Welcome to the Denton Independent School DistrictThe Denton ISD Division of Technology & Information Systems is one of the fastest growing aspects ofthe Denton school system, utilizing today's newest equipment to deliver superior services to thestudents and staff across the district's 180 square mile boundary. Each campus is connected to thenetwork through the district’s robust fiber infrastructure. Each campus has at least a 10 GB connectionto the network, with some of the larger campuses offering a 20 GB connection. From integratedsoftware supporting the objectives of the curriculum to filtered Internet access in every classroom, andVoice over IP (VoIP), the Technology & Information Systems Division (Technology) strives to meet theneeds of its most valuable customers ‐ the students and staff of the Denton ISD.In this packet, you’ll find information on how to access your email (available immediately) as well as howto access the DISD website (SchoolWires) and Eduphoria. SchoolWires and Eduphoria login capabilitywill be available 5 business days after orientation.The Denton ISD Technology department is comprised of Data Processing, Instructional Technology,including Library Services and campus based Instructional Technology Specialists, Network Serviceswhich includes the Repair Department, campus based hardware techs, Customer Support Help Desk,and Networking Departments.Email Access Access to your district email, calendar, contacts and tasks from a non‐district workstationDISD Website Main district website for staff, students and community Links to campus websites Sections for staff, students and parents Training documents and videoso Click the Departments and Programs tab, Technology, Instructional Technologyo Choose Staff, Self Help Desk for other helpful resources Sign in to see staff related informationEduphoria Lesson plans Teacher assessment tool Workshops Requires login with user ID and passwordNeed help?Need Technology Assistance, Contact: ITS – Instructional Technology Issues or Software How To Campus Tech – Hardware Support / Issues HelpDesk – Additional technology assistanceHEAT

HEAT ticket submission ‐ HEAT is our in‐district technology trouble ticketing system. Anytechnology issues/needs you may be having can be submitted via HEAT ticket to be addressedby the proper personnel. If your machine is not operable, please write down the service tag #and go to another computer to submit a HEAT ticket. Examples: Equipment not workingproperly; technology equipment moves; software installation; assistance utilizing software, etc.Again, welcome to the Denton Independent School District.Thank you,DISD Technology

Account Information Once you receive your username and temporary password from the Human Resource Department youwill need to log onto a district computer at a Denton ISD facility to setup your password.The first time you log in using your temporary password, you will receive a message that you need tocreate a new password. The requirements for the new password are: Password must be at least 8 characters long It must contain upper and lower case letters and at least one number or symbolOnce you have your password setup you will be able to log into your Denton ISD web version email when youare away from your campus. See directions below: (This will not work until after you have setup your passwordon a DISD Campus)Please visit the Self Help Desk on accessing email once your new password has been set. Here you will find many usefultips on accessing email from a web browser as well as setting up email on a mobile l Users Must use system for administrative and educational purposes consistent with the district’s mission and goals.Commercial, for profit use of the system is strictly prohibited. May not use Denton ISD’s system for illegal purposes, in support of illegal activities, or for any other activityprohibited by Denton ISD policy. May not use another user’s system account without written permission from the Denton ISD coordinator.Students may not use another user’s system account. Must keep your passwords secret. Users may not share their password with another person for any reason.Users may not write their passwords down and tape them to their monitor, tape them underneath theirkeyboard, or keep them anywhere where another person can see their password. Must keep personal use of their email accounts and phones to a minimum. Limited individual messages areacceptable. Users may not forward personal messages to more than 30 other users. Must not let personal use of email interfere with your job. Must properly maintain your email account. Check email daily. Delete email in accordance with established email retention guidelines.1 Page

Accessing the main DISD website (Centricity 2)Go to www.dentonisd.orgClick Sign‐In at the top of the page Enter your username (not your full email address) and your password. See example omainID 129You may access this page for other useful training tips.

