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2016 08Derek Bell and the Porsche 924 GTPrestored by Porsche Classic Partnersin the UK, at the Transaxle paradeat the 2016 AvD Oldtimer Grand Prixon the Nürburgring.201702P6

ORIGINALE 02 –the Porsche ClassiccatalogDear reader,My career as a factory driverat Porsche started in 1971 inthe 917, and I’ve owned my ownPorsche in a private capacity foralmost that long. So I’m probablyone of the few people who hasfirst-hand experience of Porsche’sdevelopment both on the roadand on the race track.In my first year driving ingroup C for Porsche, drivers wereallowed to choose a car for private use. I opted for the 928 S.At Christmas, however, ProfessorBott surprised us by announcingthat we could choose betweenthe 924 Carrera GTS or the GTR.I chose the GTS, because Icouldn’t imagine my wife wantingto wear a six-point seatbelt overone of her posh evening dresses.The GTS had some serious powerunder its sleek bonnet, and I wasproud to own it. We were on theCircuit Paul Ricard for the firstmajor test for the 956 when thecar was delivered. It was animpressive sight with its gleaming white-wall tyres. That nightI drove home, bypassing Dijon at240 km/h at two in the morning inthe rain – the city looked magical.It was an unforgettable moment.I went on to drive all over Europein the GTS, and it was also usedin a few races. I’ve owned the carsince 1982 and I’ve had somework done on it by Porsche Classic.It is a wonderful car, and I driveit whenever I get the chance.The unique level of supportthat Porsche provides to its loyalcustomers is legendary. The difference is in the details – regardless of whether you drive oneof these fantastic cars on therace track, or are simply a proudPorsche owner. The fact that70 percent of all Porsche carsever made are still on the roadtoday speaks volumes about thequality of the product and theexceptional German engineeringbehind it. In recent years, Porschehas invested a great deal ofenergy in the development ofPorsche Classic, to provideowners all over the world with201702P7the highest level of service andfirst-class spare parts.I’ve been lucky enough toattend events like the OldtimerGrand Prix at the Nürburgring,Le Mans Classic and, of course,Goodwood, as well as many otherclassic car events all over theworld, with the Porsche Classicteam, and I’ve seen first-handhow passionate they are aboutsharing their expertise. I feelsecure in the knowledge that I canentrust my own classic Porscheto a team of true experts, regardless of where I am in the world.It’s true what they say: Itreally is special to be a part ofthe Porsche family.Derek Bell

2017 02ClassicPartsNew and provenBrowse a selection of product highlights and reissues from ourcomprehensive range of more than 52,000 Porsche ClassicGenuine Parts. Our Porsche Classic Partners and Porsche Centerswill be pleased to give you any advice that you might need.Go to for further details.201702P76

Part 01On the following pages, we showcase a selection ofPorsche Classic Genuine Parts organized by component.201702P77

EngineAdjusting screw, 2 notchesPart no. 046109453EWater hosePart no. 046121061Dipstick, 315 mmPart no. 616 07070924 (1976–1985)924 Turbo (1979–1982)924 (1976–1985)924 Turbo (1979–1982)356 (1950–1965)Also for 912GasketPart no. 369 08264Adjusting screw, 3 notchesPart no. 046109453FOnly for the 356with 1,100 cm3 engine.Oval-head screwPart no. 61610094700924 (1976–1985)924 Turbo (1979–1982)356 pre A (1950–1955)356 A (1955–1959)356 (1950–1965)911 F (1965–1969)Adjusting screwPart no. 046109453CWater hosePart no. 046121051Cylinder base gasketPart no. 500 04103924 (1976–1985)924 Turbo (1979–1982)924 (1976–1985)924 Turbo (1979–1982)356 pre A (1950–1955)356 A (1955–1959)WasherPart no. 61610119100356 B (1960–1963)356 C (1963–1965)Also for 912Dipstick, 225 mmPart no. 539 07071Adjusting screw, 1 notchPart no. 046109453DWater hosePart no. 046121053Only for 356with 1,300 cm3 engine.Connecting rod, weightcategory 14 (496–505 g)Part no. 61610301203014924 (1976–1985)924 Turbo (1979–1982)924 (1976–1985)924 Turbo (1979–1982)356 pre A (1954–1955)356 A (1955–1957)356 (1950–1965)Also for 912201702P78

