Price List ReportPartnerMITEL NETWORKS AMERICASCurrencyUSDCustomer number0000359634Part No.Description1/BYB501180Cabinet BYB501 rack H1800 D3001657.001/ROF1376301/1MX board ESU13,250.00100 4900 253Server, Processor16,673.00100 4900 255Server, Processor (HS22 Server. 2x2.4GHZ17,246.00100 6003 10217353LX IBM 1x8 Console Switch1899.00100 6003 12231R3132 3m Console Switch Cable (USB)1125.00100 6003 12517231RX 1U 17in Flat Panel Monitor Conso12,149.00100 6003 12740K5372 IBM Keyboard with Integrated Poi199.00100 6003 15032R1860 Nortel Networks Layer 2/3 Copper12,399.00100 6003 15244W4483 Intelligent Copper Pass‐thru Mod11,299.00100 6003 19569P9518 IBM 3 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 41400.00100 6003 74242C5284 IBM BladeCenter HT 4‐Post Rack M1399.00100 6003 80088861MU BladeCenter S 0 0/012,599.00100 6003 80143W3582 IBM BladeCenter S 950W/1450W Aut1599.00100 6003 90030L9185 IBM 3 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 41750.00100 6003 90131R3335 IBM BladeCenter(tm) H 2900W AC P11,099.00100 6003 90240K9605 BladeCenter H Serial Port Breako199.00100 6003 90325R5783 4.3m Double 30A NEMA L6‐30P (2081169.00100 6004 004MP124/24S/DC/SIP MediaPack 124 analog Vo11,470.00100 6004 204M1KB‐D1‐2AC Mediant 1000 VoIP Gateway, 114,299.00100 6004 205M1KB‐D2‐2AC Mediant 1000 VoIP Gateway, 215,719.00100 6004 207M1KB‐D3‐2AC Mediant 1000 VoIP Gateway, 419,280.00100 6004 251M2K/1Span Mediant 2000 VoIP Gateway, 1 s15,220.00100 6004 252M2K/2Span Mediant 2000 VoIP Gateway, 2 s16,840.00100 6004 253M2K/4Span Mediant 2000 VoIP Gateway, 4 s110,300.00100 6004 254M2K/8Span Mediant 2000 VoIP Gateway, 8 s117,820.00100 6004 255M2K/16Span Mediant 2000 VoIP Gateway, 16127,390.00100 6004 402Mediant 1000 spare part/add on ‐ Analog1310.00100 6004 600SW/RTCP‐XR ‐ RTCP Extended Reports172.00100 6004 653CENTOL10 Cable Centronic (10 meters) Cen1102.00100 6004 655MP124ODLPU‐25ports Outdoor Lightning Pro1219.00100 6004 657MP124ODLPU‐CABLE‐25 25 port Outdoor Ligh1329.00100 6005 020EM‐4550‐1‐4‐0‐0‐0‐0‐5: 4550 EdgeMarc 51485.00100 6005 023EM‐4550‐1‐4‐0‐0‐0‐0‐30: 4550 EdgeMarc 31962.00100 6005 024EM‐4550‐1‐4‐0‐0‐0‐0‐50: 4550 EdgeMarc 511,162.00100 6005 025EM‐4550‐1‐4‐0‐0‐0‐0‐70: 4550 EdgeMarc 711,308.00100 6005 026EM‐4550‐1‐4‐0‐0‐0‐0‐90: 4550 EdgeMarc 911,408.00100 6005 027EM‐4550‐1‐4‐0‐0‐0‐0‐10: 4550 EdgeMarc 11652.00100 6005 028EM‐4550‐1‐4‐0‐0‐0‐0‐15: 4550 EdgeMarc 11800.00100 6005 029VOS‐SURV‐4550‐01: VoIP Survivability is1308.00100 6005 1005300LF2‐100‐0300: Edgemarc 5300, 300 Con13,200.00QtyList

