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Overview What is the “Practice Doctorate?” History & context of the practice doctorate inother disciplines and social work Overview of practice doctoral programs insocial work education Implications for social work education,research and practice

DSWWhat is a“practicedoctorate?”Terminaldegreeforpractice

Growth of Practice DoctoratesSource: Denecke, D., Kent J. & McCarthy, M.T ( 2017). Articulating Learning Outcomes in Doctoral Education. Washington DC: Council on Graduate Schools

ate inNursing Practice Therapy DoctoratePhysical TherapyPharmacyDPTPharmDDoctor ofPharmacyDoctor of PhysicalTherapyTerminal degree inadvanced nursingpracticeOTD mandated as theTerminal degree for Terminal degree forentry level physicalentry level degree andentry to practicethat all programs be in therapists since 2011;leading to licensurecompliance by 2027 all entry level PT’s willas a pharmacisthave this degree by2020Accredited by CCNEAccredited by ACOTEAccredited by CAPTEAccredited by ACPE

LawPsychologyPublic HealthClinicalDoctorateJDClinical PhD;Clinical PsyD;Counseling; SchoolDrPhThe clinical doctorate inspeech-language pathology isan advanced clinical practicedegree that is distinct fromthe entry-level master’sdegree in speech-languagepathology as well as theresearch PhD.JD is the gateway to the legalprofession. The graduates ofapproved law schools canbecome members of the barin all United Statesjurisdictions.Not accredited but haveguidelinesAccredited by ABASpeech-LanguagePathology Terminal degree inpsychology leading tolicensure as apsychologistDoctor of Public HealthTerminalprofessional degreefor public health All degrees can lead toteaching/research/practice fields and tolicensureAccredited by APAAccredited by CEPH

Continuum of Social Work e(DSW and PHD) Prepare students forgeneralist practice Prepare students forgeneralist and specializedpractice DSW-prepare students for advancedpractice building from generalist socialwork competencies PhD-prepare students to be scholars whofunction as “stewards of the discipline.”

History and Context of Practice Doctorates in Social Work19201930’sFirst Social Work DoctoralProgramsBryn Mawr (1915)Univ of Chicago (1924)Ohio State (1934)Catholic University (1934)1940’s1951First DSW ProgramsCatholic University (1947)Smith College (1948)University of Pennsylvania(1948)First DSW Degreesconferred

History and Context of Practice Doctorates in Social Work1960’s20 new programs beganbetween 1965 and 19751970’sNumber of universitiesoffering the DSW hadsurpassed those offering thePhD with 11 offering theDSW, 8 offering the PhD, and2 offering both degrees1990’sMost social workuniversities in the UnitedStates were offering a PhDas the research doctorate.By the late 1990s, the DSWhad all but disappeared.

Recent Growth of DSW Programs141212111088645202014201520152016Council on Social Work Education

MSW Program Responses to the Question,“Is your institution planning to offer an applied social work doctorate?”#programsAlready offer12Yes, within next academic year2Yes, within two academic years15Total29%programs12.4Of those programs still in planning stages, most (9/52.9%) are planning aclinical focus, 3 general, 2 teaching, 1 administrative, and 2 others.

Examining the Practice Doctorate:A Timeline2010-1120132013-present2014-2018DSW Task ForceReportNASW SocialPolicy InstituteThink TankCSWE PracticeDoctorateCommitteeCSWE AnnualStatistics onpractice doctoralprograms Report of the Task Forceon the DSW DegreeConvened by the SocialWork Leadership Forum Recommendations andpreliminary guidelines Interdisciplinary group ofstakeholders Report summarizes keyfindings andrecommendations Stakeholder meetings Surveys and feedbacksessions March 2016-CSWE Boarddecision Accreditation framework 2014 Statistics2015 Statistics2016 Statistics2017 in progress

Overview of Practice Doctoral Programs See handout of current practicedoctoral programs in social work Focus of programs Characteristics of practicedoctoral programs in social workeducation

What is the focus of your practice doctorate?Please select all that apply.

Characteristics of Current DSW ProgramsDELIVERY METHODTotally InPerson2FORMATFull-Time orPart-Time2Hybrid7Totally Online3Part-Time Only7Full-TimeOnly3

Admission Requirements of DSW ProgramsREQUIREMENT OF MSWPOST MASTERS EXPERIENCEOtherMastersDegree1None1Post-MSW NotRequired, butPreferred3MSW Required11Three Years Post-MSWRequired2Two Years PostMSW Required6

Admission Requirements of Current DSWProgramsLICENSURENot required7License required4Licensepreferred1

Research Requirements of DSW ProgramsNUMBER OF RESEARCH COURSESNone1FINAL PRODUCT5 courses1Papers/Presentations4Dissertation31 course24 courses3Capstone Project33 courses2Clinical/ResearchProject2

Eleven practice doctoral programs (100% response rate) participated in the 2016CSWE Annual Survey and reported a total of 611 students. This represents a 122%increase in full-time students enrolled in practice doctoral programs since 2015.

