SAFETYSAFETYFor any questions on material contained in this manual, contact an authorized representative for clarification.Read and understand all labels located on the vehicle. Always replace any damaged or missing labels.On steep hills it is possible for vehicles to coast at greater than normal speeds encountered on a flat surface. To prevent loss of vehicle control and possible serious injury, speeds should be limited to no more than the maximum speedon level ground. See GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS. Limit speed by applying the service brake.Catastrophic damage to the drivetrain components due to excessive speed may result from driving the vehicle abovespecified speed. Damage caused by excessive speed may cause a loss of vehicle control, is costly, is consideredabuse and will not be covered under warranty.For towing/transporting vehicle, refer to “TRANSPORTING VEHICLE”.Signs similar to the ones illustrated should be used to warn of situations that could result in an unsafe condition.BATTERY WARNINGBattery posts,terminals and relatedaccessories containlead and lead compounds,chemicals knownto cause cancer andreproductive harm.WASH HANDSAFTER HANDLING!BATTERIESCONTAIN LEADAND RELATED PARTS! 14 25%DO NOTDRIVE ACROSSSLOPES INEXCESS OF 14 WASH HANDSAFTER HANDLING!WARNING: Battery posts, terminals and relatedaccessories contain lead and lead compounds,chemicals known to cause cancer and reproductive harm.Be sure that this manual remains as part of the permanent service record should the vehicle be sold.Throughout this guide NOTE, CAUTION and WARNINGwill be used.A NOTE indicates a condition that should be observed.A CAUTION indicates a condition that may result indamage to the vehicle.A WARNING indicates a hazardous conditionthat could result in severe injury or death.Observe these NOTES, CAUTIONS and WARNINGS;be aware that servicing a vehicle requires mechanicalskill and a regard for conditions that could be hazardous.Improper service or repair may damage the vehicle orrender it unsafe.Engine exhaust from this product containschemicals known, in certain quantities, tocause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.The exhaust emissions of this vehicles’ engine complies withregulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) of the United States of America (USA) at time of manufacture. Significant fines could result from modifications or tampering with the engine, fuel, ignition or air intake systems.Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds. Washhands after handling.This spark ignition system meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment Regulations.(NOTES, CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS CONTINUED ON INSIDE OF BACK COVER)

TECHNICIAN’SREPAIR AND SERVICE MANUALGASOLINE POWEREDTXT GOLF CARS & PERSONAL VEHICLESFLEET GOLF CAR (9 hp, CE, CARB)FREEDOM (9 hp, CE, CARB, SE, LE, HP)SHUTTLE 2 2 ( 9 hp, CE, CARB)STARTING MODEL YEAR 2007TEXTRON Golf, Turf & Specialty Products reserves the right to make design changes without obligation to make these changes on units previously sold and theinformation contained in this manual is subject to change without notice.TEXTRON Golf, Turf & Specialty Products is not liable for errors in this manual or for incidental or consequential damages that result from the use of the materialin this manual.CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT IN USA PHONE: 1-800-241-5855 FAX: 1-800-448-8124OUTSIDE USA PHONE: 001-706-798-4311, FAX: 001-706-771-4609TEXTRON GOLF, TURF & SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, P.O.BOX 388, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA USA 30906-3852Repair and Service ManualPage i

NO TESTo obtain a copy of the limited warranty applicable to the vehicle, call or write a localdistributor, authorized Branch or the Warranty Department with vehicle serial number andmanufacturer code.The use of non Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts may void the warranty.Tampering with or adjusting the governor to permit vehicle to operate at above factoryspecifications will void the vehicle warranty.When servicing engines, all adjustments and replacement components must be per originalvehicle specifications in order to maintain the United States of America Federal and Stateemission certification applicable at the time of manufacture.BATTERY PROLONGED STORAGEAll batteries will self discharge over time. The rate of self discharge varies depending on theambient temperature and the age and condition of the batteries.A fully charged battery will not freeze in winter temperatures unless the temperature fallsbelow -75 F (-60 C).Page iiRepair and Service Manual

TABLE OF CONTENTSTITLEPAGESafety . Inside CoversNotes .iiSafety Information . vTITLESECTIONGeneral Information & Routine Maintenance .ASafety . BBody .CWheels and Tires .DFront Suspension and Steering.ESpeed Control . FEngine . GFuel System .HContinuously Variable Transmission (CVT) . JDirection Selector .KElectrical Wiring. LBrakes . MRear Suspension.NRear Axle. PWeather Protection. QPaint .RTroubleshooting. SLimited Warranty . TGeneral Specifications .URepair and Service ManualPage iii

