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Citrix Worldwide Support Services GuideIntroductionAs a Citrix customer, we want to thank you for choosing our products and services.Our goal is to ensure your product success using Citrix Support Servicesresources and tools.This Support Services Guide provides an overview of the Citrix services andguidelines intended to maximize your Citrix investment by leveraging Citrix Supportand Maintenance as well as other Citrix Services such as Citrix Consulting andCitrix Education.This Guide replaces all prior versions of the Support Services Guide.Citrix may update the content of the Guide from time to time.2

Citrix Worldwide Support Services Guide3Table of ContentsDELIVERING CITRIX SUPPORT SERVICES. 4Scope of Citrix Technical Support Services.5Citrix Technical Support - Service Delivery Process.5Customer Roles. 7Roles within Citrix Support.8Performance of Basic Troubleshooting Steps. 10Contacting Citrix Technical Support. 11Lifecycle of a Support Case. 12Open a Support Case. 12Escalating a Support Case. 13Resolution Times and Response Times . 14Severity 1. 15Severity 2. 16Severity 3. 17Severity 4. 18CITRIX SUPPORT SERVICES PROGRAM TERMS AND GUIDELINES. 19WW Support Services Guide Program Rules & Terms. 20Priority Program Terms and Guidelines. 23Assigned Technical Account Manager. 23Scheduled Support. 25Response and Restoration Targets. 26Priority Program Terms & Guidelines.27Critical Situation Management and Root Cause Analysis. 28Priority Plus Customizable Elective Packages Program Terms and Guidelines. 29Customizable Elective Add-On Options. 29Technical Relationship Manager (TRM) Services. 31Additional Information. 33Customer Satisfaction and Feedback. 34General feedback . 34

Delivering CitrixSupport Services

Citrix Worldwide Support Services GuideScope of Citrix TechnicalSupport Servicesleads to increased first-time call resolution and customersatisfaction.Citrix Technical Support Services is an Industry recognized,Geographical Coverageaward-winning operation that takes you beyond the traditionalWith eight support centers around the world, cases areworld of break-fix. We have trained our team in critical-thinkingtransferred from one support center to the next, following-the-techniques that serve to provide a consistent approach tosun, to ensure cases are continually worked for rapid resolution.problem solving and faster problem resolution. We also offerconfiguration assistance, upgrade guidance and work with majorthird- parties to solve problems you may encounter – faster, andwith less interruption to your operation.We have eight Technical Support Centers around the globe andprovide you access to our technical experts by phone, weband chat.All other Citrix services related to product training and bestpractice advice on product usage, personalized design andimplementation assistance, upgrades or environment designand architecture configuration, are covered by Citrix ConsultingServices, Citrix Education or Partner Services.Citrix regions are defined as follows: Americas: North America, Latin America and the Caribbean EMEA: Europe, Middle East and Africa APJ: Asia Pacific JapanLanguage SupportAll services are primarily provided in the English language.Our technical support centers offer support in other languagesduring local business hours. Subject to availability, you mayrequest to be supported in a language other than English whenopening a support case. Our support centers offer support ineight languages, although we cannot guarantee availability:Citrix Technical Support - Service Delivery ProcessAmericas Our support engineers have certifications from industry English, Spanish, Portugueseleading technologies and products to help support your diverseenvironments, including the Citrix Certified Enterprise EngineerEMEA(CCEE), Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA), Microsoft English, French, German, SpanishCertified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Cisco CertifiedNetwork Professional (CCNP) and the AWS Certified Solutions Citrix continually invests in refining our support engineer’sskills and expanding their expertise through extensive trainingand certification programs. In addition, our technical supportengineers use remote support to quickly resolve complexissues using screen sharing, chat and other tools, whichAPJ English, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese5

