Hawkeye – Active NetworkMonitoring PlatformProblem: Preventing Network Latency andEnsuring a Consistent User ExperienceNetwork services — such as voice over IP (VoIP),unified communications (e.g. Skype forBusiness), cloud migration of business services, andstreaming video — are critical to an organization’ssurvival in today’s highly competitive environment.However, bottlenecks, latency, Wi-Fi issues, andother hard-to-pinpoint network issues can seriouslycompromise a company’s network performance andbrand reputation. Network managers and operatorsneed a simple, reliable way to continuously verifynetwork performance and ensure hassle- freeapplication delivery.Solution: Proactively Monitor NetworkPerformance with Active MonitoringHawkeye quickly and effectively validates networkperformance, isolates problems, and proactively detectsissues by running scheduled verification tests on any siteusing wireline or wireless connections. Using acombination of hardware and software agents calledperformance endpoints, Hawkeye simulates applicationtraffic and sends key performance metrics to a centralconsole for fast action. The agents provide both remotesite end-user perspectives on network performance —offering network managers a proactive way to detect,diagnose, and fix issues. Measurements range fromnetwork quality to user experience, enabling networkoperators to improve overall uptime and detect networkperformance issues before they impact end users.Highlights Get superior visibility into your live networks withHawkeye’s advanced network and applicationtesting technology. Save IT staff time by leveraging industry-leading librarywith 100’s of application tests that enable assessment ofnetwork throughput, class of service, unifiedcommunications, WI-FI connectivity tests, and much more. Understand the performance of your entire network andservices with cost-effective endpoint probe distribution thatdelivers expansive network coverage. Green light your service with pre-launch assessments byemulating real application traffic up to line rate for anynetwork scenario over wired and wireless devices to seehow it performs. Be a troubleshooting wonder by firing off quick validationtests with clear demarcation points and advanced WI-FIexpert tools to almost instantly find network andapplication issues. Proactively detect problems with by continuouslymonitoring QoE and QoS, so you always know that yournetwork is meeting SLA and quality standards.Easy to deploy and simple to use, Hawkeye helps ITensure peak network performance with proactive insight.Find us at www.keysight.comPage 1

Key Features Web-based platform for multi-user access, test scheduling, datastorage, and real-time analysis. Deploy endpoints with turnkey hardware or software endpoints. Verify your virtual infrastructure with software and VM endpoints. Generate synthetic monitoring traffic on up to 10G links. Verify, monitor, and diagnose your user experience on wireline andwireless network. Take control of your last mile thanks to innovative IxProbe solution. Verify fixes put in place in your network in real-time with pass / failmetrics. Proactively detect network or application faults quicker with continuous interval testing throughout thedays/weeks/months. Leverage machine learning to quickly pinpoint outliers and prioritize fixes.Provided as a virtual appliance (Linux Operating System)HawkeyeConsoleWeb-based, deployed in NOC, data center, or cloudNorth-bound interfaces, APIs for easy integrationCompletely turnkey, lightweight, obeWindows vmwareLinuxiOSMax OS AndroidAutodiscovery and registration, automatic upgradesDual-band Wi-Fi monitoring on XRPi with advanced Wi-Ficonnectivity test and scanning capabilitiesLow-footprint software, load into any deviceFully compatible with virtual environmentsEthernet or Wi-Fi and mobileHawkeye Solution ComponentsFind us at www.keysight.comPage 2

Deploy Hawkeye Solution Deploy Hawkeye on premise web server in central location (NOC, data center, etc.) Strategically-deploy software and hardware endpoints to cost-effectively reach any network location:oCustomer premisesoMobile devices – Wi-Fi or CellularoRemote sites and head officesoNetwork aggregation points (PEs)oCore network, MPLS routersoData centersoVirtual machines and serversoIn cloud locations (Amazon, Azure )Plan and Design Your Monitoring Capabilities Define locations network performance requirements toward data-centers, private or public cloud,software-as-a-service Define synthetic monitoring scenarios (IP transport performance, Speedtest, web server performance,Voice/Video, etc.) Build large topology test (full mesh) with one clickHawkeye EndpointsFind us at www.keysight.comPage 3

Select Test Types Among Pre-Calibrated Tests in Hawkeye LibraryHawkeye supports a variety of service level agreement (SLA) and quality of experience (QoE) objectives,including: Speed test from site to site with advanced configuration on traffic profiling Advanced Bandwidth availability or verification with bit blasting or TCP-based testing Class of service (COS) implementation validation with oversubscription scenarios IP network SLA verification (one-way delay, jitter, loss) Unified communications tests (Teams, Zoom) Office 365 applications Real-time streaming verificationoMean opinion score (MOS) for voice – G711, G729, AMR oMedia delivery index (MDI) for video streaming Echo tests (ICMP, TCP, UDP) and path discovery to any interface on the web User experience tests (downloading web pages, etc.) DNS response time Netflix, YouTube, and any Dash/Adaptive streaming test Multicast video Remote destination port opening verification Wi-Fi monitoringCreate Target Thresholds for Different Tests Adjust applications, test variables, and thresholds based on trial data to match expectationsof the network and its performance Auto-learn baseline thresholds based on machine learning algorithms Thresholds are the baseline to decide if tests are passing or failingFind us at www.keysight.comPage 4

Leverage Path Discovery for Troubleshooting Advanced Topology discovery from Ixia endpointsto any remote location Hop-by-hop discovery Path discovered based on specific applicationsettings Powerful and intuitive result display Quick troubleshooting tools – identify nodes withloss or long delay Geolocalization on each identified public nodePath discoveryKeep a Finger on Your Network’s Pulse with IxProbe Deploy Keysight IxProbe hardware endpoints in line at remotesites to keep track of inline metrics while generating syntheticmonitoring trafficoSNMP heartbeatsoReal-time traffic and link status reportingIxProbeIxProbe deploymentManage Packets at Remote Sites with Vision E1S Deploy Vision Edge 1S probe, centrally managed with SPANports or copper TAPs to see packets andoGenerate metadata information on the flows, and send it viaNetflow or IxFlow (IPFIX) to flow collectorsoAggregate, deduplicate, filter, and backhaul to central tools forAPM/NPM or security forensic analysisoVision Edge 1SPerform local packet capture snapshotsFind us at www.keysight.comPage 5

Analyze Results Use different result levels and granularity to getquick and efficient results and understanding Ensure every team member can get to required datawith simple pass/fail metrics and detailed test reports See results in real time in geographic dashboards Quickly spot network problems with outlierdashboard Run tests and look at single instance results orgroup of tests results Run trend reports on historical data and analyzenetwork behaviors Export and send reports via email to share resultsbetween teams Activate alarms on critical paths Get notified by email, SNMP traps, customizednotifications Reporting engine creates reports and dashboardsbased on the results stored in the database Schedule daily automatic reports to follow criticalnetworks Receive automatic emails with comprehensivereportsOutliers dashboardFind us at www.keysight.comMain dashboardTime series analyticsPage 6

XRPI Field-ready: robust and fan-less, lightweightand highly portable Proven platform – powered by Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi interface, dual band Automatic and remote management out of thebox with HawkeyeFeatureDescriptionCPU TypeQuad core 900Mhz ARM processorRAM1GBStorage8GB micro SD with operating system and dataLANOne (1) 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet portWi-FiOne (1) Wi-Fi dongle with dual band 2.4/5Ghz, 802.11a/b/g/nPowerOn-board DC 5V 2A Micro USB 650 mA, (3.0 W)International UsePower unit ships with various country-specific adaptorsConsole AccessHDMI port for video, USB for keyboardRemote AccessEnabled with secure telnet (ssh)Size and Weight92mm x 29mm x 67mm 3.63" x 1.13" x 2.63"100gPerformanceTCP ThroughputUp to available line rate with built-in 10/100 Ethernetor Wi-Fi dongleUDP ThroughputUp to available line rate with built-in 10/100 Ethernetor Wi-Fi dongleVoice CallsUp to 100 simultaneous callsStreaming Traffic (UC)Up to 100 simultaneous mixed voice/video callsStreaming Traffic (Video)Up to 85Mbps video traffic (best case)Find us at www.keysight.comPage 7

Streaming Traffic (Lync,Unified Communications)Up to 200 simultaneous mixed voice/video callsStreaming Traffic (Video)Up to 700Mbps of video trafficIxProbe Verify SLAs with synthetic QoS testing Monitor branch site uptime with heartbeats andSNMP polling Deploy at scale with fast, simple instillation Avoid adding extra ports and management interfaceswith purely inline design Prevent disruptions with built in fail-to-wire Improve operational efficiency with single-pane-of-glass management Lightweight, robust, fan-less, and field-readyFeatureDescriptionCPU Type1 GHz (dual core processor)RAM512 MBI/O InterfacesNetwork ports: (2) RJ45, 8-pin connectorsManagement port (1): RJ45, 8-pin connectorsConsole port (1): 1 micro USB connectorACCS port (1): 1 USB3.0 type A connectorPowerAC power input: 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, 0.5A Max DC output:USB-C 5V @ 3A Power dissipation less than 34 BTU/Hr 10WDimensions0.9” high x 9.4” deep x 4” wideWeightHDMI port for video, USB for keyboardOperating TemperatureOperating: 0ºC to 40ºCNon-operating: -10ºC to 70ºCOperating HumidityOperating: 10% min, 95% max, noncondensingNon-operating: 10% min, 95% max, noncondensingPerformanceTCP ThroughputUp to line rate (1G)UDP ThroughputUp to 600MFind us at www.keysight.comPage 8

