University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of PsychologyPSCH 385 Fall 2021 (Kim-Cohen) v1PSCH 385: FIELDWORK IN PSYCHOLOGYFall 2021 (CRN: 33857)Wednesdays 12:00-1:50 (Online Hybrid)PronounsemailDrop-inhoursZoom linkInstructorJulia Kim-Cohen, Ph.D.she/her/[email protected] AssistantMaria AguilarTeaching AssistantAllison [email protected]@uic.eduMON 11:00-12:00By appointmentBy appointment zoomPrerequisites: PSCH 340 and PSCH 343; and PSCH 381 or PSCH 382 or PSCH 386. For appliedpsychology majors only.Course DescriptionStudents will participate in 120 hours of supervised direct service at an approved internship site.In addition, they will complete a literature review focused on a best practice, program, ormeasure that is of interest to the site (as discussed with the internship supervisor). Students willwrite a paper documenting the results of their literature review and will present their conclusionsto the class and the internship site.Course FormatAll three sections of 385 will be held the same way—a combination of online synchronous and afew in-person classes. That means that we will meet in live online class sessions during the timesscheduled and you will be expected to be present with your cameras on. You may participatein the chat if you need to turn your camera off for bandwidth issues. A few classes will bescheduled to meet in-person in a classroom on campus (more details TBA). PSCH 385 is adiscussion-based course, not lectures. We will be able to create a stronger learning community ifwe can “see” each other on screen. We will use Zoom, and if necessary, BlackboardCollaborate.During class meetings, we will discuss topics ranging from issues related to working with internshipsites (including professionalism, ethics, and the supervisory relationship) to issues involving theliterature review, such as how to find scholarly sources, analyze research articles, and write inAPA style. Students are expected to participate in class by engaging in dialogue about theirexperiences at their internship sites and their progress completing the literature review andpresentations.Privacy Notification and Policy for Video Recording of Synchronous Class SessionsWe will be recording only portions of the class sessions. Didactic teaching by me will berecorded; discussions & presentations will not be recorded. The recording feature for others isdisabled so that no one else will be able to record this session through Zoom or BlackboardCollaborate. Recording by other means is not permitted. The recorded class sessions will beposted on our Blackboard class website unless otherwise notified.If you have privacy concerns and do not wish to appear in the recording, turn OFF your videoand notify me in writing (via email) prior to the next class session. If you prefer to use a1

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of PsychologyPSCH 385 Fall 2021 (Kim-Cohen) v1pseudonym instead of your name, please let me know what name you will be using, so that Ican identify you during the class session. If you would like to ask a question, you may do soprivately through the chat feature by addressing your question to me or your TA only (and not to"everyone"), or you may contact me by another private method, which we will agree upon inadvance of class. If you have questions or concerns about this video recording policy, pleasecontact me before the end of the first week of class.Course Objectives: OverviewCourse objectives are general because they cover students across a range of applied sites(e.g., mental health, community, business). This includes: (1) service hours and supervisedcontact appropriate for bachelor's-level paraprofessionals at each site, and (2) a literaturereview as well as in-class and on-site presentation chosen in consultation with your supervisorand instructor.Course Objectives: Site Hours Second DayYou must complete a minimum of 8 hours per week (8 X 15 weeks 120 total hours) in directservice to your site. One full 8-hour day or two 4-hour days is typically best. At least one of yourservice hours will be under supervision to obtain training in the applied area of your service site.You must also complete a second day every week researching and writing your literaturereview.This additional time may be on-site or negotiated with your supervisor as off-site work. Successfulstudents typically spend all or at least half of the second day on-site working on their project; thiskeeps students accountable and structured by allocating specific time for the project.You must be conscientious and responsible in fulfilling your commitment to your site. Failure isautomatic for students who are not responsible or conscientious in their fieldwork. On the otherhand, your agency also has a responsibility to provide you with a reasonable setting for fieldexperience. If you have trouble with your agency (e.g., nothing to do, too much paperwork,insufficient supervisor contact), let me know immediately! Do not wait until the end of thesemester to complain, we can help you make immediate changes to rectify the situation.Course Objectives: Literature Review PresentationIn addition to site hours, you will complete a Literature Review designed with the help of yourcourse instructor and TA. The ultimate goal is for this experience to be mutually beneficial,providing you with valuable field experience while providing a work product that benefits yoursite. You will give a formal presentation both at UIC and your fieldwork site. Presentations willreflect the work they performed on-site and the results of the Literature Review. This course is sixcredit hours to recognize your efforts at the site, in the classroom, and conducting your capstoneproject.As previously mentioned, each of you will be assigned a TA to support your Literature Review.Once assigned, it is important to stay with your TA unless scheduling conflicts prohibit the two ofyou from working together. If this is the case, or other issues are undermining an effectiveworking relationship between you and TA, please speak with your professor immediately.2

