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Discover our full-time MBAOver 18 months, studying in one of the world’s iconic cities, students gainthe knowledge and skills to build and lead enterprises. Like most MBAs, ourprogram offers a deep understanding of finance, marketing and strategy.But students also learn how to harness big data, leverage the powerof creativity, explore the nature of complex systems and lead teams ina digital world.Our students ‘learn by doing’ with a small class of like-minded professionals,hand-picked from around the world to create a vibrant and diverse cohort.They are supported by a personalised careers service and have accessto exceptional industry internships, exposing them to some of the largestglobal brands and enabling them to build an influential network.Discover our full-time MBAIn a world of growing complexity, disruption and ambiguity, the traditionalMBA is dead. Understanding the fundamentals of business is no longerenough. Future business leaders also need to be resilient, adaptable,progressive and influential to succeed on the global stage.Professor Guy FordMBA Program DirectorThe University of Sydney Business SchoolThroughout the 18-month MBA program, students develop their personalskills, business knowledge and the abilities to build and lead enterprises,while embarking on a career management journey tailored specificallyto their individual goals. We provide students with personalised careercoaching, career management tools and resources to help them achievetheir leadership potential. Students also have the option to participate in anMBA internship or a cross-industry business sustainability project as part oftheir full-time program.Class of 20212022I am very delighted to introduce our third full-time MBA cohort graduatingin 2022, which comprises of a diverse group of 43 students spanning19 different countries.Our dedicated MBA careers team are keen to work with industry leadersand corporate partners to develop engagement strategies to support yourrecruitment needs and promote your employer brand to our talented MBAstudents. From industry and networking events to roundtable sessions,there are ample opportunities for you to partner with us and engage withour students.Betty XiangCareers and Corporate Relations ManagerThe University of Sydney Business SchoolPage 1We look forward to working with you and sharing in the successes of ourMBA students as they graduate.

How the MBA worksPage 2The University of SydneyMBA Careers ServiceLeadership Practiceand Development Critical Analysis andThought Leadership Creativity, Innovationand Business The Nature of Systems Business Knowledgeand Skill Development Strategies for Growth Financial ManagementInnovation inStrategic MarketingBuilding BusinessSustainability Project Pre-course Online ModulesPersonal and InterpersonalSkill Career Development and CoachingData Analyticsand ModellingMBA (Leadership and Enterprise)Personal and Interpersonal Skill Development(units 1-4)These units focus on developing the personaland interpersonal skills needed to manage andlead in business effectively. Students learn tobuild individual resilience in a world of growingcomplexity, disruption and ambiguity.Business Knowledge and Skill Development(units 5–8)After completing the first four units, studentsfocus on core business knowledge and skills withan overarching theme of building business resilienceand sustainability. Students have an opportunity tocombine assessments from these four units to forma business project that will examine the sustainabilityof an existing business.Building Future Enterprises(units 9-12)These units bring together the knowledge and skillsacquired in the previous units to equip students tobuild and lead enterprises. The final unit is the MBACapstone (Design Strategy), in which students developcustomer‑centric products and services aligned withthe strategy of a contemporary organisation.

Building Future Enterprises Leading BusinessInnovation Leading in aDigital World Building Global Capability Vacation or internship Completing unit MBA Capstone(Design Strategy)How the MBA worksPersonalised Career Development and CoachingHenry David Thoreau (1817–1862)American author, poet, philosopher, abolitionist,naturalist, tax resister, development critic,surveyor, and historianPage 3Class of 2022 CareersClass of 2022Average ageof student3060%40%MaleFemale63%DomesticMBA Careers ServiceAverage years of professional experience9-12years3-5years56%Finance/Banking /Insurance6-8 years16%Consulting9-12 years21%Manufacturing7% 12 years7%Property and Real Estate6%Other5%Advertising/PR5%Information andCommunication Technology5%Media/Entertainment5%Medicine/Health and Community5%Non-Profit5%Engineering and Construction5%Transport and Infrastructure5%The University of SydneyPage 4Level of seniority in most recent roleCo-ordinator7%9%Middle ManagerOther44%14%Senior Manager12%Supervisor14%Industry pre MBA3-5 years6-8yearsCEO/MD1937%International 12yearsCountries bycitizenship25%16%Law and Legal Services2%Consumer Products2%Digital2%

