ForewordThe inside pages of this manual containa minimum of 50% recycled fibers,including 10% post-consumer fibers.Welcome to the growing family of new NISSAN owners. This vehicle is delivered to you with confidence. It was produced using the latesttechniques and strict quality control.This manual was prepared to help you understand the operation and maintenance of your vehicle so that you may enjoy many miles ofdriving pleasure. Please read through this manual before operating your vehicle.A separate Warranty Information and Maintenance Log Booklet explains details about the warranties covering your vehicle and vehiclemaintenance schedules.Your NISSAN dealer knows your vehicle best. When you require any service or have any questions, he will be glad to assist you with theextensive resources available to him.WARNINGIMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATIONREMINDERS FOR SAFETY!Follow these five important rules to help ensure a safe andcomplete trip for you and your passengers! NEVER drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. ALWAYS observe posted speed limits and never drive toofast for conditions. ALWAYS use your seat belts and appropriate child restraintsystems. ALWAYS provide information about the proper use ofvehicle safety features to all occupants of the vehicle. ALWAYS review this Owner’s Manual for important safetyinformation. 1996 NISSAN NORTH AMERICA, INC.TORRANCE, CALIFORNIANOTES ON THE INFORMATION CONTAINED INTHIS OWNER’S MANUALThis owner’s manual contains descriptions and operating instructions for all systems, features and optional equipment thatmight appear in any model of this vehicle built for any destination in North America, including the continental United States,Canada and Hawaii. Therefore, you may very well find information in this manual that does not apply to your vehicle.MODIFICATION OF YOUR VEHICLEThis vehicle should not be modified. Modification could affectits performance, safety or durability, and may even violategovernmental regulations. In addition, damage or performance problems resulting from modifications may not becovered under NISSAN warranties.All rights reserved. No part of this Owner’s Manual may be reproducedor stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any All information, specifications and illustrations in this manual aremeans, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, those in effect at the time of printing. NISSAN reserves the right tochange specifications or design without notice and without obligation.without the prior written permission of Nissan North America, Inc.

The inside pages of this manual containa minimum of 50% recycled fibers,including 10% post-consumer fibers.Welcome To The World Of NISSANAFW0001Your new Nissan is the result of our dedication toproduce the finest in safe, reliable and economical transportation. Your vehicle is the product ofa successful worldwide company that manufactures cars and trucks in over 17 countries anddistributes them in 170 nations.modern manufacturing facilities, Nissan MotorManufacturing Corporation U.S.A. in Smyrna,Tennessee, vehicle styling at Nissan DesignInternational in San Diego, California, and engineering at Nissan Research and Development inFarmington Hills, Michigan.Nissan vehicles are designed and manufacturedby Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. which was founded inTokyo, Japan in 1933, and Nissan affiliates worldwide, collectively growing to become the fifthlargest automaker in the world. In addition to carsand trucks, Nissan also makes textile machinery,forklift trucks, marine engines, boats and otherproducts.Nissan has made a substantial and growinginvestment in North America, starting with theopening of Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A. in1960 and continuing with the production of somecars and trucks at one of the world’s mostNissan Motor Corporation U.S.A. and its dealersindirectly employ about 60,000 Americans.Nissan is also a substantial contributor to theCanadian economy. Nissan Canada Inc., its suppliers and over 170 dealers employ approximately 4,500 people. These include companyemployees and the staffs of Nissan dealers allacross Canada. In addition, many Canadianswork for companies that supply Nissan and Nissan dealers with materials and services rangingfrom the operation of port facilities and transportation services, to the supply of lubricants, partsand accessories.Nissan pioneered the use of electronics andcomputers in automobiles, and has led the industry in improving both performance and fuel efficiency through new engine designs and the useof synthetic materials to reduce vehicle weight.The company has also developed ways to buildquality into its vehicles at each stage of theproduction process, both through extensive useof automation and — most importantly —through an awareness that people are the central element in quality control.From the time the parts arrived from our suppliers until you took delivery of your new Nissan,dozens of checks were made to ensure that onlythe best job was being done in producing anddelivering your vehicle. Nissan also takes greatcare to ensure that when you take your Nissan toyour dealer for maintenance, the service technician will perform his work according to the qualitystandards that have been established by Nissan.Safety has also been built into your Nissan. Asyou know, seat belts are an integral part of thesafety systems that will help protect you and yourpassengers in the event of a sudden stop or anaccident. We urge you to use the belts every timeyou drive the vehicle.The Nissan story of growth and achievementreflects our major goal: to provide you, ourcustomer, with a vehicle that is built with qualityand craftsmanship — a product that we can beproud to build and you can be proud to own.ZX

