Detailed DrawingsSingle Ply8.4-6424 Continuous Endlap DetailTPA-101 Roof Membrane Layout - WallTPA-102 Roof Membrane Layout - Coated MetalTPA-103 Roof Perimeter Fastening Plan Detail

Detailed DrawingsSingle PlyTPA-104 End Lap DetailTPA-105 T-Joint DetailTPA-108 Roof Perimeter Flashing DetailTPA-206 TremLock Fascia Edge Detail8.4-7

Detailed DrawingsSingle Ply8.4-8TPA-207 TremLine Edge Detail with ExtenderTPA-211 Gravel Stop WITH TPA Coated MetalTPA-213 Gravel Stop - TPA Coated Metal - IsometricTPA-220 Through Wall Scupper Detail

Detailed DrawingsSingle PlyTPA-221 Through Wall Scupper - IsometricTPA-222 Gravel Stop - Scupper DetailTPA-232 Gutter DetailTPA-301 Parapet Wall Flashing Detail8.4-9

Detailed DrawingsSingle Ply8.4-10TPA-303 Insulated Parapet Wall Flashing DetailTPA-304 High Parapet Wall Flashing DetailTPA-305 Parapet Wall Flashing DetailTPA-310 Wall Counterflashing Detail

Detailed DrawingsSingle PlyTPA-321 Door Threshold Flashing DetailTPA-325 TremLock Surface Mounted CounterflashingTPA-340 Base Flashing Butt Joint TPA Coated MetalTPA-402 Expansion Joint at Curb Detail8.4-11

Detailed DrawingsSingle Ply8.4-12TPA-403 Expansion Joint Wall Flashing DetailTPA-501 Curb Flashing Detail Using Coated MetalTPA-502 Curb Flashing DetailTPA-510 Drain Flashing Detail

Detailed DrawingsSingle PlyTPA-520 Prefabricated Vent Pipe Flashing DetailTPA-522 High-Temperature Pipe Flashing DetailTPA-523 I-Beam Flashing DetailTPA-525 Multiple Pipe Penetration Detail8.4-13

Detailed DrawingsSingle Ply8.4-14TPA-526 Pitch Pocket Flashing DetailTPA-530 Exposed Sleeper DetailTPA-531 Fixed Equipment Support DetailTPA-540 Curb Flashing Using TPA Membrane

Detailed DrawingsSingle PlyTPA-601 Valley Flashing DetailTPA-602 Ridge Flashing DetailTPA-611 Membrane Termination at Slope RoofTPA-621 Lightning Cable Support Strap Detail8.4-15

Detailed DrawingsSingle Ply8.4-16TPA-622 Lightning Rod Base DetailTPA-623 Wall Mounted Lightning Rod DetailFB-104 End Lap DetailFB-206 TremLock Fascia Edge Detail

Detailed DrawingsSingle PlyFB-207 TremLine Edge Detail with ExtenderFB-210 TPA Coated Metal Roof Edge DetailFB-211 TPA Coated Metal Gravel Stop EdgeFB-213 Gravel Stop - TPA Coated Metal - Isometric8.4-17

Detailed DrawingsSingle Ply8.4-18FB-220 Through Wall Scupper DetailFB-221 Through Wall Scupper - IsometricFB-222 Gravel Stop - ScupperFB-232 Roof Edge with Gutter

Detailed DrawingsSingle PlyFB-301 Parapet Wall Flashing DetailFB-303 Insulated Parapet Wall Flashing DetailFB-304 High Parapet Wall Flashing DetailFB-305 Parapet Wall Flashing Detail8.4-19

Detailed DrawingsSingle Ply8.4-20FB-310 Wall Counterflashing DetailFB-321 Door Threshold Flashing DetailFB-325 TremLock Surface Mounted CounterflashingFB-340 Base Flashing Butt Joint TPA Coated Metal

Detailed DrawingsSingle PlyFB-402 Expansion Joint at Curb DetailFB-403 Expansion Joint Wall Flashing DetailFB-501 Curb Flashing Using TPA Coated MetalFB-502 Curb Flashing Detail8.4-21

Detailed DrawingsSingle Ply8.4-22FB-511 Drain Flashing DetailFB-520 Prefabricated Vent Pipe FlashingFB-521 Two-Piece Pipe Flashing DetailFB-522 High-Temperature Pipe Flashing Detail

Detailed DrawingsSingle PlyFB-523 I-Beam Flashing DetailFB-526 Pitch Pocket Flashing DetailFB-530 Exposed SleeperFB-531 Fixed Equipment Support Detail8.4-23

Detailed DrawingsSingle Ply8.4-24FB-540 Curb Flashing Detail Using TPA MembraneFB-601 Valley Flashing DetailFB-602 Ridge Flashing DetailFB-611 Membrane Termination at Sloped Roof

Detailed DrawingsSingle PlyFB-621 Lighting Cable Support Strap DetailFB-622 Lightning Rod Base DetailFB-623 Wall Mounted Lighting Rod Detail8.4-25

Detailed Drawings Single Ply 424 Continuous Endlap Detail TPA-101 Roof Membrane Layout