MBA Career ServicesThrough training and developmentof their employability skills, wesupport students to make themost of their MBA, and maximisethe opportunity of having many ofthe world’s best employers on ourSydney CBD doorstep.Our full-time MBA Career Servicesprovides students with:Careers Academy WorkshopsIn line with the program curriculum,students are required to attendan intensive series of professionaldevelopment workshops utilisingcustomised case studies, andpartnering with industry partners,on topics ranging from ethicalleadership to corporate innovation. CareerLeader , an onlineself‑assessment tool toevaluate their life interests,business skills, and theirown work/reward values. Gallup’s CliftonStrengthsFinder * tool toascertain their main talentsand gain clarity on theirleadership strengths and anyareas they may like to develop. We offer all MBA studentsa premium subscription, a globalonline directory with morethan 500 MBA developmentprograms offered byemployers worldwide.* Gallup and Clifton StrengthsFinder are registered trademarks of Gallup, Inc.Internships with impactOur program offers an optionalinternship, available from Semester2 onwards.As well as conventional internshipsin which students work in a partnerorganisation, we offer excitingand meaningful projects for bothindividuals and teams across arange of organisations in emergingsectors including start-ups,social enterprises, non-profitsand technology enterprises.Wide range ofrecruitment resourcesBy aligning with us now, you willhave the opportunity to begintalent-pooling for your business.We work closely with corporateAustralia to understand its specificrequirements, and as a recruiter,we invite you to engage with us ina number of ways to gain directaccess to our students.To find out more about our careerdevelopment services, please visitClass of 20212022Dedicated to your successOur full-time MBA Career Servicesteam works directly with students,empowering them to achieve thenext steps in their career strategy.Individual coachingOur professional coaching teamworks with students to build apersonal career-managementplan that helps students todevelop the tools, skills andknowledge to successfully navigatetoday’s employment market andrecruitment trends. Some of theleading career management tools,technology and resources studentshave access to as part of theircoaching program include: 5Full-time MBACareer ServicesMBA Career ServicesWe provide students with the coaching, career management toolsand resources to them refine their professional goals and navigatethe recruitment process. our full-time MBA class of 2022We are proud to present our full-time MBA class of 2022.Our students bring unique experiences across a wide rangeof industries, including transport and infrastructure, retail,healthcare, technology and real estate.Our class of 2022 is culturally and gender diverse with students comingfrom 19 different countries from all corners of the globe and femalesrepresenting 40% of the cohort.Page 6The University of SydneyMBA CareersIndustry-oriented and leadership-focused, we strive to develop our students’skills around creativity, critical analysis and a systems approach to problemsolving. Our students are experienced and career-driven with the ability tomake a difference to your organisation.