Vision Edge 1S Keysight’s most affordable network packetbroker, Vision E1S is designed for easydeployment in distributed edge sites Application intelligence enables you to detect flowand applications, generate enriched NetFlow(IxFlow) to collectors, and perform remote packetcapture Up to 10G traffic generation Remote controlled, easy-to-use web interface enables efficient provisioning and remotemanagement Comprehensive wizards make deployment fast and easyFeaturePowerDescriptionRedundant (2) AC power suppliesInput AC: 110 to 240 @ 50/60 HzPower: 300WSystem Cooling: 2 x PWM fans, supports smart fanDimensionsWxLxH: 442 x 298.25 x 43.6 mmWeight3.08 kgOperating Temperature0ºC to 40ºCOperating Humidity20% to 90%Storage Temperature-20ºC to 70ºCStorage Humidity5% to 90%Country of OriginTaiwanInterfaces(4) 10G SFP (Active monitoring or packet monitoring)(6) 1G BASE-T copper (packet monitoring)(2) 1G BASE-T copper (Management Active Monitoring)(1) USB 3.0 port(1) RJ45 serial console portPerformanceTCP ThroughputUp to 10GUDP ThroughputUp to 6G for standard IP, up to 10G with jumbo framesFind us at www.keysight.comPage 9

Ordering InformationHardware940-0040XRPi Active Hardware Endpoint; integrated hardware endpoint powered by Raspberry Pi (940-0040),for use with either IxChariot OR Hawkeye. Includes 10/100 LAN interface and Wi-Fi Dongle with dualband (2,4/5Ghz). 5V AC unit. Requires adjunct or previous purchase of IxChariot OR Hawkeyesoftware licenses.IXPR-CU3IXIA IxProbe Copper - 10/100/1000M. 1G Intelligent in-line probe with auto speed negotiation, CLI, WebGUI or SNMP management, and Hawkeye endpoint software. (2) front facing in-line RJ45 network ports.Managed in band via network link IP adoption or via rear management port. Includes: (1) RJ45 Cat5cable, (1) wall mount clip, and (1) power supply and 2m power cord. Wall, desktop, or rack mountable.Pre-loaded Hawkeye Endpoint software requires license and activation via Hawkeye server.SYSE1S-ACIXIA Vision E1S System AC Chassis with fixed (4) 10G SFP ports and (6) 1G RJ-45 ports; Contains tworedundant AC power supplies and integrated redundant fan units. Includes (1) license for NetStack,PacketStack, AppStack and (3) user seat license for central management with Hawkeye. Seats are notadditive (max 3 users per Hawkeye server). Synthetic monitoring is not included. Optional licensesavailable for additional user seat licenses and synthetic monitoring.991-0135IXIA, Vision Management Appliance, AC power; Supports running IFC-CM and Hawkeye; Adjunct orseparate node license for either IFC-CM (954-4005 to 954-4009) and/or Hawkeye (920-2401 to 9202406) is required in order to operate the management software; redundant fans and power supplies and2-post rack install included. RSA Regulatory Model # E39S.Software licenses920-2401Hawkeye, 10 Endpoint Solution Bundle Includes: Hawkeye central management system (920-2410), 10endpoint (sw or hw) registration & use (920-2421), 30 pairs node to node test license (920-2429), and 1user seat license (920-2411)920-2402Hawkeye, 25 Endpoint Solution Bundle Includes: Hawkeye central management system (920-2410), 25endpoint (sw or hw) registration & use (920-2422), 75 pairs node to node tests license (920-2430), 5 realservices tests (requires XRPi) 920-2451, and 2 concurrent user seat licenses (920-2412)920-2403Hawkeye, 50 Endpoint Solution Bundle Includes: Hawkeye central management system (920-2410), 50endpoint (sw or hw) registration and use (2x 920-2422) 150 pairs node to node test license (2x 9202430) 10 real services tests (requires XRPi) (2x 920-2451), and 2 concurrent user license (920- 2412)Find us at www.keysight.comPage 10

920-2404Hawkeye, 100 Endpoint Solution Bundle Includes: Hawkeye central management system (9202410), 100 endpoint (sw or hw) registration & use (920-2423), 300 pairs node to node testslicense (920-2431), 25 real services tests (requires XRPi) (920-2453) and 5 concurrent userlicenses (920-2413)920-2405Hawkeye, 200 Endpoint Solution Bundle Includes: Hawkeye central management system (2x920-2410), 200 endpoint (sw or hw) registration & use (920-2424), 1200 pairs node to node testslicense (2x 920- 2431), 50 real services tests (requires XRPi) (920-2454) and 5 Concurrent userlicense (920-2413)Learn more at: www.keysight.comFor more information on Keysight Technologies’ products, applications or services,please contact your local Keysight office. The complete list is available us at www.keysight.comThis information is subject to change without notice. Keysight Technologies, 2018 - 2021, Published in USA, January 11, 2021, 7019-0137.ENPage 11

Jan 11, 2021 · console for fast action. The agents provide both remote- . Get superior visibility into your live networks with Hawkeye’s advanced network and application testing technology. . Netflow or IxFlow (IPFIX) to flow collectors o Aggregate, d