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NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 2019WELCOME 欢迎辞Welcome to the NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) at NYU Shanghai High SchoolAcademy (HSA)! We are very pleased that you have chosen to join us this summer. NYUSPS hasbeen running the very popular High School Academy in New York since 2012. In 2016, welaunched this successful program at NYU Shanghai, and we have expanded the program High School Academy is designed to help high school students from around China and the worldbuild skills needed for success in a global academic environment. You have the opportunity tolearn from respected teachers who are experts in their fields as you develop skills that will bevaluable in China, in the US, and around the world. Participating in the HSA is a very valuablelearning experience—one that will help you to succeed in college, in your future careers, and 习经历 —— 涯和人生旅途中取得成功。Whether you have enrolled in one, two, three, or all four weeks, HSA is an academicallyrigorous program in which each student's active and respectful participation is highly valued.The program is intensive, involving a variety of classroom activities, homework assignments,and chaperoned program activities that will be intellectually demanding and time-consuming.Students in the program will have the opportunity to contribute to and benefit fromparticipation in a unique community of peers and must be respectful of others and thoughtfulabout the impact of their actions upon their community. It is very important to understand thatyour dedication and focus on your academic work is what makes HSA 纽约大学NYUSPS 学生对于自身学业的付出和投入。The rules and policies in this Handbook have been established to optimize the academic,personal, and social experience of all NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA students. Any questions2

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 2019about the rules, policies, and information included in the Handbook may be addressed to HighSchool Academy at 86 021 2059-5963 or at [email protected] .本 生夏季学院。电话: 86 021 2059-5963 ;电子信箱:[email protected] at NYU Shanghai Staff上海纽约大学NYUSPS工作人员Director 主任Program Manager 项目主管Program Assistant 项目助理Senior Associate 高级助理Senior Associate 高级助理Mr. Philip CacourisMs. Helen MiaoMs. Shuxuan QinMs. Sophie XuMs. Suya YanFORMS 表格签署In order to participate in the HSA, all students must submit the following completed and signedforms to the High School Academy office. The five (5) forms must be also signed by a parent orlegal 或法定监护人签署。 NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai High School Academy Contract上海纽约大学NYUSPS 高中生夏季学院协议 NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai High School Academy Participation Form上海纽约大学NYUSPS 高中生夏季学院学员承诺书 NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai High School Academy Emergency Contact 急联系人信息 Authorization for Treatment of a Minor (For students under the age of 18 only)上海纽约大学 - 对未满18周岁的学生) Consent to Disclosure of Student Information学生信息披露同意书NetID ACTIVATION 激活纽约大学Net IDActivating your NYU NetID is critical, as it gives you access to many online resources includingNYUHome and the NYU eSuite payment 活账号能够使用包括 NYUHome 、NYU 统和资源。3

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 2019To activate your NetID 激活步骤:1) Go to http://start.nyu.edu打开链接 http://start.nyu.edu2) Enter your NetID输入Net ID3) Click on the "Start" button and follow the online instructions. Be sure to set apassword that you will ESUITE PAYMENT GATEWAY AND TOUCHNET eSuite 和 TouchNet 电子账单及支付平台eSuite is an integrated e-Bill and online payment web portal that provides students and theirinvited parents/authorized users with the following services in TouchNet: Viewing the student’s electronic bill Viewing current account activity information Making an online payment on a student accounteSuite /授权用户提供以下服务: 查看电子账单 查看当前账户明细 通过学生账户进行在线支付Access the eSuite Payment Gateway by visiting the NYU Albert Student Center. e-cn for instructions on how to login.登录纽约大学学生系统NYU 击以下链接查看英文版操作指南: n 。Approximately 24 hours after course registration, a balance will appear on your NYU studentbursar account. A bill notification, with detailed payment instructions, will then be generatedand forwarded to the personal email address we have on file for you. Note that you will not beable to make a payment without activating your NetID. And you do not need to receive a bill inorder to make a payment. You can always view your student account, and pay anytime, byvisiting the NYU Albert Student Center.通常课程注册完成24小时后, 您就可以在自己的NYU学生学费账号 (bursar account) 款指南, 箱。请注意,若不事先激活Net 录NYU Albert, 进入学生中心 (Student Center) 并进行支付。4

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 2019REFUND 退款政策Program withdrawal requests must be submitted in writing to [email protected] .If you withdraw from a course at least 14 calendar days before the first day of class, you areentitled to a 100 percent tuition refund and housing refund (if applicable). If you withdraw bythe end of the first day of class, you are entitled to a 75 percent tuition refund but no housingrefund. After the first day of class for your scheduled course, there is no 送申请邮件至 [email protected] 不予返还。NYU SHANGHAI ID CARD ACQUISITION AND USAGE 上海纽约大学校园卡领取及使用Safety is important at NYU Shanghai. As such, we require all community members to carry avalid NYU Shanghai ID while on campus and to present it upon request to NYU Shanghaiadministration. You will need your NYU Shanghai ID to gain access to the academic building andto the residence hall. If you submitted a proper ID card photo (white background) by thedeadline, and if you have paid your fees, you will receive your NYU Shanghai ID card at themandatory student orientation 学报道日获得您的ID卡。Your NYU Shanghai ID card will have current term access rights and will only be activated foruse during the time you are a student with the HSA. The card making costs RMB 100, which willbe included in your tuition. If you choose to continue studying at NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai, youcan use the same card. The replacement of IDs for lost cards must be purchased for 100 大学NYUSPS 学习,您可使用同一张校园卡。 。In addition to granting you access to the building, your NYU Shanghai ID card has the ability tobe loaded with money for dining at the NYU Shanghai cafeteria or using the printer. To add adining allowance, please visit the card loading office or the loading machine on level B1. Pleasenote that getting a refund of any extra funds left on the card can only be completed Mondaythrough Friday. The office is closed on weekends and will not issue any refunds on Saturdays 印机。食堂充值请至地下一层B10室 公室周末休息。5

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 2019PACKING LIST FOR RESIDENTIAL STUDENTS 住宿学生的必备物品Following is a packing list for students living in NYU Shanghai residential hall. Students can bringtheir own personal belongings based on individual need. Please do not bring any itemsprohibited in this document. The Office of Student Life reserves the right to require theimmediate removal of any inappropriate object in residential 使用的物品。 Clothes: general summer outfits & rain gear (Temperature in Summer:30 - 35 C)衣服:普通夏季衣服以及雨具 (夏季气温:30 - 35 C) Toiletries: tooth brush, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, laundrydetergents, towels, 发露&护发素,洗衣粉,毛巾等等。 Cosmetics & Hygiene: sunblock, hand sanitizer, lotions/facial moisturizer, makeup,disinfectant wipes, vitamins, nail manicure set, 素,指甲钳等等。 Electronics: laptop, mobile phone, battery charger, 器等等。 Other things you will need: lamps (only non-halogen bulbs), slippers, ,拖鞋,晾衣架。 Medication: students currently taking prescribed medications (e.g. antibiotics,antidepressants, asthma medication) should bring enough medication to last throughthrough the entire HSA. Students are expected to be able to take medications on theirown without the help of other students, the PA, or other HSA or University 6

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 2019HSA SCHEDULE 高中生夏季学院时间表Sunday Afternoon 周日下午 Check into residence hall in Jinqiao area (for residential students only)在金桥宿舍报道 (仅针对住宿学生) Orientation in academic building on Century Avenue(mandatory for all 所有学生务必参加)Monday - Friday 周一至周五 8:00 9:00 - 12:00 12:00 - 13:00 13:00 - 17:00 17:00 - 18:00 18:00 - 20:00 20:15 23:00Shuttle from residence hall to academic building(for residential students only)班车从宿舍出发前往教学楼 (仅针对住宿学生)Class time课程时间Lunch午餐Class time课程时间Dinner晚餐Extracurricular activities课外活动Shuttle from academic building to residence hall(for residential students 对住宿学生)Curfew (for residential students only)宵禁(仅针对住宿学生)Saturday Morning 周六上午 8:00 9:00 - 12:00 12:00Shuttle from residence hall to academic building(For residential students 对住宿学生)Final Project Presentation课程项目最终展示Closing ceremony and luncheon(Mandatory for all students; Parents 加,欢迎家长参加)Saturday Afternoon 周六下午 Residence hall check out (for residential students only)退宿(仅针对住宿学生) Optional activity for continuing students继续住宿学生自由活动7

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 2019COURSE SYLLABUS 课程大纲You will be given a syllabus for each course you take during HSA. There is a lot of veryimportant information in the course syllabus, so be sure to read it very carefully and askquestions about anything you don’t understand. The syllabus will contain information on howto contact your instructor; what the goals of the course are; what kinds of assignments you willdo and how they will be assessed; and important policies pertaining to your course, NYUSPS,and NYU Shanghai. You will also be given a schedule or calendar for each course withinformation about what you will learn, how to prepare, and what assignments are due eachclass day. This schedule might be included in the syllabus or given to you as a 有很多非常重要的信息, 所以一定要非常仔细地阅读, 课堂任务, 信息;这个日程表会列入教学大纲, 或是作为单独的文件发放。ATTENDANCE 出勤All HSA students are required to attend and be punctual for all classes and take part inactivities. If you do need to miss class due to illness or other emergency, you must let theprogram assistant know immediately. You should also let your teacher(s) know as soon aspossible. You can then talk to a classmate to find out what you missed, get copies of anyhandouts, find out what homework was assigned, and so 了解老师布置的作业,等等。ACADEMIC HONESTY 学术诚信Academic honesty is required of all students. Upon submitting academic work in writing, online,or in person, a student is declaring that work to be a product of her/his own thoughts andstudy, stated in his/her own words, and produced without assistance with the exception ofproper citation of and reference to other sources. Engaging in academic misconduct may resultin possible dismissal from HSA without refund.8

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 标注来源,不得抄袭他人作品。 得申请学费退款。The review of alleged academic violations and the imposition of any resulting disciplinarydecisions are at the discretion and responsibility of the instructor, academic department,and/or school of the course in which the misconduct takes place but may involve consultationwith NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA and/or University 学院/学校的相关员工。ACADEMIC COMMUNITY SUPPORT 学术环境支持Students are expected to respect the work of their fellow students; to refrain from soliciting orusing the work of others (see Academic Honesty); and to afford their peers the time,environment, and space needed to study successfully. Students should not disrupt or interferewith the work of another student nor behave in a way that may negatively affect another'sability to complete work. Taking study breaks and forming study groups are welcomed; playingmusic loudly around someone trying to study or keeping your roommate or neighbors awakelate at night, however, are examples of disrespectful academic behavior towards 或使用他人学术作品 他人学习, ON-CAMPUS DINING 校园饮食The Canteen on level B1 offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a variety of Chinese, Western,vegetarian, and Halal food options. Sandwiches, cakes, fruit, coffee, and other snacks anddrinks can be purchased at the 2F Café. You can also choose to eat nearby the campus or use afood delivery service for more ng Hall Hours (Monday – Friday)食堂营业时间(周一至周五) Breakfast 8:00 – 9:30早餐 8:00 – 9:309

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 2019 Lunch 11:00 – 14:00午餐 11:00 – 14:00 Dinner 16:00 – 18:30晚餐 16:00 – 18:30Dining hall is closed on all weekend (Sat & Sun).周末食堂关闭2F Café Hours二楼咖啡店营业时间 8:30 – 17:00(Monday through Friday)8:30 – 17:00(周一至周五)GET CONNECTED ON CAMPUS 校园内连接互联网1. Find the wireless SSID named “ nyushanghai-nyusps ” in the WiFi list for your device(s).Click to 找到名为“ nyushanghai-nyusps” 的无线网络,点击进行连接。2. Enter the WiFi password “ [email protected] ” then click “Join” or “Connect”.输入无线网络密码 “ [email protected] ” 然后点击“加入”或“连接”。3. A login window, similar to the one below, will appear. If the the window does notappear, open your web browser and try to connect to any website. You will then beredirected to a login 录窗口,如果该窗口未能显示 ,请打开你的Web浏览 重定向到该登录窗口。4. Enter your mobile phone number in the first blank, then click on the button to get yourauthentication 然后点击 ”获取验证码” 按钮。5. A 6-digit authentication passcode will be send to your mobile phone via 发送到你的手机上。6. Enter the authentication passcode into the second blank, then click on the button underit to get connected.10

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer ING SERVICES 打印Available Printing Services (Color/Black & White)打印服务(彩色/黑白) Printing in color or black & white从电脑上进行彩色或黑白打印 Photocopying in color or black & white彩色或黑白复印 Scanning of documents to email扫描文稿并通过电子邮件发送To use the NYU Shanghai Print Services with your personal computer, please download andinstall the appropriate driver 安装合适的打印驱动。 Mac OS X (10.7 or later) Windows 32 bits Windows 64 bitsPrerequisites Necessary for Usage安装前需要满足的系统要求:11

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 20191. You must be connected to the WiFi hanghai-nyusps”的无线网络。Install Printer Driver安装打印驱动1. Download the installer file onto your 2. Extract the downloaded file to your 。3. Double-click the extracted installer icon on the desktop, then click on the “install” toinitiate the installation 件图标以运行安装程序。4. When the installation process is complete, check your list of printers to confirm theNYU Shanghai Print Service printer has been added to the 印机列表,确认名为”NYU Shanghai Print rint/Photocopy Grant and Rate打印帐号:All HSA students are eligible to print, scan, and copy using the NYU Shanghai Print System. Inorder to use NYU Shanghai printing services, you must load your NYU Shanghai ID card withfunds prior to use. Please follow the process below to add a balance and to recharge wheneverneeded. No balance is needed when using the scanning 。You will be able to print/photocopy documents from any of the printers listed below in the NYUShanghai Campus Building. The rate for printing/photocopying is 0.09 RMB B/W; 1.2 RMB Colorper page (A4, one 白 0.09元;彩色1.2元 每页(A4纸, 单面)LOCKERS 储物箱Classrooms and public spaces at NYU Shanghai remain open throughout the day, and NYUShanghai is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. It is therefore important to take care of12

