2011AllegroOwner’s ManualTiffin Motorhomes, Inc.105 2nd Street NWRed Bay, AL 35582 U.S.A.Phone: (256) 356-8661E-Mail: [email protected][20100731]

A L L E G R OO W N E R ’ SM A N U A L3VolumeTIFFIN MOTORHOMES, INC.105 2nd Street NW Ø Red Bay, Alabama 35582 U.S.A.AllegroOwner’s Manual

A L L E G R OO W N E R ’ SM A N U A LTIFFIN MOTORHOMES, INC.Allegro Owner’s Manual Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc.105 2nd Street NW, Red Bay, AL 35582 U.S.A.Telephone 256.356.8661 Facsimile 256.356.8219E-Mail: [email protected] of the features and appliances described in this manual may or may not be reflected in theactual motor home purchased, depending on the options and models selected by the motor-homeowner. All items, materials, instructions, and guidance described in this manual are as accurateas possible at the time of printing. However, because of Tiffin Motorhomes’ ongoing anddedicated commitment to excellence, improvement of Tiffin’s motor homes is a continuingprocess.Consequently, Tiffin Motorhomes reserves the right to make substitutions andimprovements in its makes and models of motor homes without prior notification. Substitutionsof comparable or better materials, finishes, appliances, instrumentation, and instruction may bemade at any time it is deemed prudent to provide the customer with the best possible motorhome meeting the customer’s requirements.Copyright 2003 by Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc. -- all rights reservedPrinted in the United States of America: Fourth U.S. Printing: November, 2004[20100731]

A L L E G R OO W N E R ’ SM A N U A LTable of ContentsChapter 1General InformationDelivery1-2Dealer Responsibilities1-2Customer Responsibilities1-2Tiffin Motorhomes Limited Warranty1-3Major Equipment Manufacturers1-3Warranty Service1-4Owner’s Information Package1-5Customer Relations1-5Specification Labels1-5Weighing Procedures for the Allegro1-7Weight Distribution of the Motor Home1-7Fire Safety2-8Fire Extinguisher2-8Smoke Detector2-9Emergency Exit Window2-9Parking Procedures2-10Towing Hitch2-10Chapter 3Heating & Air ConditioningChapter 2Driving & Safety InstructionsFurnace3-2Air-Conditioning System3-3Thermostatic Controls3-4Liquid Propane (LP) Tank3-4LP Tank Filling Practices3-5LP Gas Regulator3-6Carbon Monoxide/LP Gas Detector3-6Safety Considerations2-2General Warning2-2Prior to Departure2-3Driving2-4Major Appliances & AccessoriesFuels for the Motor Home2-5Refrigerator4-2Liquid Propane (LP) Gas System2-6Microwave/Convection Oven4-5LP Gas Regulator2-7Air Filtration Fan4-5LP Distribution System2-7Oven and (Optional) Cook-Top4-5TELEVISION SYSTEM OPERATION4-7Chapter 4Recommended Precautionary Practices 2-8ii

A L L E G R OO W N E R ’ SM A N U A LTelevision Antenna4-7Battery Inspection and Care7-3Tri-Pod Hookup4-8Battery Disconnect Panel7-5Television Sat. Dish Control (Optional)4-8120-Volt AC (VAC) Receptacles7-5Television Sets4-912-Volt DC (VDC) Receptacles7-6DVD Player (Optional)4-9Ground-Fault-Circuit Interrupt (GFCI)7-6AM/FM Stereo System4-9Converter7-7Cable & Telephone Jack4-10Electrical Generator7-7Water Heater4-10Automatic Transfer Switch7-8Water Heater Storage4-12Resettable Circuit Breakers7-8Pressure-Relief Valve4-12Fuse Blocks7-8Seven-Pin Towing Connector7-9CB Radio System Antenna Connection 4-12Triple Vision Camera Monitor System4-13Carbon Monoxide Detector4-15Chapter 8Slide-Out FeaturesChapter 5Cabinets & FurnitureSLIDE-OUT OVERVIEW8-2General Considerations8-2Cabinets5-2Operating Precautions8-3Furniture5-3Extending the Slide-Out Room8-3Bedroom Area5-5Retracting the Slide-Out Room8-3Manual Operation: Slide-Out Room8-4Chapter 6Chapter 9Structural FeaturesChassis Features6-2Alignment6-2Exterior FeaturesChapter 7Electrical FeaturesGeneral Information7-2Circuit-Breaker Boxes7-2Auxiliary Start Switch7-3iiiTowing Hitch9-2Exterior Sides9-2Security Lights9-2Roof & Ladder9-2Leveling System (Hydraulic)9-3Electric Steps9-5Mirrors9-6

