to change.STARTING POINT:BUILDING 3100/3200 – STUDENT SUPPORT/LIBRARYDOWNSTAIRS – STUDENT SERVICES Assessment & Orientation DeskCounseling Appointment Desk and Offices–students are strongly encouraged to seea counselor to ensure that they take the correct classes needed to achieve theiracademic goals.Cashier – Bus passes can be purchased here at a discount. (Discount available only toStudent ID cardholders – your college ID!)Mail Slot – students may drop their stamped mail here.Student Service–Admissions, Registration, Records, Evaluations, Veterans' Affairs, etal.Career Transfer Center – provides information about CSU and UC universities andnumerous private colleges and assists students in their applications to those colleges.They also assist students with career goals.Financial Aid–administers more than 3 million annually through student loans, federalgrants, work opportunities and scholarships. Approximately one-third of Cuesta studentsreceive some form of financial assistance, and if you need assistance, this is the officewhere you can apply for it. The office also has a web site, which can be accessedthrough Centers - The CaFE Centers blend the long-standing CalWORKs and EOPS/CAREprograms and add a new service component for foster youth. The CaFE Centers arelocated in facilities formerly housing the EOPS/CARE and CalWORKs programs and willbe staffed with familiar faces along with some new faces. NOTE: CaFE is an acronym;Ca-CalWORKs, F-Foster Youth, E-EOPS/CARE that identifies the bringingtogether of multiple services without the stigma associated with any individualprogram.o C.A.R.E.–The Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education is a State-fundedProgram to assist students 18 years or older who are single head of householdswith child care expenses. Once accepted into the program you will be eligible forgrant monies to help cover child care and transportation costs.1

oooE.O.P.S.–Extended Opportunity Programs and Services provides assistance tofinancially disadvantaged students. Assistance includes in-depth counseling, bookvouchers, assistance for students with children under the age of 14, computerservices and fee waivers when students transfer to four-year universities.FOSTER YOUTH - Cuesta College welcomes Foster Youth and former Foster Youthwith open arms.CALWORKS - CalWORKs is a program designed to assist student welfare recipientsa transition off welfare. Our staff works with CalWORKs students to achieve longterm self-sufficiency for themselves and their families through career planning andeducational opportunities. Our program offers coordinated student servicesincluding academic counseling, career counseling, work study, job placement,education on rights and responsibilities, and advocacy. Our Services include: Coordination with Social Services for educational supplies and supportiveservices. Open computer lab with printing and/or copy services. Job placement & work study coordinated with career path and major. Priority registration aligned with academic progress. Assistance with Financial Aid documentation and other paperwork.UPSTAIRS – LIBRARY Library – Fall/Spring Hours: M-Th, 8am-8p; F, 8am-4pm; Closed onSaturdays/SundaysStudy RoomsComputersCorner Store – used magazines and books for sale (located at the lobby/circulationdesk in the adjacent High-Tech Learning Center.BUILDINGS 3300/3400 – HIGH TECH LEARNING CENTER Assistive Technology Computer Lab (3300)–is available to students with physicaldisabilities that prevent them from using traditional computers. Special computers areavailable to students who are sight-impaired or who cannot use standard keyboards.Open Computer Lab (3400)–is for student use to perform research, do homework andaccess the Internet.Classrooms for Computer Information and Computer Science (3400)–Cuestaoffers more than 50 different computer classes, which are listed in the class schedule.Classroom for Computer-Assisted Drawing (3406)–Cuesta’s architecture program isso closely aligned with Cal Poly’s that our students can apply to Cal Poly withoutpresenting portfolios, provided they earn a “B” or better in their architecture classes.Many professional architects and engineers who learned to design manually take eveningclasses at Cuesta to learn Computer-Assisted Drawing.Writing Center (3300)–provides students with assistance in organizing thoughts,preparing papers and identifying and overcoming writing weaknesses. Instructors areavailable to help; see posted schedule.Academic Support Labs (3300)–provide students with computerized assistance withgrammar, spelling, vocabulary and keyboarding skills.Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) (3300)–provides testing andassistance to students with a variety of learning disabilities that can interfere with astudent’s ability to read, comprehend or perform mathematical computations.Matriculation, Assessment Testing, Distance Learning Lab and CurriculumCenter (3400)–provides assessment testing to identify each student’s academic aptitudein math, reading and writing so that they can enroll in classes that best match theirskills.2