100 6005 101VOS‐SURV‐5300‐01: VOS VoIP SIP Survivabi11,538.00100 6005 1025300LF2‐100‐0500: Edgemarc 5300, 500 Con15,325.00100 6005 1035300LF2‐100‐1000: Edgemarc 5300, 1000 Co19,590.00100 6005 200VOS‐SURV‐7300‐01 VOS VoIP SIP Survivabi11,538.00100 6005 2017300‐100‐0100 Edgemarc 7300, 100 Session12,500.00100 6005 210VOS‐SURV‐7400‐01 VOS VoIP SIP Survivabil11,538.00100 6006 103NNSD‐OS‐1K Net‐Net OS SD, up to 1000 ses145,000.00100 6006 104NNSD‐OS‐4K Net‐Net OS SD, up to 4000 ses193,500.00100 6006 105NNSD‐OS‐25 Net‐Net OS SD, up to 25 sessi12,250.00100 6006 120SD‐OS‐EBS25 Enhanced Border Services (EB125.00100 6006 123SD‐OS‐EBS1K Enhanced Border Services (EB15,000.00100 6006 124SD‐OS‐EBS4K Enhanced Border Services (EB116,000.00100 6008 10216142 Summit X450e‐24p: 24 10/100/1000B14,995.00100 6008 20259051E 97000‐X450E‐24P EXTREMEWORKS S/W1220.00100 6112 100M800‐ESBC‐5 ‐ Mediant 800 E‐SBC ‐ 5 ses11,142.00100 6112 101M800‐ESBC‐10 ‐ Mediant 800 E‐SBC ‐ 10 se11,500.00100 6112 102M800‐ESBC‐25 ‐ Mediant 800 E‐SBC ‐ 25 s12,692.00100 6112 103M800‐ESBC‐30 ‐ Mediant 800 E‐SBC ‐ 30 s12,915.00100 6112 104M800‐ESBC‐50 ‐ Mediant 800 E‐SBC ‐ 50 s14,392.00100 6112 130M800B‐V‐12S‐4L ‐ Mediant 800 with 12 FXS12,125.00100 6112 131M800B‐V‐4O‐4L ‐ Mediant 800 with 4 FXO V11,709.00100 6112 132M800B‐V‐4S4O‐4L ‐ Mediant 800 with 4 FXS11,799.00100 6112 133M800B‐V‐8S4O‐4L ‐ Mediant 800 with 8 FXS11,888.00100 6112 135M800B‐V‐1ET4S‐4L ‐ Mediant 800 with 1 E113,115.00100 6112 136M800‐V‐2ET4S‐4L ‐ Mediant 800 with 2 E1/13,549.00100 6112 142SW/M800/ESBC/50 ‐ Mediant 800 software l13,700.00100 6112 145SW/M800/ESBC‐REG/50 ‐ SIP Registrar for1100.00100 6112 146SW/M800/MSBR‐UP1300.00100 6112 151M4K02/250/AC ‐ Mediant 4000 ESBC‐ 250 se119,750.00100 6112 152M4K03/500/AC ‐ Mediant 4000 ESBC ‐ 500 s126,000.00100 6112 153M4K04/1000/AC ‐ Mediant 4000 ESBC/1000 s132,000.00100 6112 154M4K05/2000/AC ‐ Mediant 4000 Enterprise150,000.00100 6112 155M4K06/4000/AC‐ Mediant 4000 ESBC ‐ 4000166,000.00100 6112 189SW/M4K41/REG/1000 ‐ Upgrade for 1000 add12,000.0010000Voice Switch Re‐certification Fee1750.0010151Harmonica for SG40/8135.0010160Power Cord EU 8FT Black10.0010162Handset for IP5XX/2XX/1XX series phones125.0010169Wall Mount Kit for IP56X phones110.0010195Wall Mount Kit for IP11X phones and BB24110.0010211Wall Mount Kit for IP2XX phones110.0010215Voice Switch SIP‐BRI 811,495.0010217IP Phone IP115 Black198.0010223Rack Mount Tray Kit165.0010224Wall Mount Bracket for Tray Kit115.0010228Voice Switch SG‐90BRI 1U half width13,495.0010229Voice Switch SG‐220T1A 1U half width16,495.00

10259Voice Switch SG‐50 1U half width11,995.0010260Voice Switch SG‐90(PLM approval REq'd)12,995.0010261Voice Switch SG‐220T1 1U half width15,995.0010262Voice Switch SG‐220E1 1U half width15,995.0010268IP Phone IP 230g Black1329.0010269IP Phone Power Adapter Gig Ethernet120.001028‐03124‐00Neverfail Secondary System Server1125.001028‐03740‐00Dell R5500 HEX OEM Server with Rail Kit14,500.001028‐03750‐00Dell R720 OEM Server with Rail Kit19,500.001028‐04000‐00SIP Port (All SIP integrations)‐Per Port1190.001028‐04084‐00Call Xpress SIP Integration for MX‐ONE T1335.001028‐04085‐00Call Xpress IP Port for MX‐ONE TSE165.0010304Voice Mail Quick Reference (25‐Pack)110.0010317Power Cord AU/NZ 8FT Black10.0010319Voice Switch SG‐30BRI 1U half width11,595.0010320Voice Switch SG‐30 1U half width11,595.0010321Voice Switch SG‐24A 1U full width12,995.0010322Voice Switch SG‐T1k 1U half width13,495.0010324Voice Switch SG‐50V 1U half width12,495.0010325Voice Switch SG‐90V(PLM Approval Req'd)13,695.0010326Voice Switch SG‐90BRIV 1U half width13,995.0010370Phone Base for IP Phone IP11X17.0010371Phone Base for IP Phone IP2XX17.0010372Phone Base for IP Phone IP5XX17.0010373Handset Cord (9 ft) for 1XX/2XX/5XX16.2510381Handset for IP Phone IP655 and IP4XX125.0010384IP930D DECT Phone Starter Kit US CA MX1599.0010385IP930D DECT Phone Starter Kit EU ANZ1499.0010386IP930D DECT Phone Add‐on Base US CA MX1499.0010387IP930D DECT Phone Add‐on Base EU ANZ1499.0010388Handset Charger for IP930D DECT Phone125.0010389IP930D DECT Phone Add‐on Handset1199.0010397Handset Cord (9 ft) for IP Phone IP65515.0010400KIT,10 SETS LF RACK MOUNT EARS1100.0010401Satellite microphones for IP655 phone1195.0010411Voice Switch SG‐90V (Taiwan)13,695.0010428Wall Mount Kit for IP Phone IP655115.0010429IP Phone IP655 with anti‐glare screen1749.0010449IP930D DECT Repeater1249.0010450IP930D Battery (Spare)110.0010476SBE Upgrade to SBE 10011,995.0010478PoE cable for IP930D DECT Repeater115.0010501Microfiber soft bag for IP phones15.0010502IP420 Quick Ref Guide (qty 25)110.0010503IP480/480g Quick Ref Guide (qty 25)110.0010504IP485g Quick Ref Guide (qty 25)110.0010505IP420 User Guide (qty 25)1125.00

