04/03/18 14:23:06 31MEG610 001This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle and should remainwith the motorcycle when it is resold.This publication includes the latest production information available before printing. HondaMotor Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice and withoutincurring any obligation.No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission.2004 Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

04/03/18 14:23:09 31MEG610 0022005Honda VT750CShadow AeroOWNER’S MANUAL

04/03/18 14:23:15 31MEG610 003IntroductionCongratulations on choosing your Hondamotorcycle.When you own a Honda, you’re part of aworldwide family of satisfied customers people who appreciate Honda’sreputation for building quality into everyproduct.Before riding, take time to get acquaintedwith your motorcycle and how it works.To protect your investment, we urge youto take responsibility for keeping yourmotorcycle well maintained. Scheduledservice is a must, of course. But it’s just asimportant to observe the break-inguidelines, and perform all pre-ride andother periodic checks detailed in thismanual.IntroductionWe also recommend that you read thisowner’s manual before you ride. It’s fullof facts, instructions, safety information,and helpful tips. To make it easy to use,the manual contains a detailed list oftopics at the beginning of each section,and both an in-depth table of contents andan index at the back of the book.As you read this manual, you will findinformation that is preceded by asymbol. This information isintended to help you avoid damage to yourHonda, other property, or the environment.

04/03/18 14:23:22 31MEG610 004IntroductionRead the Warranties Booklet (page 197 )thoroughly so you understand thecoverages that protect your new Hondaand are aware of your rights andresponsibilities.If you have any questions, or if you everneed special service or repairs, rememberthat your Honda dealer knows yourmotorcycle best and is dedicated to yourcomplete satisfaction.You may also want to visit our website riding!California Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: This product contains oremits chemicals known to the State ofCalifornia to cause cancer and birthdefects or other reproductive harm.Please report any change of address orownership to your Honda dealer so wewill be able to contact you concerningimportant production information.Introduction

04/03/18 14:23:27 31MEG610 005A Few Words About SafetyYour safety, and the safety of others, is very important. And operating this motorcycle safelyis an important responsibility.To help you make informed decisions about safety, we have provided operating proceduresand other information on labels and in this manual. This information alerts you to potentialhazards that could hurt you or others.Of course, it is not practical or possible to warn you about all hazards associated withoperating or maintaining a motorcycle. You must use your own good judgment.You will find important safety information in a variety of forms, including:Safety Labels –– on the motorcycle.Safety Messages –– preceded by a safety alert symbolDANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION.These signal words mean:Safety Messagesand one of three signal words:

04/03/18 14:23:33 31MEG610 006A Few Words About SafetyYou WILL be KILLED or SERIOUSLY HURT if youdon’t follow instructions.You CAN be KILLED or SERIOUSLY HURT if you don’tfollow instructions.You CAN be HURT if you don’t follow instructions.Safety Headings –– such as Important Safety Reminders or Important Safety Precautions.Safety Section –– such as Motorcycle Safety.Instructions –– how to use this motorcycle correctly and safely.This entire manual is filled with important safety information –– please read it carefully.Safety Messages

04/03/18 14:23:42 31MEG610 007ContentsThese pages give an overview of thecontents of your owner’s manual. The firstpage of each section lists the topicscovered in that section.Motorcycle Safety . 1Important safety information youshould know, plus a look at the safetyrelated labels on your motorcycle.Instruments & Controls . 9The location and function of indicatorsand controls on your motorcycle andoperating instructions for variouscontrols and features.ContentsBefore Riding . 23The importance of wearing a helmetand other protective gear, how to makesure you and your motorcycle are readyto ride, and important information aboutloading.Basic Operation & Riding . 33How to start and stop the engine, shiftgears, and brake. Also, ridingprecautions and important informationabout riding with a passenger or cargo.

