The CatalystUnder-the-radar efforts help business hit its stride.Pa s c o H e r n a n d o J o b s a n d E d uc at i o n Pa r t n e r s h i p R e g i o n a l B o a r d , I n c .20 0 4 -20 05 A n n ua l R ep ort

Gregg Holloway, 2004-2005 ChairPasco Hernando Jobs and Education Partnership Regional Board, Inc.The Pasco Hernando Jobs and Education Partnership Regional Board, Inc., is a not-for-profit organizationthat administers federal and state workforce development and welfare reform programs. Its volunteerboard—35 business professionals, educators, community-based organizations, and labor and governmentrepresentatives—oversees Career Central’s efforts to meet area businesses’ needs with high-quality services,a skilled workforce, strategic labor market information,Pa g eand2 more.

From: The ChairmanRe: The Tipping PointTo use a familiar phrase, Pasco and Hernando counties have arrived at aTipping Point—a critical stage of transformation that will alter our communitieslike none before.Driving this transformation is population growth, now at an all-time high.Community leaders must simultaneously confront the issues that most regionshave the luxury of addressing over time—including land-use, educationalresources, transportation needs, and development priorities, among others.However, our biggest challenge is our ability to attract and build businesses thatsupport the burgeoning workforce.Fortunately, the collaboration so essential to commercial innovation is mucheasier among friends. With established private-public partnerships already inplace, our communities are well-positioned to meet the challenges ahead.This, specifically, is where we come in.Over the past year, the Pasco Hernando Jobs and Education Regional Board(PHJEPRB) has focused on, and dedicated resources to, serving our area businesses—particularly those within five key growth industries—by acting as acatalyst. Together with partner organizations, we work behind the scenes throughthe Career Central brand, providing crucial services to employers with a stake inour mutual success. We have made terrific progress this year, and are postured tocontinue over the coming year.I personally extend my thanks and appreciation for the dedication of ourboardmembers, and specifically to the Board’s CEO/President, Lee Ellzey. We havemade tremendous strides this year—and this report presents an overview of theadvancements we have made. As a committed catalyst for local business growth,“Our business is helping you make the most of yours.”“The Tipping Point is the moment ofcritical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.”Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping PointPa g e3

Fostering Success: One agency’s off-stage efforts playa leading role in building the local economy.Imagine keeping a job posted long after fi lling the position.One area law fi rm did just that after hiring a receptionistreferred to the fi rm by Career Central. “The candidates theyinterviewed were so well-qualified that they wanted to keepthat door open,” explains the firm’s Career Central BusinessServices representative. “They didn’t want topass up an opportunity [to hire an additionalemployee] who might come their way.”Throughout Pasco and Hernando counties,Career Central is earning a reputation as aresource for quality business services andinformation. As part of Workforce Florida’sstate-wide Employ Florida network, CareerCentral enjoys a high level of employercustomer satisfaction as measured by the AmericanCustomer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), a key economic indicatortracked by the Stephen M. Ross Business School at the Universityof Michigan.Ranking SatisfactionCompanyACSI ScoreFederal Express83Publix81Career Central76Target75BellSouth Corporation73Career Central CustomersEmployer Satisfaction76.22Job-Seeker Satisfaction70.39Pa g e4

Like the businesses it targets, Career CentralCareer Central’s fiverecognizes that customer satisfaction buildstarget industriesretention and—as a result—economic strength.include 4,278 employers,But fostering a diverse base of high-wagerepresenting nearly halfindustries with long-term potential is equallyof all area businesses andimportant.responsible for 46 percentof total payroll.With that in mind, Career Central staffanalyzed labor market data, survey data andgrowth projections to identify five “tier one”industries—business segments that not only offer maximumpotential for growth and related employment opportunities,but also foster economic progress. The five identified businesssectors are construction, manufacturing, healthcare, publicadministration, and professional services.Over the past year, Career Central has honed-in on the specificneeds of these crucial industries. Business Services reps areassigned to specific industries and charged with establishing keyrelationships and staying abreast of the latest developments. Theyattend industry events, network with leaders, and monitor theneeds of new and expanding businesses.As the public faceof Career Central,Business Servicesreps are out in thecommunity, makingone-on-one contactPasco-Hernando Employers Served2,1172004-2005 Performance MeasuresWIA Entered Employment Rate89.86%( 35%)Welfare Entered Employment Rate33.96%( 22%)with employers.They also communicate frequently with Career Central’sResource Room and Job Hub departments—ensuring qualifiedjob-candidates and guaranteed follow-up on industry-specificconcerns, particularly in these five crucial sectors.Pa g e5