Welcome to HEAT Self ServiceHeat Self Service allows you to submit HEAT tickets. HEAT tickets are used for technology hardware and trainingneeds. Heat Self Service automatically uses your login credentials, meaning the HEAT ticket will be created under theusername of the person logged onto the computer. You must be on a DISD campus in order to submit a HEAT ticket.http://heatapp02:8180/HeatWebUI/hss/HSS.jsp This link can be found under the IE favorites.To submit a HEAT ticket, click on the New Issue link.Notice that the ticket is already populated with your username and home campus. If you need to change the campuslocation, use the drop down beside the Located field and choose the campus you are having the issue at. The fields high‐lighted in red are mandatory fields. If your issue does not require a service tag, simply put NA in the Service Tag field.If you are requesting to have software pushed to your computer, you must have the Service Tag of the machine in theticket in order to have the software pushed to the computer.Use the drop down menu for Problem and Type. Write a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.If you need to add an attachment giving a screen shot or other information that might be useful to the technician, clickon Add an Attachment. This is optional, not mandatory.

Type a description in the Description field. Click the Browse button. Browse to the document you want to attach. Oncethe file has been attached, click the Upload button.Once all information has been entered, click on the Submit button located at the top of the page.Click OK.Once you are ready to navigate away from this page, click on the Logout button.If you close out of your browser without logging out, you will receive this popup box when you close out of your webbrowser. If you have received the confirmation of submission of your HEAT ticket, just click OK. Your ticket hasalready been submitted. This is not a problem.

You will receive an email letting you know that you have successfully submitted a HEAT ticket.Once your HEAT ticket has been resolved, you will receive another email letting you know the ticket has been resolved.This email will have information regarding the resolution of the HEAT ticket that you will need to read.Viewing Previous Ticket SubmissionsTo review previous ticket submissions, click on Issue Tickets from the menu.Click on either All or Active Issues. Active Issues are the HEAT tickets that are currently Open.The HEAT ticket number will be in red. The Call Status, Received Date, Closed Date and Call Description fields will bepresent.

Clicking on All, brings up a menu box where you can choose from one of the following to review previous ticketssubmitted.For more information please reference the Help menu from the Heat ticket web page

Eduphoria Open your web browser (IE recommended) and type in: http://eduphoria.dentonisd.orgPress EnterType in your username (not your full email address) and your network passwordPress Login Click on Workshop to register for training classesClick on an icon to see the classesClick on a classClick the green plus sign at the top to register for the class**If you do not see the green plus sign, try in another web browser.

Staff Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)The Use of Computers, the Internet, and Electronic MailDenton Independent School District is pleased to offer access to a computer network for file sharing, printing, electronicmail and the Internet. To gain access to the district network, e-mail and the Internet, all employees must view theAcceptable Use Policy (AUP) video, agree to the conditions as stated in this document, and verified by your signature.Access to these services will enable the school community to explore thousands of libraries, databases, museums, andother repositories of information and to exchange personal communication with other Internet users around the worldto enhance district curriculum. The district will filter the Internet for inappropriate material; however, employees shouldbe aware that some material accessible via the Internet may contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, orpotentially offensive.It is important that users read and understand the Denton Independent School District policy, administrativeregulations, and seek guidance if items are unclear. All users shall be required to acknowledge receipt andunderstanding of all administrative regulations governing use of the District’s technology resources. Please contact TheDepartment of Instructional Technology at (940) 369-0579 if you have questions or need help in understanding thismaterial.Monitored UseElectronic mail transmissions and other use of the electronic communications system by students and employees isnot confidential and may be monitored at any time by designated District staff to ensure appropriate use foreducational or administrative purposes.What is expected?Employees are responsible for appropriate behavior on the school or district’s computer network. Communications onthe network are often public in nature. It is expected that users will comply with district standards and the specific rulesset forth below. The use of the network is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked if abused. The user is personallyresponsible for their actions in accessing and utilizing the school or district’s computer resources. All users shall berequired to acknowledge receipt and understanding of all administrative regulations governing use of the system andshall agree in writing to comply with such regulations and guidelines. Computer related privileges may be suspended orterminated based on district policy. Violations may result in suspensions, termination of computer related privileges orcriminal prosecution as well as disciplinary action by the District.Notify the building administrator if you are aware of violations to the Acceptable Use Policy.Denton ISD may revoke any District user’s access until the violation is reviewed by appropriate district administrators.Accceptable Use Guidelines Keep all logins private. Even though some limited personal use is permitted, the District account is to be used primarily for instructionaland administrative purposes and in accordance with administrative guidelines. Employees must comply with the Public Information Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act(FERPA), including retention and confidentiality of student and District records. Individuals may perceive that electronic communication from you through a District-provided electronic medium,such as e-mail, is also endorsed by the District or that the District shares the same point of view. As role models for the District’s students, employees are responsible for their public conduct even when they arenot acting as District employees. Employees will be held to the same professional standards in their personal useof social media as they are for any other public conduct. At all times, employees are responsible for the proper use of their account. The District may suspend or revokeaccess if guidelines are not followed. Refer to Board Policy CQ (LOCAL), Electronic Communication and Data Management for further information.