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 2019your personal belongings at all times. Through a special agreement with NYU Shanghai Campusand Facilities, NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai has reserved a limited amount of lockers for HSAstudents to use for the week. Policies, procedures, and other general information aboutreserving and using lockers will be communicated to you before the course UDENT CONDUCT POLICY 学生行为规范制度NYUSPS AT NYU SHANGHAI HSA STUDENT CONDUCT 学院学生行为规范NYU Shanghai is committed to the overall educational and personal development of itsstudents and views the NYU Shanghai community facilities as an important environment forlearning and personal growth. Every member of the NYU Shanghai community is expected touphold certain general responsibilities to ensure that the NYU Shanghai environment is a safe,respectful and constructive venue for living and learning. Every member of the community isexpected to uphold certain general responsibilities to ensure the growth and development ofNYU Shanghai’s mission, including but not limited 仅限于:1. Respecting all members and policies of the NYU Shanghai and Shanghai 所有人员和相关制度。2. Respecting the customs, culture, and laws of Shanghai and the People’s Republic ofChina . Respecting the physical facilities of NYU Shanghai, including the furnishings, equipment,and grounds. NYU Shanghai facilities include any buildings owned, controlled, operated,used, or shared by NYU 用或共同使用的楼房 。4. Respecting the diverse lifestyles, opinions, and pursuits of the individual members of 式、个人观点和人生追求。13

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 20195. Informing NYU Shanghai administrators or the Department of Public Safety aboutbehavior that is disrespectful to community standards as well as situations that infringeon the safety of the 害社区安全的行为。To achieve this goal, NYU Shanghai reserves the right to review all alleged violations of thefollowing student behavior policies and to initiate disciplinary action and impose sanctionswhen appropriate. Students will be held accountable for violations of the following policieswhether committed by themselves or by their guests. Students found to be present while aviolation is occurring may be considered participants and may also be subject to disciplinaryaction. Prohibited items may be confiscated and 一切违禁物品。NYUSPS AT NYU SHANGHAI HSA STUDENT BEHAVIOR 学生行为准则1. Community Standards Violations. The following actions are violations of this document: 违反社区标准的行为。 以下行为将被视为违规行为:A. Behavior that is disrespectful to any member, policy, culture, or custom of the Shanghaicommunity or of any community where a student is studying, conducting research,interning, working, participating in an NYU Shanghai activity or otherwise representingNYU 度、文化或习俗的不敬行为。B. Actions that violate any law or regulation of Shanghai and/or the PRC or of any locationwhere a student is studying, conducting research, interning, working, participating in anNYU Shanghai activity or otherwise representing NYU 律法规的行为。C. Failure to maintain acceptable standards of personal hygiene or room cleanliness to theextent that such failure interferes with the general comfort, safety, security, health orwelfare of a member or members of the NYU Shanghai 康、安全或福利。D. Keeping or caring for pets or animals in any NYU Shanghai 物。14

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 2019E. Unauthorized solicitation, recruitment for membership, subscription, polling, posting,F.G.H.I.J.K.L.M.N.canvassing or commercial sale of products, services, or tickets in NYU Shanghai moking indoors, on balconies, or in facilities entryways. Smoking devices, including butnot limited to pipes, bongs, electronic smoking devices, and hookahs, are not permittedindoors, on balconies, or in facilities 、烟斗、电子烟和水烟等。Conducting a private business enterprise from any NYU Shanghai facility or using NYUShanghai resources to conduct private Exhibiting or affixing any unauthorized sign, advertisement, notice or other lettering,flags or banners, that are inscribed, painted or affixed to any part of the outside of abuilding or the inside of the building which may be viewed outside of one's xing in any NYU Shanghai facility signage, advertisements, notices, or other lettering,flags or banners using permanent means that leave marks, holes, or removes 性留痕、穿洞或使标识褪色。Attaching or hanging any projections (radio or television antennas, dishes, awnings, etc.)to the outside walls or windows of an NYU Shanghai 号接收器、遮阳棚等)。Filming or videotaping in or into any area of any NYU Shanghai facility 拍摄或录制视频。Gambling in NYU Shanghai Using the name or any abbreviation, logo, trademark, torch symbol, or any other indiciaof "New York University,” “NYU Shanghai” or school or unit of NYU or NYU Shanghaiwithout first obtaining written permission from the NYU 志、或任何类似表述或图像。Using skateboards, rollerblades, or any other “coasting” devices in NYU 溜冰鞋或任何滑行工具。2. Health and Safety Violations. The following actions are violations of this document: 妨害公共健康与安全的违规行为 :以下行为将被视为违规行为:A. Possessing flammable decorations, appliances, or other property that may be deemed afire 火隐患的物品。15

