DISCIPLES DIVINITY [email protected] outstanding ministers for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)Fall 2019Shared meals, dish wands, and hymn singing bringa new spirit for a new school yearOur community gathered for a Back to School retreat during August!As we are living fully into this first semester of the 2019-2020 school year, our House is alive and filled with the Spirit.Students are constantly in and out, but the feeling when entering the house is the same sense of comfort and home thathas always been present. This semester we are joining together for a variety of programs. Some center around games andcommunity building while others facilitate skills for ministerial practice. From baptizing one another to gathering aroundtables for House dinners, students are both transforming and transformed in this place. The Disciples Divinity Housecontinues to serve its purpose as a foundational space for Vanderbilt Divinity students while creating a community wherewe can rely on and learn from one another.First years Emma Gautney and Will Compton practice theirbaptismal techniques in the baptistry of WoodmontChristian Church.House Residents meet for a Practice of Ministry night to learnabout pastoral care in times of crisis!discipleshousevandy.org1

Will Compton1) I'm a recent graduate of Eureka College with a degree in psychology, philosoand religion. I've come from my hometown of Independence, Kentucky to receivMaster of Divinity, with concentrations in chaplaincy and prison/carceral studies!2) My main academic interests consist of the broad intersections between poverOur first year students were given a few questionshomelessness,to be answeredandso youcan get toRecently,know themincarceration.I'vebetter!also attempted to learn more abThe questions are as follows: 1) Tell us a little bit aboutyou!2) What’sofansimplicity,issue youincludingare passionateabout? Movement.churchmovementsthe Restoration3) I'd lovewhereto travelto Italy,especiallyto visit the Florence Cathedral!3) If you could vacation anywhere,wouldyougo?Meet the New Students:Will Compton1) I’m a recent graduate ofEureka College with a degreein psychology, philosophy, andreligion. I’ve come from myhometown of Independence,Kentucky to receive my Masterof Divinity, with concentrationsin chaplaincy and prison/carceralstudies!Emma Gautney1) My name is Emma Gautney.I am from Kansas City, MO. Iam currently getting my Mastersin Theological Studies, hopingto concentrate in both Religion,Gender and Sexuality, andMediterranean and Near EasternStudies. My dream is to be aprofessor in the Hebrew Poeticalbooks.I am extremely passionate about bridging theEmmagapbetween the Hebrew Bible and ourWill 2)ComptonMy main academic interests consist of the broad2) IGautneyam extremely passionate about bridging the gap betweenrrent socialcontext,I believethe HebrewBiblehasthebeautifulabilitytospeakto thethe gettingintersectionsbetween poverty,homelessness,andthenameHebrewBibleand ourI currentcontext,I believe1)Myis fromsocialKansasCity, MO.I am currently1) I'ma recent graduateof Eureka I’veCollegewitha degree in topsychology,philosophy, Hebrew Bible has the beautiful ability to speak to the reMasters in Theological Studies, hoping to concentrate in both Religion, nd aboutreligion.I've comefrommovementsmy hometownKentucky to receivelow-churchsimplicity, includingthe mySexuality,social problemswe face. and Near Eastern Studies. My dream is to be a prand MediterraneanMaster of Divinity, with concentrations in chaplaincy and prison/carceral studies!RestorationMovement.My 2)dreamvacationwouldbetotraveltoasecludedbeachand spend time readingintheHebrewPoeticalbooks.My main academic interests consist of the broad intersections between poverty,homelessness, and incarceration. Recently, I've also attempted to learn more about low-3) My dream vacation would be to travel to a secluded beachn thechurchsand,enjoyingtheespeciallysun.3) movementsI’d lovetooftravelto includingItaly,to visitthe Florenceand spend time reading on the sand, enjoying the sun.simplicity,the RestorationMovement.3) I'dCathedral!love to travel to Italy, especially to visit the Florence Cathedral!Ashley Buchanan1) I just graduated from TCUin May with a BA in Religionwith minors in Classical Studies,Sociology, and Creative writing.I am a Nashville native whois seeking ordination with theCCDOC in Tennessee andEmma Gautneycurrently pursuing my Masterof Divinitywith1)My name is Emma Gautney. I am from KansasCity, MO.I am(possible)currently getting myMasters in Theological Studies, hoping to concentrationsconcentrate in both inReligion,Gender andprison/carceralSexuality, and Mediterranean and Near EasternStudies.My dream is to be a the Hebrew Poetical books.Matthew Capestro1) My home city isJefferson City, Missouri.My undergraduate workwas at Westminster Collegewhere I majored in religiousstudies, philosophy, andsociology (human servicestrack). Currently, I am adual Master of Divinity andCommunity Developmentand Action (M.Ed.) candidate.My undergraduate research focused on the impact of2) My passions include writing and camp. I love being able to homonegative theologies on individuals who identify assee people through the words they write down and while they LGBTQIA , specifically looking at increased rates of suicideare getting slapped with shaving cream to the face- both show and other mental and emotional scars that emerge fromshley Buchananour truest forms. Theologically, though, I am passionate about harmful teachings within the church.showing the sacredness that lies within all of us and being ableCapestroto remind people that ALL people- particularly those who areMatthew2) I ampassionate about continuing this academic focus at1) I incarceratedjust graduatedfromin Maywith a1)MyBAinReligionminorsin Classicalare deservingof loveTCUand worthyof service.Vanderbiltso that I canwithcultivateways to participatein changehome city is Jefferson City, Missouri. My undergraduate work was at amCollegewhereINashvillemajored in religiousstudies,whophilosophy,and sociology (human ativeisseeking3) Dream vacationas of now isandgettingto go spend y, I am a dual Master of Divinity and Community Development andmy Oma and other family in Humboldt County, CA. The (M.Ed.) candidate. My undergraduate research focused on the impact of homoneordinationin Tennesseecurrentlypursuingmy MasterRedwoods therewithhold athespecialCCDOCplace in my heartso being abletheologies3)andMy idualswhoidentifyLGBTQIA ,withspecificallylookingat increato be around them for an extended period of time would be thatis temergefromDivinityprison/carceralstudies and chaplaincy.dream comewithtrue. (possible) concentrations inDolly withinParton!teachingsthe passionatecontinuingthis academicfocusat Vanderbilt so that I ca2) My passions include writing and camp. 2)I Ilovebeingaboutableto seepeoplethroughcultivate ways to participate in change after graduation.ContinuedOutsideonofpagemy andcats.the words they write down and while theyare getting slapped with shaving cream3)My dream vacation would be Dollywood with friends, to include both a concertdiscipleshousevandy.orgto meet the legend though,that is Dolly Parton!to the face- both show our truest forms.gettingTheologically,I am passionate2about showing the sacredness that lies within all of us and being able to remind

