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WWW. ZODIAC . NL15-10-200825-01-2010INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR 6 SPEED CONVERSION KIT AND 6 SPEED BUILDER KITWe recommend the kits are installed by a qualified mechanic with knowledge of the Harley-Davidson 5speed transmission. Also make sure you have a 1990 or later Factory Service Manual available. Toolsneeded are the same as used for a 5 Speed transmission.The conversion kit should only be used in new or low milage transmissions. If gears or bearings of a used5 speed transmission are worn, new ones must be installed, or better, the builder kit should be used.Gear set RemovalRefer to the Factory Service Manual Section for Mainshaft and Countershaft removal. When you get tothe point of actually sliding the gear set out make sure you properly mark the 5th gear set as described inthe Factory Service Manual (for used transmissions only). Further follow the factory removal procedure.Clearance ChecksThe 6 Speed conversion and builder kit will fit in most OEM or aftermarket transmission housings withoutany modification of the housing. However due to casting differences, in some instances some modificationmay be needed. The following clearances must be checked before assembling the 6 speed transmission.5/16 Bolt hole boss clearanceThis can easily be checked with the trap doorgasket. Put the gasket on the dowel pins. AIImaterial of the boss around the hole that “sticksoutside” the gasket (60 degrees forward to 60degree backwards) must be removed(see figure A).Primary fork clearancePlace the gasket on the housing and removematerial as indicated for clearing the shifter fork(see figure B).PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON

WWW. ZODIAC . NL15-10-200825-01-2010Pillow block clearance (right side)Make sure there is clearance between the pillowblock and the housing. Any clearance is O.K.(see figure C).CFork shaft support clearanceAgain use the gasket as the template andremove the material as indicated(see figure D).Top cover clearanceSome aftermarket top covers are thicker than their OEM counter part. Clearance between the cover andshift drum, shift ratchet and other parts should be checked.Shift drum end playThe end play of the shift drum must be checkedprior to final installation. Install the shift drum.Measure the end play with feeler gauges at theright pillow block(see figure E).End play should be between .004" and .010",some 1/2" X 7/8" 0.008" thick shims are includedto adjust the end play.EPERFORMANCE PRODUCTS FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON

WWW. ZODIAC . NL15-10-200825-01-2010YOU ARE NOW READY TO BEGIN THE FINAL INSTALLATIONInstall the trap door bearings and install the bearing retainer plate using 2 1/4" UNC button head allenscrews (use Loctite to secure the screws). Install the auxiliary shifter shaft support using 2 1/4"UNC button head allen screws (use Loctite to secure the screws). Install the gears on the mainand counter shaft using the washers, bearings and clips included in the kit and install the shafts in thetrap door. NOTE: Put the 3/4" X 1" X .040" steel bearing washer on the mainshaft (comes between theneedle bearing and trap door bearing) before installing the mainshaft in the trap door. There is no washer on the countershaft and the trap door. Install the main and counter shaft nuts and torque them tofactory specs.When using the conversion kit, you must transfer some of the 5-speed gears to the 6 speed. Takethe 5th gear and the 2nd gear trom the countershaft and install them on to the 6 speed countershaft(in the same direction as they were in the 5 speed, do not turn them around) using the newbearing and thrust washer included in the kit. Use the new retaining ring that is provided andinstall it after you put the 5th gear on the countershaft. Remove the 2nd gear from the mainshaft and reinstall it on to the 6 speed (in the same direction as it was in the 5 speed).Put the trap door gasket on the case dowel pins. You can use same thick grease to make the gasketstick to the housing.Apply some oil to the gears and shafts and on to the main drive gear seal. Install the gear set by slidingthe mainshaft through the main drive gear and slowly pushing the whole trap door/gear set assemblyuntil the case dowel pins contact the dowel holes in the side door. (for used gears: line up the markingson the 5th gears to re-establish the proper mesh of the gears). A teflon hammer is helpful to tab thetrap door.Install the four 5/16" UNC socket head bolts in the lower 4 screw holes and torque them to factoryspecs. Install the two 1/4" socket head bolts in the bolt holes above the dowel pin and torque them tofactory specs.Put the shifter forks (3rd counter shaft, 2nd mainshaft and 1st mainshaft) on the shafts and slide theshifter shaft in.Put the 4th counter shaft shifter fork on the counter shaft, and slide the auxiliary shifter shaft in. Thehead of the auxiliary fork shaft should be 1/2" below the surface. If needed tab the shaft until it properlyseats against the support. Put some Low grade Loctite on the 1/2-20 set screw and torque it to 2-4 ft-Ibs.Check if all forks slide freely on the fork rods by moving them back and forwards. Check if forks haveenough clearance with the housing (as outlined in the Clearance Checks section).Install the shift drum assembly, make sure the fork pins are in the grooves in which they belong.Tighten down the four 7/16" hex head bolts in a circular pattern. Application of a light Loctite to thefour 7/16" hex head bolts is recommended. Re-check the end play on the shift drum.Set the adjustment on the shifter pawl adjustment screw as per the Factory Service Manual.PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON

WWW. ZODIAC . NL15-10-200825-01-2010Clutch Rod EndRemove the thrust bearing trom the 5 speed clutch rod end and re-install it on the extended rod endprovided with the kit. Install this rod end on the right side, at the end of the mainshaft, under theclutch cover. Install the clutch release cover.Speed Sensor InstallationIf you have a transmission case with speed sensor, replace the speed sensor with the dummy plug (witha ring), screw, and washer provided with your kit and install the speed sensor in the trap door. Youmust space the sensor with 1/4'1 spacer washers between the speed sensor and the trap door for proper sensor spacing to the 6th mainshaft gear that is triggering the sensor (see figure F). You may needa conversion box to correctly calibrate the speedo head (for example Dakota Digital speed re-calibrationunit, model SGI-6). Fill the transmission with 20 to 24 oz. transmission oil. We recommend the use ofa good 75W140 or similar transmission oil.The installation of these parts may affect the factory warranty. It is the responsibility of the user todetermine the suitability of this product for his/her use, and the user shall assume all legal, personalinjury risk and liability and all other obligations, duties and risks associated there-with.PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON


WWW. ZODIAC . NL15-10-200825-01-2010WIRING FOR 6-SPEED CONVERSION KIT ON 1998 AND UP MODELSWITH TWO CONNECTORS ON NEUTRAL SWITCH THAT COMES ONWHEN IGNITION ISTURNED ONNEUTRAL LIGHT86308785GROUNDRELAYZPN 721677 OR 231918NEUTRAL SWITCH30 and 87 are wires that are normally on Neutral Switch.Find out which is positive and which is ground, then connect as in drawing above.PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON