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01-General Information01-General InformationLegacy Knocking Noise, Rear of Vehicle When Driven Over Bumps. 07/91Justy Fuel Injection System Service Manual Supplement Section 2-7.08/91In-transit Spark Plug Fouling Protection. 09/91Kats Wax Transit Coating Remover Precautions. 10/91Lemon Law Responsibilities. 11/91PDI Coolant Check - All Models. 11/91Parts Related Inquiries.02/92Legacy and Loyale Normal Operating Characteristics.04/92All SPI Models Throttle Body Gasket Replacement.05/92Towing a Front Wheel Drive 5-Speed Legacy.06/92Location of Engine, Transmission, and Production Date Information. 11/92Ordering “D” Check Manuals.02/93Odometer Labels.02/93Impreza Side Guard Moldings.03/93Impreza Key Codes.05/93Impreza Side Moldings.05/931993MY SVX Model Code PKB “LSL”.06/93All Models with PDI Connector for Storage.06/93Diagnostic Trouble Codes. 07/93Flat Towing Subaru Vehicles.08/93All Models Lock Cylinder Key Coding.09/93Warranty Full History Inspection.09/93Towing. 10/93Legacy Front Washer Nozzle Clogged. 10/93All Models with All Wheel Drive Systems, Use of the Space Saver Spare Tire or T-Spare Tire. 11/93All Models Equipped with Knock Sensors. 11/93Tool Ordering Procedures. 12/93October Update Revision - Poor Radio Reception AM or FM. 12/931993MY Legacy and Impreza ECU Operation with Select Monitor. 01/94Diagnosis of Noises Over the Phone.02/94Justy Diagnostics.03/94Recall Campaign Announcement – WZG-55.05/94Replacement of Ignition Relays.05/94Repair Information.05/94Requests to Return Parts for Inspection.05/94Use of Trouble Code Diagnostic Trees in Service Manuals.05/941994MY Impreza Equipment Changes.06/94Legacy, Impreza, and SVX Service Manual Supplements.06/94Select Monitor Cartridge-‘95MY Impreza. 10/941995MY Legacy Outback Wheel Cover Specifications. 11/941995MY Legacy Service Manual. 12/941995MY Impreza Select Monitor Update. 12/94Parts Questions. 01/95Legacy Service Manual Supplement. 01/95Oil Leaks. 01/95Obtaining Service Bulletins.03/95Diagnosing Noises Over the Phone.03/95Helpline Diagnostic Information.05/95Physically Damaged Warranty Returned Parts.05/95Kats Wax Removal Tips.06/95TechTIPS Article Locator EditionPage 2 of 54

01-General InformationThinking, the Service Manual, and the use of Diagnostic Flow Charts.06/95Vehicle Model Year.09/951996MY Subaru Legacy Select Monitor Cartridge. 10/95Select Monitor Information Update. 11/95Cooler Weather and Drivability. 11/95Technical Assistance and the CDS 800 Phone Line. 12/95Part Numbers for Electrical Condition Reports and Quality Monitoring Reports. 12/95Training Test Answers. 01/96Monroney Label Mismatches. 01/96Technical Helpline Updates/Service Bulletins.02/96Impreza Key Code Location.02/961995MY & 1996MY Power Antenna Operation.02/96Service Bulletin Volume 17/Unlisted Bulletins.04/96Air Conditioning Reminder.05/96Technical Service Helpline Efficiency.05/961996MY Subaru Legacy VIN Change.06/96Location of Engine, Transmission and Production Date Information.06/96Interactive Helpline Updates. 07/961997MY Subaru Legacy-Retrieval of OBD-II Codes without ’97 Select Monitor Cartridge.08/96Additional 1996MY Subaru Legacy VIN Change Information.09/96“But, Its New.”.09/961997MY Legacy - Information for You.09/96Returning Your Calls. 10/96Cooler Weather and Driveability. 11/96Towing Vehicles behind Motor Home.02/97Frozen Wiper Blades.02/97Technical Helpline Updates/Service Bulletins.03/97State I/M 240 Emission Testing and Subaru AWD Vehicles.04/97New Quality Monitoring Report (QMR) Form.05/971998 Subaru Forester Facts. 07/97New Subaru Select Monitor. 07/971997MY Subaru Legacy Service Manual Supplement Volume 7.08/971998MY Subaru Forester.09/971998MY Subaru Key Codes.09/971998MY Forester Flat Towing. 10/97Customer Particulars. 10/97Subaru Forester PDI Connectors. 11/97Holiday Schedule For 1998. 01/98Marking Messages “Urgent” on the Helpline Answering Machine. 01/98Parts Collection Cancellation.

18 - Service Manual Corrections SUBARU SERVICE TECHTIPS NEWSLETTER LOCATOR INDEX UPDATED THROUGH SEPTEMBER, 2019 Subaru Service and Technical Support Line Newsletter. TechTIPS Article Locator Edition Page 2 of 54 01-General Information 01-General Information Legacy Knocking Noise, Rear of Vehicle When Driven Over Bumps. 07/91 Justy Fuel Injection System Service Manual