CRM Comparison White Paper:Salesforce, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, Pipedrive & OdooApril 2016

IntroductionIntroducing CRM offers available todayToday’s CRM market offers a significant number of solutions and software alternatives. Some fit largerenterprises (which typically require on-premise hosting) while others apply more to the needs of SME’s(commonly utilizing a cloud-hosted solution).When it comes to CRM solutions, providers must adapt their product to fit a constantly changing businesslandscape. For example, more and more CRM solutions are now becoming available for mobile. This is acrucial advantage for modern companies and brings versatility to their CRM usage. Being able to maintainyour customer relationships directly from your phone or tablet changes the way you operate and manageyour sales activities.Customer expectations are changing regarding CRM functionalities and best practices. Modern businessesneed more than just the ability to manage their contacts; a CRM has to offer other features such as efficientcommunication tools, emailing, phone or chat integration, being social, and most importantly, having a greatuser interface for your salespeople to be productive.Features ComparisonIn order to offer a fair comparison of the top CRM solutions, we have compiled a table of the most importantfeatures a CRM should offer. These are organized into five categories: Customer Relationship Management,Sales, Marketing, Reporting, and Productivity & Usability.These categories encompass nearly everything a company might need in order to manage and further developits customer relationships and sales pipeline. In this comparison, we have also included a comprehensive listof the pricing conditions for each solution.2

Introduction to CRM SoftwareSalesforceFounded in 1999 by a former Oracle Executive, Salesforce is the #1 selling CRM software and enterpriseecosystem. The Salesforce CRM platform, called Sales Cloud, is a SaaS offer which allows your sales teamsmultiple cloud-based solutions that will help them to locate leads and close more deals. There are 3 freemajor upgrades every year.“ SELL SMARTER AND FASTER WITHTHE WORLD’S #1 CRM. ”The only free version of Salesforce is the “Developer Edition” which is limited in terms of dataand number of users. Salesforce also provides10 donated subscriptions and deep discounts150,000 customersto Nonprofit Organizations and higher education institutions.Salesforce business solutions include Sales Cloud,Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud,Wave Analytics, App Cloud, and IoT Cloud. Fourdifferent pricing models and editions are available:SalesforceIQ CRM Starter, Professional, Enterpriseand Unlimited (all are billed monthly). For thiscomparison, we will select Salesforce Enterprise.30 offices acrossthe globefounded in199919,000employees3

Zoho CRMFounded in 1996, the company changed its name from AdventNet in 2009 and began focusing on SaaSservices. Zoho is a business applications suite offering more than 30 apps to manage your company. Onlyavailable on the cloud, the apps are fully integrated and mobile friendly. This leader in cloud softwarefocuses its budget mainly on R&D projects and insists on the fact that they remain private as no investorsare involved.“ THE OPERATING SYSTEMFOR BUSINESS ”Zoho CRM exists in 4 versions: Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and CRM Plus. For instancesof less than 10 users, you can use Zoho CRM forfree. For this comparison we chose to comparethe Professional edition.15 million users6officesfounded in19963,500employees4

SugarCRMSugarCRM is a web-based CRM application available in open source or in a commercial version. Its moderninterface helps both employees and customers to better engage and also includes a mobile application.Originally released as open source, SugarCRM no longer updates their community version since the releaseof version 7, but you can still find open source forks like vTiger.“ CRM SOFTWARE TRUSTED BYMILLIONS WORLDWIDE ”SugarCRM is divided into four editions: Community, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Thissolution is available online or on-premise, with thepossibility of customization for both versions. Forthis comparison, we chose to include the Enterprise edition of SugarCRM.1.5 million users120countries26350 languagesemployees5

PipedriveNew in the market, Pipedrive was founded in 2010. This solution is dedicated to managing leads and salesstep-by-step. It was developed in conjunction with sales managers based on their direct sales experience.CRM is their unique product and only one version is available.“ GREAT FOR SMALL TEAMS. ”Very visual, Pipedrive can be installed quickly (inas little as 2 minutes) with no specific knowledgerequired. The application is cloud-based and youcan work from anywhere via their mobile app.10,000 customers 13.4million raisedfounded in2010156employees6