love love stories, dancing, video production, going to the movies, trying out newritual practices, and listening to podcasts about people's life-changing experiences.would go to Geneva, Switzerland! I have always dreamed of going there ever since Iw the pictures of my parents 'delayed honeymoon', seven or eight years after theirdding!Meet the New Students (continued)Sheri ChambersRobert Kell1) I’m from Cleveland, OH butI’ve lived in Nashville for the past8 years. I’m on the M.Div trackwith many concentrations inmind, and right now, the plan iscontinue on to a PhD.1) Robert Kell is from Marion,Virginia. He is a M.T.S studentconcentrating in Religion andEconomic Justice. He is also afellow with the Wendland-CookProgram in Religion and Justice.2) Outside of faith and social2) He is passionate aboutjustice, I’m passionate aboutAppalachia and social justice.Robert Kellfriendships/community, blackculturehistory,livinginto in Religion1) Robert Kell is from Marion, Virginia.He isanda M.T.Sstudentconcentratingpettiness.3)ReligionHis dream vacation is always a little getaway to Newand Economic Justice. He is also amyfellowwith the Wendland-Cook Program inOrleans.and Justice.2) Hepassionateabout Appalachiasocialjustice. or the3)Myis dreamvacationwould beandCabo,Cancun3) His dreamIslands.vacation is always a little getaway to New Orleans.Caribbeaneri ChambersJemma Suwa1) I am a first-year MTS studentfrom Nigeria, but I plan to switchRobertKellto the M.Div! TheconcentrationsI am interested in are: BlackReligion and Culture Studies,1) Robertand Global Christianitiesand Kell is from Marion, Virginia. He is a M.T.S student concInterreligious Encounters.Iand EconomicJustice. He is also a fellow with the Wendland-Cooam doing the dual degreeandJustice.program with Peabody College(Community Development2) He is andpassionate about Appalachia and social justice.Action).3) His dream vacation is always a little getaway to New Orleans.JemmaSuwa2)I lovelove stories, dancing, video production, going to themovies, trying out new spiritual practices, and listening toYears I’mgatheredfor a photo to celebrate their first few weeks at VDS!1)I am a first-yearMTSstudentfromNigeria,but I plan to switchto theM.Div!Them from podcastsCleveland,butI’velivedin experiences.Nashvillefor thepast8Firstyears.on theaboutOHpeople’slife-changinginterested in are: Black Religion and Culture Studies, and GlobalDiv trackconcentrationswith manyI amconcentrationsin mind, and right now, the plan is continue on toChristianities and Interreligious Encounters. I am doing the dual degree program with3)I wouldgo to(CommunityGeneva, Switzerland!I havealways dreamedhD.PeabodyCollegeDevelopment andAction).of goingthereandever socialsince I sawthe picturesof my parents2) Outsideof faithjustice,I’m passionateabout friendships/community,‘delayed honeymoon’, seven or eight years after their wedding! First Years gathered for a photo to celebrate their first few weeks at VDS!black culture and history, living into my pettiness.3) My dream vacation would be Cabo, Cancun or the Caribbean Islands.**Not pictured is one of our new DDH residents is Mediatrix Kisienya who is a first**Notpictured is one of our new DDH residents is Mediatrixyear MDivstudent.*Kisienya who is a first year MDiv student.*The House community gathered to talk about what they wanted to thisintentional community to look like for this school year.discipleshousevandy.orgJemma Suwa3