NISSAN CUSTOMER CARE PROGRAMNISSAN CARES .Both NISSAN and your NISSAN dealer are dedicated to serving all your automotive needs. Your satisfaction with your vehicle and yourNISSAN dealer are our primary concerns. Your NISSAN dealer is always available to assist you with all your automobile sales and serviceneeds.However, if there is something that your NISSAN dealer cannotassist you with or you would like to provide NISSAN directly withcomments or questions, please contact the NISSAN ConsumerAffairs Department using our toll-free number:For U.S. mainland customers1-800-NISSAN-1 (1-800-647-7261)For Hawaii customers(808) 836-0888 (Oahu Number)For Canada customers1-800-387-0122The Consumer Affairs Department will ask for the following information:— Your name, address, and telephone number— Vehicle identification number (on dashboard)— Date of purchaseORYou can write to NISSAN with the information on the left at:For U.S. mainland and Alaska customersNissan Motor Corporation U.S.A.Consumer Affairs DepartmentP.O. Box 191Gardena, California 90248-0191For Hawaii customersNissan Motor Corporation in Hawaii2880 Kilihau St.Honolulu, Hawaii 96819For Canada customersNissan Canada Inc.P.O. Box 1709, Station ‘‘B’’Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 4H6— Current odometer reading— Your NISSAN dealer’s name— Your comments or questionsWe appreciate your interest in NISSAN and thank you for buying a quality NISSAN vehicle.ZX

IMPORTANT INFORMATIONTHIS MANUALABOUTYou will see various symbols in thismanual. They are used in the followingways:WARNINGThis is used to indicate the presence ofa hazard that could cause death orserious personal injury. To avoid orreduce the risk, the procedures mustbe followed precisely.APD0649CAUTIONThis is used to indicate the presence ofa hazard that could cause minor ormoderate personal injury or damage toyour vehicle. To avoid or reduce therisk, the procedures must be followedcarefully.If you see this symbol, it means ‘‘Do not dothis’’ or ‘‘Do not let this happen.’’ZX


ContentsInstruments and controls1Pre-driving checks and adjustments2Heater, air conditioner and audio system3Starting and driving4In case of emergency5Appearance and interior care6Do-it-yourself operations7Maintenance schedule8Technical and consumer information9Index10

1 Instruments and controlsMeters and gauges .1-2Speedometer and odometer .1-3Tachometer .1-3Engine coolant temperature gauge and fuelgauge .1-4Warning/indicator lights and chimes .1-5Theft warning (if so equipped) .1-9Windshield wiper and washer switch .1-10Rear window defogger switch .1-11Headlight and turn signal switch .1-12Daytime running light system (for Canada) .1-13Cornering light (if so equipped).1-13Instrument brightness control.1-14Front fog light switch (if so equipped).1-14Hazard warning flasher switch .1-14Cigarette lighter (accessory) and ash tray.1-15Cup holder.1-16Manual windows.1-16Power windows .1-17Automatic power window switch .1-17Rear power windows.1-18Sunroof (if so equipped).1-18If the sunroof does not close .1-19Clock instrument panel (if so equipped) .1-20Interior light.1-20Trunk light.1-21Spotlight (if so equipped) .1-21ZX