A L L E G R OO W N E R ’ SM A N U A LChapter 12Chapter 10Construction FeaturesInterior FeaturesBedspread10-2Flooring10-2Ceiling10-2Window Treatments (Optional)10-3Construction Notes12-2Typical Floor Plan12-2Chapter 13Windows, Awnings, Vents &DoorsChapter 11Plumbing & Bath FeaturesWindows13-2Awnings (Optional)13-2FRESH WATER SYSTEM11-2Vents13-5Monitor Panel11-2Doors13-5Kitchen Sink11-2Bath, Sink, Shower & Accessories11-2Water Pump11-3City Water Connection11-3Filling the Fresh-Water Tank11-4Sanitizing11-5Water Heater Bypass System11-6Freshwater Lines11-6WASTE WATER SYSTEMS11-7General Information11-7Toilet11-7P-Traps11-7Black-Water Holding Tank11-8Gray-Water Holding Tank11-8Wastewater Disposal11-8Sewer Connection and Camping11-9No-Fuss Flush11-10Exterior Shower11-10Chapter 14Routine MaintenanceivEXTERIOR CARE14-2Washing14-2Waxing14-3Seals14-3Proper Sealants for Application14-4Striping and Decals14-4Roof Care and Maintenance14-5Moisture Management14-5RV Finish Maintenance14-10Tire and Tire Safety Information14-12Tire Pressure14-25INTERIOR CARE14-29Carpet14-29Fabrics14-30Walls and Ceiling14-31Dashboard14-31

A L L E G R OO W N E R ’ SWoodwork and rs14-32Condensation14-33ROUTINE MAINTENANCE SCHEDULES 14-33Monthly14-34Every Three Months14-34Every Six zing14-38Chapter 15Maintenance & Data ChartsMotor Home Owner’s Data Sheet15-2Motor Home Maintenance Record15-3Motor Home Maintenance Record15-4Motor Home Maintenance Record15-5Motor Home Maintenance Record15-6Motor Home Maintenance Record15-7Motor Home Maintenance Record15-8vM A N U A L


G E N E R A LI N F O R M A T I O NTiffin Motorhomes: “Wherever you go we go”DeliveryThroughout the entire manufacturing process your Tiffin motor home has been regularly inspected by ourqualified personnel to assure you of the finest product of the highest quality, without exception. However,the final inspection at our factory is not to be the last one. The pre-delivery inspection and system check thatyour dealer performs are the final inspections done to your particular motor home prior to your actuallyreceiving your new Allegro motor home. Your dealer is also available to assist you in understanding thewarranties and completing the necessary forms to activate the warranties for the various appliances andaccessories installed in your motor home.Dealer Responsibilities1. A pre-delivery inspection and systems check is performed to assure a thorough inspection of themotor home and to assure the proper operation of all factory-installed components.2. A customer walk-through is performed to familiarize the new customer with the motor home, itssystems and components, and their proper and safe operation.3. Delivery of the Owner’s Information Package which contains warranty cards and registrations forthe vehicle and all factory-installed components from other vendors and suppliers to TiffinMotorhomes. The detailed operation instructions and maintenance instructions on these componentsare also included in this package.4. Assisting the customer in completing the registration forms to avoid loss of warranty coverage. Thedealer should review the limited-warranty provisions with the customer to stress the importance ofcompleting the warranty cards and registration forms for the components in the motor home to enablethe manufacturers to receive them within the prescribed time limits.5. Providing the customer with information regarding warranty and non-warranty work on thevehicle and its separately warranted components.Customer ResponsibilitiesThe customer is responsible for regular and proper maintenance of the motor home. Properly maintainingyour motor home will prevent conditions arising from neglect that are not covered by your Tiffin Motorhomeslimited warranty. The maintenance guidelines in this manual and any other, applicable manual(s) should befollowed. It is your responsibility and obligation to return the vehicle to an authorized dealer for repairs andservice.To assist you in avoiding problems with your motor home, it is recommended that you do the following:1-2