Weekly hangouts build connectionsResident Led Group Activities:These are nights where students can pick anything they wantor are passionate about and host it for the rest of the DDHcommunity. So far this semester, we have had a card nightwhere a game of Phase 10 got a little crazy and Apples toApples helped us discover each other’s humor a little better.The following week a group went to an improve night at ThirdCoast Comedy Club where residents shared in laughs andcommunity building. Lastly (so far, there will be plenty moreto tell you about as the semester progresses). we channeledour inner “Bob Ross” at a painting night! These nights areabout connecting with our community and having a time tobreak away from the high demands of class, work, and otherobligations we may have during the rest of the week.Practice of Ministry Program focuses on Sacred Practice this FallThe Practice of Ministry program is a six-semester seriesthat will prepare students for a variety of ministry settings bylearning about sacred practice, community practice, missionalchurch and non-profit work, administrative practice, teachingand learning, and personal spiritual practice. If you would liketo lend your experience and expertise to our conversations,contact Interim Dean Beth Pattillo and let her know of yourinterest. We are able to ‘skype’ in participants outside ofNashville!Students gathered for a Practice of Ministry night to learn how to baptize! Pictured here with Rev. Dr. Clay Stauffer at Woodmont ChristianChurch in Nashville.As part of our ongoing Practice of Ministry series, studentsthis fall are gathering on Monday evenings to learn about thesacred practices of ministry. Programs include baptism andchild dedication, hospital and hospice visitation, pastoral carein times of crisis, funerals, cultural competency in the pulpit,and more. We appreciate our many alums and former residents,as well as VDS faculty and staff, who are spending time inconversation with our students around this topics.Students learning about Dinner Church with Rev. Rachel Nance WoehlerStudents learning about Dinner Church with Rev. Rachel Nance WoehlerPage 6:We asked a few of our older DDH residents “What does the House mean to you?”and here are some of their responses that we wanted to share with you.“Someone (I can’t remember who- so sorry, someone) said recently that ‘Home iswhere someone is waiting for you.’ DDH is a place where you are waited for- whereyour presence is a gift, and your absence is noticed. Every Tuesday after DisciplesHistory, DDH waited in the hallway until everyone had finished talking to Mark(Miller-McLemore) so we could walk home together (or go to Happy Hour). DDHwaits until you have time to get groceries (together). DDH waits (and is still there)when your school-work-field-ed anxiety spiral has kept you away from spending anydiscipleshousevandy.org4

We asked a few of our returning DDH residents,“What does the House mean to you?“Someone (I can’t remember who- so sorry, someone) said recently that ‘Home is where someone is waitingfor you.’ DDH is a place where you are waited for- where your presence is a gift, and your absence is noticed.Every Tuesday after Disciples History, DDH waited in the hallway until everyone had finished talking to Mark(Miller-McLemore) so we could walk home together (or go to Happy Hour). DDH waits until you have timeto get groceries (together). DDH waits (and is still there) when your school-work-field-ed anxiety spiral haskept you away from spending any time outside of your room for a week and welcomes you back with joy andlove when you find them in the Common Room/the kitchen, the hill outside, sitting, together. DDH means Iam known and missed and loved and waited for. I know that finding rich, supportive community is not at allcommon or easy in graduate programs, and I will never get over what an incredible opportunity and blessingthis house is for so many who are able to experience it.” – Erin Perry, MDiv2DDH residents gather to sing hymns together in the Common RoomA few of our second years celebrate the first dayA fewofofclassourforsecondyears celebratethe 2019-2020school theyear!first dayof class for the 2019-2020 school year!“To me the DDH means I am not alone. Divinity is a hard journey of ups and downs, achievements and hardlearning moments, and it is easy to feel disconnected. The Disciples House provides me with the tools andsupport I need to get through it. At the DDH, I have found friends and colleagues to journey with, from latenight study sessions or theological discussions on a random Tuesday night to watching football and exploringNashville. The DDH has also connected me with alumni who have walked this walk and now provide guidance7: (putpictureabovetext,butfrom experience. They come alongside me and cheer me on through thePagestrugglesandcelebratewithmeinunder the “Alumni SAlumniSpotlight:Wearehopingtoconnect our DDH commmy successes. Living at DDH also comes with a daily reminder that the Disciples Church as a whole is withHouse! We want to give you updates on their ministries andme and supporting me. By helping me meet my needs of housing, tuition assistance, and often with food inare doing! Our first alumni spotlight is Cara CavanaughGilgthe community fridge, the Disciples of Christ denomination is quite literallynurturing and affirming me as IVanderbilt Divinity School in 2008!follow God’s call for my life.” – Samantha Copeland, MDiv2.discipleshousevandy.org5