Connecting rod, weightcategory 17 (505–514 g)Part no. 61610301203017356 (1950–1965)Also for 912Connecting rod, weightcategory 20 (514–523 g)Part no. 61610301203020356 (1950–1965)Also for 912Sealing ringPart no. 61610842100356 (1950–1965)Cylinder screw M6x25Part no. 9000672700A928 S4 (1987–1991)928 GTS (1992–1995)Hexagon head bolt M8x16Part no. 90007545300356 (1950–1965)GasketPart no. 69210096800Hexagon head bolt M8x35Part no. 90037801502356 B (1960–1963)356 C (1963–1965)Also for 912968 (1992–1995)Cylinder screw M6x25Part no. 90006727908Stainless steel protectivetubefor push rodPart no. 61610523101356 (1950–1965)Sealing ringfor fuel pump top coverPart no. 70210842200924 S (1986–1988)944 (1985–1985)944/2 (1986–1989)944 Turbo (1985–1991)944 S (1987–1988)944 S2 (1989–1991)968 (1992–1995)914/6 (1970–1972)911 F (1965–1973)Wing nut M6Part no. 90002900202Screw M6x16Part no. 9000750570BMain nozzle 110Only for vehicles with engineswith a Weber carburetor.Part no. 90110097804911 F (1969)911 G (1974–1977)911 F (1965–1971)356 B (1960–1963)356 C (1963–1965)911 F (1965–1968),also for 912Remote thermometertransmitterPart no. 61610780502356356356356pre A (1950–1955)A (1955–1959)B (1959–1963)C (1963)201702P79Spring for adjusting screwfor Weber carburetorPart no. 90110080500

Adjusting screwPart no. 91110092301Oil line, leftPart no. 90110734500Up to engine number 0903069.Air correction nozzle 210Part no. 90110894003Only for vehicles with engineswith a Zenith carburetor.911 F (1965–1968)911 F (1972–1973)911 F (1970–1973)Sealing ringPart no. 90110091700Only for vehicles with engineswith a Weber carburetor.356 B (1960–1963)356 C (1963–1965)914/6 (1970–1972)911 F (1968–1971)Oil line, rightPart no. 90110734600Hollow screwPart no. 90111091701Up to engine number 903069.911 F (1969–1973)911 G (1974–1977)911 F (1965–1966)Main nozzle 115Part no. 91110092900911 F (1970–1971)Hexagon nut M16x1Part no. 90160390501AtomizerPart no. 90110098500914/6 (1970–1972)911 F (1968–1971)Shim 0.15 mmPart no. 90110516201911 F (1965–1968)928928911911911MembranePart no. 90110893200911 F (1965–1968)Air correction nozzle 195Part no. 90110894000911 F (1970–1973)(1978–1982)S (1981–1982)F (1965–1973)G (1974–1981)Turbo (1975–1981)Remote thermometertransmitterPart no. 90174163201356 C (1964–1965)911 F (1965–1968)201702P80Main nozzle 120Part no. 91110092903911 F (1972–1973)Engine coverPart no. 91110680204911 F (1965–1973)911 G (1974–1983)911 Turbo (1975–1983)

Engine coverPart no. 91110680205Cylinder head gasketfor cylinders 1–4Hollow screwPart no. 91110891001Part no. 92810437115911 Carrera (1984–1989)911 Turbo (1984–1989)911 F (1972–1973)911 G (1974–1977)928 (1978–1982)LeverPart no. 91110806101Regulator housingPart no. 93010701700911911911959G (1974–1983)Carrera (1984–1989)Turbo (1975–1989)(1987–1988)Spacer sleeve 70.5 mmPart no. 93011043600Only for vehicleswith mechanical injection.Only for vehicleswith plastic air filter housing.911 F (1972–1973)911 G (1974–1977)911 Turbo (1975–1977)Toothed belt coverPart no. 92810514408Threaded connectorPart no. 91111015900Only for Type 911 F vehicleswith K-Jetronic engines.924924911911(1976–1979)Turbo (1979)F (1972–1973)G (1974–1976)Actuating shaftPart no. 91110807100For 928 S4 from engine number81H 00660 (manual transmission)and from engine number81H 06735 (automatic transmission).Spacer sleevePart no. 93011043601928 S4 (1987–1991)928 GTS (1992–1995)911 Turbo (1975–1989)911 Turbo (1991–1994)Only for vehicleswith metal air filter housing.Thermal timer switchPart no. 92860510102Only for vehicleswith a Zenith carburetor.Rubber grommetPart no. 91435620200914/6 (1970–1972)911 F (1971–1972)914 (1970–1974)911 F (1970–1973)924924924928928(1976–1985)S (1986–1985)Turbo (1979–1982)(1978–1982)S (1981–1984)201702P81HosePart no. 93011058902911 Carrera (1984–1989)