Andrew HamAn experienced business leader with anentrepreneurial mindset. Since very young, Fredohas always gotten full engaged in communities.As a natural innovator and Consultant for the LatinAmerican markets, he has implemented new ideasin university and professionally for clients. He isdriven by passion of doing his part well.Andrew is currently bringing his experience as aconsulting engineer and founder to the SydneyUniversity MBA cohort. He is eager to re-enter thebiomedical engineering industry having co foundeda venture in it already, and wishes to lead a team todevelop new technologies and products.Bachelor of Science - Brigham YoungUniversity, yham/Bachelor of Engineering (MaterialsEngineering) - University of New South WalesMaster of Biomedical Engineering - Universityof New South [email protected] OlivierCharl-Stephan NienaberCatherine is a CA qualified finance professionalwith over 8 years experience. She has a broadrange of experience with clients across a rangeof industries and sizes (ASX listed) such as:entertainment and media, technology and not forprofits. She has worked internationally managing upto 30 people simultaneously.Charl-Stephan is driven by challenges, adding valueto his field, using his engineering background andpassion for continuous improvement. Aspiringto be an exceptional leader, he wishes to impactthe communities around him. Ownership, strivingto achieve, and being teachable are strengthshe pursues daily. Passionate about an activeoutdoor lifestyle.Senior Consultant, PwCin/catherineolivierBachelor of Commerce - The University ofNewcastle AustraliaAccounting Chartered Accountants Australiaand New [email protected] of 2022in/fredo-solarEngineer & Venture Co-founderAsset Optimisation Business Unit Manager,CTech Technologyin/charl-stephan-nienaberMechanical and Aeronautical Engineering University of [email protected] 7Consultant, Sekell & EntrepreneurMeet our full-time MBA class of 2022Alfredo Solar Picazo Lok LaiChristopher BlairCharlotte is a diligent and high-achieving publicrelations professional specialising in the field offashion, luxury and lifestyle. Bringing over 6 years’experience working in the Hong Kong and Chinamarkets, she is looking to bring her industry insightin a different role based in Sydney.With five years of experience with a globalaccounting firm and a publicly-traded portfoliomanagement company, Chris has proven quantitativeand analytic skills. His responsibilities includedfinancial reporting and strategy consulting across amultitude of industries. He is a strong team playerand effective communicator and is passionate aboutinnovation, sustainability, and process improvement.Account Manager, Karla Ottoin/charlotte-lai-1859053b/Bachelor of Arts - Macquarie [email protected] Tax Manager,Main Street Capital Corporationin/christopher-blair-cpa-a50a1952/The University of SydneyMBA CareersBachelor of Business AdministrationMaster in Professional Accounting- The University of [email protected] HershkowitzDaniel Loutfy“Connor is an accomplished emergencyveterinarian and hospital administrator withdemonstrated leadership and management skillslooking to transition into business operations.He has led professional organisations anddeveloped wellbeing initiatives. He is also apublished researcher, teacher, and founder of atherapy dog program.Daniel has gained international experiences outsideof Australia, notably in South Korea and the UnitedStates. Recently, Daniel has worked with BASF inthe United States where he also also received hisbachelor’s degree at the University of California.Emergency Veterinarian, Small AnimalSpecialist HospitalPage 8in/connor-hershkowitz/Bachelor in Biology - Middlebury CollegeVMD - The University of [email protected] Analyst specialistin/danielloutfy/Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics University of California, [email protected]

Dinuka IlacquaAs a leader, David is constantly seeking to“empower possibilities”, meaning that he helpspeople discover arising opportunities in their livesand serves them to enhance said opportunities.He is sympathetic, empathetic, and affable;this allows him to build relationships quicklyand effectively.Dinu is analytical, empathetic, and creative, andcares deeply about people and her work. Shehas a background in communications and design,which gives her an advantage in the way shethinks of marketing / branding strategy, and as acreative director.Bachelor of Science - Iowa State a-61352040/Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education University of New South [email protected] Ying Chi PangGavin SimpsonElsie worked as General Manager in a recognizedleading creative branding consultancy in HongKong. She had the management role, as well asbeing responsible for executing the practicalbranding and marketing plans for clients, suchas defining business core values and positioning,curating stories, building competitive advantages.Gavin is a dynamic, hands on finance professionalpassionate about working with businesses tosupport their success. His 12 years experience asan Accountant, CFO and Business Founder givehim objectivity to deliver value in areas including:fund raising, financial systems, scenario planning,business recovery, company restructuring andworking capital management.Branding and Marketing SpecialistBachelor of Fine Art - The University [email protected] of 2022in/david-servin-rivera-731b10b2/Marketing ManagerCFO, Cloud Financein/gavin-simpson-a9295536/Bachelor in Accounting & Finance Heriot-Watt [email protected] 9Senior Accountant, H&R BlockMeet our full-time MBA class of 2022David Servin Rivera LinHan LiuGuanhua served as an Auditor for KPMG Chinafrom June 2016 till May 2018, experienced 3 IPOprocesses across real estate and FMCG. She thenstarted to work for Fujian Zhangzhou InvestmentGroup, as internal Auditor Supervisor of the legalaffair and internal audit department, for thebuilding of internal risk assessment.Young professional with 5 years in strategicand operation management experiences in theeducation industry in Canada. Han Liu also hasanalytical and management experience in thereal estate brokerage in Toronto since 2019. He ispassionate about analysing and gaining insightsfrom massive data. He is proficient in problemsolving, strategic thinking and u-b76711a0Honours Bachelor of Science (Statistics andQuantitative Finance) - University of [email protected] University of SydneyMBA CareersBachelor of Business Administration Colorado State [email protected] Associate, Equinox Arora Realty Inc.Hayes O’connorIsabelle MalvarHayes is an academic, adventurer and criticalproblem-solver with a hard-working attitude.She is a very competent writer, communicator andresearcher. She possesses excellent interpersonalskills, and commands respect from colleagues.She never backs down from a challenge. She iscomfortable adapting to learning new things andgenerating creative solutions.Isabelle is adventurous, goal oriented andequipped with a strong work ethic. She hasa demonstrated history of success in eventmanagement, marketing and operational capacitiesacross Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Sheis a leader and has experience in leading in-houseteams of 10 to 200 people on-site.Client Service Associate - Private WealthManagementPage 10in/hayes-o-connor-7a4524b6/Bachelor of Arts: French, Arabic, PoliticalSciences - University of Virginia, [email protected] & Marketing Manager,Mash Marketing Australiain/isabellemalvar/Bachelor of Commerce - Macquarie [email protected]

