CYNTHIA GANO LINDNERDIRECTOR OF MINISTRY STUDIESCLINICAL FACULTY FOR PREACHING AND PASTORAL CAREUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHE DIVINITY SCHOOL1025 East 58th Street Chicago, IL 60637Phone: (773) 702-8280 Fax: (773) [email protected] APPOINTMENTS2005-presentDirector of Ministry Studies and Clinical Faculty for Preachingand Pastoral CareThe University of Chicago,The Divinity School, Chicago, IL.I develop curriculum, recruit, teach and provide supervision and mentoring, and help secure employmentin the school’s selective, multi-religious MDiv program, preparing students for religious leadership in avariety of denominations and contexts.2002-2005Director of Ministry Studies and Senior LecturerThe University of Chicago,The Divinity School, Chicago, ILThis is the title I was given when first hired at the Divinity School, the current one, above, reflects two of my areasof teaching and research: preaching and worship, and pastoral care and counseling. I also teach courses incommunity leadership, an integration seminar for first year students, and a thesis seminar course for third-years.2005-presentStaff TherapistCenter for Religion and Psychotherapy of ChicagoI see a small caseload of 12-15 clients—individuals, couples, pastors and congregational leaders, on aweekly basis in the Center’s Loop offices. Occasionally I consult with entire congregations.1987-2002PastorFirst Christian Church, Albany OR.I was called as co-pastor to this congregation of nearly 400 persons, and became senior pastor upon mycolleague’s retirement. Duties included the entire breadth of pastoral work, including leading worship attwo distinct services each Sunday morning, teaching weekday classes, providing pastoral care tomembers of the church and the community, and participating actively in the institutional life of Albanyand in the ecumenical community of churches. This downtown congregation housed a preschool andmental health drop-in center, hosted a weekly community meal, and was known for its strong commitmentto community hospitality and healing, and for its ministries to children and youth. Many communityleaders were active members of the church.2000-2002Staff TherapistPastoral Counseling Center, Corvallis, OR.After attaining my masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, I saw clients in this group practice(on my day off from the church in Albany).1

1990-1992Spiritual Care CoordinatorEvergreen Hospice, Albany OR.I connected hospice patients to their church communities, and provided spiritual care for patients,families, and the doctors and nurses of this county-wide home hospice program, all while serving theAlbany congregation.1987-88Lecturer, Religion Department, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.This was my first teaching experience—I was invited to teach courses here by Marcus Borg, well-knownJesus Seminar author and New Testament scholar, who was on the faculty of Oregon State at the time.1983-1987Associate PastorFirst Congregational Church, Corvallis OR.My first full-time call after Divinity School, I was responsible for ministries of education and pastoralcare for all ages. I recruited and trained volunteers, created curriculum for children, youth, adults, andfamilies, led youth groups for middle and high school youth, and served on the campus ministry board atOregon State University.1979-1983Minister of EducationUniversity Church, Chicago, ILI began here as a field education intern in 1979 and was called as the congregation’s minister ofeducation/interim associate when the fulltime associate left in 1981.1978-1979Assistant MinisterNorthside Christian ChurchThis was my first year at the Divinity School; I chose to work part time in this small congregation to stayconnected to pastoral practice, and to develop a new youth program for this urban church.EDUCATIOND.Min. 1999University of Chicago, The Divinity School, Chicago, ILM.A. (MFT), 1999Northwest Christian College, Eugene, OR.M.A(Divinity), 1980University of Chicago, The Divinity School, Chicago, ILB.A., 1978St. Olaf College, Northfield MN.DISSERTATION“Images of Adolescence: Religio-Ethical Perspectives on Youth Ministry”CLINICAL TRAINING AND LICENSURE2004-present, LPC license, State of Illinois2000-2002Staff Therapist, Pastoral Counseling Center, Corvallis, OR.1998-1999Intern, Salem Pastoral Counseling Center, Salem OR1980Clinical Pastoral Education, Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s, Chicago IL.2