Water coolerPart no. 94410603104PipingPart no. 93011066500911 Carrera (1984–1989)V–belt 9.5x695Part no. 9991923135A924 S (1986–1988)944 (1982–1985)944/2 (1986–1989)944 S (1987–1988)911 G (1980–1983)911 Carrera (1984–1989)911 Turbo (1975–1989)Fastening clipPart no. 99951107602Oil coolerPart no. 93020705304Water coolerwith sealing plugsPart no. 95110603107911 G (1980–1983)911 Carrera (1984–1989)911 Turbo (1980–1989)944 Turbo (1985–1991)944 S2 (1989–1991)968 (1992–1995)Breather for crankcaseventilationPart no. 93110706301914/6 (1970–1972)924 S (1986–1988)928 S4 (1987–1991)928 GTS (1992–1995)911 F (1965–1973)911 G (1974–1977)911 Turbo (1975–1977)Hose clampPart no. 9995122670B911 G (1974–1983)911 Turbo (1975–1983)Hose clampPart no. 99951223502Water coolerPart no. 95110603108924 Turbo (1979–1982),also for 924 Carrera GT968 (1992–1995)924944911911911Connecting rod bearingPart no. 93510314153Oil line, leftPart no. 95910725102K-Jetronic injection valvesealing kitPart no. PCG91111125959 (1987–1988)959 (1987–1988)911 G (1974–1983)Only for 968 with M249 (Tiptronic transmission).S (1986–1988)(1982–1991)G (1975–1983)Carrera (1984–1989)Turbo (1975–1989)201702P82Hose clampPart no. 99951230302911 F (1972–1973)911 G (1974–1983)911 Turbo (1975–1983)Rubber metal bearingPart no. 99968900100928 S (1984–1986)959 (1987–1988)

Hexagon head bolt M6x50Part no. N 0402591Rubber grommetPart no. 99970307650914/6 (1970–1972)911 F (1965–1973)924 S (1986–1988)944/2 (1987–1988)944 Turbo (1987–1991)944 S (1987–1988)944 S2 (1989–1991)BreatherPart no. PCG103129A924 (1976–1985)Temperature sensorPart no. PCG65312100Hexagon head bolt M8x35Part no. N 0102478GasketPart no. N 0438543Cable holderPart no. PCG10601700914 (1970–1976)959 (1987–1988)993 (1994–1998)Snap ringPart no. N 0124601924 (1976–1985)924 Turbo (1979–1982)Stud bolt M8x30Part no. N 0444115924 (1976–1985)Alternator supportPart no. PCG10121601Sealing ring A8x12Part no. N 0138302914 (1970–1976)356 B (1960–1963)356 C (1963–1965)Also for 912Repair setSealing plugsfor water coolerPart no. PCG10603107944/2 (1989–1989)944 Turbo (1989–1991)944 S2 (1989–1991)968 (1992–1995)201702P83944 (1985–1988)944/2 (1986–1989)944 Turbo (1985–1991)944 S (1987–1988)944 S2 (1989–1991)968 (1992–1995)959 (1987–1988)