Odoo OnlineOdoo is an open source software that is available in three editions, of which two are local and one is hosted in thecloud. More than 360 apps are available thanks to the multiple developments made by Odoo S.A. and its community. Some of these apps are officially validated by Odoo, whereas others are developed by the community anddedicated to specific versions for specific needs.“ GROW YOUR BUSINESS ”For this comparison we’ll choose the applicationOdoo CRM in the cloud-hosted version, OdooOnline. The unique feature of this offer is that it’scompletely customizable. There are more than30 apps that cover the vast majority of businesscases. These apps are all connected to the same2 million usersdatabase on Odoo’s servers, linking your company’s sales pipeline to the rest of your businessoperations.120 countries7301,500partnersdevelopers7

OO donl oin CReMdrivePipeMSugarCRMCRCRMZohoSEn alete sforp rcris ee CRMFeatures ComparisonLeads ManagementLeads Management Leads Scoring Deduplication Sales Quotas Emails Integration Contact Forms Website Call-To-Action Mass Import OpportunitiesManagement In-PipelineManagement Pipeline by ExpectedClosing Dates Log Calls Scripts/AutomatedNext Actions Companies Contacts Photos in Contacts Multiple Contactsper Company Multiple Companiesper Contact 2 Leads AcquisitionSales Pipeline1Relationships1Opportunities are managed directly in the pipeline, rather than a list view2Available in summer 20168

OO donl oin CReMdrivePipeMSugarCRMCRZohoSEn alete sforp rcris ee CRMSalesQuotationsQuotations Pricelists Quotation Templates eSignature Online Payment Inline Negotiation Multiple UoM Sales Orders Invoicing Customer Portal Shipper Integration(Cost Tracking) 1 SubscriptionsManagement Sales Order1Available through third-party modules9

OO donl oin CReMdrivePipeMSugarCRMCRZohoSEn alete sforp rcris ee CRMMarketingLeads GenerationMass Mailing Web to Leads Capture Leads Tracking(Visited Pages) Events Surveys Blogs OO donl oin CReMPipedriveMCRSugarMCRoReportingZohSEn alete sforp rcris ee CRMLeads NurturingReportsActivities Analysis Pipeline Analysis Sales Analysis Invoice Analysis Sales Forecasts Commissions &Targets 1 Dynamic Graphs Dynamic Pivot Table CustomizableDashboard Recurring Business2Report Engine1Available through a third-party app2KPIs, MRR, Churn, CLTV, CAC Ratio, etc.10

ineOCR doM oOnldrivePipeMSugarCRMCRZohoSEn alete sforp rcris ee CRMProductivity &UsabilityProductivityVOIP Integration Calendar Integration Realtime Chat Ability to Add Fields Drag and Drop Fields Social NetworkIntegration Email Integration Email Templates Full Web Interface Mobile App 2Android Offline App iPhone Offline App Multi-language 1,000Apps 179AppsEmailsUsers SatisfactionBrand Visibility 1UsabilityInterfacesAPIApps Store 1The brand visibility is measured by Google Trends, measuring the number of searches on brand keywords2Scheduled for release with v103Since Odoo covers lots of business needs, not all the 7,300 apps are related to CRM7,300Apps 311

User InterfaceWhen it comes to efficiency and end-user satisfaction, fine-tuned usability is one of the most importantfactors in any software platform. In order to provide a strong value proposition, a CRM solution must takeinto account the needs and goals of its users in order to actively help them achieve their objectives. Theuser interface supports the overall product design in deciphering human factors such as preferences,habits, and learned skills in order to effectively serve the intended purpose of the software as it relates tothe businesses that utilize it. A strongly functional design is critical in providing a positive user experience.Usability is qualitatively measured as a software’s ability to anticipate what a user might need to do.This includes ensuring that all of the elements in the interface are easy to access, understand, and use.Well designed software will provide usability that helps the users feel comfortable with the system andobtaining their unique desired results. It will help users perform actions quickly and become more efficientin their day to day tasks. Best practices also suggest having a simple interface with consistency (commonOO donl oin CReMPipedriveMCRarSugMCRoUsabilityZohSEn alete sforp rcris ee CRMelements) and a page layout based on hierarchical importance and flow.Subjective RatingsNavigation and Search Opportunities Pipeline Mobile App Reports Flexibility Ratings on g2Crowd4.1 / 53.6 / 53.2 / 54.5 / 54.6 / 5Ratings on GetApp3.9 / 54/54/55/55.0 / 5Ratings on Capterra4.5 / 54/54.5 / 54.5 / 55.0 / 5Speed/Page Reloads12 User SatisfactionThe next section includes screenshots to help you compare the user interface, both in the list and formview, for each software in the comparison.1The speed of the applications was measured by the impact of page loads on performance during standard operations2Pipedrive provides great usability in reports, however those reports are limited. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Salesforce hasrobust reporting features and poor usability. In both cases, each software was given 3 stars for overall quality in reports flexibility.12