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of PsychologyPSCH 385 Fall 2021 (Kim-Cohen) v1Learning Outcomes and AssessmentStudents will be able to apply interviewing and intervention skills in a field setting using directcontact experiences. Students will also be able to apply previous training in ethics,confidentiality, and professional demeanor.Site supervisors will (a) provide ongoing verbal feedback to students on a weekly basis, (b)submit confidential online evaluations of the students’ professional demeanor, ethics, andreceptiveness to supervision, and (c) evaluate site-specific and overall skill levels obtained in thefield. These evaluations will be graded in consultation with the Director of Internships to ensurethat grading criteria are equivalent for all students.Students will be able to integrate skills in research design, statistics, psychological measurement,and APA manuscript preparation while writing the Literature Review. Students will gainprofessional academic presentation experience when they give formal presentations.Source of Points for Grading (total of 200 points)100 ptsRatings of Professional Performance at internship site byyour site supervisor(s)8 ptsClass Attendance, Participation8 ptsProposal of Literature Review8 ptsOutline of Literature Review8 ptsDraft of First Half of the Literature Review8 ptsDraft of Second Half of Literature20 ptsIndividual Class Project/Site Presentations40 ptsFinal PaperAll assignments should be e-mailed to your TA and uploaded to blackboard SafeAssign. Allfeedback will be provided via e-mail and all grades will be posted on blackboard forconfidentiality. Your supervisor may elect to share your evaluation directly with you - thisapproach is preferred. However, some supervisors may prefer to submit a confidentialevaluation to Kathryn Engel, Director of Internships. In that case, the Director will discuss yourgrading and provide you a summary of the feedback. Any disagreements with grading shouldbe held in private with the Director and should not involve your supervisor.Topic Discussion with Site SupervisorSite supervisors have come to look forward to student literature review projects and regard themas valued service to the agency. Accordingly, the Literature Review will be chosen by you inconsultation with your supervisor. If the supervisor agrees, students may spend some of thesecond day writing the Literature Review at their site; being away from other distractions helpsmany students.3

