TechnicalPublications Z- 45 22ServiceManualSecond Edition, First PrintingPart No. 32960

Service Manual - Second EditionIntroduction ImportantRead, understand and obey the safety rules andoperating instructions in the Genie Z-45/22Operator's Manual before attempting anymaintenance or repair procedure.This service manual covers the Genie Z-45/222WD and 4WD models introduced in 1994.This manual provides detailed scheduledmaintenance information for the machine ownerand user. It also provides troubleshooting andrepair procedures for qualified serviceprofessionals.Genie North AmericaTelephone (206) 881-1800Toll Free in U.S.A. 800 536-1800Toll Free in Canada 800 426-8089Fax (206) 883-3475Genie EuropeTelephone (44) 0636-813943Fax (44) 0636-815270Basic mechanical, hydraulic and electrical skillsare required to perform most procedures.However, several procedures require specializedskills, tools, lifting equipment and a suitableworkshop. In these instances, we stronglyrecommend that maintenance and repair beperformed at a Genie dealer service center.Genie Industries has endeavored to deliver thehighest degree of accuracy possible. However,continuous improvement of our products is aGenie policy. Therefore product specifications aresubject to change without notice. Readers are encouraged to notify Genie of errorsand send in suggestions for improvement. Allcommunications will be carefully considered forfuture printings of this and other manuals. Pleasewrite to the technical publications team in care ofGenie Industries, PO Box 69, Redmond WA98073-0069 USA.If you have any questions, call Genie Industries.Copyright 1994 by Genie IndustriesSecond Edition:First Printing, August 1994Genie is a registered trademarkof Genie Industries Registered 2009987These machines comply withANSI/SIA 92.5-1992Printed on recycled paperPatents PendingPrinted in U.S.A.iiGenie Z-45/22Part No. 32960

Service Manual - Second EditionImportantVerify Correct ManualDo not read any further until youhave verified that this is thecorrect manual for this machine.Contact Genie Industries if youhave any questions.This manual covers the GenieZ-45/22 2WD and 4WD models produced fromMay 1994, starting with serial numberZ-45-001523.The serial number plate islocated under the engineside turntable cover. It issecured to the bulkheadnear the hydraulic pump.Use the Genie Z-45/22 Service Manual, FirstEdition, part number 29487, to service machinesnot covered in this second edition.Do not use thismanual with theGenie Z-45/22 DC,Bi-fuel, Tri-fuel, Dieseland Gas/LPG models.Compare turntablecover size and shape.Part No. 32960Genie Z-45/22iii

Service Manual - Second EditionThis page intentionally left blank.ivGenie Z-45/22Part No. 32960

Service Manual - Second EditionSection 1 - Safety RulesSafety RulesDangerFailure to obey the instructions and safety rules inthis manual, and the Genie Z-45/22 OperatingInstruction Manual will result in death or seriousinjury.Many of the hazards identified in the operatinginstruction manual are also safety hazards whenmaintenance and repair procedures areperformed.Do Not Perform MaintenanceUnless:You are trained and qualified to performmaintenance on this machine.You read, understand and obey:- manufacturer’s instructions and safety rules- employer’s safety rules and worksiteregulations- applicable governmental regulationsYou have the appropriate tools, liftingequipment and a suitable workshop.Part No. 32960Genie Z-45/22v

Service Manual - Second EditionSection 1 - Safety RulesSAFETY RULESPersonal SafetyWorkplace SafetyAny person working on or around a machine mustbe aware of all known safety hazards. Personalsafety and the continued safe operation of themachine should be your number one priority.Be sure to keep sparks, flames andlighted tobacco away from flammable andcombustible materials like battery gasesand engine fuels. Always have an approved fireextinguisher within easy reach.Read each procedure thoroughly. Thismanual and the decals, on the machine,use signal words to identify the following:Indicates the presence ofa hazard that will causedeath or serious injury.Be sure that all tools and working areasare properly maintained and ready foruse. Keep work surfaces clean and freeof debris that could get into machine componentsand cause damage.Indicates the presence ofa hazard that may causedeath or serious injury.Indicates the presence ofa hazard that will or maycause serious injury ordamage to the machine.Indicates specialoperation or maintenanceinformation.Be sure to wear protective eye wear andother protective clothing if the situationwarrants it.Be sure that your workshop or work areais properly ventilated and well lit.Be sure any forklift, overhead crane orother lifting or supporting device is fullycapable of supporting and stabilizing theweight to be lifted. Use only chains or straps thatare in good condition and of ample capacity.Be sure that fasteners intended for onetime use (i.e., cotter pins and self-lockingnuts) are not reused. These componentsmay fail if they are used a second time.Be aware of potential crushing hazardssuch as moving parts, free swinging orunsecured components, and lifting orplacing loads. Always wear approved steel-toedshoes.viGenie Z-45/22Be sure to properly dispose of old oil orother fluids. Use an approved container.Please be environmentally safe.Part No. 32960