Summer 2019 Photo Recap:Ordination and General Assembly!Please join us in welcoming the Reverend Luther Young who was ordained at New Covenant Christian Church inNashville, Tennessee on June 2, 2019!General Assembly in Des Moines, Iowa was a blast! Thankful for all the new connections, oldfriendships, and bountiful blessings that were harvested during our July gathering!Continued on page 7discipleshousevandy.org6

General Assembly in Des Moines (continued)discipleshousevandy.org7

Alumni SpotlightThe Rev. Cara Gilger is ordainedin the Christian Church (Disciplesof Christ). Her 15-year ministry hasspanned congregational ministry,small group ministries and campusministries focusing on spiritualformation and congregationalconnection. Cara is the editor of99 Prayers Your Church Needs butDoesn’t Know It Yet as well the newly released Prepare:An Advent Devotional.She also serves as a preacher and congregationalconsultant helping churches align their practices andstructures with their vision for how God is calling themto serve their community. In her personal time Cara is anuncoordinated fitness enthusiast. She enjoys reading andtraveling with her partner, Tim, and their two daughtersAdelaide and Everly as they work on their goal of hikingevery National Park. The Gilgers live in North Texas. Rev.Gilger received her bachelor’s degree from Texas ChristianUniversity and Master of Divinity from VanderbiltUniversity Divinity School.ev. Cara Gilger is ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Her 15ministry has spanned congregational ministry, small group ministries and campusies focusing on spiritual formation and congregational connection. Cara is theof 99 Prayers Your Church Needs but Doesn’t Know It Yet as well the newlyed Prepare: An Advent Devotional. She also serves as a preacher andegational consultant helping churches align their practices and structures withsion for how God is calling them to serve their community. In her personal times an uncoordinated fitness enthusiast. She enjoys reading and traveling with herr, Tim, and their two daughters Adelaide and Everly as they work on their goal ofevery National Park. The Gilgers live in North Texas. Rev. Gilger received herAs youcan seeandfromthe proceedingalone is worth 200/month!) And your giving means that ouror's degree from Texas ChristianUniversityMasterof Divinity pages,from dents receive the benefits of programming like our Practicesity Divinity School.From the Interim Deancontinues to thrive through this season ofof Ministry series or attendance at General Assembly with itschange.Communityabounds–messy,myriad opportunities.mer 2019 Photo Recap: Ordinations and General Assembly!vibrant, challenging, comforting, and, moste have these photos right under the taglines, spread out however you seeof all, uplifting. We can be proud of ourWe invite you to use the reply envelope enclosed or to donatestudents, alumni, friends, and staff who allonline at (via PayPal). Every giftwork together to make the Disciples Housemakes a difference in the lives of our students. Thank you fore join us in welcoming the ReverendYoungwhowas ordained at New all the ways in which you support the mission of the House. Wesuch aLutherrare andspecialplace.ant Christian Church in Nashville, Tennessee on June 2, 2019!hope that you will keep us continually in your prayers, just as youYour support of the Disciples House makes the next generationare continually in ours.of leadership possible. We are so thankful for all of you whogive so generously to the House. We know that our world andGrace and peace,our church are changing, but in the midst of uncertainty, I amconfident that our students hold the future of Christ’s workin their very capable hands. Your gifts to our annual fund givetuition assistance to students so that they don’t have to take outloans to pay for semester hours. Your financial support allows usto keep the Disciples House in repair and to underwrite the now Rev. Beth Pattillo (M.Div. ’90)enormous cost of living in Nashville. (One of our parking spotsInterim DeanFacebook: @ddhvanderbilt Instagram: @ddhvanderbilt Twitter: @DDH Vandydiscipleshousevandy.org8

DISCIPLES DIVINITY HOUSE @Vanderbilt Shaping outstanding ministers for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Our community gathered for a Back to School retreat during August! Fall 2019 As we are living fully into this first semester of the 2019-2020 school