DSPS Alternative Testing Room (3300)–is available for students with learningdisabilities or physical impairments.Study Rooms (3300, 3400)Tutorial Services (3300)–provides students with tutoring in just about any subject oncampus. SNACK STOPVending machines and bulletin boards. All vending machines are stocked with Pepsiproducts – a portion of all purchases and sales go to support the athletic department!BUILDING 8100 – INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENTHouses the Advancement Office of the college including Cuesta College Foundation andthe Marketing and Communications Office. These offices work together to promote thecollege on and off campus, engage our alumni and community and increase financialsupport and fundraising.o The Cuesta College Foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization establishedin 1973 for the purpose of providing financial support for College programs,services, scholarships, and capital campaigns. Thanks to our donors, the CuestaCollege Foundation is one of the most successful community college foundations inCalifornia.The first capital campaign completed in summer 1999 rose over 6 million for CuestaCollege, which paid for the construction of the North County campus in Paso Robles andfor technology improvement on both campuses. Today, the Foundation continues tosupport programs, equipment, and other opportunities state funding does not cover. BUILDING 4100 – BUSINESS EDUCATION & ENGINEERING CLASSROOMS State-of-the-art computers are available for student use. They must be scheduled foruse in advance, so check with your instructor!!As a member of the Oxnard World Trade Center, Cuesta can access businesses all overthe world to find out what’s hot and what’s not in business!BUIDINGS 4200/4500 – VOCATIONAL EDUCATION BUILDING 4200–Automotive Technology/Welding LabBUILDING 4500–Machine Technology/Engineering Technology and Computer Lab Program since fall, 1997 –Robotics!o Building 4500 houses the Computer Technology Testing Center, which offersindustrial certification exams from leading vendors, including Microsoft, Cisco,Oracle, Novell and Sun Microsystems. The center also is an authorized MOUStesting center and provides certification exams for Microsoft Office applications.o Cuesta offers programs to prepare students for these exams, and the center isavailable to community members who want to improve their proficiency in avariety of computer programs. Such certification can increase an employee'smarketability when seeking employment or promotion.o Building 4500 also houses a PG&E-sponsored electronics lab to train students tobe electronic technicians or specialists in manufacturing equipment. The programtrains students to trouble shoot and repair power equipment in a variety ofindustries related to electric power, oil, aerospace, medicine and wine.We have a state-of-the-art paint booth located next to building 4500.BUILDING 4600–Auto Body/Construction Technology3

o Also houses Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, car-frame straightening and more!BUILDING 4400–This building is home to pneumatics, hydraulics, and electronicsnetwork cabling classrooms.BUILDING 4700 – COMMUNITY PROGRAMS CP provides a comprehensive source for lifelong learning, vocational education,recreational opportunities and cultural development where community members maypursue their potential in an inviting, accessible environment.Institute for Professional Development (IPD) provides counseling and training for localbusinesses.BUILDING 4000 – CHILDCARE CENTER Early Childhood Education Classes Human Development Faculty Offices The Children’s Center opened spring 2002 and provides childcare for children ages 18months to 5 years. The center is available to students with children as well as tofaculty, staff and community members as space permits.MATH LABS Provides students with tutoring ranging from intermediate algebra and trigonometry,to more advanced courses like linear analysis.BUILDING 2700 – UNIVERSITY PARTNERS University Partners is a collaboration between Cuesta College and four-yearuniversities to provide bachelor's degree opportunities to students on the CentralCoast.Columbia College– As founding partner of the University Partner Center at Cuesta,Columbia College has been offering bachelor's degrees at Cuesta since 2001.Columbia College offers courses leading to bachelor's degrees in BusinessAdministration, Criminal Justice Administration, General Studies, and Psychology.Additional online bachelor’s degrees include: American Studies, English Literature,History, Human Services, MIS, Political Science and Sociology. Four master’s degreesare also offered online: MBA, MSCJ, MAT and MAE. For more information, please call(805) 593-0237 or (805) 238-5887.Brandman University– Brandman University, part of the Chapman UniversitySystem, and Cuesta College have formed a partnership to offer bachelor's degreeprograms at the Santa Maria Valley Campus. This partnership makes it easy for you tocontinue your education without moving from the area. Maximize your time andmoney; take all of your lower division coursework at Cuesta, then continue yourdegree with Brandman in Santa Maria. Programs available include BusinessAdministration, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Development, Liberal Studies,Organizational Leadership, Psychology, Social Science and Sociology. Instruction isoffered onsite and online. For information on academic programs, enrollment,registration, and academic advising, call toll free: 800-581-4100.BUILDING 2100 – MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICAL SCIENCE CLASSROOMS Geology, Physics, and Chemistry labsCuesta offers all levels of math, from arithmetic fundamentals through differential4

