The Arise PlatformIntroductionArise Virtual Solutions is changing the way businesses think about call center services.Arise provides a virtual telephony and technology platform to connect primarilywork-at-home service professionals, like you, running small customer supportbusinesses to Fortune 1000 and other large companies.This guide provides a significant portion of the information needed to use the Arise Platform. Once you’ve successfully completed the registration process, use thisguide to learn how to: Access and use the Arise Platform Select client opportunities Enroll in a certification courseHow It WorksArise secures contracts with clientsinterested in outsourcing theircustomer service, inbound sales calland tech support needs to thecustomer support businesses that usethe Arise Platform.Major corporations’ contract with Arise to help them connect with customer supportbusinesses that deliver high-quality customer service, tech support, and inboundsales support. Arise enters into separate contracts with the customer support businesses,which are required to register to use the Arise Platform Each client has unique performance requirements that are passed to thecustomer support business through Arise.1 Page

To use the Arise Platform, a good workingknowledge of this information is essential.Table of ContentsAbout the Platform Platform Usage Fee page 3 Platform Basics page 3 Service Types page 4The “Portal” Accessing the Portal page 5 Portal Features pages 6 - 8 Selecting Client Programs and Certification Courses pages 9 - 10Basics Systems & Equipment Policy page 11 Service Hours/Service Revenue pages 12 - 13 Accessing the Arise Virtual Gateway (AVG) page 14Please Note: This information is provided for Service Partners and their agentswho are registered to use the Arise Platform. If you have not registered yet,go to and click the Register Now button.2 Page

About the PlatformPlatform Usage FeeTwice a month, customer support businesses are charged 19.75 for eachactive agent registered to use the Arise Platform.This fee is a per agent fee but is only charged when a customer supportbusiness has executed an SOW (Statement of Work) and its agent is servicinga client program.Platform BasicsThe Arise Platform connects Service Partners and their agents to Fortune1000 and other prestigious clients that need contact center services.The Arise Platform offers: Telephony and data infrastructure to connect you and your agentsto clients needing services. Systems that help you keep track of performance, hours and qualitymetrics for you, your agents, and your customer support business. Access to certification courses that provide details on client systemsand performance expectations for specific client programs. Servicing opportunities for a long list of prestigious clients, includingmany Fortune 1000 companies. Help and support to answer your questions via an automatedsystem, the Arise Virtual Assistant (AVA) (available on the portal24/7), live chat support (during business hours on the portal) and the“Partner Support” desk. Support resources that can provide enhancement, techniqueand/or information sessions regarding client programs.3 Page

Types of OpportunitiesSmall customer support businesses register to use the Arise Platform toconnect with and to serve world-class companies that are in need ofcustomer service, inbound sales, and technical support. These services aredelivered via voice, email and/or chat. There are client programopportunities across an ever-growing number of industries, including retail,roadside assistance, and healthcare. There are also bi-lingual serviceopportunities for a multitude of languages, like French and Spanish.Customer ServiceInbound SalesTechnical SupportProvided through a combination of via phone, chat and/or email.4 Page

The PortalAccessing the PortalOnce you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll gain access to theArise portal, where you’ll find the tools and resources you’ll need to use theArise Platform, including Opportunity Announcements and the Starmatic Scheduling System 2.0, the online scheduling tool for scheduling andmanaging your service intervals, and the service intervals of your agents.Here’s how to get there:Step 1: Open your Internet browser window.Step 2: Copy this link: 3: Paste the link into the URL address bar on your Internet browserStep 4: Press Enter and you’ll be brought to the Arise PortalStep 5: Bookmark for easy reference5 Page

Portal FeaturesThis section provides a high-level overview of how to: Access support, helpful tools, and reference tools and materialsUpdate profile informationAccess and manage agent information and track metrics andperformance measures for each applicable client program.Access documents and agreements (MSAs, NDAs, SOWs, etc.)Access the Starmatic Scheduling System 2.0, the tool to schedule andmanage service hoursThe Arise portal will provide different views and information, depending onwhether you are an agent or a business owner.Business owners have access to additional information, such as program andperformance details of each agent working for their business, as well asexclusive access to revenue rates for each opportunity. Agents do not haveaccess to revenue rates.6 Page

The HOME icon takes youback to the main page.The REFERENCE icon willbring you to resourcesspecific to a clientprogram that you mayneed to refer to during thecourse, or when servicingthe program.7 PageThe AGENT icon displaysyour ID number, clientprogram(s), schedule, andmetrics. If you are aBusiness Owner, you willalso see such informationfor each AGENT workingfor your business.The STARMATIC Scheduling System 2.0 iconwill bring you to theStarmatic SchedulingSystem 2.0 scheduling tool,which is where you andyour agents will scheduleservice intervals.The DOCUMENTS iconis where you’ll find acopy of yourbusinesses MSA,SOW(s), and otheragreements andimportantdocuments.The METRICS icon displaysyour metrics. If you are aBusiness Owner, you willalso see such informationfor each AGENT working foryour business.

The CLIENT OPPORTUNITIES feature the Client Programs Opportunity Board.Scroll down to review the full list of opportunities and click each green infobutton to review details- including course requirements and a description ofthe program. Business owners will see additional details regarding revenuerates. It is important to thoroughly review the information provided for eachopportunity prior to making any decision about which client program toselect.Click on the INFObutton to display theopportunityannouncement.8 PageClick on the VIDEO button to watch theopportunityannouncement videoClick on ‘Learn More’ todisplay course scheduleclass dates, times andto ‘Enroll Now’.