G E N E R A LI N F O R M A T I O N1.Read the warranty. Go over it thoroughly with your dealer to make sure you understand allthe terms and conditions of the warranty.2.Inspect the motor home; do not accept delivery until after you have gone through the motorhome with the authorized Tiffin Motorhomes dealer. Ask questions about anything unfamiliarto you.3.Please ask questions about anything you don’t fully understand about your Allegro; TiffinMotorhomes is here to serve you and assure that you have all the information necessary foryour safe and enjoyable use of your new motor home.4.When you are taking delivery, set an appointment for adjustments. This appointmentshould be within two weeks after you accept delivery.5.You are responsible for and expected to use your Allegro in a responsible, safe manner.Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the proper operation of the motor home and allits features before you attempt to use your motor home.Tiffin Motorhomes Limited WarrantyThe Tiffin Motorhomes limited warranty was provided to you by your authorized Tiffin Motorhomesdealer during the pre-delivery inspection. When you inquire about your Tiffin Motorhomes warranty,please refer to this document.Should you need or desire an additional copy or other information, please contact:Tiffin Motorhomes, Incorporated105 2nd Street NWRed Bay, AL 35582 U.S.A.Telephone: (256) 356-8661; Facsimile: (256) 356-8219E-Mail: [email protected] Motorhomes will be pleased to send you an additional copy or any other information requested, as maybe warranted.Major Equipment ManufacturersThe following list is a compilation of the vendors and suppliers of the major subsystems and components ofyour Allegro. This list is provided for your convenience and is not meant as a complete substitution of theliterature and accompanying “how to contact us” information supplied by those vendors and suppliers in yourOwner’s Information Package [see below for particulars]. Where appropriate, web-site information is providedfor computer users.1-3

G E N E R A L Atwood Mobile ProductsI N F O R M A T I O N(800) 646-8557www.atwoodmobile.como LP Gas Water Heater (815) Denso Corporation(248) The Dometic Corporation(574) Flexsteel Industries(319) Kwikee(541) Norcold, Inc.(800) Onan Corporation(612) Panasonic Corporation(800) Power Gear(800) RV Products (Coleman A/C)(316) Saf-T-Alert (CO/LP Alarm)(800) Sharp Corporation(800) Suburban Manufacturing Co.(423) 775-2131www.suburbanmanufacturing.comFor those wishing more information (e.g., locations of authorized subsidiaries), the following web site, alist.htm, should be helpful. This site provides complete, alphabetic listings ofall suppliers and vendors for all contemporary recreational vehicles and motor homes.Warranty ServiceIf any warranty service may be required, that service needs to be completed during the warranty period (basicwarranty: 12 months or 12,000 miles). Tiffin Motorhomes provides a limited warranty on its unitizedconstruction for 10 years and its laminations for 5 years. Any service work performed after the expiration ofthe Tiffin Motorhomes warranties WILL NOT be covered by those warranties. Exceptions may be made, onan individual basis, to this deadline on account of the unavailability of parts and/or service appointment timewhere work is to be performed. However, don’t rely on the possibility of an exception; please schedule anydesired in-warranty work before your warranty expires.1-4

G E N E R A LI N F O R M A T I O NOwner’s Information PackageThe Owner’s Information Package (Figure 1-2) includes valuable documents about your Allegro and itscomponents and systems. By consulting the booklets and instructionmanuals included in the Owner’s Information Package, you will learnhow to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot these items safely andeffectively. The Tiffin Motorhomes Allegro Owner’s Guide does notcover every possible detail of equipment—standard and/or optional—installed on or in your vehicle.Figure 1-2. Owner’s Information PackageAs with all valuable documentation, please keep them in a safe, secureplace for your later use and consultation. Please complete the warrantyregistration form and return to Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc. within fiveworking days. A stamped copy will be returned to your for your records.Again, please keep this document in a safe, secure place for yourlater use and consultation.Customer RelationsIf you wish to schedule maintenance or service or wish to order parts, you should notify your local authorizedTiffin Motorhomes Dealership to set up an appointment. If you are unsure of the location of your nearest,authorized Tiffin Motorhomes Dealership; please access the Tiffin Motorhomes website and then click on the “Dealer Locater” button, then enter in the appropriatesearch criteria such as zip code and search radius or dealer name and state, then click on “Find Locations”—thedealer’s name, address, and telephone number will then be displayed for your use.Specification LabelsThere are two main numbers used to identify your Allegro. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is thelegal identification of the completed vehicle. The VIN is thenumber used by the state for vehicle identification and registration.Additionally, there is a Tiffin serial number (Figure 1-3). TheTiffin number is needed when you plan to make an appointmentfor service or order parts through your Tiffin MotorhomesDealership