Jonathan O’TooleAt Gartner, the world’s largest research & advisorycompany, Joey managed the High Tech andTelecommunications portfolio- providing solutionsto technology leaders around the world. Using hisinternational experience, Joey plans to take moredirect responsibility for the future of Australiantechnology and realise the potential of ourown innovation.Jonathan is ACA qualified with 6 years’ FinancialAdvisory experience gained in Big 4 CorporateFinance, an early growth Fintech and a HealthcareSME. Jonathan holds an interest in the key businessstrategies of the future and on completion of hisMBA hopes to move into a strategy consulting role.Bachelor in Communications - University ofTechnology [email protected] of Arts in Law and Accounting University of [email protected] Sanchez-TarazonaKarim ElessawyJuliana is a world traveller, passionate worker whois adaptable and a great asset to global companies.She brings innovation and tech savviness to herroles, defining her as a positive change makerteam player. Her goals are to continue working onmeaningful projects that create positive impacts tothe environment and world.Experienced business leader with a strong trackrecord of delivering results. Karim has 9 years ofbrand management experience at Procter andGamble where he held a variety of marketingroles. In 2017, he joined a solar energy start up asCCO where he helped shape the company into anindustry leader.Business Development Analystin/julianasanchez92/Bachelor of Arts - Instituto Marangoni &Manchester Metropolitan [email protected] of siness Development Manager,Infinity Energyin/karim-elessawy-a7b87326Bachelor of Pharmacy and Biotechnology The German University, [email protected] 11Senior Marketing Manager, Gartner Inc.Financial Advisory SpecialistMeet our full-time MBA class of 2022Joey Meynink MafutaKyle SuKaya has a degree in Civil Engineering from theUniversity of Johannesburg and a National Diplomain Civil Engineering from Walter Sisulu Universityof Technology in South Africa. She has 10 years’experience in design, design management andconstruction of civil and structural works in SouthAfrica and Australia.Kyle is a Senior Associate Private Banker atWestpac where he has managed a portfolio ofapproximately 100 Ultra High Net Worth clients.Kyle has also lead multiple digital banking adoptionand transformation projects. He has experiences inbrand consulting, corporate training and translatingand interpreting as well.Senior Civil Engineer, Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)- Monash UniversityAdvanced Diploma of Translating andInterpreting - [email protected] University of SydneyMBA CareersBachelor of Civil Engineering- University of Johannesburg, [email protected] Associate Private Banker,Westpac Private BankLiam BrodieMaria Duarte GaitanLiam is a marketing strategy professional witha background in media and creative agencies.His experience spans across industries rangingfrom ICT to FMCG, in countries including the UKand Rwanda. With a strong digital and strategicplanning skillset, he can distinguish the detail fromthe big picture.Maria is a strong problem solver with propensityfor developing strategic and “outside the box”solutions with a bias for action. Her backgroundin financial services, accounting, media and asa tutor allows her to interact with all levels ofprofessionals and clients. She is engaging, candidand straight-forward.Strategist, Drum Agencyin/liambrodie/Page 12Bachelor of Arts Media and Cultural Studies Macquarie [email protected] Management Associate,Bank of America Private Bankin/maria-duarte-56871ab7/Bachelor of Economics - University ofCalifornia, Los [email protected]