04/03/18 14:23:55 31MEG610 008ContentsServicing Your Honda . 49Why your motorcycle needs regularmaintenance, what you need to knowbefore servicing your Honda, an ownermaintenance schedule, and instructionsfor specific maintenance andadjustment items.Tips . 137How to store and transport yourmotorcycle and how to be anenvironmentally-responsible rider.Taking Care of the Unexpected . 145What to do if you have a flat tire, yourengine won’t start, etc.Technical Information . 173ID numbers, technical specifications,and other technical facts.Consumer Information . 193Information on warranties, emissioncontrols, how to get Honda servicemanuals, and.‘‘Reporting Safety Defects’’ . 202Table of Contents . 204Sequential listing of topics in thisowner’s manual.Index. 208Quick ReferenceHandy facts about fuel, engine oil, tiresizes, and air pressures.Contents

04/03/18 14:23:57 31MEG610 009

04/03/18 14:24:02 31MEG610 010Motorcycle SafetyThis section presents some of the mostimportant information andrecommendations to help you ride yourmotorcycle safely. Please take a fewmoments to read these pages. This sectionalso includes information about thelocation of safety labels on yourmotorcycle.Important Safety Information . 2Accessories & Modifications . 5Safety Labels . 7Motorcycle Safety1

04/03/18 14:24:08 31MEG610 011Important Safety InformationYour motorcycle can provide many yearsof service and pleasure if you takeresponsibility for your own safety andunderstand the challenges you can meetwhile riding.There is much that you can do to protectyourself when you ride. You’ll find manyhelpful recommendations throughout thismanual. The following are a few that weconsider most important.2Motorcycle SafetyAlways Wear a HelmetIt’s a proven fact: helmets significantlyreduce the number and severity of headinjuries. So always wear an approvedmotorcycle helmet and make sure yourpassenger does the same. We alsorecommend that you wear eye protection,sturdy boots, gloves, and other protectivegear (page 24 ).

04/03/18 14:24:14 31MEG610 012Important Safety InformationTake Time to Learn & PracticeEven if you have ridden other motorcycles,take time to become familiar with howthis motorcycle works and handles.Practice in a safe area until you build yourskills and get accustomed to themotorcycle’s size and weight.Because many accidents involveinexperienced or untrained riders, we urgeall riders to take a certified courseapproved by the Motorcycle SafetyFoundation (MSF). See page 26 .Ride DefensivelyThe most frequent motorcycle collisionhappens when a car turns left in front of amotorcycle. Another common situation isa car moving suddenly into your lane.Always pay attention to other vehiclesaround you, and do not assume that otherdrivers see you. Be prepared to stopquickly or make an evasive maneuver. Forother riding tips, see the booklet, You andYour Motorcycle: Riding Tips andPractice Guide, which came with yournew motorcycle (USA only).Make Yourself Easy to SeeSome drivers do not see motorcyclesbecause they are not looking for them. Tomake yourself more visible, wear brightreflective clothing, position yourself soother drivers can see you, signal beforeturning or changing lanes, and use yourhorn when it will help others notice you.Motorcycle Safety3

04/03/18 14:24:19 31MEG610 013Important Safety InformationRide within Your LimitsPushing limits is another major cause ofmotorcycle accidents. Never ride beyondyour personal abilities or faster thanconditions warrant. Remember thatalcohol, drugs, fatigue, and inattention cansignificantly reduce your ability to makegood judgments and ride safely.Don’t Drink and RideAlcohol and riding don’t mix. Even onedrink can reduce your ability to respond tochanging conditions, and your reactiontime gets worse with every additionaldrink. So don’t drink and ride, and don’tlet your friends drink and ride either.4Motorcycle SafetyKeep Your Honda in Safe ConditionIt’s important to keep your motorcycleproperly maintained and in safe ridingcondition. To help avoid problems, inspectyour motorcycle before every ride andperform all recommended maintenance.Never exceed load limits (page 31 ), anddo not modify your motorcycle (page 6 )or install accessories that would makeyour motorcycle unsafe (page 5 ).