Selecting Client ProgramsOnce you complete the Registration Process, you’re ready to select a clientprogram. This is what this is all about— servicing clients and generating revenue.You’ll learn about opportunities to service a Client Program in one of three ways: Accessing the Arise Portal and viewing Opportunity AnnouncementsBy emailVia social media by following are encouraged to select a client program that best suits the strengths andinterests of your business and agents. Review the opportunity details carefully to seeif it is a good match.Download a step-by-step guide to selecting a client program HERE.Opportunities include:SalesHave a proven track in sales or enjoy selling? Areyou friendly, outgoing and have a generallypositive attitude? Do you have a knack forinfluencing and persuading others? If so, sales maybe the path for you.Customer ServiceIf you enjoy helping people solve problems andget a charge out of turning any situation into apositive experience, you may want to considercustomer service.Technical SupportAre you the go-to person when friends or familyneed help with their computer, phone and/orother electronic devices? Have any experiencewith hardware and software installation andtroubleshooting, technology consultation? If youhave the savvy to solve technical computer andtelephone problems, you may enjoy technicalsupport.Mix of InterestsIf you have more than one interest or strength, thenselect client programs that require a combinationof two or more of the skills listed above.9 Page

Certification CoursesPrior to servicing a client program, you’ll need to take a course that providesinformation about the client’s systems, the program, the quality requirements,and other information. This ensures that you’ll be up to speed, prepared andconfident to serve. There is a fee for each certification course.To service clients using the Arise Platform, you must pass the course.Courses can run anywhere from two to eight weeks depending on thecomplexity of the client program.Call centers are not paid for the time their agents spend in class ortaking courses.Read the opportunity announcements carefully before committing to a clientprogram.10 P a g e

System & Equipment PolicyThe following equipment is needed to service client programs – yourcomputer, headset, telephone, backup battery, etc.For the most up-to-date and complete requirements Click Here.This document will provide you with: Computer hardware requirementsInternet requirementsComputer software requirementsComputer security requirementsTelephone requirementsEmail requirementsProhibited technologyHere are some important tips to ensure success: To use the Arise Platform, the system, and equipment policy must bemet. It is important to remember these are only the minimumrequirements needed to use the Arise Platform.Remember: Cell phones, softphones, and select VoIP (voice over IP)using USB or wireless services are not permitted at any time, includingbut not limited to:o Google Voiceo Magic Jacko Oomao Skype11 P a g e

Service Hours and Service RevenueHow to Schedule Service IntervalsYou can set your own schedule using the Arise Platform, working on thedays and hours you want to work and working as much as you want to work. Servicing intervals are available on a “first come, first serve” basis so it isbeneficial to select servicing intervals (which are in half-hourincrements) as soon as possible.There are more plentiful servicing intervals available during a client’speak demand period. Please be sure to review the OpportunityAnnouncement (OA) for the client program you are interested inservicing, for information about peak servicing times.The OA provides detailed information about each client programopportunity, the hours of service, and the peak demand hours for theclient. Be sure that the hours align with your desired schedule beforeyou express interest in an opportunity.Certain client programs have specific servicing hour requirementswhich will be detailed in the OA. For example, some client programsrequire weekend servicing or servicing on certain holidays. Therefore,be sure to thoroughly review the OA and Statement of Work to ensurethat you have selected the right client program for you and yourbusiness.Note that for certain client programs, if your business is a topperforming business, you and your agents may receive the first choiceof hours. This benefit is only open to top-performing businesses and is agood reason to strive to be a top performer.12 P a g e

Understanding Service Revenue Business OwnersIf you are the business owner, you have access to service revenue ratedetails in the Opportunity Announcement. Service revenue rates varybased on client program complexity.AgentsAgents do not have access to the fees paid to call centers.Compensation paid to agents is solely determined by the business forwhich they are working.Service Revenue ModelsService revenue models vary by the client program. Below areexamples of some of the models:13 P a g e

Accessing the Arise Virtual Gateway (AVG)The Arise Virtual Gateway (AVG) is the call routing system that call centers,and their agents, use to connect to many client systems. The AVG telephonyinfrastructure improves consistency and efficiency of service across clientprograms, while centrally and seamlessly managing call routing. The AVG can be accessed through POTS (plain old telephone system)and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems. To service on AVG, you must dial into an Arise number with a (786) areacode for servicing. This number is provided during the certificationprocess, prior to beginning service. This number will not be toll-free and may result in long-distancecharges for those businesses, (and their agents), who are not located inMiami (unless you have an unlimited or bulk long-distance plan). Your telephone equipment should not have any features which willinterfere with your provision of quality services, except long-distance(i.e. no voicemail or call waiting). If your servicing phone has anyfeatures that could interfere with your call talking, please disable them.Please contact your service provider for instructions on how to do so.14 P a g e

For additional information about using the Arise Platform,go tohttp://www.ariseworkfromhome.comwhich features a wealth of resources and blog gearedtowards small call center business owners and theiragents.Also, like our Facebook page arch 202115 P a g e

system, the Arise Virtual Assistant (AVA) (available on the portal 24/7), live chat support (during business hours on the portal) and the “Partner Support” desk. Support resources that can provideenhancement, techniq