10506IP480/480g User Guide (qty 25)1125.0010507IP485g User Guide (qty 25)1125.0010508IP4xx French language key kit159.0010511IP930D handset cover with belt clip120.0010521ST Voice Switch Wall Mount Bracket Kit155.0010523Voice Switch ST50A ShoreTel12,000.0010524Voice Switch ST100A ShoreTel13,200.0010525Voice Switch ST100DA ShoreTel16,100.0010526Voice Switch ST1D ShoreTel13,000.0010527Voice Switch ST200 ShoreTel14,500.0010528Voice Switch ST500 ShoreTel110,000.0010529Voice Switch ST2D ShoreTel15,400.0010530Voice Switch ST48A ShoreTel15,400.0010531Voice Switch ST24A ShoreTel13,000.0010532BB424 Power Adapter (requires Connect)120.0010533IP4XX Telephone Wall Plate Mounting Kit115.0010536Handset Cord (12 ft) for IP4XX phones15.0010537Voice Switch SG‐90V China only13,695.0010544IP8660M Multi‐Cell DECT Base1316.0010547IP8430M Multi‐Cell DECT Basic Handset1152.0010548IP8630M Multi‐Cell DECT Advanced Handset1240.0010549IP8830M Multi‐Cell DECT Rugged Handset1425.0010550Voice Switch ST100DA (MX and CALA only)13,600.0010551Voice Switch ST1D (MX and CALA only)1500.0010552Voice Switch ST2D (MX and CALA only)1900.0010553Gig PoE Power Adapter (North America)120.0010554IP PHONE GIG ETHRNT PWRADPTR 15.4W AU/NZ130.0010555IP PHONE GIG ETHERNET PWR ADPTR 15.4W UK130.0010556Gig PoE Power Adapter (EU)130.0010558PoE Adapter power cord (IEC‐C5 8 ft)10.0010559PoE Adapter power cord (EU IEC‐C5 2.5 m)10.0010564Connect SBE Server (UC Server 30)12,200.0010566VPN Concentrator to EGW license Upgrade10.0010570IP8660M Multi‐Cell DECT Outdoor Base1534.0010573Mitel IP Phone IP4201189.0010574Mitel IP Phone IP420g1219.0010575Mitel BB424 Button Box1349.0010576Mitel IP Phone IP4801299.0010577Mitel IP Phone IP480g1369.0010578Mitel IP Phone IP485g1429.0010579HANDSET, IP4XX SERIES W/O MAGNET125.0010580Mitel Voice Switch ST50A12,500.0010581Mitel Voice Switch ST100A14,000.0010582Mitel Voice Switch ST100DA17,625.0010583Mitel Voice Switch ST20014,500.0010584Mitel Voice Switch ST500110,000.0010585Mitel Voice Switch ST1D13,750.00

10586Mitel Voice Switch ST2D16,750.0010587Mitel Voice Switch ST48A16,750.0010588Mitel Voice Switch ST24A13,750.0010589GSA Mitel IP Phone IP420 w/Ext&Mailbox1348.0010590GSA Mitel IP Phone IP420g w/Ext&Mailbox1378.0010591GSA Mitel IP Phone IP480 w/Ext&Mailbox1458.0010592GSA Mitel IP Phone IP480g w/Ext&Mailbox1528.0010593GSA Mitel IP Phone IP485g w/Ext&Mailbox1588.001090‐96620‐00Dell R720 OEN Basic NBD Warranty Upgrade11,040.001090‐98511‐00AVST System Administration Overview1200.001090‐98512‐00AVST Train‐the‐Trainer Training1200.0014/BYB501Cabinet BYB501 side‐side set18.0015/BYB501Cabinet BYB501 earthing kit184.0016/BYB501Cabinet BYB501 earthing set197.0017/BYB501/1Cabinet BYB501 concrete floor1346.0018/BYB501/4Cabinet BYB501 tip protection1201.0018003Workgroup Monitor Application13,713.0018004Workgroup Exception/Abandon Call Report11,485.0018005Workgroup Target SLA Report11,485.0018006Workgroup Agent Daily Login/out Report11,485.0018008Emergency Notification (five alertees)12,200.0018009Emergency Notification (50 alertees)15,500.0018010Call Router Application13,438.0018011EasyPop (Universal CRM Connector)1200.0018012Application Dialer172.0018016Outbound IVR Application (base package)15,495.0018017Outbound IVR Application (add 5 calls)11,095.0018018Contact Center Agent Dashboard11,250.0018019Contact Center Agent Dashboard (add‐on)1150.0018020Contact Center Interaction Viewer12,750.0018021Contact Center Interact Viewer (add‐on)1400.0018022CCIR Transform Service11,950.0018023Contact Center Real‐time Monitor Bundle13,000.0018024Call Recorder15,000.0018025Call Recorder (add‐on 5 sessions)1200.0018026Nuisance Call Handler12,500.0018027Cost Recovery Integration (base package)14,000.0018028Cost Recovery Integration (add 1 user)140.0018029Enhanced Paging Application15,500.0018030Enhanced Paging Application expansion1500.0018031Super Group Application12,500.0018032AMS 360 Integration Application1200.0018033Voice Forms IVR Application15,600.0018034Caller Directed Router Application13,438.0018035Call History Report11,485.0018036System Directory Synchronization App12,420.0018037Schedule based On Call Routing App13,438.00