equations.A working greenhouse is located in this area so students enrolled in the botany classescan get hands-on learning experience.BUILDING 2000/2300 – SCIENCE/MATHEMATICS/NURSING FACULTYOFFICES Once again, the science department faculty offices are clustered in the same areawhere science classes are held!BUILDING 2500 – ALLIED HEALTH BUILDING–HAROLD CALLAHAN & ADACALLAHAN- IRVING NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH/HUMAN DEVELOPMENTCLASSROOMS Did you know we have one of the top-rated RN Programs in California? There is awaiting list for acceptance to the program, but qualified applicants who are put on thewaiting list can receive entry the following year.Cuesta College has partnered with California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) tooffer a collaborative pathway Associate Degree in Nursing to Bachelors of Science inNursing Degree (ADN to BSN degree) to currently enrolled Cuesta RN Students.o CSUMB offers an ADN to BSN collaborative pathway to Registered Nursing(RN) students enrolled in Cuesta’s ADN Program, allowing them to enroll inCSUMB nursing courses in the summers following their first and second years ofCuesta’s ADN program, and complete additional required coursework the yearafter earning their ADN to earn their BSN degree one year after completing theirADN at Cuesta College. CSUMB will also soon offer an ADN to BSN degreepathway to ADN nurses in the community.BUILDING 2400 – SCIENCE FORUM Observatory for astronomy classesContains two of three large lecture halls on campus that can seat more than 100students.The artwork on the science forum was donated by the original architect of the college.BUILDING 2200 – BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES CLASSROOMS Audio-Tutorial Lab for Biologyo In addition to on-campus labs, several of Cuesta's geology, biology and ecologyclasses offer field expeditions to the beach, tide pools, mountains, desert, and tolocal estuaries, abalone farms and natural science museums.ATHLETICSThe project will replace the two existing pools on the San Luis Obispo Campus with a 50-metercompetition-sized pool, and a 25-yard L-shaped pool.Cuesta Teams: M&W Cross Country, M&W Water Polo, W. Soccer, W. Volleyball, Wrestling,M&W Basketball, M&W Track & Field, M&W Swimming and Diving, Baseball and Softball andClub M. Soccer5

Cuesta's athletic teams have won more than 100 conference titles over the last 20 years!BUILDING 1300 – KINESIOLOGY/PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY OFFICESFaculty offices are clustered in the same area as classes that are offered by that department. For example, all Physical Education faculty members will have their offices in thePhysical Education section of the campus; all Language Arts faculty offices are housedin the Language Arts area of campus, etc.BUILDING 1000 – MEN’S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical Therapy, locker rooms, training and equipment roomsCuesta has seven men's athletic teams: baseball, basketball, cross country,swimming and diving, track and field, water polo, and wrestling.BUILDING 1100 – WOMEN’S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Dance Classes/Health & Fitness Lab, Equipment CheckoutWomen's Locker RoomCuesta's eight women's athletic teams include basketball, cross country, soccer,softball, swimming and diving, track and field, volleyball, and water polo.TENNIS COURT, SAND VOLLEYBALL COURTS, & SARGEN FITNESS ZONECommunity members, Jim and Joan Sargen, donated a stunning outdoor activity park toCuesta College. The Fitness Zone promises “fitness for all” in a non-threatening, park-likeenvironment, a concept that has its roots in China. Drop by the Sargen Fitness Zone andsee for yourself. It is located behind the tennis courts.BUILDING 1200 – WEIGHT ROOMStudents who enroll in physical fitness classes, such as “weight training”, can use thefitness facilities for only 46/credit/semester (4 months)BUILDING 1400 – GILBERT STORK GYMNASIUMGraduation ceremonies are held here.SWIMMING POOLS The Cuesta College Aquatics Center is comprised of a 50-meter competition-sizedpool along with a 25-yard rectangle therapy poolThe 1988 Olympic synchronized swimming and water polo teams practiced here,and in 1992, the Olympic water polo team practiced here again!MINI AMPHITHEATER – Flagpole area Spring 1998 - ASCC dedicated the first Cuesta College flag!BUILDING 5300–STUDENT CENTER Opened in October 1994Largely sponsored and financed by the Associated Students of Cuesta College (ASCC).The Student Center continues to be supported by the 10 Student ID card fee paid eachsemester (only 5 for the summer), and the 10 Student Center Fee, paid once a year.The Student Center is the home of:6

