SERVICE INFORMATIONUpdated: 6/1/2015, Ver1.70NISSAN NORTH AMERICA, INC.One Nissan WayFranklin, TN 37067Overview of the Nissan Anti-Theft System (NATS)This Website provides information needed for the purchase of key codes,immobilizer reset codes and the equipment needed to prepare the products neededto gain access to a vehicle and programming needed to facilitate the starting of thevehicle. This information applies to 2006 and later model year vehicles.Background:Nissan and Infiniti vehicles utilize mechanical keys with chip, Intelligent Key (IKey), Push Button and I-Key Rotary Twist systems. The keys for these systems areavailable for purchase at your local Nissan and Infiniti dealership.I-Key and Emergency KeyMechanical Key withNATSWebsite access:You must be a registered security professional to enter the “Key code andImmobilizer Reset Request” section of this site.Page 1 of 5Overview of the SDRM process V1.70.docx

Key Type Application Chart:The chart below shows NATS 5 and later vehicle applications. Approved securityprofessionals can obtain PIN codes for these vehicles at USA OnlyIntelligent Key(Push buttonignition switch)ModelModel Year350Z coupe2006 2008350Z Roadster370Z coupe2006 20092009 2016370Z Roadster2010 20162006StandardAltima2007 2016StandardArmada2008 2015cube2009 2013Frontier2006 2015GT-R2009 2016Standard2011 2014OptionalJuke2015 2016StandardLEAF2011 2016StandardIntelligent Key(Rotary Twist lOptionalOptionalStandardStandard2007 2008MaximaStandardStandard20062009 2014NATS/NVIS (WithoutIntelligent Key)StandardStandard20162006 2007Optional2008StandardNot applicableMuranoNV Cargo andPassengerSeries2009 2016Standard2012 2016Cargo-OptionalPass SV&SL-StandardPass S-NoneNV2002013-2015Standard2006 2007Standard2008 2012PathfinderOptional2013 2015Optional2016Standard2006 2009QuestPage 2 of 52011 2016StandardStandardStandardStandardOverview of the SDRM process V1.70.docx

2008 2013OptionalStandardRogue2014 2016OptionalStandardRogue Select2014 2015OptionalStandard2006Standard2007 2012Sentra2013 2015OptionalStandardSV &SR-OptionalSL-StandardStandard2006 007 2011Versa SedanVersaNote/Hatchback2012 2014Xerra2006 20142014 2015OptionalStandardOnly SL – StandardS & SV - NAOption for onlySVOption for only SVStandardInfiniti USA OnlyModelModel YearIntelligent Key(Push buttonignition switch)Q402015StandardEX2008 2013StandardQX502014 2016Standard2006Intelligent Key(Rotary Twistknob switch)NATS/IVIS(WithoutIntelligent Key)Intelligent key(For Y50models)StandardG352007 2008StandardG372008 2013StandardQ502014 2015StandardQ602014 2015Standard2006 2008OptionalFX35/452009 2013StandardQX702014 2016StandardJX2013StandardQX602014 2015StandardStandard2006 2010StandardM35/452011 2013StandardQ702014 2016Standard2006 2007StandardQX562008 2013StandardQX802014 2016StandardEquipment:Nissan and Infiniti vehicles require the use of Nissan’s proprietary CONSULTsoftware for the initialization of mechanical keys and “I-Keys”. CONSULT III plusPage 3 of 5Overview of the SDRM process V1.70.docx

software supports registration of keys for all model years. Consult II does notsupport 2007 and later key programming.To purchase the key programming security card, you must be a Vehicle SecurityProfessional registered and in good standing in the NASTF registry. Equipmentcan be purchased at or calling 800-6622001. You will need to supply your LSID and be approved by Nissan NorthAmerica.When you purchase a CONSULT III plus, you will receive a CD containing the latestsoftware and an electronic operator’s manual. Install the software and manual intoyour CONSULT PC. With the security card installed, you will have access to launchthe Immobilizer icon on the home page. CONSULT III plus software provides menudriven key registration instructions based on the vehicle you are working on. Referto the chart below to identify the type of system by model. Refer to “BCMReplacement” procedure in the appropriate service manual, when a registered keyis not available.Future software updates may be purchased from Nissan’s Service InformationWebsite, Access the “CONSULT Updates” menu item to obtainthese updates. Nissan J2534-1 software does not support key programming.Immobilizer PIN; what does this mean:Nissan and Infiniti vehicles utilize two codes when programming keys. The firstcode is the Pre-PIN which is obtained from the vehicle on NATS 5 and latersystems. (Pre-NATS 5 vehicles do not use a Pre-PIN, only the unlock PIN.) Thesecond code is the PIN code. This code is obtained from our website. You willenter this code when prompted by the CONSULT software.There are two (2) methods to obtain an immobilizer Pre-PIN for a Nissan or Infinitivehicle. Both methods require entry into the vehicle. If the keys are lost, you willneed to make a new mechanical key to gain entrance into the vehicle. You mustgain entrance into the vehicle to obtain the immobilizer Pre-PIN. If you need boththe key cut and immobilizer PIN codes, you may wish to use the 2 part “Key codeand Immobilizer” transaction.Method 1: (all model years using NATS) Obtain the Pre-PIN using CONSULT. Ifusing C-III plus, select Immobilizer on the home page and follow the on screenmenu. If using C-III, detailed instructions can be found after making an approvedtransaction. Special Note: when servicing a 2013MY or later model year vehicle which uses a20 character Pre-PIN and PIN. The Pre-PIN is a rolling code. After obtaining thePre-PIN using CONSULT III plus, do NOT close the CONSULT software, justminimize it and obtain the PIN from our website, then maximize the software andenter the code. If you close the software and launch it again after obtaining thePIN, the PIN you obtained will not be the correct PIN for the new Pre-PIN beingdisplayed. When the instructions have you hold the Intelligent key over the pushbutton start switch, be sure the Nissan or Infiniti brand marking is “up” andcovering the push-button start switch.Page 4 of 5Overview of the SDRM process V1.70.docx

After an Intelligent key has been registered to a vehicle, it cannot be registered toany other vehicle. You cannot register previously used keys to any other vehicle.Method 2: (Pre-2013MY vehicles) locate the label on the Body Control Module(BCM) to obtain the code. This may require the removal of interior panels. Forinstructions on the removal of components, please refer to the applicable NissanService Manual. These are available at Immobilizer (Random) PIN Matrix (NATS 5 and Later)NissanInfinitiModelYearModelYearZ Series2003 EX2008 Altima2005 FX2003 Armada2004 G352003 cube2009 G372009 Frontier2004 JX2013 GT-R2009 M Series2003 Juke2011 Q452003 LEAF2011 QX42004Maxima2004 QX562004 Murano2003 Q502014 NV Series2012 Q60Pathfinder2004 Q702014 2014 Quest2004 QX502014 Rogue2008 QX602014 Sentra2004 QX702014 Titan2004 QX802014 Versa2007 Xterra2004 Key Cutting:Nissan North America recommends Barnes key cutting equipment. This equipmentwill cut both Nissan and Infiniti keys. This machine can be purchased or directly from Barnes.Page 5 of 5Overview of the SDRM process V1.70.docx