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Address all correspondence to HEALTHCARE MARKETER’SEX CHANGE, LLC, P.O. Box 64, Verona, NJ 07044.The opinions expressed are those of the authorsand do not necessarily reflect the views or opinionsof the publisher, HEALTHCARE MARKETER’SEX CHANGE. Available by subscription: 36 for 12issues. Individual copies available at 4 each. Phone:973-744-9505. Email: [email protected] now, I hope everyone is sitting back having a nice cold beer or frozencolada and enjoying the arrival of summer. For us parents, after a long andbusy school year, it’s always nice to go at a more leisurely pace. Granted, juggling new camp and activity schedules can take some adjusting to and there’salways some required summer schoolwork. For the most part, though, we canbreathe easier and relax a little more.We’ve wrapped up a busy year for our family. For those of you who havefollowed Katie’s life from China until now, can you believe Katie is sixteen years old? We had ablast planning and throwing her sweet sixteen party I’ll tell you more about that in our Kids andFamily issue in September. I am in awe of how quickly my little girl has grown into a young lady.Soon she’ll be driving and I have to admit, I’m dreading it. Let me know if you have any tips onhow to get through that without pulling out your hair! Katie’s also been working regularly at thelocal ice cream store, which is great. Except trying to schedule some summer outings and a vacation have proven to be pretty difficult. Oh well, at least Maddie and I will be having some one-onone time together!As you get this issue of The Exchange, we will be heading for Hershey to see the band, OneDirection, the final piece of the birthday celebration. We actually had to get these tickets last July.Katie is really psyched. I’ll let you know how it goes. For sure we’ll get this one family getaway in.How about you? What are your plans for summer? If you haven’t already booked your fun,we’ve got some awesome ideas in this issue. Check it out! Heather Klose gives us some great tipsfor impromptu jaunts in the greater New York metropolitan area. Michael Franklin shares his volunteer passion as a diver at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey, along with his newsecond career as a masseuse. Elizabeth Milic takes us on a tour that’s sure to whet your appetite forfabulous food and sights found in and around Philly. And Kerri Fitzgerald heads us in the direction of the Jersey Shore for an up-close and inside view of Wildwood.For some summer sizzle right in your own backyard, we’ve got a host of recipes and tips for delicious seasonal dining. John Maillard fires up the grill with chicken and pork recipes that are sureto be finger-lickin’ good. Kate Zwizanski shares her favorite treats, including Pineapple Angel FoodFlag Cake. Maureen Reichert spills the beans on an easy summer side dish. And Tom Bishowinvites us to enjoy a carefree Maryland Crab Feast.Finally, congratulations to Eve Dryer, the winner of the 2013 HBA STAR (Strategic Transformation Achievement Recognition). We’re delighted to have her participating in this month’s PersonalExchange.Please let us know if you have a gathering, getaway, or recipe you’d like to share. We’d love tohave it.Happy Summer!Don’t forget to download our Digital Edition on the first ofeach month at JOIN THE FUN WITH OUR KIDS FAMILY ISSUE!Share your most memorable stories – funny, moving, or meaningful – about your kids orgrandkids, your nieces or nephews! Send us your best tips and ideas for family fun. Anddon’t forget pictures! Recipes Bragging Rights Kid Tips Best/Worst Vacationsand Adventures Quotable Quips Family Photos Birth and WeddingAnnouncements Kid KontributionsQuestions? 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She can be reached at [email protected] Communications has announced the appointment of Heather Cunningham as Vice President, Account Group Supervisor, Olivia Ganguzzaas Account Group Supervisor, Trudy Chiavelli as Senior Account Executive, Gianna Esposito as Account Executive, and Diana Rogers as GroupCopy Supervisor. They can be reached at 973-292-8400.New & NoteworthyAwards MergersArbor Pharmaceuticals has received FDA approval for Nymalize (nimodipine)oral solution. Nymalize was previously granted orphan designation, whichprovides seven years of market exclusivity. Nymalize is the first and onlynimodipine oral solution indicated for the improvent of neurological outcome in adult patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH).Bayer Pharmaceuticals has received FDA approval for Xofigo (radium Ra223 dichloride) to treat men with symptomatic late-stage (metastatic)castration-resistant prostate cancer that has spread to bones but not toother organs. It is intended for men whose cancer has spread after receiving medical or surgical therapy to lower testosterone.bryantBrown