The High FiveConstruction—Pasco-Hernando’s construction industry facesa record number of housing starts. As a result, masons, welders,carpenters, electricians and other tradespeople are in constantdemand. By helping businesses fi nd workers with specific skills,Career Central also helps to benefit area communities.Between 2003 and 2004, thenumber of area constructionrelated employers increasedby more than 400, averagemonthly employment-entrygrew from 10,200 to 12,100,and the average annual wageincreased by 975.“Not only is housing growth drivingemployment in construction,” explainsPHJEPRB’s Career Central liaison KenRuss, “but the industry is also elevatingthe standard of living in Pasco-Hernandoin general. With construction comesrevitalization.”To meet that demand, Career Central repsattend building association meetings, takenote of new and expanding construction companies, and provideongoing updates about available services, events and facilities.Healthcare—Our burgeoning population, along with a sizeableolder demographic and nationwide deficit in skilled healthcareworkers, makes healthcare one of the most important businesssectors that Career Central focuses upon. Hospitals, senior livingcenters, therapeutic facilities and other related operations offerclear career paths with correspondingopportunities for wage increases.A total of 52 job-seekers receivedhealthcare-related training thisCareer Central takes an as-neededyear: 21 RN’s, 30 LPN’s and oneapproach to meeting the needs ofsurgical technician. Of those,the healthcare industry, carefullymonitoring its nuances. For example,after hosting an industry “roundtable”some years back, it advised employersthat low-wages contributed greatlyPa g e6nearly half benefited from twospecial training grants—NursesNow, a regional workforceprogram, and HCA Cares.

to low retention. Career managers then set about building andupgrading job-seeker skills through training programs, andbusiness reps began conducting personalized “candidate matches”for specific healthcare positions.Pa g e7

Pa g e8

Manufacturing—As a longtime hotbed formanufacturing, Pasco-Hernando today boastsCareer Central announcedmany thriving operations in sectors such asthis year an exclusive hiringspace and aviation, construction, and high-agreement with Zephyrhillstech components. Career Central works withSpring Water Company—anentity of Nestle Watersthe Pasco Economic Development Council(PEDC) and the Hernando County Office ofNorth America and Pasco’ssecond largest privateBusiness Development (HCOBD) to assistsector employer (with amanufacturers looking to move or expandworkforce of approximatelytheir operations.450). The agreement covers“When businesses have questions about theboth production-line andlabor market, we provide that data throughmid-management positionsthe EDC’s,” explains Career Central’s Russ.“Right now at least 55 percent of our workforceand streamlines the hiringprocess via criteria reviewcommutes outside of the counties and wouldand applicant to work closer to home. [Manufacturers]are fi nding out the workforce is here.”Public Administration—Already a strong job sector, publicadministration is expected to burgeon in the years to come,as population growth places drives demand for civic andgovernment services.“I have a personalrelationship with arep who understands[my business]. That’swhere the value lies.”—Vector USAEmployers in this area offer a stable work environment, solid wages, and growth opportunity—notto mention a regular need for special services (suchas last year’s hurricane-related recovery efforts).In addition, busy human resource professionals inthis sector greatly appreciate the many time-saving benefits of working with Career Central.Professional Services—The fifth targetedindustry is professional services—businesses providing supportto other businesses, such as engineers, lawyers, accountants,communications and business supply operations.Pa g e9

Thanks to Career Central’s extensivedatabase, these employers have free“SAGE [assessment] lets us knowpeople can do the job, which helpsaccess to higher-skill candidateswithout the expense of advertising orheadhunter fees. In addition, Careersince they have a greater chance ofpassing our training class.”Central’s assessment tools help narrow—Sparton Electronicsthe field of candidates by pinpointingunique strengths.Team EffortsCareer Central works with its community partners to addressthese employer priorities. For example, by agreement with thePasco Economic Development Council,Career Central funded a full-time staffliaison to the business/manufacturingsectors. Based in PEDC’s headquarters,this liaison now facilitates employedworker training programs andcoordinates recruitment for expandingindustries and/or businesses interestedin relocating to the area.named an internal point person toserve as liaison with Hernando CountyOffice of Businessissues for business lookingat sites are the availabilityof trained or trainablelabor.”find a cost-effective way to recruitemployees. The new businesseswant an organization that helpsthem find the people and skillsneeded to operate. That’s when welean on Career Central. They areour workforce experts.”Career Central’s Business Services also“The two most important“Most companies want to be able to—Mike McHugh, director,Hernando County Office ofBusiness DevelopmentDevelopment. Bycollaborating with the two organizations,Career Central played an integral role inwelcoming to the area businesses such asHernando’s Top Line Automotive Engineering,now building a 168,000-sq. ft. facility at the—Fishkind & AssociatesRailPark near the Airport Industrial Park andwith an anticipated workforce of 150. In Pasco,Pa g e10