TABLE OF CONTENTSNOTES:Page ivRepair and Service Manual

SAFETY INFORMATIONSAFETY INFORMATIONThis manual has been designed to assist in maintaining the vehicle in accordance with procedures developed by themanufacturer. Adherence to these procedures and troubleshooting tips will ensure the best possible service from theproduct. To reduce the chance of personal injury or property damage, the following must be carefully observed:Certain replacement parts can be used independently and/or in combination with other accessories to modify an E-ZGO-manufactured vehicle to permit the vehicle to operate at or in excess of 20mph. When an E-Z-GO-manufacturedvehicle is modified an any way by the Distributor, Dealer or customer to operate at or in excess of 20mph, UNDERFERERAL LAW the modified product will be a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) subject to the strictures and requirements ofFederal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 571.500. In these instances, pursuant to Federal law the Distributor or DealerMUST equip the product with headlights, rear lights, turn signals, seat belts, top, horn and all other modifications forLSV’s mandated in FMVSS 571.500, and affix a Vehicle Identification Number to the product in accordance with therequirements of FMVSS 571.565. Pursuant to FMVSS 571.500, and in accordance with the State laws applicable inthe places of sale and use of the product, the Distributor, Dealer or customer modifying the vehicle also will be theFinal Vehicle Manufacturer for the LSV, and required to title or register the vehicle as mandated by State law.E-Z-GO will NOT approve Distributor, Dealer or customer modifications converting E-Z-GO products into LSV’s.The Company, in addition, recommends that all E-Z-GO products sold as personal transportation vehicles BE OPERATED ONLY BY PERSONS WITH VALID DRIVERS LICENSES, AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH APPLICABLE STATEREQUIREMENTS. This restriction is important to the SAFE USE AND OPERATION of the product. On behalf of E-ZGO, I am directing that E-Z-GO Branch personnel, Distributors and Dealers advise all customers to adhere to thisSAFETY RESTRICTION, in connection with the use of all products, new and used, the Distributor or Dealer has reason to believe may be operated in personal transportation applications.Information on FMVSS 571.500 can be obtained at Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, section 571.500, orthrough the Internet at the website for the U.S. Department of Transportation - at Dockets and Regulation, then to Title49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (Transportation).GENERALMany vehicles are used for a variety of tasks beyond the original intended use of the vehicle; therefore, it is impossibleto anticipate and warn against every possible combination of circumstances that may occur. No warnings can take theplace of good common sense and prudent driving practices.Good common sense and prudent driving practices do more to prevent accidents and injury than all of the warningsand instructions combined. The manufacturer strongly suggests that all users and maintenance personnel read thisentire manual paying particular attention to the CAUTIONS and WARNINGS contained therein.If you have any questions regarding this vehicle, contact your closest representative or write to the address on theback cover of this publication, Attention: Product Service Department.The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes without obligation to make these changes on units previously sold and the information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice.The manufacturer is not liable for errors in this manual or for incidental or consequential damages that result from theuse of the material in this manual.Repair and Service ManualPage v

SAFETY INFORMATIONThis vehicle conforms to the current applicable standard(s) for safety and performance requirements.These vehicles are designed and manufactured for off-road use. They do not conform to Federal Motor Vehicle SafetyStandards of the United States of America (USA) and are not equipped for operation on public streets. Some communities may permit these vehicles to be operated on their streets on a limited basis and in accordance with local ordinances.Refer to GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS for vehicle seating capacity.Never modify the vehicle in any way that will alter the weight distribution of the vehicle, decrease its stabilityor increase the speed beyond the factory specification. Such modifications can cause serious personal injuryor death. Modifications that increase the speed and/or weight of the vehicle will extend the stopping distance and mayreduce the stability of the vehicle. Do not make any such modifications or changes. The manufacturer prohibits anddisclaims responsibility for any such modifications or any other alteration which would adversely affect the safety of thevehicle.Vehicles that are capable of higher speeds must limit their speed to no more than the speed of other vehicles whenused in a golf course environment. Additionally, speed should be further moderated by the environmental conditions,terrain and common sense.GENERAL OPERATIONAlways: Use the vehicle in a responsible manner and maintain the vehicle in safe operating condition. Read and observe all warnings and operation instruction labels affixed to the vehicle. Follow all safety rules established in the area where the vehicle is being operated. Reduce speed to compensate for poor terrain or conditions. Apply service brake to control speed on steep grades. Maintain adequate distance between vehicles. Reduce speed in wet areas. Use extreme caution when approaching sharp or blind turns. Use extreme caution when driving over loose terrain. Use extreme caution in areas where pedestrians are present.MAINTENANCEAlways: Maintain the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s periodic service schedule. Ensure that repairs are performed by those that are trained and qualified to do so. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance procedures for the vehicle. Be