04/03/18 14:24:26 31MEG610 014Accessories & ModificationsModifying your motorcycle or using nonHonda accessories can make yourmotorcycle unsafe. Before you considermaking any modifications or adding anaccessory, be sure to read the followinginformation.Improper accessories ormodifications can cause a crash inwhich you can be seriously hurt orkilled.Follow all instructions in thisowner’s manual regardingaccessories and modifications.AccessoriesWe strongly recommend that you use onlygenuine Honda accessories that have beenspecifically designed and tested for yourmotorcycle. Because Honda cannot test allother accessories, you must be personallyresponsible for proper selection,installation, and use of non-Hondaaccessories.Check with your Honda dealer forassistance and always follow theseguidelines:Make sure the accessory does notobscure any lights, reduce groundclearance and lean angle, limitsuspension travel or steering travel, alteryour riding position, or interfere withoperating any controls.Motorcycle Safety5

04/03/18 14:24:33 31MEG610 015Accessories & ModificationsDo not install any fairing or windshieldunless it was designed and tested byHonda for your motorcycle. Somefairings or windshields, even smallerones, can cause unstable handling ofyour motorcycle. This is especially trueif the fairing or windshield is poorlydesigned or improperly mounted.Do not add any electrical equipmentthat will exceed the motorcycle’selectrical system capacity (page 181 ).A blown fuse can cause a loss of lightsor engine power (page 165 ).Do not pull a trailer or sidecar with yourmotorcycle. This motorcycle was notdesigned for these attachments, andtheir use can seriously impair yourmotorcycle’s handling.6Motorcycle SafetyModificationsWe strongly advise you not to remove anyoriginal equipment or modify yourmotorcycle in any way that would changeits design or operation. Such changescould seriously impair your motorcycle’shandling, stability, and braking, making itunsafe to ride.Removing or modifying your lights,exhaust system, emission control system,or other equipment can also make yourmotorcycle illegal.

04/03/18 14:24:43 31MEG610 016Safety LabelsSafety labels on your motorcycle either warn you of potential hazards that could causeserious injury or they provide important safety information. Read these labels carefully anddon’t remove them.If a label comes off or becomes hard to read, contact your Honda dealer for a replacement.Motorcycle Safety7

04/03/18 14:24:55 31MEG610 017Safety Labels〈 For USA 〉〈 For Canada 〉8Motorcycle Safety

04/03/18 14:25:00 31MEG610 018Instruments & ControlsThis section shows the location of allgauges, indicators, and controls you wouldnormally use before or while riding yourmotorcycle.The items listed on this page are describedin this section. Instructions for othercomponents are presented in other sectionsof this manual where they will be mostuseful.Component Locations . 10Indicators . 13Controls & FeaturesFuel Valve. 17Choke Knob . 18Ignition Switch . 18Start Button . 19Engine Stop Switch . 20Headlight Dimmer Switch . 20Turn Signal Switch . 21Horn Button . 21Odometer/Tripmeter Select andReset Button . 21Instruments & Controls9

04/03/18 14:25:05 31MEG610 019Component Locationsspeedometerfront brake fluid reservoirheadlightdimmer switchengine stopswitchrearviewmirrorrearviewmirrorclutch leverturn signalswitchhorn button10Instruments & Controlsindicatorsfuel fill capstart buttonfront brakeleverthrottle grip

04/03/18 14:25:10 31MEG610 020Component Locationsfuse boxbatteryair cleanermain fusesteering lockrear springpre-loadadjusterpassenger footpegrear brake pedaloil filler cap/dipstickfootpegInstruments & Controls11

04/03/18 14:25:15 31MEG610 021Component Locationsignition switchstorage compartmenttool kit/owner’s manual storagehelmet holderfuel valverear springpre-loadadjusterfinal driveoil filler capshift leverfootpeg12Instruments & Controlsside standcoolant reservetank cappassenger footpeg

04/03/18 14:25:24 31MEG610 022IndicatorsThe indicators on your motorcycle keepyou informed, alert you to possibleproblems, and make your riding safer andmore enjoyable. Refer to the indicatorsfrequently. Their functions are describedon the following pages.(1)(2)(8)(1) speedometer

Some roadside repairs, minor adjustments, and parts replacement can be performed with the tools contained in the kit. screwdriver handle no. 2 screwdriver no. 2 Phillips screwdriver 6 mm hex wrench 5 mm hex wrench 4 mm hex wrench sparkplugwrench pin spanner tool bag 8 mm open end wrench 70.