User Interface - SalesforceOpportunities - Kanban ViewOpportunities - Form View13

User Interface - Zoho CRMOpportunities - List ViewOpportunities - Form View14

User Interface - SugarCRMOpportunities - List ViewOpportunities - Form View15

User Interface - PipedriveOpportunities - Kanban ViewOpportunities - Form View16

User Interface - Odoo OnlineOpportunities - Kanban ViewOpportunities - Form View17

MONTHLY PRICING 125 / 20 / 65 / 12 /UserUserUserUserContract DurationYearlyFree Cloud Version Free TrialMonthly1OO donl oin CReMPipedriveMSugarCRMCRZohoPricing &ConditionsSEn alete sforp rcris ee CRMPricing & ConditionsFreeYearlyMonthlyn/a Free Updates Upgrades toFuture Versions Hosting &Maintenance Support 3 or Yearly21With a minimum of 10 users2Odoo CRM is free for unlimitied users, as long as you use solely the CRM app; when other apps are added (ex. Sales, eCommerce, Inventory),the cost is 25/user3Support is not included in the Enterprise plan, however this is offered in the Unlimited plan at 250/user18

Market TrendsThe following graph was created with the Explore Tool on Google Trends. The color curves show the number of Google searches for the associated keywords1. This metric shows the relative consumer interest ineach software platform.Odoo and Zoho are not exclusively CRM-dedicated softwares. Both are business application suites wheretheir CRM app is integrated with the other apps they offer. Search volume on this graph might includenon-CRM searches in this regard.An additional search excluding Salesforce displays a more defined close-up view of the other softwareplatforms in this comparison.1Odoo was formerly known as OpenERP before 2014. Zoho was formerly known as AdventNet before 2009. Soboth keywords were used for each company to reflect the growth since their initial stages respectively.19

ConclusionsChoosing and implementing a CRM solution is an important decision as well as a significant investment.It should be carefully considered with regards to your unique business needs and operations. If you are inthe process of choosing a CRM solution, here are some points to consider before making your decision.First, be sure to define your objectives. Examples of such objectives could be to get more leads, improveconversion rates, manage your sales teams, upsell to existing customers, etc. Secondly, what type oftechnology or support does your company prefer to work with? Do you prefer to maintain your softwareyourself via an on-premise server or utilize a cloud-hosted solution maintained by the software vendor?Additionally, what is your budget and internal competencies? On-premise solutions are preferred by largecompanies because they provide increased control of the platform and can assist in overcoming securityconcerns. Alternatively, online solutions are advisable for SME’s as the customization and costs (hosting,maintenance, implementation service, etc.) are usually minimal or even included in the base rate.Once you have weighed the costs and benefits associated with these factors, your business can betteranalyze the potential solutions available on the market. When comparing the features of each solution,remember to consider the functional needs of the employees using the system in their daily operationaltasks. Also, consider the business needs of decision makers in the organization; an optimal solution willsupport the efforts of all users.Be sure to pay close attention to the usability of the system you choose. Simplicity contributes to a fasteradoption of the software for users, and ultimately allows the salespeople in your organization to be moreproductive. In terms of usability, Pipedrive and Odoo allow for more advanced features to be learned andadopted quickly compared to the rest of the solutions on the market. Most CRM solutions offer a free trial,so it’s easy for businesses to test independently in just a few minutes.As many CRM experts have mentioned, the future is mobile with integrated solutions supporting multichannel sales and efficient communication. A mobile tool allows your employees to react quickly tocustomer requests while an integrated tool can seriously save time, empower users to operate more efficiently, and help maintain a clean, unified database.Lastly, don’t forget to look at the big picture. If a company’s long-term goal is to grow its sales volume, thebest approach to choosing a CRM solution is to start with a solution that can follow that growth over time.To accomplish this, a flexible solution with robust features that can offer tools which work in tandem withthe CRM to manage the business would be the ideal choice for a scaleable and cost-effective solution.This whitepaper was compiled by Odoo SA. We did our best to make it objective and fair. If you find a mistake or a missing feature,please report it to [email protected] and we will update this document. Our goal is to have a continuously updated comparison of the main competitors to be as accurate as possible.20

CRM Comparison White Paper: Salesforce, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, Pipedrive & Odoo. 2 Introduction Introducing CRM offers available today Today’s CRM market offers a significant numbe