Healthcare introduces Targeted Point-of-Care Promotions tohelp law firms connect more directly with patients and caregivers. Formore information, visit   T H E E X C H A N G E     w w w . H M E x c h a n g e . c o mDMW Direct has announced that Linda Armstrong, Executive Vice President and Insurance Practice Leader, has been awarded the PhiladelphiaDirect Marketing Association’s (PDMA) Lifetime Achievement Award.Excitant Healthcare Advertising took home four 2013 Dx Creative Communication Awards from the Diganostic Marketing Association. All of thesewins were in the “greater than 100 million” grouping, which is how theDxMA structures their category grouping, based on the manufacturer’ssales revenue. For more information, visit has received FDA approval for Mekinist (trametinib) asa single-agent oral treatment for unresectable or metastatic melanomain adult patients with BRAF V600E or V600K mutations. Mekinist is notindicated for the treatment of patients who have received a prior BRAFinhibitor therapy. The mutation must be detected by an FDA-approvedtest, such as the companion diagnostic assay from bioMerieux S.A.,THxID -BRAF.GlaxoSmithKline also received FDA approval for Tafinlar (dabrafenib).Tafinlar is indicated as a single-agent oral treatment for unresectablemelanoma (melanoma that cannot be removed by surgery) or metastaticmelanoma (melanoma which has spread to other parts of the body) inadult patients with BRAF V600E mutation. Tafinlar is not indicated for thetreatment of patients with wild-type BRAF melanoma. The mutation mustbe detected by an FDA-approved test, such as the companion diagnosticassay from bioMérieux S.A., THxID -BRAF.Harborside Press has recently launched The ASCO Post Evening News, adaily news email report from the trusted editorial team of The ASCOPost. It offers ASCO members and readers of The ASCO Post professionalviewpoints on the day’s oncology news. For advertising information andspecial launch packages, please contact Leslie Dubin at [email protected] Incorporated has taken home three awards in the annual competitionof the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE). Forfurther information, visit Advisors announce the launch of a new Marketing Advisory Practice designed to provide decision support to pharmaceutical marketingleaders. The Marketing Advisory Practice platform offers comprehensive,customized insights in three critical areas: Marketing Leadership & BrandManagement, Marketing Processes, and Centers of Excellence & Functional Support. 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Second Careers and Self-EmploymentMichael Franklinne of the perks of being self-employed is having someflexibility in scheduling and defining work hours. So,while it isn’t unusual for me to be at my desk on somedays at 7 a.m., my job allows me to take every other Thursday off to serve as a volunteer diver at Adventure Aquariumin Camden, NJ ( started scuba diving back in the days of the TV showSea Hunt starring Lloyd Bridges (for those of you old enoughto remember). It has become my passion and I have had theopportunity to spendc o u n t less hoursu n d e rthe seain exoticlocations.I am veryfortunatemy wife,Barbara,e n j o y sdiving asEye to eye with sea turtles.much asI do. I also teach scuba part-time at a local dive shop andnever cease to enjoy the sheer joy of new students whenthey first breathe underwater.My involvement with the Aquarium started when Barbara saw an article in 1998 about their volunteer program inThe NJ Star-Ledger. She commented, “This is something youmight enjoy!” Boy, was she correct.A DAY AT THE AQUARIUMI have been making this 200-mile round-trip commutenow for 15 years. Days at the Aquarium are full and responsibilities varied. A typical day starts with preparing food forthe 1,500 or so creatures that inhabit the 700,000-gallonOcean Realm tank – enormous sea turtles, a variety of sharks,including hammerheads, silkies, and zebra sharks, stingraysof all varieties, some with wing spans of 12 feet, along withnumerous fish that are found in the Atlantic Ocean.We are also responsible for tank maintenance, doingchores that I participate in begrudgingly at home. Yes, I dowindows – such as cleaning the movie-screen-sized viewingwindows; the largest one weighs as much as two full-grownelephants (or 40,000 pounds for those of you who haven’tweighed a full-grown elephant lately). This window is heldin place only by water pressure – picture the fable of thelittle Dutch boy who saved the day by keeping his finger inthe dike. I also use a special underwater vacuum to clean thegravel that lines the bottom of the tank.By far, what keeps me coming back for more is theopportunity to interact with the visitors. Donning a full-facemask that includes both a microphone and ear pods, weconduct shows in an auditorium that holds over 500 guests.6   T H E E X C H A N G