18038Phone Use Scheduler13,438.0018039Do Not Disturb (DND) Override App11,250.0018041ACT! Integration1200.0018042Calls by Dialed Party Report11,485.0018043Calls by Origin Report11,485.0018044Workgroup Agent Ring Time Report11,485.0018045Report Scheduler13,500.0018046Contact Center Agent Alert125.0018047Hospitality Connector14,500.0018048Site Router13,438.0018049Web Dialer (base 25 bundle)1500.0018050Web Dialer (base 50 bundle)1800.0018051Web Dialer (add‐on 5)170.0018053Application Dialer (base 25 bundle)1500.0018057Web and App Dialer (base 25 bundle)1600.0018058Web and App Dialer (base 50 bundle)11,000.0018059Add On Bundle 5 Web 5 App Dialer Lic190.0018062K‐12 Applications Standard Bundle15,000.0018063K‐12 Applications Premium Bundle110,000.0018064Active Directory Import Application15,000.0018065Enhanced Reporting Bundle15,000.0018066Enhanced WG Reporting Standard Bundle17,000.0018067Enhanced WG Reporting Premium Bundle110,000.0018071SFDC Call Reporting Service (25 exts)13,300.0018072SFDC Call Reporting Service (LT 25 exts)15,000.0018073SFDC Connector for Contact Center IVR15,000.0018074Contact Center Instant Override Message12,500.0018075Contact Center EMail Alert Service11,250.0018076Contact Center Agent Notification12,500.0018077Bridged Call Appearance Hold Handler12,500.0018078Zendesk Integration1200.0018080Contact Center Wrap Application11,500.0018081Pre‐Announce Application11,536.0018082Emer Notif Upgrade LT5 to 6‐50 alertees13,300.0020313651Power supply 9.0V/0.5A UK110.0020316881Cable 16pol. 3m135.1020317253OFFICE 130/135 CB /ZGV985.UK.CB.BB‐1B129.9020317549Subscriber card 4xAD21492.7020317586Subscriber card 16xAD211,664.0020318305Subscriber card 24xAD212,236.0020318731Cable 16pol. 6m149.40203196111Wall mounting set Office 1019.10203228154 QSIG channels1575.0020322817Max. QSIG channels11,620.0020322872PBX System Upgrade to 20451910.0020323399Submodule 8chan. for IP Interf11,287.00

20327063Trunk card ISDN 4xT/S basic1591.5020327236Cable 16pol. 2m131.2020327411CTI Third Party Basic1380.0020328085OIP Trial10.0020328451Base Mitel AIN1480.00203284521 Mitel AIN Satellite1385.0020328813Microtel cord Office 25/35119.0020328814SPARE PART /SEV981‐2 PLASTIC COVER12.6020328816Phone cord 6m RJ45 25/35/4513.9020328817Microtel Office 25/35/45139.0020328837SPARE PART /SEV984 PLASTIC COVER12.60203292391 SIP access channel160.00203292401 Standard SIP Terminal170.0020329320Trunk card 4xTrunk a/b1407.0020329321Trunk card ISDN 2xT/S basic1233.0020329322Trunk card ISDN 4xT/S basic1436.0020329323Trunk card ISDN 1 x PRI1612.0020350090Cable cover kit Mitel 415/430150.0020350172Power supply Aastra 415/430191.0020350173Wiring adapter TS0118.0020350236rack mount kit SMBC/Mitel 415150.0020350237Rack mount kit Mitel 430185.0020350244Trunk card 2xTrunk a/b1220.0020350245FanMitel 430150.0020350247Main cord power for Mitel A415/430/SMBC17.8020350370Wiring adapter TS1130.0020350410Update set I7.51325.00203504351Subscr.card 4DSI with Wiring adap1330.0020350436Subscr.card 4a/b with Wiring adap1330.0020350441Cable 2x4 10x2 RJ45 6m170.0020350459Office 701205.4020350466Power Supply UK IP Terminals120.0020350562System module 2 DSP resources1715.0020350598Power Supply UK AD2 Terminals120.0020350601Handset for Office 60, 70, 80139.0020350606Stand rest Office 60, 70, 80110.4020350611Label cover Office 60, 7012.6020350773Wiring adapter 1PRI118.0020350776MiVoice 5380 IP (QWERTY) (EU)1330.0020350788MITEL 5380IP ice M530150.0020350820MiVoice 5370 (EU)1210.0020350823MiVoice 5380 (QWERTY) (EU)1290.0020350824MiVoice M5351120.0020350841Basic System Mitel 47011,800.0020350853Terminal interfaces card 16FXS11,040.0020350855Terminal interfaces card 8FXS1780.00