2016 Applications and Acceptances to Practice Doctorate Programs#Mean46642.425022.721819.8Applications consideredApplicants acceptedNewly enrolledThere were 466 applications to the 11 programs that participated in the survey;53.6% of applications were accepted and 87.2% of those accepted enrolled.

Employment of Graduates with Practice Doctorates in May 2016N 56 4/11 respondedType of PositionNumber%Private clinical practice1425.0Other position1425.01221.4712.5Academic administrative position47.1Unknown35.4Consulting11.8Not employed11.8Academic research position00Nonacademic research position00Nonacademic administrative position00Postdoctoral fellow0000Tenure-line faculty position in a CSWE-accredited programNon-tenure-line faculty position in a CSWE-accredited programFaculty position in a program not accredited by CSWE

Implications for social work education, research and practice Accreditation issues Terminal degree issue-impact on BSWand MSW Research-practice divide Workforce Issues and market demand Licensure issues

CSWE Practice Doctorate Committee Members§ Commission on Educational Policy (COEP) RepresentativesooooDr. Debra McPhee, Dean, Fordham University, COEP ChairDr. Robert Kersting, Social Work Department Chair, Westfield State UniversityDr. Christopher Mitchell, University of Illinois at ChicagoDr. Larry Ortiz, Professor and Director, PhD Program in Social Policy and Social Research, Loma LindaUniversity§ Commission on Accreditation (COA) Representativeso Dr. Andy Safyer, Dean, Adelphi University, COA Chairo Dr. Beverly Black, Professor and former PhD Program Director, University of Texas at Arlingtono Dr. R. Paul Maiden, Clinical Professor, Virtual Academic Center (UT) and Department of Social Change &Innovation, DSW Faculty, USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work§ CSWE Staffo Dr. Jo Ann Regan, CSWE Vice President of Education, COEP Staff Liaisono Dr. Stacey Borasky, CSWE Director of Social Work Accreditation, COA Staff Liaisono Katie Benson, CSWE Research Associate

Rationale for Accreditation Accreditation of practice doctoralprograms would protect and enhance thepreparation of social work practitioners insocial work practice. This aligns us with the majority of otherprofessions that accredit their practicedoctorate.

ACCREDITATION The practice doctorate committee isrecommending a diverse approach for theaccreditation of practice doctoral programs thatencompasses the broad scope of social workpractice at the doctoral level. The accreditation process and standardsdeveloped will ensure that these programs candiffer in their goals, curricula, and in thecompetencies of their graduates.

Framework for Accreditation Social work education at the baccalaureate,master’s, and doctoral levels shapes theprofession’s future through four components: education of competent professionals, the generation of knowledge, the promotion of evidence-informed practice throughscientific inquiry, and the exercise of leadership within the professionalcommunity (EPAS, 2015)

Framework for Accreditation The practice doctorate committee isrecommending a framework with five generalareas for program accreditation standards: Program Mission and Goals Core Expertise and Skills Explicit Curriculum Implicit Curriculum Assessment

Core Expertise and Skills Regardless of program focus, there is a core levelof skills that doctoral practitioners should have Scientific Inquiry guided by theory Evidence-Based Practice/Scholarship of Application toPractice/Thought leader and public intellectual Leadership Critical Analysis of Policy, Practice, Research andTheory Specialty area of practice

Requiring MSW Debate regarding admission criteria for practice doctorateprograms Key is if programs should articulate as a condition of admissionthat applicants have a MSW plus practice experience. The practice doctorate committee is recommending thefollowing for admission criteria: Admissions criteria that are clear and transparent but mayvary by program based upon program mission and goals.Rationale for admission criteria would need to be presented. Evidence of mastery of generalist social work competencies(BSW, MSW or BSW with other master’s degree)

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OF PRACTICE DOCTORATES Terminal degree issue-impact onBSW and MSW Research-practice divide Workforce issues and marketdemand Licensure issues

Where are we going? Competency-based accreditation standards continue andmore focus on assessing delivery methods that enhanceattainment of competencies MOOCs and other distance education innovations maychange the way courses and/or programs are delivered Need more data on the number of types of students, areasof specialized practice, types of distance educationprogramsCouncil on Social Work Education

FUTURE Programs will continue to grow Accreditation of programs by CSWE will startnext year for those programs interested Creation of more social workers to teachpractice but need to follow-up throughworkforce study and more programsreporting graduation data

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o Dr. Larry Ortiz, Professor and Director, PhD Program in Social Policy and Social Research, Loma Linda University § Commission on Accreditation (COA) Representatives o Dr. Andy Safyer, Dean, Adelphi University, COA Chair o Dr. Beverly Black, Professor and former PhD Pr