E     w w w . H M E x c h a n g e . c o mKids are mesmerized by divers swimming in a tank surrounded by sharks, leading them to repeatedly ask, “Aren’tyou afraid you are going to be eaten by a shark?” All of asudden, eye contact is lost and I see their eyes drift to abovewhere I am hovering. Without having to look up, I sensethe large shadow just over my head – close enough thatif I reached up I could tickle the belly of one of the sharksgliding by effortlessly. I love my time at the aquarium. Andit’s clear from the happy faces and enthusiastic sounds ofdelight and awe that our visitors do too. So consider Adventure Aquarium for an awesome summer day trip. And besure and say hello if you happen to see me swimming withthe sharks!It’s AllAbout theReadersInternal medicine journals thatphysicians read* in all theformats they prefer. Be here!PARING DOWN ONE BUSINESS TO ADD A NEW ONEI’ve shifted my business gears to incorporate anotherpassion. After 40 years in pharmaceutical marketing, 30 ofwhich I served as principal of Franklin Communications, Idecided it was time for a change. While I still am personallyinvolved with serving my clients’ needs, some of my focus isnow on establishing my new career.I have completed the nine-month curriculum necessaryto become a Licensed Massage Therapist. (Fun factoid: Anyone offering a professional massage and not licensed can becharged with prostitution!) Talk about instant gratification!To me, nothing is more rewarding than having a client whocomes in with chronic pain, and leaves an hour later, inmost cases, pain free.Having started my career as a Registered Pharmacist, it’sprobably no surprise that I enjoy the “healing” aspect ofmassage therapy. I satisfy thisthrough my association withCornerstone Physical Therapyin Clark, New Jersey (http://w w w. c o r n e r s t o n e p t n j . c o m / ) .I make house calls throughanother aspect of my practice– Massage On Demand ( We offer Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, HotStone, Sports, and TherapeuticMassage.My new career still providesmany opportunities for me to keep in contact with all of thegreat people I have met in my healthcare marketing career.If you are ever looking for something healthful to offer as aservice, I welcome the opportunity to introduce you to thebenefits of massage therapy.Michael Franklin is Principal, Franklin Communications,973-644-4003, [email protected]; or at 201-2749387 for Massage On Demand,; or at Cornerstone Physical Therapy, 732-4994540, [email protected] U LY 2 0 1 3NEW: Ask about the ACP Digital Network – online, mobile, and e-mail April 2013An Official Publication of the American College of Physicians16 April 2013Annals of Internal MedicineVolume 158 Number 8Annals of Internal ed in 1927 by the American College of PhysiciansOriginal ResearchPatient-Centered Decision Making and Health Care Outcomes.An Observational Study573Weiner, Schwartz, Sharma, Binns-Calvey, Ashley, and othersShort-Term Outcomes of Screening Mammography Using Computer-AidedDetection. A Population-Based Study of Medicare Enrollees580Fenton, Xing, Elmore, Bang, Chen, Lindfors, and BaldwinOpportunistic Screening for Osteoporosis Using Abdominal ComputedTomography Scans Obtained for Other Indications588Pickhardt, Pooler, Lauder, Muñoz del Rio, Bruce, and BinkleyReviewsRisk Prediction Models for Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease.A Systematic Review596Tangri, Kitsios, Inker, Griffith, Naimark, Walker, and othersAD LIBITUM 633, 634LETTERS 635COMPLETE CONTENTS I-7Plus:Documenting painUse of Medications to Reduce Risk for Primary Breast Cancer:A Systematic Review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force604Nelson, Smith, Griffin, and FuUpdateUpdate in General Internal Medicine: Evidence Published in 2012p. 14615Rusk and CatoPosition PaperSickle cell disease p. 18Online Medical Professionalism: Patient and Public Relationships:Policy Statement From the American College of Physicians and theFederation of State Medical BoardsMaking EHRs workfor youp. 25620Farnan, Snyder Sulmasy, Worster, Chaudhry, and othersEditorialsContextualizing Patient-Centered Care to Fulfill Its Promise of BetterHealth Outcomes: Beyond Who, What, and Why628Aboumatar and CooperConventional Computed Tomography Imaging and Bone MineralDensity: Opportunistic Screening or “Incidentaloporosis”?NONPROFITUS POSTAGEPAIDMAILED FROMZIP 60440PERMIT 948Oby630Majumdar and LeslieOn Being a DoctorThe Racist Patient JainACP Journal Club632JC4-1The Best New Evidence for Patient Care Credible Influential Relevant Practical Clinical Essential ReadsContact: Kevin Bolum, Director, Advertising Sales at [email protected] or 215-351-2440Kenny Watkins at [email protected] or 973-785-4839ADS2035-A