20350857Terminal interfaces card 4FXS1400.0020350860Trunk interfaces card 8BRI1880.0020350863Trunk interfaces card 2PRI11,175.0020350865Trunk interface card 1PRI1655.0020350867Trunk interfaces card 4BRI1490.0020351009Fan‐out panel FOP1170.0020351043Terminal interfaces card 32DSI12,545.0020351063MiVoice 5361 (EU)1120.0020351070Terminal interfaces card 16DSI11,320.0020351072Terminal interfaces card 8DSI1720.0020351088RJ45 System Cable 4x8 pin 6m180.0020351114Redundant fan unit RFU1120.0020351207System Module 1 DSPX (EU)1290.0020351208System Module 2 DSPX (EU)1455.0020351211RJ45 Patch Cable 1m blue111.0020351218Aux. power supply unit A4701540.0020351245Wiring adapter 2W113.0020351285Basic System Aastra 4151780.00203512851Basic System Mitel 4151720.00203512881Basic System Mitel 43011,010.0020351331MiVoice 5361 IP (EU)1153.0020351352Trunk interfaces card 8FXO1865.0020351354Trunk interfaces card 4FXO1480.0020351423Terminal interfaces card 32FXS12,054.0020351434CPU1 card for Mitel 47011,144.0020351436CF card for Mitel 470165.0020351437DRAM modul (1G) for Mitel 4701156.0020351438EID Card for Mitel 4701182.0020351483EID Card for Aastra 415165.0020351484EID Card for Aastra 430191.0020351489Systembase SB‐4 1490.0020351490Systembase SB‐81780.0020351491Systembase 8ANT1935.00209520001 Client CTI 3rd Party Std.185.0020952002CTI 1st Party via LAN1275.0020952003Mobile/Ext. Phone Extension185.00209520051 VoIP Chan for StMediaSwitch130.0020952021ATAS Interf. Mitel SMBC/415/4301230.0020952022ATAS Interf. Mitel 470/VA1350.00209520311 MiVoice 5300 IP170.0020952048Connection 2025/2045/150/3001169.00209520491 Client OfficeSuite155.0020952050Presence Profiles1395.0020952051Exchange Integration11,285.00209520521 Phonebook Connector1370.0020952053Call Center Base Package1835.00209520541 Call Center Agent1130.00

209520551 Call Center Group190.0020952058MiVoice 1560 Operator AD21565.0020952059MiVoice 1560 IP Operator1900.00209520621 MiVoice 2380 Softphone1140.00209520651 Mitel SIP Terminal160.00209520661 PRI Trunk Channel155.0020952068Analogue Modem1160.0020952075Enterprise Voice Mail1325.0020952076Audio rec&play channel1145.0020952077Add. Voice Mail Rec Time1292.5020952078Auto Attendant1200.0020952122Silent Intrusion1280.0020952147Secure VoIP Mitel SMBC/415/4301540.0020952148Secure VoIP Mitel 470/49011,080.002095215120 MiVoice 5300 IP11,165.002095215250 MiVoice 5300 IP12,395.002095215320 Mitel SIP Terminals11,070.002095215450 Mitel SIP Terminals12,005.00209521561 MiVoice Office Mobile Application162.0020952164Local Outlook Connector130.0020952167Expansion Mitel 4701720.00209521701 Dialog phone145.0020952171CTI Connect. to Mitel 470/490195.0020952172Connect. Upgrade Mitel 470/4901420.0020952173Connection to Mitel 470/4901500.0020952174CTI Connection Mitel SMBC/415/430160.0020952175Connect. Upgrade Mitel SMBC/415/4301130.0020952176Connection to Mitel SMBC/415/4301150.0020952199Office 400 OneBox Basic1630.0020952200Office 400 OneBox 1 client115.0020952201Office 400 OneBox 1 Advanced150.0020952202Office 400 OneBox 1 bundle130.0020952203ONEBOX SPEECH RESOURCE ASR/TTS11,500.0020952204ONEBOX PA USER 1120.0020952217ONEBOX 1 YEAR SW MAINT BASIC14.0020952218ONEBOX 1 YEAR SW MAINT ADV14.0020952219ONEBOX 1 YEAR SW MAINT PA14.0020952220ONEBOX 1 YEAR SW MAINT SR1300.0021020Distributed Voice Services license1995.0024/BYB501/2Cabinet BYB501 back ‐ back set1150.0025/BYB501/1Cabinet BYB501 cable strapps160.002603060050Plus 5 user MBC 611,145.002603060100Plus 10 user MBC 612,032.002603060250Plus 25 user MBC 614,407.002603060500Plus 50 user MBC 617,641.002603060750Plus 75 user MBC 6110,699.002603061000Plus 100 user MBC 6113,360.00