Service Manual - Second EditionTable of ContentsIntroductionImportant Information . iiSection OneSafety RulesGeneral Safety Rules . iiiSection TwoSpecificationsMachine Specifications . 2 - 1Performance Specifications . 2 - 2Hydraulic Specifications . 2 - 2Ford LSG 423 Engine Specifications . 2 - 5Deutz F3L Engine Specifications . 2 - 7Section ThreeScheduled Maintenance InspectionsIntroduction . 3 - 1Table A . 3 - 2Table B . 3 - 3Table C . 3 - 5Table D . 3 - 6Maintenance Inspection Report . 3 - 7Section FourScheduled Maintenance ProceduresIntroduction . 4 - 1Part No. 32960A-1Inspect the Manuals . 4 - 2A-2Inspect the Decals and Placards . 4 - 2A-3Inspect for Damage, Loose or Missing Parts . 4 - 2A-4Check the Engine Oil Level . 4 - 3A-5Check the Engine Coolant Level - Gasoline/LPG Models . 4 - 3A-6Check for Fuel Leaks . 4 - 3A-7Check the Hydraulic Oil Level . 4 - 4A-8Check for Hydraulic Leaks . 4 - 4A-9Check Tire Pressure . 4 - 5Genie Z-45/22vii

Service Manual - Second EditionTABLE OF CONTENTSSection FourScheduled Maintenance Procedures, continuedA-10 Test the Platform and Ground Controls . 4 - 5A-11 Test Auxiliary Power Operation . 4 - 5A-12 Test the Tilt Level Sensor . 4 - 6A-13 Test the Limit Switches . 4 - 6A-14 Replace the Engine Oil and Filter - Gasoline/LPG Models . 4 - 8A-15 Change the Engine Air Filter . 4 - 10B-1Check the Engine Belt(s) . 4 - 11B-2Check the Radiator - Gasoline/LPG Models . 4 - 11B-3Check the Oil Cooler and Cooling Fins - Deutz Diesel Models . 4 - 11B-4Check the Exhaust System . 4 - 12B-5Check the Battery . 4 - 12B-6Check the Hydraulic Tank Filter Condition Indicator . 4 - 13B-7Inspect the Electrical Wiring . 4 - 13B-8Inspect the Tires and Wheels (including lug nut torque) . 4 - 14B-9Confirm Proper Brake Configuration . 4 - 14B-10 Check the Oil Level in the Torque Hubs . 4 - 15B-11 Check and Adjust the Engine Idle Mixture - Gasoline/LPG Models . 4 - 15B-12 Check and Adjust the Engine RPM . 4 - 15B-13 Test the Key Switch . 4 - 17B-14 Test the Emergency Stop Buttons . 4 - 18B-15 Test the Ground Control Override . 4 - 18B-16 Test the Oscillate Lock-out . 4 - 18B-17 Test Platform Self-leveling . 4 - 19B-18 Test the Service Horn . 4 - 19B-19 Test the Foot Switch . 4 - 20B-20 Test the Engine Idle Select . 4 - 20B-21 Test Fuel Select Operation - Gasoline/LPG Models . 4 - 21B-22 Test the Turntable Rotation Stop . 4 - 21iixGenie Z-45/22Part No. 32960

Service Manual - Second EditionTABLE OF CONTENTSSection FourScheduled Maintenance Procedures, continuedB-23 Test the Drive Enable System . 4 - 21B-24 Test the Drive Brakes . 4 - 22B-25 Test Drive Speed - Stowed Position . 4 - 23B-26 Test the Alarm Package (optional equipment) . 4 - 23B-27 Perform Hydraulic Oil Analysis . 4 - 24B-28 Replace the Engine Oil and Filter - Deutz Diesel Models . 4 - 24C-1Check the Primary Boom Wear Pads . 4 - 26C-2Check the Turntable Rotation Bearing Bolts . 4 - 26C-3Check the Free-wheel Feature . 4 - 27C-4Grease the Worm Drive Gear . 4 - 28C-5Replace the Torque Hub Oil . 4 - 29C-6Replace the Hydraulic Tank Filter . 4 - 29C-7Replace the Drive Loop Hydraulic Filter . 4 - 30C-8Replace the Diesel Fuel Filter . 4 - 30C-9Replace the Gasoline Fuel Filter . 4 - 31C-10 Replace the PCV Valve - Gasoline/LPG Models . 4 - 32C-11 Clean or Replace the Distributor Cap and Rotor - Gasoline/LPG Models . 4 - 32C-12 Replace the Spark Plugs - Gasoline/LPG Models . 4 - 33C-13 Check and Adjust the Air/Propane Mixture - Gasoline/LPG Models . 4 - 33C-14 Check and Adjust the Ignition Timing - Gasoline/LPG Models . 4 - 34C-15 Check the Engine Valve Clearances - Deutz Diesel Models . 4 - 34Part No. 32960D-1Test or Replace The Hydraulic Oil . 4 - 35D-2Change or Recondition the Engine Coolant .

Service Manual - Second Edition Important Verify Correct Manual Do not read any further until you have verified that this is the correct manual for this machine. Contact Genie Industries if you have any questions. iii This manual covers the Genie Z-45/22 2WD and 4WD models produced from May 1994, starting with serial number Z-45-001523.