PhillyFamily FuninbyElizabeth MilicIlove getting out of the regularroutine, so to me all day trips arepretty good. However, one of myfavorites is a family visit to Philadelphia. Not only is it a great cityto visit, full of kid-friendly fun, it’salso where two of my sisters live.PACKING UPThe perfect Philly getaway begins with a clear plan ofwhat we want to do before we leave. We pack up the car withour two kids, Vivi, age three, and Evelyn, one. The trip fromour home is about two hours away, but it’s not a bad ride.We have plenty of snacks, drinks, and good tunes. Listening to our favorite music makes the car ride go by quickly.The kids love Elizabeth Mitchell’s You Are My Flower (, a great folksysing-along, as well as lots of showtunes we are a show tune kindof family. Hairspray is always a topchoice!FAB FAVORITEScom/), originally opened in 1939 by brothers Danny andJoe and still family owned. Then we head back to my sisterMeghan’s apartment for some wine and antipasto. Anotherfood favorite is Steven Starr’s The Continental ( Fun and hip, with an upscalediner atmosphere, kids are welcome and they will be entertained by the SciFi décor.On my last trip, we visited the historic district of Manayunk (, just 15 minutes outside ofPhilly. As the website boasts – urban experience, small towncharm. This National Historic District sits along the SchuylkillRiver and the Manayunk Canal and Tow Path.There are lots of shops and restaurants and a killer bakery,Sweet Elizabeth’s Cakes (!Featured on the Cooking Channel’s Unique Eats, this bakerydishes up cake combinationslike Jam on the Yunk – ‘Wicked’Chocolate Cake, Raspberry Jam,Fresh Raspberries, and CreamCheese Icing, or ChocolateBacon – ‘Wicked’ Chocolate Cakewith crushed bacon, ChocolateGanache, Chocolate Buttercream,and Chocolate Covered Bacon.Since my sisters Meghan andKatie live in Philly, spendingtime with them is always part ofthe trip. My sister Katie plays forSLEEPOVERJust in case a day is notPhiladelphia Women’s Rugby, soenough and you want to findwe have gone to see them play ina place to lay your tired headthe fall along the Delaware the end of your busy PhillyWe also love to visit The Philaday, I recommend checking outdelphia Zoo, the nation’s first zooElizabeth with her family and friends overlooking the Delaware or (Philly skyline behind them).These two discount sites alwaysand Adventure Aquarium (http://seem to offer awesome Philly hotels at a good price. We’, see also Mike Franklin’s storytried the Hilton DoubleTree and enjoyed a relaxing stay withon page 6), across the Delaware in Camden, NJ.a beautiful view of Center City and their famous signatureWALKING TOURwarm chocolate chip cookies upon arrival.Philadelphia is a great walking city so it’s always fun towalk through the neighborhoods of South Philly. You cangrab a cheesesteak and have your own debate about whichis better – Pat’s or Geno’s ( or Rittenhouse Square is a fun placeto visit and walk around – you can stroll through the parkcomplete with reflecting pool and sculptures. You may catchan art fair, explore the flower market, or stretch out on thelawn to enjoy the shade and people watch. The Rittenhousearea also has lots of great stores if shopping is your thing,from Anthropologie to bookshops and sports stores.YUM!My favorite thing to do is walk around Philly’s 9th StreetItalian Market (, the oldest andlargest working outdoor market in the U.S. Here, we pickup some wonderful fresh cheeses, cured meat, and varietiesof delicious olives at Di Bruno Brothers (http://www.dibruno.8   T H E E X C H A N G E     w w w . H M E x c h a n g e . c o mFUTURE POSSIBILITIESThough we’ve visited Philly many times, there is alwaysmore on my list of what to do someday. With my kids, I’dlove to visit The Please Touch Museum ( and Sister Cities Park in Center City, wherethere is the splash pad fountain, perfect for play on a hot day.Without my kids, I would like to take a bus tour through thecity. The double-decker buses look like a blast and with allof the history around you – it’s guaranteed to be interesting.Philly also offers wonderful organized walking tours of thecity that I’d enjoy as well.I’m sure we’ll head for Philly again soon!Elizabeth Milic is Senior Media Planner, SSCG Media Group,220 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017. She can be reached [email protected] or 212-845-8170.J U LY 2 0 1 3NEJM is where doctors go for the best original researchin medicine. But it’s also where they go for practicalinformation to use in patient care.Over 90% of NEJM print and online subscribersread NEJM’s Clinical Review, Clinical Practice,Clinical Therapeutics and Clinical Problem-Solvingarticles.1From cardiologists to oncologists, physicians are morelikely to consider using NEJM in their work than othergeneral and specialty journals.2Find out how NEJM’s clinical relevance enhancesyour message. Contact your NEJM Sales Directoror email [email protected] iPerceptions Study, 2012; NEJM Editorial Satisfaction Study, 2010.Brand Funnel Study, 2010.