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of PsychologyPSCH 385 Fall 2021 (Kim-Cohen) v1I recommend having this conversation with your supervisor during the first week (no later thanthe second week if your internship day was after your class). If you do not have a topic ofinterest, you may change the questions to ask your supervisor for suggestions as they are wellinformed on best practices in their area.ooooooo“I am interested in topic(s) and would like to hear your thoughts on whether areview of the literature in this area would be of service to you.”“Do you think that a review of 10 published articles on topic(s) would bemeaningful?”“Would a review of best practices / programs / measures on topic(s) be usefulto your site?”“Would a review of up-to-date measures and assessment devices of topic(s)be valuable to you?”As you discuss topics with your site supervisor, attempt to narrow the topic to specific newinformation. Supervisors may ask you about your interests. Other supervisors might simply suggestgeneral topic areas. In this case, your Instructor and TA will help you narrow the focus to makethe project manageable. It is important your supervisor understands that you have an Instructorand TA who will support, guide, and grade the Literature Review. Once you select a topic, it isnot appropriate to expect your site supervisor to supervise the paper.Development of a literature review requires knowledge of the research related to a topic.Acquisition of knowledge about a research topic involves selection of relevant research studiesand use of review skills to analyze and synthesize these studies. Therefore, after a topic isidentified and shared with your TA, students are required to spend at least eight hours readingresearch studies related to the topic during the first two weeks of class. After reading severalstudies, considering their suitability for your review, and discussing them with your TA, students willselect four studies to discuss in the Paper Proposal.Classroom Policies and Expectations1.Entering & Leaving Class: Make every effort to be on time for class, which means at least5 minutes before the start time. Despite the class being conducted online, it is still yourresponsibility to be in the Zoom meeting on time and ready to start at 12pm sharp. Students areexpected to remain in class until dismissed. Early departure may be acceptable for legitimatereasons that are discussed with the instructor in advance. You are strongly encouraged to haveyour camera on during class time/zoom meeting. Please use proper “netiquette” when joiningand leaving the class—we will do a check-in and check-out each day using Chat in Zoom.2.Electronic Devices: Students are expected to devote their full attention to class activities.Cell phones and other communication or electronic devices should be turned off or set to silentmode and should not be used in class. Completion of work for other courses or involvement insocial media during class time is strictly prohibited. With the exception of note-taking— the useof laptops or tablets during class time is prohibited. Exceptions to this rule may be made forcompelling educational reasons and must be approved in advance by the instructor.3.Open-Mindedness and Respect: Come to class with an open mind and be willing tolisten to alternative viewpoints and perspectives. Students are asked to respect diverse points of4

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of PsychologyPSCH 385 Fall 2021 (Kim-Cohen) v1view and understand that each person’s background and life experiences have shaped whothey are today. Religious, moral, or political perspectives are welcome when appropriate, butspeech which demeans or oppresses other individuals, or actions that disrupt the classroom willnot be tolerated. Students who violate this policy may be asked to leave the classroom and theinstructor will contact the appropriate officials in accord with university policy.4.Clinical & Counseling Resources: It is not unusual for topics covered in psychologycourses to elicit unexpected issues for students. If you feel you, or someone you know, needscounseling, please contact the Counseling Center at (312) 996-3490. All services are free andcompletely confidential. In addition, the Office of Applied Psychological Services (OAPS) is anon-campus clinic that offers mental health services based on a sliding scale. Call (312) 996-2540to make an appointment.5.Writing Center Consultations: All students are required to schedule two consultation meetingsat the UIC The Writing Center and to forward a copy of The Writing Center Report to your TA. TheWriting Center offers friendly and supportive tutors who can help you with reading and writing in anyof your courses, not just English. Tutors are ready to help with other writing as well, such as jobapplications, personal statements, and resumes. The tutor and you will work together to decide howto improve your writing. If you have not started your assignment, that is OK. A tutor can help youbrainstorm or make an outline. Tutors understand that you might be using the Writing Center for thefirst time. They are ready to guide you through your first session. You can choose to work with a tutor inreal time using chat and a white board, or submit up to 5 pages of text and receive written feedbackwithin 48 hours (asynchronous feedback). For more information and to schedule an appointment, visitthe Writing Center website.6.Due Dates: Assignments are due by the dates posted below in the course calendar. There isan automatic 24-hour “grace period” for all assignments, no questions asked, while we do our best tocope with the pandemic. As long as you submit your assignment within the grace period, there will beno deduction. Submissions after the grace period will be penalized. Please stay in touch with your TAin advance of due dates so that you do not fall behind.Required Technology: Online students will need regular access to a personal computer that runson a broadband Internet connection. Please contact ACCC to request and borrow a laptop orbe assigned a hotspot for the semester if you do not have the required hardware and internetcapabilities.Respect for Copyright: Please protect the integrity of all course materials and content. Byenrolling in this course, you agree to honor this request. Be mindful of the hard work and timethat instructors and TAs put into creating course materials such as exam and quiz questions,worksheets, lecture videos, Powerpoint slides, and reading materials. Please do not uploadcourse materials not created by you onto third-party websites or share content with anyone whois not enrolled in our course. I am grateful for your cooperation in honoring this importantrequest. In the same email to me, tell me your favorite ice cream flavor.Our Inclusive Learning Environment: UIC values diversity and inclusion. Regardless of age,disability, ethnicity, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status,geographic background, religion, political ideology, language, or culture, we expect allmembers of this class to contribute to a respectful, welcoming, and inclusive environment forevery other member of our class. If there are aspects of the instruction or design of this coursethat result in barriers to your inclusion, engagement, accurate assessment or achievement,please notify me as soon as possible.5

