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Spectrum Abrasives and Spray Suites!!Specially Designed for Gel Coat with Unbeatable Prices!Loop back disc at adhesive back prices! 100 pieces for under 17/BoxPart #DescriptionPart#Loops Backed Discs 100/ BoxDescriptionLoops Backed Discs 100/ BoxS500P60V5” Loops Disc 60 GritS600P60V6” Loops Disc 60 GritS500P80V5” Loops Disc 80 GritS600P80V6” Loops Disc 80 GritS500P120V5” Loops Disc 120 GritS600P120V6” Loops Disc 120 GritS500P220V5” Loops Disc 220 GritS600P220V6” Loops Disc 220 GritS500P400V5” Loops Disc 400 GritS600P400V6” Loops Disc 400 GritS500P600V5” Loops Disc 600 GritS600P600V6” Loops Disc 600 GritS500P800V5” Loops Disc 800 GritS600P800V6” Loops Disc 800 GritS500P1000V5” Loops Disc 1000 GritS600P1000V6” Loops Disc 1000 GritLoops Backed Discs 100/ BoxLoops Backed Discs 100/ BoxS500P120V-8H5” Loops Disc 8 Holes 120 GritS600P120V-6H6” Loops Disc 6 Holes 120 GritS500P220V-8H5” Loops Disc 8 Holes 220 GritS600P220V-6H6” Loops Disc 6 Holes 220 GritS500P320V-8H5” Loops Disc 8 Holes 320 GritS600P320V-6H6” Loops Disc 6 Holes 320 GritS500P400V-8H5” Loops Disc 8 Holes 400 GritS600P400V-6H6” Loops Disc 6 Holes 400 GritS500P600V-8H5” Loops Disc 8 Holes 600 GritS600P600V-6H6” Loops Disc 6 Holes 600 GritS500P800V-8H5” Loops Disc 8 Holes 800 GritS600P800V-6H6” Loops Disc 6 Holes 800 GritS500P1000V-8H 5” Loops Disc 8 Holes 1000 GritS600P1000V-6H 6” Loops Disc 6 Holes 1000 GritPart #Part#DescriptionDescriptionHeavy Duty Waterproof PaperS12005VS12005Heavy Duty 5” (6”) Orbital SanderVacuum with Hose and BagHeavy Duty 5” (6”) Orbital SanderS900P240WS900P400WS900P600WS900P800WBunny Suites (Spray Suites)Based on SizeHigh quality breathable Micro-Porus suits with hoods,elastic waist, sleeves, ankles & zipperS900P1000WS900P1200W9” x 11” Waterproof Abrasive Paper240 Grit9” x 11” Waterproof Abrasive Paper400 Grit9” x 11” Waterproof Abrasive Paper600 Grit9” x 11” Waterproof Abrasive Paper800 Grit9” x 11” Waterproof Abrasive Paper1000 Grit9” x 11” Waterproof Abrasive Paper1200 Grit

Thank you for choosing Spectrum Color.Our state of the art color matching facility provides you with the best gel coat matches in the business. All colorsare grade A matches to over 15,000 factory standards. Located in the back of each catalog is a list of our activeboat manufactures and their telephone numbers, making it easy for you to identify the color with the factory beforeplacing an order. Listed below are our standard features offered to all dealers and repair facilities. Weappreciate your business and hope to have the opportunity to meet all of your gel coat needs in the future.Thank you again,Spectrum Color. Over 200 participating boat companies Guaranteed color matches-Spectrum Color guarantees all custom matches and allstocking colors will match the factory standard 48 hour turn around time on all stocking gel coat quarts and patch paste kits. 3-5 day turn around on all non-stocking colors and custom matches. East Coast Distribution Center: Located in St. Augustine, FL, providing 1-3 dayground service to the East Coast & Great Lakes. UPS ground, next day, second day, and third day air service, Fed Ex GroundService. UPS also offers Saturday and early AM delivery to some locations for anadditional 20.00 Fee. Custom Matches: Available in gallon sizes. All samples must be at least thesize of a quarter or larger. See table of contents for more information Standard UPS Ground Shipping: Anywhere within the continental United States. Online Ordering: at Technical Assistance Comprehensive accessory list and catalog Easy payment options and open accounts: Net 30, Visa, MasterCard, Discover &C.O.D. International Shipping: Overseas, Mexico and Canada Retail Packages: Patch Paste display racks and complete gel coat kits for do-ityourself repairs Drop Shipping: For you and your customer’s convenience