1979Clinical Pastoral Education, University of Chicago Hospital, Chicago, IL.GRANTS AND RESEARCHPrincipal Investigator for “Border Crossings in Theological Education,” three-year grant of 500.000.00from the Lilly Endowment to create collaborations between Divinity School faculty and students, andlocal congregations and their pastors.Principal Investigator for “Chicago Commons Project,” five year, 475,000.00 grant for the creation ofan early-career pastoral leadership development program for young Chicago-area clergy. The project iscurrently in it’s fifth of five years, with carry-over funding assuring a sixth. In March, 2019 the schoolwas awarded a 250,000.00 sustainability grant to continue the program through 2024.AWARDS AND HONORS1983Divinity School John T. Rhind Award for Outstanding Promise in Ministry1980Disciples Divinity House Scholarship for Outstanding Promise in Ministry1978B.A. summa cum laude, valedictorian, St. Olaf College1977Phi Beta Kappa1974National Merit ScholarPROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP AND SERVICEOrdained Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 1982-presentAmerican Academy of Religion, 2002-presentAmerican Association of Pastoral Counselors, 2002-presentInternational Association for Spiritual Care, 2016-presentBoard of Trustees, Disciples Divinity House, Chicago, IL, 2001-presentBoard of Directors, Montgomery Place and the Church Home, 2013-2018Board of Directors, Brent House Episcopal Campus Ministry, University of Chicago, 2004-2009Executive Committee, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 2004-2008General Board, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 1999-2009Administrative Committee, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 1999-2003Alumni Council, Disciples Divinity House, Chicago IL, 1997-20003

Board of Directors, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, Portland, OR. 1987-1990Board of Directors, United Way of Linn County, Albany OR. 1990-1994Board of Directors, FISH Emergency Food and Shelter, Albany, OR. 1987-1993Board of Directors, FEMA of Linn County, Albany OR., 1995-2001Board of Directors, Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence, Corvallis OR. 1984-1987Board of Directors, Westminster House Campus Ministry, Oregon State University, 1984-1987Northwest Association for Theological Discussion, 1986-2002PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURESBooksVarieties of Gifts: Multiplicity and the Well-Lived Pastoral Life, Rowman and Littlefield, 2016.Book Chapter“Christian Education—Teaching the Faith Story,” a chapter in Interpreting Disciples: Practical Theologyand the Disciples of Christ, TCU Press, 1987.Articles“The Power at Work Within Us: Reflections on Pastoral Leadership” Disciples World, December 2003.“Claiming Power to Speak Truth: Religious Leadership in Times of Terror” Criterion 43:2 (2004): 32-34.“Ministry in the 21st Century, Or—The View from Last Sunday Morning” Criterion 45:1 (2006): 2-5.“What Language Shall We Borrow? Recovering the Practice of Prayer” Disciples World,, December2006.“Sanctuary or Spectacle?” Sightings, September 4-8, 2006. (reprinted in Criterion , “CelebratingSightings”, winter 2008, 35-36.“Living by the Word: Heirs of the Resurrection/ Luke 24:36-48” Christian Century, April 2009.“Preaching the Lesson” Reflections on the Lectionary for Ordinary Time, Lectionary Homiletics, August,2010.“Preaching the Lesson” Reflections on the Lectionary for Epiphany, Lectionary Homiletics, January2012.“Multiplicity: the power of multiple-mindedness makes room for others,” The Holden Village Voice,Fall 2017.4

“Where the Millennials Are,” Sightings, January, 2018“The Art of Prayer Meets the Prayer of Art,” Sightings, October, 2018“What’s in a (Religious) Name?” Sightings, January, 2019“Manaakitanga and the Power of Silence,” Sightings, March, 2019.“Summer Storm Watch,” Sightings, July 2019.“Religion at the Margins,” Sightings, December 2019.“Sighting (and citing) Chaplains,” Sightings, February 2020“Religion in the time of Coronavirus,” Sightings, March 2020“Pandemic Preaching,” Sightings, April 2020“A Theology of Pastoral Multiplicity,” Dialog, A Journal of Theology, Summer 2020.“Unexpected Openings and the Essence of Religious Practice,” Sightings, June 18, 2020“A Normalized Sense of Hopelessness,” Sightings, July 23, 2020“The Meanings that Make Us: The Limits of Creative Agency in Ritual,” Sightings, Sept.24,2020“The Precariousness of Care,” Sightings, October 22, 2020“Longing for a Real Thanksgiving,” Sightings, November 26, 2020“The Blessed Return of Going through the Motions: President Biden’s Inauguration and theRituals of Normalcy,” Sightings, Feb. 4, 2021“Will There be Life on Earth? An Earth Day Reflection on Trusting our Eyes,” Sightings, April22, 20215