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of PsychologyPSCH 385 Fall 2021 (Kim-Cohen) v1Accommodations for Disabilities. UIC is committed to full inclusion and participation of peoplewith disabilities in all aspects of university life. If you face or anticipate disability-related barrierswhile at UIC, please connect with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) via email [email protected], or call (312) 413-2183 to create a plan for reasonable accommodations. In orderto receive accommodations, you will need to disclose the disability to the DRC, complete aninteractive registration process with the DRC, and provide me with a Letter of Accommodation(LOA). Upon receipt of a LOA, I will gladly work with you and the DRC to implement approvedaccommodations.Religious holidays: I will make every effort to avoid scheduling exams or requiring studentassignments to be submitted on religious holidays. If you wish to observe your religious holidays,please notify me by the tenth day of the semester of the date when you will be unable to submitan assignment by the due date. If the religious holiday is observed on or before the tenth day ofthe semester, please notify me at least five days in advance of the date when you will beunavailable to complete an assignment. If a quiz or assignment is due during your absence, youwill be given a quiz or assignment equivalent to the one completed by those students inattendance. Students may appeal through campus grievance procedures for religiousaccommodations.Academic Integrity - Student Community Standards: UIC is an academic community committedto providing an environment in which research, learning, and scholarship can flourish and inwhich all endeavors are guided by academic and professional integrity. In this community, allmembers including faculty, administrators, staff, and students alike share the responsibility touphold the highest standards of academic honesty and quality of academic work so that sucha collegial and productive environment exists.As a student and member of the UIC community, you are expected to adhere to theCommunity Standards of integrity, accountability, and respect in all of your academicendeavors. When accusations of academic dishonesty occur, the Office of the Dean ofStudents investigates and adjudicates suspected violations of this student code. Unacceptablebehavior includes cheating, unauthorized collaboration, fabrication or falsification, plagiarism,multiple submissions without instructor permission, using unauthorized study aids, coercionregarding grading or evaluation of coursework, and facilitating academic misconduct. Pleasereview the UIC Student Disciplinary Policy for additional information about the process by whichinstances of academic misconduct are handled towards the goal of developing responsiblestudent behavior.By submitting your assignments for grading you acknowledge these terms, you declare that yourwork is solely your own, and you promise that, unless authorized by the instructor or proctor, youhave not communicated with anyone in any way during an exam or other online assessment.Let’s embrace what it means to be a UIC community member and together be committed tothe values of integrity.6

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of PsychologyPSCH 385 Fall 2021 (Kim-Cohen) v1Tentative Weekly Assignments/Activities*Note: This is a draft schedule of class activities. Given our shift to hybrid learning, we may makesome changes to these plans. Any changes will be announced in class and on Blackboard.-Week 1August 24Start internship this week, delayed start dates will require you to work more hours perweek to fulfill requirements.Work on discussion of Literature Review topic with your supervisor. Discussion of LiteratureReview proposal and paper assignments.Read example literature review papers on Blackboard.Student Semester Plan signed by your supervisor due next week to Professor Engel-Week 2August 31You will be meeting with your TA during class to consult on your literature review topicand prepare for project proposal.Writing a proposal, inclusion/exclusion criteria, APA styleEthics, confidentiality, professional demeanor, negotiating a supervisory relationship, andpaperwork.Communication etiquette in email & other modalitiesPlease note: your TA’s role is limited to mentoring your Literature Review. If you would like todiscuss your placement, please e-mail Kathryn Engel ([email protected]) for an appointment. Donot let problems with your site or supervisor(s) go unaddressed. An initial adjustment period isexpected, but any concerns that remain need to be addressed with Professor Engel. Email Student Semester Plan signed by your supervisor to Professor Engel this week-Week 3-September 7Proposal Presentations: Come prepared to discuss your placement and initial experiences.Discuss your agency focus and your goals for the term. In order to prepare for class discussion,you will be invited to answer some questions on a Google Form before class regarding successesand challenges at your internship.Conducting library research – Dr. Annie Armstrong from the UIC library will provide a training onhow to conduct library research and use RefWorks.7