2604090050Plus 5 user Upgr MBC 5 to 61806.002604090100Plus 10 user Upgr MBC 5 to 611,430.002604090250Plus 25 user Upgr MBC 5 to 613,101.002604090500Plus 50 user Upgr MBC 5 to 615,376.002604090750Plus 75 user Upgr MBC 5 to 617,527.002604091000Plus 100 user Upgr MBC 5 to 619,399.002701050050Plus 5 user MMDE 41367.002701050100Plus 10 user MMDE 41722.002701050250Plus 25 user MMDE 411,732.002701050500Plus 50 user MMDE 412,496.002701050750Plus 75 user MMDE 413,124.002701051000Plus 100 user MMDE 414,052.002701051500Plus 150 user MMDE 414,429.002701052000Plus 200 user MMDE 414,620.002701052500Plus 250 user MMDE 414,690.002701053000Plus 300 user MMDE 414,742.002701054000Plus 400 user MMDE 414,863.002701055000Plus 500 user MMDE 414,986.002701056000Plus 600 user MMDE 415,106.002701057000Plus 700 user MMDE 415,229.002701058000Plus 800 user MMDE 415,335.002701059000Plus 900 user MMDE 415,472.0030040Mailbox‐only license190.0030041Add'l Language license1995.0030043SIP Trunk Software license150.0030044Additional Site license1495.0030049TAPI Application Server license1495.0030053SIP Device license130.0030056Contact Center TAPI App Server license1495.0030057SIP Trunk to Device Conversion license10.0030079Legacy PBX Integration Voicemail license130.0030080SIP‐based Messaging Integration license14,495.0030088WG to CC Agent upgrade license1600.0030089WG to CC Supervisor upgrade license1600.0030090WG to CC Base System Upgrade1600.003009110 Concurrent Audio Conferencing Ports11,750.003009210 Audio Conferencing Ports (Demo only)1300.003009310 Concurrent Web Conferencing Ports11,750.003009410 Web Conferencing Ports (Demo only)1300.0030104Connect Contact Center Lab System14,000.0030108CC Agent Activity Event Feed license1350.0030109CC Group Activity Event Feed license1350.0030112Connect CC Partner In‐house NFR system12,000.0030113Converged to Web Conferencing (10 ports)10.0030114Converged to Audio Confrncing (10 ports)10.0030122CC Inbound Voice license bundle1825.0030123CC Outbound Campaign license1400.00

30124Contact Center Email license1400.0030125Contact Center Web license1400.0030126Contact Center IVR license (1 port)1200.0030127Contact Center Supervisor license1825.0030128Contact Center Redundant Server license16,500.0030129ECC 6 and earlier upgrade license10.0030134Virtual phone capacity license (qty 1)145.0030135Virtual phone capacity license (qty 50)11,750.0030136Virtual phone capacity license (qty 200)15,000.0030137Virtual SIP trunk license (qty 1)195.0030138Virtual SIP trunk license (qty 25)12,125.0030139Virtual SIP trunk license (qty 50)13,750.0030140SIP Trunk to Virtual upgrade license145.0030143Edge Gateway Remote Phone license1150.0030144Virtual Edge Gateway Server license10.0030145MiVoice Connect Courtesy license199.0030146MiVoice Connect Telephony license1159.0030147MiVoice Connect Essentials lic bundle1199.0030148MiVoice Connect Standard license bundle1299.0030149MiVoice Connect Advanced license bundle1499.0030150MiVoice Connect Telephony to Essentials140.0030151MiVoice Connect Telephony to Standard1140.0030152MiVoice Connect Telephony to Advanced1340.0030153MiVoice Connect Essentials to Standard1100.0030154MiVoice Connect Essentials to Advanced1300.0030155MiVoice Connect Standard to Advanced1200.0030156Connect Contact Center Base 10 Package18,504.0030160Adv Apps license keys (Essentials)136.0030161Adv Apps license keys (Standard)1236.0030162Adv Apps license keys (Advanced)1236.0030163Adv Apps keys (Telephony to Essentials)136.0030164Adv Apps keys (Telephony to Standard)1236.0030165Adv Apps keys (Telephony to Advanced)1236.0030166Adv Apps keys (Essentials to Standard)1236.0030167Adv Apps keys (Essentials to Advanced)1200.0030168MC DECT SIP Device and Mobile Access Lic10.0030170RoamAnywhere client license10.0030171Connect for Mobile client uplift license10.0031069Mobile Access license for MC‐DECT10.0041002SFDC Call Center Adapter license1200.0041004Netsuite CRM integration license1200.0041005Microsoft Dynamics integration license1200.004513425OpenVoice 2021273.004513427OpenAttendant 2051407.554514042Aastra 142d Headset std T 171147.714514281Aastra 142d Headset TC 500188.274516000ALIMENTATION POUR 677X ET M67X129.90