Bring Your Own DeviceStaff members may bring their personal electronic devices to be used on the DISD-PUB network. Devices from home willhave access to wireless Internet but will not have access to district printers or district drives such as network folders.Network drives can only be accessed via district machines.Students are also allowed to bring their own device for instructional purposes with teacher and campus administrationapproval. Like staff members, students will use the DISD-PUB network and will not have any access to network folders.Denton ISD is not liable for any loss or damage incurred. Denton ISD will not provide maintenance, nor can it load anysoftware onto any personal, non-district device.Identity theft is a growing problem. We recommend that any personally sensitive files such as tax documents, socialsecurity information, and bank records are removed from any device before it is used on campus.All technological devices brought onto a Denton ISD campus are subject to search and seizure. Improper or noneducational use could result in loss of privileges for the on-campus use of such devices.Denton ISD is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen devices.Any dispute involving Acceptable Use of District or personal resources will be settledat the discretion of District personnel.Posting Policies:Denton ISD teachers or administrators may post the following with written parental/guardian and student approval tothe principal: Student authored work Pictures, audio or video of student (alone or in a group) Student first and last namesPosting Practices Assisted by the district web master, designated campus personnel will maintain the campus web pages. Thedistrict provides web space through our content management system (Schoolwires) for departments andprofessional personnel (refer to district guidelines). The campus principal and the Technology InformationOfficer, or designee must approve all requests for new web pages before the web pages can be posted on thesystem or any third party’s electronic communications system. Routine updates do not require the approval ofthe campus principal or the Technology Information Officer. In order for campus web pages to contain student names, audio, video, pictures, and/or student-generatedwork on Denton ISD approved web pages; parental consent must be obtained in writing. Written parental consent is obtained as part of the Student Code of conduct. Parents have the option to restrict the use of their child’s names, audio, video, pictures, and/or studentgenerated work All departments and professional staff must use Schoolwires for their district web page.Social Media Use with Students1. Read and follow all District policies.2. Read and follow the Terms of Use for all sites. For example, if the site says “you must be 13 to use this site,” then it should not be used by studentsunder 13.3. Ensure that privacy settings protect students, faculty and the district.

4. Do not share personally identifying information on education sites. (personal address, personal telephonenumber, personal pictures.)5. Instruct students in how to use the site for educational purposes: Abiding by AUP and Terms of Use for the site. Reporting illegal, abusive, bullying, and other negative dangerous behaviors.6. When setting up student accounts, Do not use last names.Example: Use student’s first name with the teacher’s name.i. Example: Student Jenny in Ms. Taylor’s class would use Jenny Taylor for name.7. Do not allow non-district users to participate on any classroom instructional site without administrativeapproval.8. Invite administrator’s access to the site being used.9. Monitor student use of the site.10. If you decide to discontinue use of the site, delete it.Email I understand that Users of the email system will not use email in any way that would be considered: (a)damaging to another’s reputation; (b) abusive; (c) obscene; (d) sexually oriented; (e) offensive; (f) threatening;(g) harassing; (h) illegal, or (i) contrary to district policy.I understand the email system will not be used for any illegal activity, including but not limited to violation ofcopyright laws.I understand that personal information about students including but not limited to student names, addressesand phone numbers shall not be transmitted outside the district network, without written permission from thestudent or his/her parents.I understand that email public mail lists should only be used by administrators and/or their designee. Email listsshould only be used for school business.I understand that email may not be used for private or commercial offerings of products or services for sale, orto solicit products or services.I understand that Users will not use the email system to disseminate material or information on the behalf of orwith regard to professional unions, collective bargaining, private businesses or associations, or politicalcampaigns or organizations without the express written consent of the Superintendent or his/her designee.Copyright and the ClassroomUnited States Copyright Law, 17 U.S.C. 101-1332 governs the use of copyrighted materials. However, technology hasoutpaced the law and limits what we can do with copyrighted material.What Can Educators Do with Copyrighted Material? Even Disney! may be used in the classroom if it relates directly to the curriculum as stated in your Lesson plans.It must be something you are currently teaching, not have taught in the past or will teach in the future. A portion (clip) to illustrate your point is always a better choice than the entire work. A documentary made for educational use is a better choice than something produced primarily forentertainment (thereafter called a “Hollywood” movie).o The content covered should be accurate and not misleading and adequately reflect the content coveredin the class.o i.e. A documentary on the Titanic is a better choice than the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and KateWinslet which is primarily a love story. District subscriptions such as databases and streaming media are licensed and available for your use. Pleasecheck with your librarian for links and passwords or contact the Library Services office at extension 0087 [email protected]. Follow district guidelines on Movie or television ratings. Educational versions are acceptable if they are legallyobtained. “Clean copies” are a violation of copyright law.