Citrix Worldwide Support Services GuideCitrix Technical Support –Service Delivery Process(CONTINUED)Remote AssistanceSupport services are generally provided remotely, except whereexpressly indicated otherwise. Support is delivered based on thesupport services option you select.An incident may require multiple phone calls and offline researchdata collection, traces/dumps to achieve final resolution.In the event that you cannot provide remote access requestedby Citrix, we will continue to work the support case to the extentreasonably practicable.Please Note: If a support case is determined to be of a criticalnature, onsite support may be available on a case-by-case basisas determined by Citrix & the Customer. Please refer to thesection onsite support.24/7/365 Support24/7/365 support is provided based a customers selectedsupport package. See below for which support packages provide24/7/365 support.Note: Severity is determined jointly by the customer and Citrix.For more information on Severity Levels see the Resolution Timesand Response Times section.6Customer Success Services (CSS) CSS Select provides 24/7/365 for Severity 1 issues only. CSS Priority, Priority Plus or TRM receive 24/7/365 forSeverity 1 and Severity 2Appliance Maintenance Gold and Gold Plus provide 24/7/365 for Sev 1 cases only. Priority, Priority Plus or TRM with Gold, or TRM with Gold Plusare entitled to 24/7/365 for both Sev 1 and Sev 2.Note: Bronze and Silver provide business-hours support only.Engineering In instances where Citrix Technical Support determines thata code level modification to the product is required, we willengage the Product Development Team to provide such, inaccordance with Citrix Policy. There is no guarantee of resolutionfor all Support issues.Multi-vendor Coordination We will work with your other key partners to resolve problemsin a heterogeneous environment, if you have an appropriatesupport agreement in place with these vendors. In order toresolve a case, Citrix will engage with other supported productvendors to share diagnostic information and collaborate onfinding a solution.

Citrix Worldwide Support Services GuideCustomer RolesRenewal Contacts are assigned with certain rights within theAs a Support Services customer, it is important to understandthe following:the roles and responsibilities of the different contacts inyour company, such as technical contacts and contractadministration personnel.Technical ContactThe Technical Contact is the designated resource available toopen cases and work with the Citrix team while an issue is beinginvestigated.The Technical Contact may be responsible for but not limitedto support remediation (run debug tools, apply potential fixes/workarounds, etc.).Renewal ContactThe Renewal Contact is the designated primary administrativecontact regarding your support option. The Renewal Contactreceives notifications of renewals, price changes and otherimportant account updates. It is essential that you let us knowwhen the Renewal Contact of your company changes; otherwise,important notifications may not be received.Updating or Changing ContactsDuring the initial purchase or at renewal of a Support andMaintenance Agreement, if a contact person is not submitted, aRenewal Contact will be automatically assigned to your renewalmemberships based on the most frequent contact you haveregistered with Citrix.If you would like to change your designated Contacts, pleasecontact Citrix Customer Service to submit your contactchange tool and can perform actions such as Adding or removing a contact to the company contact profile Party ContactsYou may also choose to appoint a preferred Citrix reseller or anythird party named contact to act on your behalf. In this case,you must add the Partner/third party named contact to yourorganization record via can then have the third party contact use your Account/Org ID or Hardware Serial Number (in case of ApplianceMaintenance). The Partner/third contact may use the Account/Org ID or Hardware Serial Number and the associated supportsolely on your behalf. You will be solely liable to Citrix in the eventany Partner/third party fails to perform.It will be your responsibility to remove the Partner/third partyrecords (on from your organizationrecords if you no longer wish to have them act on your behalf.

Citrix Worldwide Support Services GuideRoles within Citrix SupportCitrix maintains eight Technical Support Centers throughout theworld with locations in every GEO, and support by phone and web.There are several roles within Citrix Technical Support and eachone can assist you in different ways.Customer ServiceThe Customer Service team is your first point of contact when youlog a case by phone, web and chat.First, they make sure your case is opened correctly in our systemand verify your entitlements.Once that has been done, the Subject Matter Expert (Software orHardware Support Engineer) troubleshoots your particular issueand begins working with you on a solution.Citrix Licensing Administrator-via Customer ServiceOur Licensing Administrators are available to assist you withlicense-related issues such as downloading or re-downloadinglicense files, allocation, re-allocation or returns. They can alsoadvise you on how to manage your licenses best in portal.These specialists are available via our Customer Service team (InAmericas, APJ) and via Licensing Support in EMEA.Software Support/ Hardware Support EngineersEngineers are specialized in a number of Citrix products andreside in one of our four product teams: Application Virtualization & VDI Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Networking File Sync & Sharing (EFSS)A Software or Hardware Support Engineer is responsible forresponding to and resolving complex customer problems byphone and web and using Citrix products for remote access.Technical Relationship Manager (TRM)The goal of a TRM is to minimize downtime exposure throughproactive advice by managing support requests through anassigned contact that is intimately familiar with your Citrixinfrastructure.For further details about the guidelines of the TRM service,please see the Technical Relationship Manager Terms andGuidelines section.8