Max MillerMark is passionate about creating value byimproving the current processes. He hasexperience in financial services where he gainedthe Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Hehas worked in small business start-ups and smallbusiness turn arounds. Mark has created a uniquecareer path which has provided significant learningopportunities and the ability to apply processesacross industries.Max is committed to achieving the highest success.He has competed at the top level in sport, andbrings that drive and commitment to every aspectof his life. His constant drive to learn and quicklyadapt has allowed Max to excel in multinationalcorporations across the globe.Managing Director, Osher Chemicalsin/mark-laurence-cfa-79712714/Bachelor of Finance - University of AucklandBusiness Development Specialistin/maxwellmiller1/Meet our full-time MBA class of 2022Mark LaurenceBachelor of Science in BusinessAdministration (Economics) - University ofColorado - Leeds School of [email protected] LuangprasertMeng-Chieh ChangMaytat was previously an Engineer with over fouryears of experience working in the automotiveindustry in Thailand, particularly with ToyotaMotor. Here he managed approximately ten vehicleprojects with parts suppliers from product design,manufacturing planning, trial runs, to eventuallysuccessful mass productions.Meng-Chieh has many years of experienceproviding technology risk consulting services,helping companies enhance business modelswith emerging technologies and solving theirpain points. The cross-domain knowledge ofengineering and risk management gives him theability to bridge the gap between innovationand Associate, National Taiwan UniversityBachelor of Engineering; AutomotiveDesign and Manufacturing Engineering Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok [email protected] of Science (Electrical Engineering) National Taiwan Ocean changPage 13Automotive EngineerClass of [email protected] NymarkMimi YalumaBy way of a solid understanding of both legal andcommercial issues, Mikkel has brought value toclients when working with both complex M&Atransactions and large-scale construction projects.He is looking for international opportunities afterthe MBA program.Mimi is an electrical engineer with extensiveexperience in consulting within the powerindustry in Australia. She has a passion forclean energy and giving back to her community.This lead her to co-found an NGO in Zambiawith a vision to provide clean drinking water todisadvantaged ab/in/mimi-yaluma-349393114/Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)- The University of [email protected] 14The University of SydneyMBA CareersMaster’s Degree in Law - Universityof [email protected] Engineer, AECOMNatasha NabanNi Ni MyintNatasha is passionate about all things digital,working as a Project Manager with multinationalorganisations undergoing extensive businesstransformation and helping them to becomecustomer centric. She is familiar with the projectlifecycle from initiation to completion and canoperate in both a waterfall and agile environments.Having grown up in 5 countries, Ni Ni is versatileand has high values for equality in the world. Shehas developed global blueprint procurementprocesses and led operations as well astransformation programs across continents,handling change management as a result ofdigitisation or organisational modernisation.Project ManagerBachelor of Engineering - The Universityof [email protected], Change Management And lor (Hons) in English Literature University of Delhi, [email protected]