Published Sermons“Blessed Usefulness,” Criterion 42:1 (2003): 14-17.“Write the Vision,” Criterion 43:3 (2004): 24-27, 30.(Note: As I preached weekly for 15 years, there are some 500 sermons that were published only locally)ReviewsL. Witham, Who Shall Lead Them? The Future of Ministry in America (Oxford: Oxford UniversityPress, 2005) in The Journal of Religion , 2006.H. Paul Santmire, Ritualizing Nature: Renewing Christian Liturgy in Times of Crisis (Fortress Press,2008) in The Journal of Religion, 2010.Rae Jean Proeschold and Jason Byassee, Faithful and Fractured: Responding to the Clergy HealthCrisis, iin The Christian Century, September 5, 2018.Alon Goshen Gottstein, ed. The Future of Religious Leadership: World Religions in Conversation, inReading Religion, online newsletter of the American Academy of Religion, January 6, 2019.Carol Gilligan and Naomi Snider, Why Does Patriarchy Persist? and Carol Gilligan and David A.J.Richards, Darkness Now: Patriarchy’s Resurgence and Feminist Resistance. The Christian Century(Sept. 11 2019).Lectures, Short Courses and Workshops“The Art of Preaching and the Practice of Pastoral Care,” sermon, lecture, and workshop presented at the RiceSiefke Preaching Institute at Northwest Christian College, 1999.“When Bananas are Not Enough: Human Unfulfillment, Desire, and the Divine ,” Panel Presentation for “Fearfullyand Wonderfully Made” Annual Ministry Conference at the Divinity School, University of Chicago, April 8, 2005.“Prayer, Prophecy, and Pastoral Prophylaxis”, for Annual Religious Leaders’ Prayer Breakfast, Montgomery Place,Chicago, IL. October 25, 2006.“Using our Words: the Language of Religious Leadership,” for Elders’ Retreat and Training, First Christian Church,Chicago Heights, IL., January 20, 2007.“Multiplicity and the Well-Lived Pastoral Life,” workshops and lectures on the topic of my 2016 book, Varieties ofGifts, presented for groups of clergy in Seattle, WA, Washington DC, Indianapolis IN, and in many locations aroundthe Chicagoland area, 2016-present“Monotheism and Multiplicity,” a week-long course for adult learners at Holden Village, a retreat center in theCascade range in Washington. (repeated twice, summer 2018.Addressed a doctoral seminar on Multi-religious Theological Education, Vanderbilt Divinity School, November2018.Prepared a workshop on “The Multi-religious Imperative in Theological Education,” and lectured as part of a panelpresentation developed by some of our own students, at the Parliament of the World’ Religions in Toronto,6

November, 2018.Served on the steering committee and lectured at an interdisciplinary, multi-religious conference on Religion andMedicine that was a joint effort between The Divinity School, BSD, and SSA, March 2019.“Education by and Towards an Imperative: Multi-religious preparation for religious leadership.” A lecture for MDivalums presented as part of Disciples Divinity House’s 125th Anniversary celebration, May 2019Presented our model of multi-religious MDiv education at a workshop for the Interfaith/Interreligious program areaat the American Academy of Religion meeting in San Diego, CA, November, 2019.7

Addressed a doctoral seminar on Multi-religious Theological Education, Vanderbilt Divinity School, November 2018. Prepared a workshop on “The Multi-religious Imperative in Theological Education,” and lectured as part of a panel presentation developed by some of our own studen