Citrix Worldwide Support Services Guide9Roles within Citrix Support for Priorityand Priority PlusTechnical Account ManagerPriority Support EngineersCritical Situation ManagersAvailability: Business HoursAvailability: 24/7/365Availability: 24/7/365 Severity 1 IssuesYour assigned Support account manager’sAs a Priority customer, you’ll have fast-Having an assigned critical situationprimary role is to understand your criticaltrack access to our experienced Prioritymanager makes expediting your mostenvironment objectives, to help yousupport engineers whenever you need itimportant issues easier. In Severityoptimize your Citrix solutions, and toso we can help you resolve issues faster.1 situations, Priority critical situationserve as your principal point of contactwith Citrix.Our Priority support engineers will:Your Technical Account Manager will: Provide an elevated level of response Become familiar with your business ormission critical environment Review a success roadmap designedto lower complexity and risk, improvesupportability, increase adoption, andsimplify upgrades Assess your Citrix solutions in an effortto optimize and mitigate supportabilityrisks to solution reliability Conduct scheduled Environment andSuccess Plan progress reviews with you Manage reserved scheduledsupport for change events relatedto implementations, upgrades, andmigrations Upon request, provide root causeanalysis for severity one issues in aneffort to prevent critical problemsfrom reoccurring Serve as your technical advocatewithin Citrixwith priority routing, availableexclusively to Priority and PriorityPlus customers Accelerate issue diagnosis andresolution Provide a less than 15-minute initialtarget response time for all severity oneissues (less than 10 minutes target withPriority Plus) Provide scheduled support whenreserved for change events relatedto implementations, upgrades, andmigrationsmanagers are tasked with respondingwithin minutes, and restoring yourenvironment to operable within hours.Your remote critical situationmanager will: Manage Severity 1 issues from initiationthrough remediation, to restoration ofaccess Manage a less than six-hour restorationtarget for Severity 1 issues (less than 4hours target with Priority Plus) Prioritize resources to restore yourenvironment to operable Share incident status updates andaction plan for same

Citrix Worldwide Support Services GuideCustomer ResponsibilitiesPerformance of Basic Troubleshooting Steps10Procuring, Installing and Maintaining EquipmentBy signing up with Citrix Technical Support, you agree to allowCitrix Technical Support to access your facilities as reasonablyBefore contacting Citrix Technical Support with an issue, pleaserequired to find a solution to a reported problem and to performperform basic troubleshooting steps which can be found usingthe service required. It is your responsibility to procure, installour self-help resources listed below. These self-help resourcesand maintain all equipment, telephone lines, communicationscan help determine what problem you are experiencing andinterfaces and other hardware at your site.enhances the solution process.Knowledge CenterImplementation of Current UpdatesAs part of your agreement, you must implement all currentlyA database of articles and bulletins written by Citrixavailable updates to the licensed products in a timely manner;technical experts.otherwise, Citrix may deny you technical support for an issue.Product DocumentationIn certain instances, as mutually agreed upon to provideresolution to problems, customers may be required to sendA library of product documentation for Citrix solutions andCPU and peripherals to Citrix-designated locations for diagnosistechnologies.and testing.Support ForumsCustomers will ensure that no confidential or personal dataDiscussion forums where you can ask questions and get real-resides on the test answers from other customers.License ComplianceInsight ServicesAs part of your agreement, and to the extent permitted byA simple, online troubleshooting platform and health-checker forcompliance pursuant to the license compliance terms explainedyour Citrix environment.Available for Citrix Virtual Apps, formerly XenApp and CitrixDesktops (5.x and 7.x), formerly XenDesktop, Citrix ADC, formerlyNetScaler, Citrix Endpoint Management, formerly XenMobile, andCitrix Hypervisor, formerly XenServer.Performance of Problem Determination Activitiesand Resolution ActivitiesBy enrolling with Citrix Technical Support, your organizationagrees to cooperate with requests that support problemdetermination and resolution. Problem determination activitiesmay include network tracing, capturing error messages,collecting configuration information, and providing sampleversions of applications in order to facilitate in-house debugging.Problem resolution activities may include changing productconfigurations, installing new versions of software or newcomponents, or modifying processes. Failure to facilitate theseactivities will impact our ability to troubleshoot the issue and mayresult in your case being closed.applicable law, you agree to allow Citrix to audit licenseat: compliance.html. In the event you fail to allow Citrix to audit,Citrix may deny you technical support for an issue, as well aspursue its remedies for breach of your agreement.