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of PsychologyPSCH 385 Fall 2021 (Kim-Cohen) v1-Week 4September 142nd half of proposal presentations. Come prepared to tell the class about your placement andinitial experiences. Discuss your agency focus and your goals for the term consistent with therequirements for your first paper. In order to prepare for class discussion, you will be invited toanswer some questions on a Google Form before class regarding successes and challenges atyour internship.Provide your topic for your proposal/lit review for feedback.***Proposals Due by midnight***(All deadlines are midnight of due date so that you can incorporate feedback and information)-Week 5September 21TAs return proposals and conduct mini-individual feedback meetings (during class time, first 20minutes). You are encouraged to schedule more specific feedback meetings with your TA.Structure of a Literature Review. Discussion of APA-style Outline.Professional Topic: Time management or Using Tomatoes to your Advantage-Week 6September 28Discussion of Outline continues.How to integrate literature (short reading & homework assignment due)-Week 7October 5More tips for writing an OutlineShare a success and a challenge from your site (2)***Outline of Literature Review due by midnight***-Week 8October 12Finish success and challenge discussions (2)APA-style in-text citations8

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of PsychologyPSCH 385 Fall 2021 (Kim-Cohen) v1Burnout versus Compassion Fatigue: knowing the difference and how to identify red flags forboth. How to be resilient while working in the social service field.-Week 9October 19Writing Day & Individual meetings with TAs. TAs will schedule during class time to go over anylast-minute questions or concerns related to literature review draft.***Draft of First half of Literature Review due by midnight***-Week 10October 26Effective PowerPoint Presentations, tips for effective public speaking.-Week 11November 2Individual Presentation Workshop Day 1. Half of the class will present today. Format forpresentations TBD.Present your first half of paper on PowerPoint (about 3-4 minutes) and prepare for discussion(but do not include on PowerPoint); an update on your areas of success and areas where youare challenged at your site (about 3-4 minutes)Total time of presentation: 8 minutes-Week 12November 9Individual Presentation Workshop Day 2. Other half of class presents today.-Week 13November 16Writing Day & Individual meetings with TAs during class time (TBA)***Draft of second half of Literature Review due at midnight***(One APA-style table must be included in the draft)9

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of PsychologyPSCH 385 Fall 2021 (Kim-Cohen) v1-Week 14November 23Final PowerPoint Presentation of your Literature Review, Day 1. Half of the class will present today.-Week 15November 30Final PowerPoint presentation of your Literature Review, Day 2. Other half of the class will presenttoday.***Final Literature Review is Due on Friday, December 3rd by 5:00 pm***-Week 16Exam Week - No Class MeetingSchedule a final PowerPoint presentation time with your site supervisor - (Remember you mustpresent in class first). Schedule time for an in-person final supervision feedback session.Supervisors may also want to read your final paper.Finals week is the last chance to complete hours, present your paper, and/or do your PowerPointpresentation at your site. Supervisors cannot sign-off on your evaluation until these arecompleted. Supervisors will complete their online evaluation by Friday December 10th.UIC RESOURCES SUPPORTING STUDENT WELLNESS & ACADEMIC SUCCESSAs an undergraduate at UIC, you may experience challenges such as struggles with academics,finances, student life, or your personal well-being. Please know this is completely normal and thatyou shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help. Come to me, or if it is about an issue beyond the scope ofthis class, please contact your college advisors, or get help from any number of other supportservices and resources available to all UIC students: Student Academic Resources UIC Tutoring Resources Offices, Programs, and Initiatives Supporting the UIC Undergraduate Experience andAcademic Programs Current Student Resources (General, Academic, Student Support, Student Life,Technology, Health and Safety, Getting Around Campus)Importantly, if you are in immediate distress, please call the UIC Counseling Center at (312) 9963490 to speak directly with a counselor or to schedule an appointment with a counselor. Ifcalling after business hours (which at UIC are typically from 9am -5pm, M-F), press 2 to beconnected to a crisis counselor. You can find additional online mental health resources on theCounseling Center Resources page.10