Table of ContentsA.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I.J.K.L.M.Resins & PuttiesGel Coat Additives, Patch Aid, Duratec, Surface Seal, & PVAStyrene, Catalyst, Pour Foam, Webbing Solution, & SealantsBuffing Compounds, Finishing Polish, Paste WaxBuffing/Finishing Pads & Cleaners, mat, Cloth, RovingMixing Buckets/Sticks, Safety EquipmentTapes, Brushes, RollersTint Adjustment Kits, Mixing Bases & PigmentsGibco Flexmold Non-Skid RepairGibco Flexmold Identification Chart ContinuedGibco Flexmold Identification Chart ContinuedGibco Flexmold Pattern PicturesSpectrum Abrasives & Spray SuitesGel Coat Color ListingPages 1-312 Gel Coat Color Listing in Alphabetical Orderby OEM Name, then listed by Years UsedReferencesN.O.P.Q.R.OEM Phone Directory A-COEM Phone Directory C-LOEM Phone Directory L-ROEM Phone Directory S-YOrder FormCustom MatchesA. All samples must be at least this size or largerwithout any blemishes (ie: cracks, chips, ect.).B. All matches are guaranteed to match the samplewithin a .5 β€œdelta E” or better.C. Call for more information. Allow 3-5 days turn around not includingshipping.Online Ordering: CustomerService: [email protected] Toll Free:800-754-5516 Toll Free Fax 800-253-1366

Spectrum Color Accessories ListLaminating Resin-GP ORTHOA general purpose orthopthalic bonding and laminating resin. Cures with surface tack for better bonding betweenlayers. Ideal for mold building and inexpensive laminating. Hazardous shipping fees apply for all 5 gallon pails.SizeF101600QQuartF101600GGallonF101600-5G5 GallonLaminating Resin-ISOAn isopthalic bonding and laminating resin. Cures with surface tack for better bonding between layers. Pro- videsbetter bonding, strength, and moister 700-5G5 GallonFinishing ResinSurface curing finishing resin. Cures without a tack for a hard sandable finished surface.SizeF101800QQuartF101800GGallonF101800-5G5 GallonVinyl Ester ResinExceptionally high physical properties including low water absorption rates, high strength and toughness values &heat distortion temperature.SizeF1064831GGallonF1064831-5G5 GallonsFairing Putty/Filler 50/50 Marine GradeHigh Strength polyester putty is used for bonding and fairing prior to gel coat application. Ground fiberglass fibersand high quality resin provide excellent surface preparations for marine 0-5G5 GallonPutty/FillerFiberglass strand reinforced promoted putty for structural repair and lonF256805G5 GallonMas Epoxies 5 to 1 ResinThese wood laminating systems are well suited for sealing wood surfaces, bonding applications, general marineconstruction/repair, and the cold molding process for fabricating wood and fiberglass 3-5G5 GallonMas Epoxies 5 to 1 HardnerSlow Hardner20 Minute Pot Life, 1.5 Hour Working Time at75 Degrees allonAFast Hardner12 Minute Pot Live, 1 Hour Working Time at75 Degrees FarenheitSizeF453005-P PintF453005-Q QuartF453005-G GallonOrder Online at www.spectrumcolor.comEmail: [email protected] or Call Toll Free: 800-754-5516

Patch AidA patching additive used to reduce the problem of halo marks and to improve thecure of the repairs so that buffing and polishing become an easier process. Patch Aidis available in three grades – slow for overnight and large area repair, fast for thesame day repair, and speed also for same day repair and is also required forArmorcote , and Armorflex . Low VOC gel coats require LVOC patch aid.Slow Patch AidGel Time 15-25 MinutesSand Time 6-8 HoursF301000-QF301000-GFast Patch AidQuartGallonGel Time 8-12 MinutesSand Time 45-60 MinutesF301001-PF301001-QF301001-GSpeed Patch el Time 5-8 MinutesSand Time 30-40 MinutesPintQuartGallonLVOC Patch AidGel Time 8-12 MinutesSand Time 46-60 Minutes*Specifically for use with Low VOC gel coats. Suggested mixing ratio 10-15%F301004-QQuartF301004-GGallonAshland Pro Patch Gel Time 5 MinutesSand Time 1-2 HoursF301005-QQuartF301005-GGallonDuratec ClearWhen mixed 50/50 in the final coat, produces a non-wax, tack free, high gloss finish.Hazardous shipping fees apply for gallons.SizeF801000QQuartF801000GGallonSurface SealA wax additive that produces a non-tack sandable finish when added to your finalcoat. Use 1 oz per quart of gel coat.SizeF30100311 ozF30100344 nyl Alcohol Mold Release is used to ensure a surface cure. Spray over wet gelcoat and wash off with warm water after gel coat is cured. The surface is ready tosand and rder Online at www.spectrumcolor.comEmail: [email protected] or Call Toll Free: 800-754-5516