4516703OpenAccess SIP 1011158.604602285RFP outdoor Mast‐mount GT 65mm147.754602286RFP outdoor Wall mount112.754602421DECT dipole antennas1204.004602422DECT directional antennas1342.004602437RFP outdoor Mast mount 65mm126.004604685DECT antenna cables145.00500 1344 013CABLE,HIB PVC,40 FT1150.00500012473300 ‐ 128 CH. ECHO CANCELLOR11,000.0050001247EW60EXT WAR 3300‐128 CH. ECHO CANCELLR ROHS5140.0050001248DUAL FIM 820NM MULTI MODE MMC1500.00500017545485 IP PAGING UNIT1685.0050001754EW60EXT WAR 5485 IP PAGING UNIT126.00500028225412 IP PKM (12 KEY) DARK GREY1190.00500028245448 PKM FRU (48 KEY) DARK GRAY1425.0050003560DUAL T1/E1 TRUNK MMC11,500.0050003560EW60EXT WAR Dual T1/E1 Trunk MMC160.0050003696DUAL FIM 1300NM SINGLE MODE MMC11,800.0050003726SX‐200 IP‐3300 Stratum 3 Clock Module1290.0050003728DUAL DSP MMC1850.0050004070Quad BRI MMC1750.0050004070EW60EXT WAR QUAD BRI MMC130.0050004197MITEL LINE INTERFACE MODULE (NA1185.0050004198Mitel Line Interface Module (UK)1185.0050004451QUAD CIM1750.00500044715300/85x8 35 Degree Angle Stand FRU5200115.00500048713300 ANALOG OPTION BOARD II1600.0050004871EW60EXT WAR 3300 ANALOG OPTION BRD II124.00500049203300 AX/CX/CXi/MXe ibutton FRU1500.00500049923300 R2 NSU12,500.0050005084MXe AC POWER SUPPLY1500.0050005087MXe II Processor12,200.0050005091ASU II AC POWER SUPPLY1438.00500051044 PLUS 12 PORT COMBO11,000.0050005104EW60EXT WAR 4 PLUS 12 PORT COMBO140.0050005105ASU II1875.0050005105EW60EXT WAR ASU II128.0050005160T1/E1 Combo MMC II11,000.0050005160EW60EXT WAR T1/E1 COMBO MMC II140.00500051823300 AX AC POWER SUPPLY 300W1500.0050005184ANALOG MAIN BRD III1600.00500052305300 SERIES WIDEBAND HANDSET (25 PA1500.0050005230‐005300 SERIES WIDEBAND HANDSET (SINGLE)120.00500052315300 SERIES HANDSET (25 PACK)1500.0050005231‐005300/5200 HANDSET (SINGLE)120.005000530024VDC IP PWR ADPT 100‐240V 50‐60HZ(140.005000530148VDC ETNT PWR ADPT 100‐240V140.00

50005402Cordless Accessories Module (EURO)1230.0050005404Cordless Headset w/Charging Cradle(EURO)1360.00500054413300 AX 4G VM FLASH SSD1200.00500054713300 AX CNTL FAN ASSY FRU1625.0050005521CORDLESS ACCESSORIES MODULE (NA)1230.0050005522Cordless Headset w/ Charging Cradle (NA)1360.0050005551512MB COMPACT FLASH (FRU)1220.0050005611PWR CRD C13 10A 250V ‐ EURO Plug125.0050005612PWR CRD C13 5A 250V ‐ UK Plug (5A FUSE)125.00500056525324 Phone, (China/Brazil)1310.0050005662IP PKM INTERFACE MODULE (V2)1115.00500056635302/5304 Wall Mount Kit(16 Pack)1100.00500056645324 IP PHONE1310.0050005664EW60EXT WAR 5324 IP PHONE118.5050005683MXe Fans FRU1130.0050005714CORDLESS HEADSET & MODULE(EURO)1470.005000573124 port ONSp card1860.0050005731EW60EXT WAR 24 port ONSp card134.0050005751DSP II MMC11,200.0050005751EW60EXT WAR DSP II MMC148.00500057613300 MXe RACK MOUNT BRACKETS1100.00500058115540 IP CONSOLE11,820.00500058475312 IP PHONE1235.0050005847EW60EXT WAR 5312 IP PHONE114.00500058515312 Phone (China/Brazil)1235.0050005851EW60EXT WAR 5312 Phone (China/Brazil)113.00500058525312 Fixed Mylar DESI Cards (25 Pack)125.00500058715330/5340 BLANK NAMEPLATE (QTY. 200)1700.00500058833300 512MB RAM MODULE1300.00500059125304 Handst Curly Cord Light Grey (25Pk)1100.0050005914PKM KIT ‐ 12 KEY (for 85xx/53xx Phones)1265.0050005915PKM KIT ‐ 48 KEY (for 85xx/53xx Phones)1450.00500059915360 IP PHONE1715.0050005991EW60EXT WAR 5360 IP PHONE142.90500059925360 PHONE (CHINA/BRAZIL)1715.0050006083MIT 3000 BBU/W BATTERY1195.0050006093EW60EXT WAR 3300 CX II Controller160.0050006094EW60EXT WAR 3300 CXi II Controller1100.00500061228528 Telephone (NA)1185.0050006122EW60EXT WAR 8528 Telephone (NA)111.00500061238568 Telephone (NA)1295.0050006123EW60EXT WAR 8568 Telephone (NA)118.0050006162Music On Hold Input Adaptor140.00500061915320 IP Phone1280.0050006191EW60EXT WAR 5320 IP Phone116.50500061935320 PHONE (CHINA/BRAZIL)1280.00500062113300 MXe II Controller13,000.00