Business passionate and strong believer inequality and diversity. Experienced in workinginternationally, always keen to adapt to andunderstand different cultures and tactics.First Class Honours degree in BSc BusinessManagement, thriving to build a business model forpeople of all genders, backgrounds and cultures.Paul is a digital marketing expert with extensiveexperience in award-winning media agencies inAustralia. He is passionate about delivering successto clients by connecting marketing channels tocore business in Business Management - AngliaRuskin University, 108/Bachelor of Information Technology Australian Catholic [email protected] TaoukSteve BolaSarah is committed to making sustainableand measurable positive change whether itbe on a personal or professional level. Drivenby knowledge, experience and initiatives withinternational and local organisations, she hasbeen able to successfully assess the impact ofhumanitarian and development programmeswithin the MENA region while promoting datadriven programming.Steve is an ambitious individual who strives to makehimself and those around him better. His positiveattitude and easy-going demeanor have allowedhim to succeed in his previous work experience infinancial planning. If anyone can “build the bettermousetrap”, it would be Steve with his unique wayof thinking.Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability andLearning Officer, Oxfam Great Britainin/sarah-anne-taoukBachelor of Political Studies (Economics)- American University of [email protected] Advisor, TD Canada Trustin/steve-bola-23994a129/Bachelor of Business Administration- Douglas [email protected] 15Director/Business OperationDigital Marketing Manager, AdmaticMeet our full-time MBA class of 2022Paul JanssenClass of 2022Oliwia Morasiewicz

Valerie ElserSumit is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certifiedprofessional with experience in BusinessIntelligence as a Techno-Functional Engineer withexpertise in Datawarehouse Scheduling, ProcessImprovements and Operations for a wholesalebank. Post MBA, he plans to work as a StrategicOperational Management Consultant to fulfil hisaspirations to impact humanity for good.Valerie’s passion for community and socialjustice has led to her commitment to creatingpositive, long-lasting impacts in the non-for-profitsector. Her experiences working within differentcommunity-driven projects, both domestically, inanimal welfare organisations and abroad, in thefashion-sustainability field, speak to her passion forimplementing change.Systems Engineer, Tata Consultancy ServicesProject Manager, Thread -elser-5a84a81b3/Bachelor of Engineering (MechanicalEngineering) - University of [email protected] in Animal Sciences - The Universityof Ill[email protected] University of SydneyMBA BhattacharyaVenkat NarayanVinita ChumsriVenkat is passionate about building businessesfrom the ground up. A strong believer inauthenticity, non-stop learning and inclusiveleadership, his work experience in sales andmarketing across FMCG, Hospitality and RealEstate give him the unique ability to bridgethe gap between customer expectation andmanagement perception.Vinita is the Founder and Director of one ofSydney’s leading vegan restaurants, Little Turtle.Having started her business at the age of 19, Vinitais a passionate Chef and Communications graduatewho currently uses her platform to supportvulnerable individuals affected by COVID-19.Director (Sales), OYO WorkspacesPage 16in/venkat-narayan-a58ab038/Bachelors in Commerce – University of MumbaiPost Graduate Diploma in Management –Welingkar Institute of Management, [email protected] and Founder, Little Turtle RestaurantBachelor of Communications (Social andPolitical Sciences) - University ofTechnology [email protected]

Xinyu WangWilliam enjoys creating meaningful communitiesand solving problems efficiently by leveraginghis experience living and working in multiplecountries. At the crossroads of engineering andproject management, he navigates the technicalworld and the business vision uniting them on acommon resolve.Xinyu is a specialist in audit and internal controlrealm with a history of working in Deloitte, HNAgroup and DHL. He can work efficiently as a teammember as well as a team leader. Post MBA, Xinyuwould like to transit in a role that affords himgreater accountability and opportunities to set thecompany’s strategic direction.Engineering Consultant,SeaTec Consulting LLCNational Internal Control Specialist, DHLin/william-kusuma-04220164/Bachelor of Commerce - The University ofAuckland, New [email protected] LiuYuwei always has initiatives and great passionto grow in strategic-related fields includingmanagement consulting, strategic management,and brand management. As an enterprising anddiligent bilingual with a demonstrated historyacross multiple industries (i.e. banking, accounting,and telecom), she also delves into e-commerceand marketing as an of 2022Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering- Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University,Daytona [email protected] our full-time

MBA internship or a cross-industry business sustainability project as part of . than 500 MBA development programs offered by employers worldwide. Internships with impact Our program offers an optional . Charlotte is a diligent and high-achieving p