Welcome tonear the third pier, the beautiful lights can be seen frommiles away, but the best views are from on the boardwalk.One of the few boardwalks left with an operating tramcar, visitors will hear the familiar warning to “Watch thetram car, please,” as they wander the two miles of Wildwoodboardwalk. This summer, the Wildwood Tram Car will be celebrating 65 years of service!STAYING ACTIVEVenturing Down theShore for the SummerGbyKerri Fitzgeraldoing “down the shore” is one of the most excitingthings about growing up in New Jersey. For beach fans,excitement builds as you tick off exits, one by one,going south on the Garden State Parkway, knowing thatyou are getting closer to your destination. Each family hastheir favorite beach with established traditions to match.For my family, it has always been the Wildwoods – mymother spent summers there, my brother and I went askids, and now my family has a house there too.However, in October, New Jersey’s beloved shore wasone of the many areas on the East Coast rocked by the devastating Superstorm Sandy. Now that the storm has cleared,the shore holds an even dearer spot in ourhearts. Luckily, Wildwood fared much better than many of the other New Jerseybeaches, and, for that, I am grateful.If your beach of choice is stilldiligently rebuilding this summer and you’re looking for aNew Jersey beach adventure,Wildwood is poised to offera beautiful beach, fabulousfood, and a fun atmosphere.The Wildwood Crest Beach Pier at the south end of Wildwood offers early morning fitness classes, including Pilates,yoga, Zumba, and more (call 609-523-0202, for more information). In addition, the Wildwoods offer a number of bikerentals for very affordable prices. My family, friends, and Ilove to rent bikes in the morning and cruise down the emptyboardwalk and into North Wildwood to visit the HerefordInlet Lighthouse (, whichprovides beautiful views. More land and sea activities to keepyou busy during your visit include tennis and basketballcourts, fishing, boating, and parasailing.Free concerts are featured at the open-air theater at Centennial Park in Wildwood Crest that my family, friends, and Ifrequent often. Visit the website for more information to seethe entertainment that’s slated during your trip l-park).DINING FAVORITESThere are tons of delicious restaurants no matterwhat your price point may be. Our favoritehappy hour and dining spot is Beach CreekOyster Bar & Grill (500 West Hand Avenue; 609-522-1062; Anyone close to my familyand me knows that this place isa staple during our Wildwoodstays. There’s nothing betterthan enjoying the companyof friends and family on BeachCreek’s outdoor deck situatedon the bay with unbeatableBEACHES AND BOARDWALKSOne of the many greatsunsets and the smell of saltperks of Wildwood is its fivewater that hits you as a breezemiles of free beaches. That’sblows off the water. You resignyourself to the fact that in thisright, no beach passes or fees aremoment, life can’t get much better.required to enjoy a day of sand,Our all-time favorite breakfast locasun, and surf. The nearly one-miletion is undoubtedly Marvis Diner (4900walk from the boardwalk to the oceanPacific Avenue; 609-522-0550) where the linemay seem daunting to Wildwood newcomers,Enjoying Beach Creek’s outdoor deckis usually out the door on any given Saturdaybut it provides a nice little workout and it iswith family and friends.morning. Don’t let its popularity and resultingwhat undoubtedly saved Wildwood from maslong lines deter you! This isn’t just another Jersey diner. Thesive damage during Superstorm Sandy. Once you get to thechallah French toast is a crowd-pleaser and Marvis offers anwater, you’ll realize the walk is worth it.impressive and creative variety of pancakes.And, of course, what would a beach trip be without aMy family and I have enjoyed many seasons in Wildwood,stroll on the boardwalk? Wildwood’s boardwalk featuresand I recommend you give our favorite New Jersey beachplenty to eat, including Mack’s Pizza (arguably the bestspot a visit this summer. Welcome to Wildwood.Now watchsince 1953), and for dessert: Dairy Queen and Kohr Broththe tram car, please!ers

Excitant Healthcare Advertising took home four 2013 Dx Creative Commu-nication Awards from the Diganostic Marketing Association. All of these wins were in the “greater than 100 million” gr