SPEEDOMETER ANDODOMETERTACHOMETERIC1261SpeedometerThe speedometer indicates vehicle speed.OdometerThe odometer records the total distance thevehicle has been driven.Trip odometerAIC0076The tachometer indicates engine speed inrevolutions per minute (r/min).CAUTIONWhen engine speed approaches thered zone, shift to a higher gear. Operating the engine in the red zone maycause serious engine damage.The trip odometer records the distance ofindividual trips. Before each trip, set the tripodometer to zero by pushing the reset button.1-3ZX

ENGINE COOLANTTEMPERATURE GAUGE ANDFUEL GAUGECAUTIONIf the gauge indicates engine coolanttemperature over the normal range,stop the vehicle as soon as safely possible. If the engine is overheated, continued operation of the vehicle mayseriously damage the engine. See the‘‘In case of emergency’’ section forimmediate action required.Fuel gaugeAIC0077Engine coolant temperature gaugeThe gauge indicates the engine coolanttemperature.The engine coolant temperature varies withthe outside air temperature and driving conditions.The gauge indicates the approximate fuellevel in the tank.The gauge may move slightly during braking, turning, acceleration, or going up ordown hills.The gauge needle remains in approximatelythe same position even when the ignitionkey is turned to OFF.The indicator light comes on when theamount of fuel in the tank is getting low.Refill the fuel tank before the gaugeregisters Empty (E).1-4ZX

WARNING/INDICATORLIGHTS AND CHIMESorBrake warning lightTurn signal/hazard indicator lightsHigh beam indicator lightorCharge warning lightDoor open warning lightChecking bulbsApply the parking brake and turn the ignitionkey to ON without starting the engine. Thefollowing lights come on:,or,,or,The following lights come on briefly andthen go off:or,,If any light fails to come on, it mayindicate a burned-out bulb or an opencircuit in the electrical system. Have thesystem repaired promptly.Seat belt warning lightEngine oil pressure warning lightLow washer fluid warning light(Canada only)CRUISE indicator lightAnti-lock brake warning lightOverdrive off indicator lightorMalfunction indicatorlight (emission system)Engine oil pressure warninglightThis light warns of low engine oil pressure. Ifthe light flickers or comes on during normaldriving, pull off the road in a safe area, stopthe engine immediately and call a NISSANdealer or other authorized repair shop.The oil pressure warning light is notdesigned to indicate a low oil level. Usethe dipstick to check the oil level. See‘‘Engine oil’’ in the ‘‘Do-it-yourself operations’’ section.Supplemental air bag warning lightRear window defogger indicator lightTheft warning light (If so equipped)CAUTIONRunning the engine with the oil pressurewarning light on could cause seriousdamage to the engine almost immediately. Turn off the engine as soon as it issafe to do so.Charge warning lightIf this light comes on while the engine isrunning, it may indicate a problem with thecharging system. Turn the engine off andcheck the generator belt. If the belt is loose,1-5ZX

broken, or missing, or if the light remains on,see your NISSAN dealer immediately.CAUTIONDo not continue driving if the belt isloose, broken or missing.Door open warning lightThis light comes on when any of the doorsare not closed securely while the ignitionkey is ON.Seat belt warning light andchimeThe light and chime remind you to fastenseat belts. The light illuminates wheneverthe ignition key is turned to ON, and remains illuminated until the driver’s seat beltis fastened. At the same time, the chimesounds for about seven seconds unless thedriver’s seat belt is securely fastened.Refer to ‘‘Seat belts’’ in the ‘‘Pre-drivingchecks and adjustments’’ section for precautions on seat belt usage.Supplemental air bag warning lightWhen the ignition key is in the ON or STARTposition, the supplemental air bag warninglight illuminates for about 7 seconds andthen turns off. This means the system isoperational.If any of the following conditions occur, thesupplemental air bag system needs servicingand yo

Your NISSAN dealer is always available to assist you with all your automobile sales and service needs. However, if there is something that your NISSAN dealer cannot assist you with or you would like to provide NISSAN directly with comments or questions, please contact the NISSAN Consumer Affairs Department using our toll-free number: For U.S. mainland customers 1-800-NISSAN-1 (1-800-647