Fuel / exhaust systemEarth leadPart no. 90161230320911 F (1965–1973),also for 912911 G (1974–1983)911 Carrera (1984–1986)911 Turbo (1975–1986)Stud bolt M10x35Part no. 90008103102911 Turbo (1975–1977)Pipe clamp, rightPart no. 90121105222Sealing ring A14x18Part no. 90012300760911 F (1965–1973),also for 912911 G (1974–1975)911 F (1965–1973),also for 912911 G (1974–1983)911 Carrera (1984–1986)911 Turbo (1975–1986)Exhaust trim, chromePart no. 91111124503911 G (1974–1989)Pipe clamp, leftPart no. 90121105122Clamping screwfor heating actuationPart no. 64421175501356 (1950–1965)911 F (1965–1973),also for 912911 G (1974–1983)911 Carrera (1984–1986)911 Turbo (1975–1986)Fuel line, rearPart no. 90135653201911 F (1965–1973),also for 912Fuel pumpPart no. 91160810703914/6 (1970–1972)911 (1970–1973),only for 911 T with carburetorHook for silencerPart no. 92811126401Screw and washer assemblyM8x16Part no. 90007536402Fuel pump bracketPart no. 90135650503993 (1994–1998)911 F (1970–1971)Fuel pumpPart no. 90160810504911 F (1968–1973),only for 911 E/S/RS201702P84928928928928(1978–1982)S (1981–1986)S4 (1987–1991)GTS (1992–1995)

959 (1987–1988)356 (1950–1965)CirclipPart no. 99904100101911 heat exchangermounting kitPart no. PCG91121100Fuel pumpPart no. 91160811006911 F (1972–1973),only for 911 T with K-Jetronic911 G (1974–1977),only for 911 Carrera 3.0 and911 S with K-JetronicCollar screwPart no. 93112319700924 Turbo (1979–1982)356 (1950–1965)911 F (1965–1968),also for 912HosePart no. 99918141950928 S4 (1987–1991)928 GTS (1992–1995)911 G (1974–1983)911 Carrera (1984–1986)TransmissionExhaust pipePart no. 95911117801Set of clamping sleevesfor heating wiringPart no. PCG35621100Flap box repair setPart no. PCG96457200964 (1989–1994)Hexagon head boltPart no. 003323699BOnly for vehicleswith automatic transmission.Tapping screw 6.3x19Part no. N 0138911Exhaust manifold sleevePart no. 93112319900924 Turbo 1976–1985)S (1986–1988)Turbo 980–1985)S (1986–1988)Turbo (1980–1982)S (1983–1986)S4 (1987–1991)GTS (1992–1995)(1982–1991)

Synchroniser ringPart no. 016311247924924924944(1980–1985)S (1986–1988)Turbo (1979–1982)(1982–1991)Retention springfor release bearingPart no. 71611683100Angular ball bearingwith groovePart no. 90005300202356 pre A (1950–1955)356 A (1955–1959)356 pre A (1950–1955)356 A (1955–1959)Angle bracketPart no. 90142336900911 F (1965–1973)911 G (1974–1982)911 Turbo (1975–1982)Feather keyPart no. 90011704500Accelerator cable deflectionbolt 106 mmPart no. 356 23158Sliding piecePart no. 71833252501356 pre A (1950–1955)356 A (1955–1959)356 B (1959–1963)356 C (1963–1965)Gasket for manualtransmission housingPart no. 477301191A924 (1976–1979)924 Turbo (1979–1982)Pressure platePart no. 61611601404356 B (1959–1963)356 C (1963–1965)924 S (1986–1988)944 (1982–1985)944/2 (1986–1989)944 Turbo (1985–1989)944 S (1987–1988)944 S2 (1989–1989)Taper roller bearingPart no. 99905900800356 (1950–1965)914/6 (1970–1972),Sportomatic transmission only911 F (1965–1973),Sportomatic transmission onlyScrew plugPart no. 91530731900914/6 (1970–1972)Sportomatic transmissiononly911 F (1965–1973)Angular ball bearingPart no. 90005300201Gasket for gearbox coverPart no. 90530139202Gear shaftPart no. 90131833112Only for 911 Carrera 2.7 L RS.911 F (1969–1971)911 F (1972–1973)Spacer ring 2.5 mmPart no. 90133226501Bearing bushPart no. 91531833900914/6 (1970–1972)911 F (1965–1970)911 F (1972–1973)911 G (1974–1977)201702P86

911 Carrera 2 (1990–1993)911 Carrera 4 (1989–1993)Front axle / steeringPressure linePart no. 96431534302Lock nutPart no. 131405670914 (1970–1976)924 (1976–19

Porsche Classic, to provide owners all over the world with the highest level of service and fi rst-class spare parts. I’ve been lucky enough to attend events like the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, Le Mans Classic and, of course, Goodwood, as well as many other classic car events all over the world, with the Porsche Classic team, and I’ve seen fi rst-hand how passionate they .