To create something “transformative.” Copyrighted materials may be used to encourage practice in redefiningproblems from different perspectives, helping learners become more critical in assessing assumptions, better atrecognizing frames of references and alternate perspectives, as well as effective at collaborating with others toassess and arrive at judgments in regards to beliefs.What Can’t Educators Do? Digitize or copy something just to save money. If it is available in the format you need, you must purchase it. Convert something to digital for an online class. If it is available in digital format you must purchase it in digitalformat. If it is not, you must write for permission to digitize any material including your textbook. Change the format from one form to another (i.e. VHS to DVD, DVD to streaming, print to digital, etc.) Samething: if it is available in the format you need, you must purchase it. Create a compilation or anthology in order to save money. Write for permission for every picture, clip, graphic,printed article or type of material used. Show anything for entertainment or to keep students busy. Copyright laws were written to protect the profitsof the copyright holder. Educators were given limited exemption for instruction only. All other uses areprohibited. Create “Clean” or “educational” copies of materials. The courts deemed these a violation of copyright lawbecause they changed the format by adapting the work both of which are rights granted only to the copyrightholder. However, if the producer provides an educational version it is legal to purchase it.Examples of Inappropriate Use Using District technology resources for any commercial, political, or illegal purpose. Damaging electronic communication systems or electronic equipment, including knowingly or intentionallyintroducing a virus to a device or network, or not taking proper security steps to prevent a device or networkfrom becoming vulnerable. Disabling or attempting to disable any Internet filtering device. Encrypting communications to avoid security review. Using someone’s account with or without permission. Impersonating an individual or individual’s identity when posting, transmitting, or receiving messages. Attempting to read, delete, copy, modify, or interfere with another user’s posting, transmittal, or receipt ofelectronic media. Using resources to engage in conduct that harasses or bullies others. Posting, transmitting, or accessing materials that are abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing,damaging to another’s reputation, or illegal. Using inappropriate language, profanity, vulgarity, ethnic or racial slurs, and any other discriminating orinflammatory language. Violating copyrighted information or others’ intellectual property rights as well as downloading or usingcopyrighted information without permission from the copyright holder. Using the District’s logo or other copyrighted material of the District without express written consent. Wasting school resources through improper use of the District’s technology resources, including propagation ofspam, chain letters, jokes, and the like.Disclaimer of liabilityThe district shall not be liable for users’ inappropriate use of electronic communication resources or violations ofcopyright restrictions, users’ mistakes or negligence, inappropriate use of third party sites or costs incurred by user. TheDistrict shall not be responsible for ensuring the accuracy or usability of any information found on the Internet. TheDistrict does not warrant that the functions or services performed by, or that the information or software contained on,the system will meet the system users’ requirements or the system will be uninterrupted or error-free. The district shallnot be liable for lost, stolen or damaged devices brought from home.

Any dispute involving the Acceptable Use Policy will be settled at the discretionof the campus or district administrator.

HEAT ticket submission ‐ HEAT is our in‐district technology trouble ticketing system. Any technology issues/needs you may be having can be submitted via HEAT ticket to be addressed by the proper personnel. If your mac