Styrene MonomerA thinner used with gel coat, when spraying is the means of application. Do not reduce more than 20%.Styrene is not recommended for Armorcote , Armorfelx & Low VOC gel coats.SizeF302500QQuartCatalystMethyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide is a hardener for gel coats and other polyester resins. For gel coat,use 2% by volume or 2 tsp. per pint of gel coat.SizeF255000ΒΌ ozF25500011 ozF255000E2 ozWebbing SolutionMix 50/50 with gel coat and spray with a siphon cup gun. Keep the breakup air turned off and itwill lay out a pattern that looks like nPour FoamPolyurethane closed cell 2 lbs density. 2 quart kit will produce 2 cu. ft., 2 gallon kit will produce 8cu. ft.SizeF702040Q2 Quart KitF702041G2 Gallon KitF702042-5G10 Gallon KitCabosil/AirosilUsed to thicken gel coat or resin to provide non-sag coating or to turn gel coat into a paste. Mix50/50 to create a paste.SizeF111000Q2 QuartF111000G5 QuartF111000BG10 lb BagMarine Sealants/AdhesivesBostik 920 urethane. Paintable, flexible marine sealant. Good below the waterline. Excellentbonding to most surfaces. 10.3 oz.ColorF702025WSlow (4-6 Hours)WhiteF702025BSlow (4-6 Hours)BlackF702026WFast (90 Minutes)WhiteF702026BFast (90 Minutes)BlackBostik ChemCalk 1200 Silicone Sealant. Excellent high/low temp. resistance. Bonds well toglass, metal, plastic, fiberglass, and others. 10.3 oz. 4-6 tack free Order Online at www.spectrumcolor.comEmail: [email protected] or Call Toll Free: 800-754-5516

Aqua Blue 1000 Buffing CompoundA fast cut water based compound used to remove heavy and mild oxidation, deep scratches, scuff marks,blend lines & finishing gel coat repairs Use after 600 wet/dry sanding. Wax and silicone free sothe gel coat is not effected and pads won’t gum up.SizeSM25QQuartSM25GGallonSM255G5 Gallon PailAqua Blue 2000 Finishing CompoundA non-abrasive water based cleaner and polish for removing wet sanding and compound marks while producing a high gloss shine. Wax and silicone free and will not stain gel coat. Pads will not gum up.SizeSM35QQuartSM35GGallonSM355G5 Gallon Pail3M Finesse-it PolishThis polish is designed to remove minor scratches and light oxidation while producing a high glossβ€œwet look” finish on fiberglass and painted boats. Product contains no wax or silicone so it will notgum up your rotary buffer.SizeSM85GGallonSpectrum Color Gel Coat Buffing CompoundA medium duty, abrasive, ammoniated compound used to remove heavy and mild oxidation, deep scratches,scuff marks and blend lines. Use after 600 wet/dry sanding. Wax and silicone free so the gel coat is noteffected and pads won’t gum up.SizeSM20QQuartSM20GGallonSpectrum Color Gel Coat Finishing PolishA non-abrasive heavy duty lotion cleaner and polish for removing wet sanding and compound marks whileproducing a high gloss shine. Wax and silicone free and will not stain gel coat. Pads will not gum up.SizeSM30QQuartSM30GGallonCarnuba Paste WaxSpecially formulated with 75% high quality Brazilian Carnuba. This provides a mirror like finish that last longerthan other paste waxes. Designed for the marine environment. Easy to remove!SizeSM1016 oz CanDOrder Online at www.spectrumcolor.comEmail: [email protected] or Call Toll Free: 800-754-5516

Buffing Pads100% wool, 1 ½” pile, 7 ½” wide. Great for cutting, compounding, or polishing. Has a fused vinylbacking. Retains shape for the life of the pad. Has a looped back and is washable.SizeSM60EachPolishing & Waxing PadsSpin Brite 7 ½” yellow, wool, and synthetic twisted 4-ply yarn. For final finishing and polishing.Perfect balance and looped back. Washable in cold water.SizeSM70EachSpectrum Color Anti-Fogging Window, Mask, and Screen CleanerPrevents fogging on boat windows, radar scopes, fish finders, compasses, dive masks, mirrors,and many other things. Environmentally safe!Size82212Β½ oz Cloth822112 oz822148 oz82215Quart82216GallonFiberglass Mat, Cloth, and Roving (Weights are DF202006RLF202007RLSize.8 oz 38” by the yard.8 oz 38” roll 73 lbs.8 oz 50” roll 110 lbs1.5 oz 38” by the yard1.5 oz 38” roll 73 lbs1.5 oz 50” roll 97 2RLSize3.7 oz 50” by the yard3.7 oz 50” roll 125 yards6 oz 50” by the yard6 oz 38” roll 125 yards6 oz 50” roll 125 yardsRovingF202013YDF202014RLSize24 oz 38” by the yard24 oz 38” roll 85 lbsKnitted FabricF202015YDSize17 oz 38” /- 45 with mat by theyard17 oz 38” /- 45 with mat roll 114LbsF202016RLEOrder Online at www.spectrumcolor.comEmail: [email protected] or Call Toll Free: 800-754-5516

Mixing Sticks & Measuring Cups/BucketsTongue DepressorsF404002F404003Size25Box 500Mixing SticksF404000F404001Size25100Catalyst Dispenser with cc’s, ml’s, & ozF402008Size16 ozMeasuring Cups (graduated barium cc’s, ml’s & oz)F402000F402000/100F402001F402001/50Size3 oz each3 oz 100 pack16 oz each16 oz 50 packPlastic Graduated ize1 Quart each2.5 Quart each5 Quart each1 Quart Case (100)2.5 Quart Case (50)5 Quart Ca