Florida Custom Mold, whichmanufactures components for theTo take advantage of unused trainingcomputer, aerospace and aviationfunds before fiscal-year end, Careerindustries, made a 3.25 millionCentral’s PEDC liaison Jennifer Fairchildmove to Odessa, bringing with itBorecky worked with the Florida150 additional jobs.Manufacturing Extension Partnershipand PHCC to sponsor Lean ManufacturingCareer Central also works closelyProcess Management training for 19with approved training providersworkers from eight area companies. “It’sto tailor and promote programsa great example of us working together,”that meet employers’ specificsays Jennifer. “Employers are starvingworkforce needs. For example,for this kind of inexpensive processPasco Hernando Communityimprovement information.”College’s (PHCC’s) Office ofProfessional Developmentand Corporate Training established both its supervisorytraining program, now in its fourth year, and its popular LeanManufacturing (Six Sigma) program to enhance the skills ofCareer Central employers. At Webster College, qualified traineescan take advantage of ongoing medical assistant and CertifiedNursing Assistant(CNA) programs, as well as other in-demandoccupational training. Working with these and other institutions,Career Central helps employers identify, build and maintain ahigh-quality workforce.Pa g e11

One of the most popular services is CareerCentral’s Business Advantage Seminarsand roundtable events. Business Advantageis a day-long overview of crucial factorsimpacting businesses—now and long-term.Career Central’s quarterlyBusiness Advantageseminars cover topics suchas recruitment, retention,assessment, tax incentives,Seminars cover topics such as recruitment,turnover, labor marketretention, assessment, tax incentives,information, and otherturnover, labor market information, andother timely topics. Roundtables, whichbegan in 2004, feature guest speakersfocused on timely topics, such as the minimum wage increase.From recruitment to training to labor market information, CareerCentral has become a clearinghouse for business informationand support. By facilitating team efforts designed to enhance ourmost dynamic industries, Career Central garnered above-averageperformance scores for more than half of its goals for 2004-2005.In the year ahead, Pasco Hernando Jobs and Education PartnershipRegional Board, Inc., will continue in its vital role as catalyst forbusiness growth and opportunity.Pa g e12timely topics.

Pasco HernandoJobs and Education Partnership Regional Board, Inc.2004-2005 Financial Performance:Total Revenues: 7,026,041Total Expenditures: 6,747,411Administrative Expenditures: 423,9476.3%Direct Program Expenditures: 6,323,46493.7%Pa g e13

Board Members:John BalestrieriAmsouth BankMark BarryArc Nature CoastEd BlommelTampa Electric Co.Don BurgherFlorida Insurance Brokers of Central FloridaDennis CallaghanElizabeth Callaghan*David DavisMark EarlHeather FiorentinoGregg HollowayDr. Katherine JohnsonEmile LaurinoRoseann LirianoRobert MaldunasCommissioner Jack MarianoMichael McHughJohn MistalDept. of Children & Families DistrictHernando Co. Health DepartmentExperience Works, Inc.Wal MartPasco County School DistrictPALL AeropowerPasco-Hernando Community CollegeCenter for IndependenceDept. of Children & FamiliesTeamsters Local #79Pasco Board of Co. CommissionersHernando Co. Office of Business DevelopmentAmerican Building Materials, Inc.Janice MonteroManpowerDenise O’BerryThe Small Business Edge Corp.Dennis PhillipsCertified Financial PlannerMaria RiscoSteve SaconeRobert SchenckLex SmithMary Jane StanleyW. Paul SullivanDr. Wendy TelloneJoan ThielMichelle TraceyKaren TurnerLarry UttClaire WalkerFrancine WardDr. Marc J. Yacht*Dept. of Education, Div. of Voc. Rehab., Area 4VLOCHernando Board of Co. CommissionersSuntrust BankPasco Economic Development CouncilManagement ConsultantHernando Co. School DistrictFirst American Title Ins Co.St. Leo UniversityPasco Co. Housing AuthorityWest Central Florida Federation of LaborWebster CollegeMid-Florida Community ServicesPasco Co. Health Dept.Pa g e14* ex-officio members

Pa g e15

Pasco HernandoJobs and Education PartnershipRegional Board, Inc.15588 Aviation Loop Dr.Brooksville, FL 34604Tel: 352.797.5781Fax: 352.797.5785www.pasco-hernando.comLee Ellzey, President/CEOCareer Forest Oaks Blvd.Spring Hill, FL 34606352.666.57006038 Gall Blvd.Zephyrhills, FL 33542813.780.01114440 Grand Blvd.New Port Richey, FL 34652727.816.1714member

year: 21 RN’s, 30 LPN’s and one surgical technician. Of those, nearly half benefi ted from two special training grants—Nurses Now, a regional workforce program, and HCA Cares. Between 2003 and 2004, the number of area construction-related employers increased by more than 400, ave