Citrix Worldwide Support Services GuideContacting Citrix Technical SupportPlease refer to table below for how to contact support.You can reach us by Phone or Web to open a case.Customer Success Services customers can also try Live Chat.Contact Citrix Technical SupportPhoneWeb1. Dial the toll free number allocated to the countryyou are calling from Log in to Select language (if applicable)2. Select Create/View Support Cases underSupport and Maintenance3. Select the services option Technical Support3. Select My Support4. Select Support options4. Select Cases tabSelect “1” to enter an existing support casenumber or remain on the line for next agent5. Select New Case or search for a specific case5. Follow the instructionsIs this call during business hours?YESCall routes to Citrix Supportteam. Case is logged byengineer.YESCall routes automatically to anonline Citrix Support Center.NODo you have 24x7 coverage?Is this request during business hours?YESRequest routes to CitrixSupport team. Case is loggedby engineer.NODo you have 24x7 coverage?NOYESNOCall will route to voice mailbox.Engineer will respond to thecall the next day.Request routes automaticallyto an online Citrix SupportCenter.Request will be responded tothe next day.11

Citrix Worldwide Support Services GuideLifecycle of a Support CaseBelow are the steps followed to work your case as quickly andeffectively as possible.STEP 1Open a Support Case Contact Citrix to open a support case Customer Service verifies your support entitlement12After case closure, you may receive a survey to ensure your casewas worked to your satisfaction.Other reasons for closing a support case may include: You are not entitled to support from Citrix Technical Support No response has been received after several attempts tocontact youProgress of your Support CaseUpdatesSTEP 2Engagement with Software or HardwareTechnical Support TeamA Software or Hardware Support Engineer works with you toidentify the issue and begin troubleshooting.To review the progress of your case, please log in to Case SeverityThe case severity is determined mutually by the Support Engineerand the customer according to the severity description. Severitylevels will not increase once mutually established but may beThis may involve:reduced per Citrix’s reasonable discretion. Requesting more information, tracesSupport Case Closure Reproducing the issue Gaining remote access Requesting the installation of hotfixes or feature releaseupgrading to a new software version Implementing a workaround Testing a solution in a non-production environment Requesting to open a ticket with a third party vendorA Support Engineer may engage a Senior Engineer whennecessary. Once all action items have been completed, if theSupport Engineer cannot resolve the problem and no progressis made on the case, it may be transferred to the CitrixEscalation team. If the issue requires a code fix or code-level analysis, the CitrixEngineering team will be engagedSTEP 3Close a Support CaseBefore closing a support case, you will be asked to confirm thatthe issue has been worked to your satisfaction and that thesupport case can be closed.After the closure, a summary will be sent to you with a descriptionof the problem and the reason for closure or resolution.Your support case will be closed when it is resolved, no furthertroubleshooting is possible or you authorize the engineer inan e-mail to close the case. Your case will also be closed if nofeedback has been received by you within a specified time frame.Reopening a support case - You will have 30 days from thesupport case closure to reopen a request if necessary. If the 30days have lapsed, a new support case will be opened.Reassignment of the support case - In situations where yoursupport case needs to be re-assigned (e.g., holidays, sick leave,or escalation to a senior engineer or an engineer with additionalskills, etc.) you will be informed who to contact going forward.