50006212GN Cordless Headset Cable (for 5540)120.00500062225360 BLANK BRANDING PLATE (QTY.100)1350.00500062663300 CX(i) II Controller SATA SSD1150.0050006266XX3300CX(i) II Controller SATA SSD INT1150.00500062683300 MXe III Controller SATA SSD1220.0050006268XX3300 MXe III Controller SATA SSD‐INTL1220.00500062693300 MXE III CONTROLLER13,000.0050006269EW60EXT WAR 3300 MXE III CONTROLLER1120.0050006270PWR CRD C13 10A 250V ‐ Australian Plug125.0050006271PWR CRD C13 10A 125V ‐ NA Plug125.00500062923300 MXE II CONTROLLER 32G PATA SSD1785.0050006371GIGABIT ETHERNET STAND (V2)1275.0050006431MXe III Raid Sub‐System11,500.0050006431EW60EXT WAR MXe III Raid Sub‐System180.0050006432EW60EXT WAR Processor‐MXe III Controller150.00500064435300 Charging Plate (DECT/BT) (10 Pack)1120.0050006474EW60EXT WAR 5320E IP Phone119.00500064755330E PHONE (CHINA/BRAZIL)1455.00500064765330E IP PHONE1455.0050006476EW60EXT WAR 5330E IP Phone127.50500064775340E PHONE (CHINA/BRAZIL)1570.00500064785340E IP PHONE1570.0050006478EW60EXT WAR 5340E IP Phone134.0050006488MT5000 HX to DEI Cable 16in150.0050006491SW MT 5000 V6.0 DVD NA15.00500065002GB Compact Flash MiVoice Office 250 NA1100.00500065012GB Compact Flash MiVoice Office 250 UK1285.0050006503Line Cord Translation Kit (5000 CP)(5PK)150.0050006504Kit Wall Mount brkt HX Ctrl, PS & 2 DEI1250.0050006507AX Controller13,750.0050006507EW60EXT WAR AX Controller1120.0050006508AX Controller Card12,000.00500065093300 AX 2G&4G Flash SSD1100.0050006509XX3300 AX 2G&4G Flash SSD ‐ INTL1150.00500065103300 CX(i) II Fan Kit1100.0050006511SX‐200 AX SW 4G SSD1100.00500065175505 Guest IP Phone Cordless NA1105.00500065195505 Guest IP Phone Cordless Euro1105.00500065205505 Guest Cordless Handset w/Crdle Euro135.00500065215505 Charging Cradle Power Adapter NA17.50500065235505 Charging Cradle Power Adapter UK17.50500065275505 Guest IP Phone Base Unit NA (FRU)1110.00500065285505 Guest IP Phone Base Unit Euro (FRU)1110.0050006536Cordless (DECT) Headset FRU (Euro)1250.0050006552MT5000 CBL DDM‐16 3M TO AMP 50P 3METR1100.0050006577IP Phone Keypad Kit FRU (25 Pack)10.0050006578MiVOfc 250 PS‐1 Processing Server (NA)12,395.00

50006580MiV ConferencePhone(UC360 CollabPt InRm)11,195.0050006587HDMI Custom Cable (10 Feet) (FRU)150.0050006591MiV Video Phone (UC360 Collab Pt Ext)11,695.0050006591EW60Ext War MiVoice Video Phone1102.0050006593StreamLine Unit ‐ 24 port12,620.0050006594StreamLine Unit ‐ 48 port14,250.0050006596StreamLine BS6312 (BT)Adpt. Cable‐6 Pack140.0050006601StreamLine Power Supply1530.0050006614Universal Camera Mounting Bracket1250.00500066165304 IP PHONE ‐ TUI1165.0050006619StreamLine ‐ 8 port w Dongles x21485.0050006620StreamLine Power Supply for 8 Port1140.0050006622Audio Y‐Cable for RevoLabs Extn Mic Syst140.00500066345320e IP Phone (Backlit)1380.0050006634EW60EXT WAR 5320e IP Phone (Backlit)123.0050006642MiVoice Business Console Keyboard Labels140.0050006643StreamLine Dongle II‐Single‐Service Part1100.0050006644StreamLine Dongle II ‐ 6 Pack1460.0050006646PW1PrmHWSupp CallRcrd DigitalBrd x24 1yr1410.0050006648PW1PrmHWSupp CallRcrd DigitalBrd x16 1yr1300.005000

10162 Handset for IP5XX/2XX/1XX series phones 1 25.00 10169 Wall Mount Kit for IP56X phones 1 10.00 10195 Wall Mount Kit for IP11X phones and BB24 1 10.00 10211 Wall Mount Kit for IP2XX phones 1 10.00 10215 Voice Switch SIP‐BRI 8 1 1,495.00 10217 IP Ph