oooooooThe Student Life and Leadership OfficeThe Associated Students of Cuesta College (ASCC) (Student Government – Youcan gain college credit for involvement!)ClubsThe ASCC Social Club (free use for ASCC Student ID cardholders)Off – Campus Housing InformationFree Legal Counseling (free use for ASCC Student ID cardholders in the ASCCSocial Club)Career Connections – Job Search Assistant Center, Cal WORKS, get credit for workexperience, ILPBUILDING 5200 – BOOKSTORE Sells books, supplies, cards, stationery, clothing, snacks, and drinks, too.Cuesta College ASCC Student ID card is necessary to write a check.BUILDING 5100–CAFETERIA AND CULTURAL CENTER Cafeteria: Open Monday-Thursday 7am-6pm, Friday 7am-2pm. Closed weekends,holidays and semester breaks.The Cuesta College Cultural Center (CCCC) opened in spring 2008 and is open to allstudents, faculty and staff of Cuesta College. The CCCC embraces and celebrates thediverse cultural heritage that all Cuesta College students, faculty, and staff bring to thecampus community. It supports exploration and awareness of diversity throughliterature, music, movies, events, and human interaction for the purpose of exchanging,sharing, and understanding all cultures.BUILDING 7200 Youth ProgramsFoster and Kinship Care Education (FKCE)Independent Living Programs (ILP)BUILDING 7100–FINE ARTS/MUSIC/PERFORMING ARTS (PAC) Includes a painting/drawing studio, state-of-the-art digital art lab, photo lab anddarkroom, digital music theory lab, digital playback room, rehearsal room, analog andprofessional quality digital recording studio, practice room facilities, classrooms, andfaculty offices. Cuesta College has a nationally-recognized jazz studies program, whichfeatures both the award-winning vocal jazz ensembles known as Voce' and Encore!, andthe Cuesta College Jazz Ensemble. Other musical groups include the Concert Choir,Chamber Singers, and Wind Ensemble.Art Gallery–exhibits change regularly and features the works of both students andprofessionals.In addition to music and art, Cuesta offers a performing arts program that featuresacting, theatre appreciation, stagecraft, play production and musical theatreperformance. Many of these classes are offered in the Interact Theater on the south endof the campus.BUILDING 3150 - STUDENT HEALTH CENTER Originally sponsored and financed by the ASCC, and now by the 17 Health Fee paideach semester.o Hours: Monday- Thursday, 8:30am to 4:30pm, Fridays, 9:00am to 1:00pm7

Evening Hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 5:00 to 6:00pmServices offered: Psychologist, Nurse Practitioner, health check-ups, free overthe-counter medication (cough drops, aspirin, etc.), and more.Contact the Health Center at 546-3171 for more information about services offered.ooBUILDING 7300 – CULTURAL AND PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (CPAC) Thanks to the passage of Proposition 47, Cuesta has a new 450-seatPerforming Arts Theater!!This 37,500-square-foot building, which features a main theater and an experimental"black box" theater, serves as the home for music, dance and the theater arts.BUILDING 6100–LANGUAGE ARTSINTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE LAB–ROOM 6103 International Language Lab (Room 6103 A/B)o Equipped with computers to practice Spanish, French and German. KGUR Radio (105.3FM)o Cuesta College’s own student radio station! Thanks to private donations, the radiostation has been updated with state-of-the-art digital equipment comparable tothat used by professional radio stations. The Cuestonian (Room 6111E)o The Cuestonian is student ran and nationally recognized for its excellence and hasreceived numerous awards from the national Associated Collegiate Press. TV Studio (Room 6101)o Thanks to private donations, the broadcast studio has been completed andupdated with state of-the-art digital equipment comparable to that used inprofessional television studios.BUILDING 6200–LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATIONS/SOCIAL SCIENCESFACULTY OFFICESBUILDING 6300–HUMANITIES FORUM COMPLEX Classes and special lecturesThe Humanities Forum is one of three large lecture halls that seat over 100students.BUILDING 6600 – PUBLIC SAFETY Officers provide jumper cables and can open locked cars.Lost and Found is located here.Parking enforcementCuesta has a very safe campus. Call boxes are located throughout campus togive students immediate access to the campus police department.BUILDING 8000 – ADMINISTRATION BUILDING The college president’s office, offices of fiscal services, payroll, and human resourcesare located here.8

program. o C.A.R.E.–The Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education is a State-funded Program to assist students 18 years or older who are single head of households with child care expenses. Once accepted into the program you will be eligible for grant