Citrix Worldwide Support Services GuideEscalating a Support CaseEscalating Support Cases13When communicating with Citrix, please beprepared to provide the following information inorder to accelerate our response to you:Our goal in Citrix Technical Support is World Class Serviceand Support.Your support team will work with you through the life cycle ofyour case to ensure that the appropriate resources and level ofattention are focused towards a timely resolution of your issue(s).If you are not satisfied with your Technical Support experienceyou can raise the case to the attention of the Citrix TechnicalSupport Management Team.How do I Escalate the Visibility of a Support Caseto Management?To contact the Citrix Technical Support Management Team, takeany one of the following steps:Web – Customers can also raise a case to management attentionin the eService portal on a specific case –It notifies the internalcase manager and on call manager to review.Phone – Call one of our Technical Support Service Center phonenumbers and work directly with the support engineer assignedto your case to request further escalation, or simply request tospeak with the on-call manager. This is the recommended optionfor time-sensitive issues. Response: 1 hour (24/7/365)E-mail – Email your support engineer’s manager. The emailaddress is included in the support engineer’s email signature.Response: Same business day If you are unsure whom tocontact for a satisfaction or service quality issue, send emailto [email protected] Response: No later than nextbusiness day.General IssuesIf you are unsure whom to contact for a satisfaction or servicequality issue, send email to [email protected] – No later than the next business day. Case Number Business Impact Help us understand the impact of the issue to your currentproduction users and/or any project deadlines that may beadversely affected as a direct result of the ongoing issue(s)Summary A summary of your request and desired outcome (escalate;speak with a manager, etc.) Contact Information (If different from the contact noted in the existing case)What Happens after an Escalation Requestis Made?Once your request for escalation has been received, someonefrom the Citrix Management Team will acknowledge receipt ofyour request and contact you to communicate the next steps thatwill be taken to address your concerns.If your concern/issue requires extended engagement, a plan willbe discussed with you to bring these issues to resolution.

Citrix Worldwide Support Services GuideSupport CoverageSupport Coverage either 24/7/365 or Business Hours support isprovided based a customers selected support package.See below for which support packages provide 24/7/365 and/orAppliance Maintenance Gold and Gold Plus provide 24/7/365 for Sev 1 cases only. Priority, Priority Plus or TRM with Gold, or TRM with Gold Plusare entitled to 24/7/365 for both Sev 1 and Sev 2.Business Hours.Note: Bronze and Silver provide business-hours support only.Resolution Times and Response TimesBusiness Hours SupportCitrix Technical Support provides a range of targeted responsedepending on the urgency of your issue.We do not guarantee resolution times–with no exceptions–givenenvironmental nuances that can impact infrastructure products.For a complete list please refer to the tables on thefollowing page.Support CoverageAssistance with Severity 2 (site degradation) and all other issuesis available during local business hours, Monday-Friday excludinglocal public holidays.Americas Business Hours8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., local timeEMEA Business Hours8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., local time24/7/365 SupportAPAC Business Hours24/7/365 support is provided based a customers selected8:00 5:30 p.m., local timesupport package. See below for which support packages provide24/7/365 support.Japan Business HoursNote: Severity is determined jointly by the customer and Citrix.9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., local timeFor more information on Severity Levels see the Resolution Timesand Response Times section.Customer Success Services (CSS) CSS Select provides 24/7/365 for Severity 1 issues only. CSS Priority, Priority Plus or TRM receive 24/7/365 forSeverity 1 and Severity 214

Citrix Worldwide Support Services GuideEstimated Technical SupportResponse TimesSeverity 1Your production use of supported product is not functioning anda large portion of your organization’s operation is so severelyimpacted, your organization cannot reasonably operate.The operation is mission critical and the situation is anemergency. There is no viable workaround to the problem.Example All, or a substantial portion, of your Citrix solution, isunavailable-the system hangs; is not accessible; performanceis not tolerable. There is a high-risk sec

This Support Services Guide provides an overview of the Citrix services and guidelines intended to maximize your Citrix investment by leveraging Citrix Support and Maintenance as well as other Citrix Services such as Citrix Consulting and Citrix Education. This Guide replaces all prior