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of PsychologyPSCH 385 Fall 2021 (Kim-Cohen) v1If you find yourself having difficulty with the course material or any other difficulties related to thiscourse, please come talk with the instructor at any time, preferably early on (i.e., before a quiz date orpaper due date). If you are having difficulty about an issue beyond this course, please contact yourcollege advisors, or get help from any number of other support services on campus. You can get areferral to the right place, or help on the spot, from an advisor in the Office of Advising Development( UIC Library is located both on east and west campus, provides access to resources, study rooms,and research support both online via chat and in person. At Daley Library on the east side of campus,stop by the reference desk in the IDEA Commons, or make an appointment for research help oneither side of campus. Learn more about library policies at To find researchmaterials in specific subject areas view the Research Guides at Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) can help if you feel you need more individualizedinstruction in reading and/or writing, study skills, time management, etc. Please call (312) 413-0031 orvisit for more information.Counseling Services are available for all UIC students. You may seek free and confidential servicesfrom the Counseling Center at The Counseling Center is located in theStudent Services Building; you may contact them at (312) 996-3490 during normal business hours (M-F,9 am -5 pm). If calling after hours, press 2 to be connected to a crisis counselor.The Campus Advocacy Network provides information and offers resources to all UIC students, faculty,and staff. Under the Title IX law you have the right to an education that is free from any form ofgender-based violence and discrimination. Crimes of sexual assault, domestic violence, sexualharassment, and stalking are against the law and can be prevented. For more information or forconfidential victim-services and advocacy, contact UIC’s Campus Advocacy Network at 312-4131025 or visit To make a report to UIC’s Title IX office, email [email protected] or call(312) 996-5657Student Veterans Affairs serves military veterans and their dependents during their time at UIC. StudentVeterans Affairs staff provide students with information about VA educational benefits, certifies GIBill benefits, and answers questions about life on campus. The office also has resources for studentswho need help making their academic pursuits as successful as possible. Veteran Integration toAcademic Leadership (VITAL) program is a collaborative effort between UIC and Jesse Brown VA toprovide direct assistance navigating the VA Benefits System. Student Veterans Affairs staff are locatedin the Office of the Dean of Students, 3030 SSB or at the Cisar Student Veteran Center, 248 SCE, in theCommuter Resource Center suite. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact StudentVeterans Affairs staff at (312) 996-4857 or visit the websiteat pus SecurityAs a UIC student, you've chosen to live in one of the nation's largest cities. But, as at anyuniversity, crime is a reality. At UIC, we are strongly committed to our public safety programs, andwe encourage students to be proactive in learning what programs and services are available incase of an emergency. You are DISCOURAGED from staying in university buildings alone,including lab rooms, after hours and are ENCOURAGED to use the POLICE/STUDENT patrol escort ifyou are uncomfortable traveling anywhere on campus. You may request an escort toaccompany you to your campus destination on foot by calling (312)996-2830, and between11:00 pm and 7:00 am you can dial t

email [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Drop-in hours MON 11:00-12:00 By appointment By appointment Zoom link Prerequisites: PSCH 340 and PSCH 343; and PSCH 381 or PSCH 382 or PSCH 386. For applied ps