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 2019B. Being in violation of fire safety policies as established in this 。C. Causing a fire or false 铃误鸣的行为。Possessing or storing a motorized vehicle — gas, electric, or otherwise —a t NYU Shanghai,including, but not limited to, the campus building and the dormitory. Motorcycles,electric bicycles, or scooters are not permitted to be used by NYU Shanghai students fortravel to and from an NYU Shanghai 作为来回大学的交通工具。Possessing weapons, including but not limited to knives, mace, explosives, fireworks,firearms, or ammunition. Only knives provided by NYU Shanghai for use in the kitchenare permitted in NYU Shanghai provided housing and no knives are permitted to be instudent rooms in NYU Shanghai-provided ng and/or causing objects or any substance to be directed from, into, or ontowindows, doors, balconies, terraces, ledges, roofs or other essing, using or distributing an alcoholic beverage in violation of alcohol policies asestablished in this 供酒精饮料。Being in the presence of a violation of the alcohol policies as established in ossessing, using, or distributing an illegal or controlled substance and/or relatedparaphernalia in violation of substance policies as established in this 供非法或管控药物及相关物品。Being in the presence of a violation of the substance policies as established in 。Possessing unauthorized furniture or being in violation of outside furniture policies asestablished in this 手册有关外来家具的规定。Tampering with devices and furnishings in an NYU Shanghai 和家具的行为。Failure to present a valid ID card or properly identify oneself when entering an NYUShanghai facility or when requested to do so by any authorized staff orized access or use of restricted areas in or about an NYU Shanghai facility,including but not limited to roofs, ledges, terraces, basements, storage areas oremergency 。16

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer 2019O. Unauthorized entry into any part of an NYU Shanghai facility, or contributing to suchunauthorized entry of another individual. This includes fraudulent attempts(misrepresentation, using false identification, etc.) to enter or to allow anotherindividual to enter any part of an NYU Shanghai 约大学区域。P. Fraudulent use of NYU ID. Fraudulent use includes but is not limited ,包括但不仅限于:i.Giving or lending of NYU ID to any other Using one’s NYU ID to “tap in” another individual through NYU Shanghai 大学的十字转门 。3. Substance Abuse and Alcohol 药物滥用和酒精饮料A. The possession or use of cigarettes and other tobacco products, e-cigarettes, orvaporizers by HSA students is strictly prohibited, regardless of the age of the 电子烟或喷雾烟。B. The possession or use of alcohol by HSA students is strictly 或者饮用酒精饮料。C. The possession or illegal use of a controlled substance or the possession of relatedparaphernalia by HSA students is strictly 器具。D. Smoking, consuming alcohol, illegal drug use, and the use of other abusive substances(e.g., unprescribed medications) are strictly prohibited at any time during HSA and atany location on or off campus. Violations of this policy are grounds for dismissal fromthe HSA without 资格,且不退还任何费用。4. Smoke-Free Campus Policy 无烟校园制度:NYU Shanghai is a smoke-free campus. Consistent with the goal of creating a healthful andcomfortable environment for all members of the NYU Shanghai community, smoking, includingcigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and use of electronic cigarettes, is prohibited at all times on theUniversity campus, including in all of its buildings, residence halls and their grounds, clinics,laboratories, classrooms, private offices, balconies, plazas, vestibules, loading docks, and on anyother campus property, as well as within close proximity to or causing the obstruction of anybuilding entrance, covered walkway or ventilation system and on any other NYU Shanghaiowned, controlled, or shared property. Signs will be posted at each building’s entrances anddisplayed in prominent, visible areas to inform all individuals entering or occupying NYU17

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai HSA Student HandbookSummer

ESUITE PAYMENT GATEWAY AND TOUCHNET eSuite 和 TouchNet 电子账单及支付平台 eSuite is an integrated e-Bill and online payment web portal that provides students and their invited parents/authorized users with the following services in TouchNet: Viewing the student’s ele