versus { networks }NETWORK & APPLICATION AUTOMATION & ORCHESTRATIONDevOps vs.SecOps vs.NetOpsLow-code & Low-touchAutomation for Bridging theDevSecNetOps divideKey BenefitsEnterprise Application DeliveryController AutomationManaged Security Service ProviderPlatform Enterprise Role Based AccessControl (RBAC)Life-Cycle Management automationF5 Networks AutomationToolchain integrationAS3 template managementLow Code API-based automationintegration with your CI/CDpipelinesWAF Policy TuningSecurity Alert ManagementEnhanced Automated ReportingProactive Monitoring, Alerting andReporting Detailed centralized change auditlogsCustomized historical applicationperformance charts.Historical Alarm logs

JustADC F5 BIG-IP DataSheetFeaturesDistributed Automation ArchitectureVersus efficiently manages your instances whether located in any combination of on-premise, colocation or public and private cloud environments, as outlined in the following diagram:2

JustADC F5 BIG-IP DataSheetSingle-Panel-of-Glass Application ManagementYour business units and application owners can manage all their related applications froma single application canvas, whether located in any combination of on-premise, colocation or public and private cloud environments.From their canvas, they can view statistics and perform routine changes depending on theirassigned Role, including: TLS Certificate & Key management– set reminders, upload and apply renewedcertificates and keys.Pool Member maintenance – manage pool and member attributes.SNAT and persistence updates.WAF policy tuning o Review and take action on Learning suggestions.o Manage wildcard and explicit entities.o Apply false positive exceptions.o Review request logsUsers can group their entitled objects into applications and choose alerts they receive foreach application, as well as view historical graphs for bandwidth, connections and RTTgranular to pool member.3

JustADC F5 BIG-IP DataSheetThe ”Who, What, When and How” of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)As a Versus Administrator you can create roles to associate groups of users to theirrespective entitlements. Versus Network Automation utilizes a Who, What, When andHow methodology for Role-Based Access Control as illustrated in the menu snapshot. Who is entitled to access your BIG-IPenvironment? You can select the users toaccess your BIG-IPs -- local, remote or APIbased types of users. You can then creategroups of users of mixed types for theirroles. What are your users entitled to access?Select the BIG-IP items your user groupscan access by the entire device, tenant,application service 3 (AS3) template, orindividual virtual server. When can users access the entitledobjects? Here you create the individual orrecurring change windows that the groupsof users may access the system. How can users access the entitled objects?Here you create the roles that glues theVersus RBAC system together -- you selectthe who, what, and when items youcreated previously to create a granularrole.Declarative API automationVersus provides invaluable API hooks from your CI/CD pipeline into your application. Toachieve this Versus provides the source-of-truth for your application declarations -- you nolonger require programing your own chatty Restful code and imperative API models tomanage your application deployments. You simply send your declarations with the requiredupdates via API, and Versus handles the 'Rest'.Automated Life Cycle Management -- TMOS UpgradesVersus provides automated TMOS upgrades with sophisticated low-touch upgradeautomation. Have Versus handle the laborious technical details of the upgrades, such aspre- and post-status captures and comparisons and real-time log analysis) so your BIG-IP4

JustADC F5 BIG-IP DataSheetexperts can focus on communications and complex issues that may arise from theupgrades.Us ‘Versus’ BIG-IQAlthough centered on F5 (and NGINX) network automation, the Versus automationplatform is vendor agnostic. As such, Versus is committed to supporting numerous popularnetwork and security vendors to provide you and end-to-end automation framework foryour automation needs.Additionally, Versus has a streamlined customer-specific software lifecycle available tomeet any of your custom automation needs, within realistic lead-times at reasonable costs.The following table outlines the high-level comparison between BIG-IQ and VersusNetworks.FeatureVendor AgnosticCustomer-specific customizationsApplication Services 3 (AS3)template managementGranular RolesRemote user groupsSSO authenticationWAF policy management5BIG-IQVersus Networks

JustADC F5 BIG-IP DataSheet 5 experts can focus on communications and complex issues that may arise from the upgrades. Us ‘Versus’ BIG-IQ Although centered on F5 (and NGINX) network automation, the Versus automation platform is vendor agnostic. As