The Impact of Catholic Education in America:Past, Present, and FutureJune 20-22, 2013 University of Portland

CONFERENCE SESSIONSDATE/TIMEEVENTLOCATION4:30 p.m.Registration OpensBuckley CenterAuditorium – Foyer5:00 p.m.Opening MassFr. Gary Chamberland, C.S.C.Thursday, June 206:00 p.m.Reception7:00 p.m.WelcomeThomas Greene, Provost, University of PortlandChapel of Christthe TeacherBuckley Center #163Buckley CenterAuditoriumSession 1: Keynote Lecture“Catholic Schools: From and for Faith”Thomas Groome, Boston CollegeBuckley CenterAuditorium8:00-9:00 a.m.Continental BreakfastSkybridge(Franz Hall)8:00 a.m.Registration OpensFranz Hall Lobby9:00-10:15 a.m.Session 2: Colloquium SessionsFriday, June 21A. Moving to a Dynamic School Board That LeadsRegina HaneyFranz Hall #223Executive Director, Dept. of Boards and Councils of Catholic SchoolsNational Catholic Education Assn.Chair: John Watzke, Dean, School of Education, University of PortlandB. Legal Issues, Catholic Education and the GospelsSr. M. Angela Shaughnessy, SCNFranz Hall #214Dean, School of Graduate Studies; College Legal Counsel;Coordinator of Disability Services, St. Catherine CollegeChair: Fr.Bill Hund, CSC, University of PortlandC. Extra-Curriculum, Co-Curriculum, or Hidden Curriculum:Developmental and Educational Experiences with Sports,Arts, and Service Activities in Catholic SchoolsAndrew GuestFranz Hall #206Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Portland1

The Roosevelt High School Freedom Fighter Project:A University-Community-School PartnershipRichard ChristenAssociate Professor, School of Education, University of PortlandChair: Martin Scanlan, Marquette UniversityD. Theology in Ecological Perspective: An Interdisciplinary,Inquiry-Based ExperimentSteven KolmesFranz Hall #026Professor, and Rev. Molter Endowed Chair in Science,University of PortlandRussell ButkusAssociate Professor of Theology, University of PortlandChair: Eugene Halus, Jr. , Immaculata UniversityE. Technology in 21st Century Schools: Values, Ethics, andthe Challenge of Educating Students in the Digital AgeEric AnctilFranz Hall #034Associate Professor, School of Education, University of PortlandChair: Sr. Dale McDonald, NCEA10:15 a.m.Break10:45-NoonSession 3: Colloquium SessionsA. National Catholic School Standards and Benchmarks for EffectiveCatholic Elementary and Secondary SchoolsLorraine OzarFranz Hall #223Director, Center for Catholic School EffectivenessLoyola University ChicagoChair: Patricia Morrell, University of PortlandB. How Catholic Schools Effectively Serve LinguisticallyDiverse PopulationsMartin ScanlanAssistant Professor, Marquette UniversityChair: Peter Thacker, University of PortlandFranz Hall #214C. A Philosophy of Teaching & Inclusion in Catholic SchoolsPhyllis EgbyFranz Hall #206Assistant Professor, School of Education, University of PortlandChair: Peter Rooks, University of PortlandD. Bringing Eyes of Faith to Film: Using Popular Movies toNurture a Sacramental WorldviewFr. Charlie Gordon, C.S.C.Franz Hall #026Assistant Professor of Theology, University of PortlandChair: Richard Loomis2

E. He Is So Lazy! Understanding the Impact of Executive Functionin the Classroom and Exploring Strategies for SuccessLaurie KashFranz Hall #034Special Education and Student Services Director, Rainier School DistrictChair: Paul Myers, University of PortlandNoon- 1:30 p.m.Lunch and SpeakerFaith and Imagination:You Can’t Have One Without the OtherFr. Patrick Hannon, C.S.C.English Department, University of Portland1:30-2:45 p.m.Session 4: Colloquium SessionsA. Meeting the Needs of Diverse LearnersKathy MearsExecutive Director, Elementary Schools, NCEAChair: Robert Mizia, Archdiocese of PortlandExecutiveBoardroom(Commons)Franz Hall #223B. Opening the Parameters: What We Can Learnfrom International and Interfaith ExperiencesRev. Joseph O’Keefe, SJFranz Hall #214Professor and former Dean, School of Education, Boston CollegeChair: Karen Nelson, University of PortlandC. Enacting a Lived Franciscan Legacy through MissionSeminars at Viterbo UniversityBarbara Mae GayleFranz Hall #206V. P. for Academic Affairs and the Dean of Graduate Studies,Viterbo UniversityGlena TempleProfessor of Biology and Dean, Letters and Sciences,Viterbo UniversityEducating the Educators: Graduate Programs in American CatholicUniversities Serving Catholic EducationPeter GilmourProfessor Emeritus, Institute of Pastoral Studies, Loyola University ChicagoChair: Kimberly Ilosvay, University of PortlandD. Pacific NW Earthquakes and Tsunamis for TeachersRobert ButlerFranz Hall #026Professor of Environmental Studies, University of PortlandChair: Russell Butkus, University of Portland3

E. The Contemplative Dimension in Catechesis and Evangelization:How the Practice of Christian Meditation in the Classroom(K-12) deepens faith and love.Joanne RappFranz Hall #034Director, The Cornerstone Center: Christian Meditation Community.Teacher, Xavier College PrepChair: Vinci Halbrook-Paterson, University of Portland2:45 p.m.Break3:15-4:30 p.m.Session 5A. All Rise for Coordinated Marketing and DevelopmentLaurie KelleyChief Marketing Officer, University of PortlandBryce StrangAssoc. VP of Development, University of PortlandChair: Carol McClory, University of PortlandFranz Hall #223B. Using Direct Instruction Procedures in Classroom SettingsTim McLaughlinFranz Hall #214Professor, Department of Special Education, Gonzaga UniversityAdam SkarrMaster’s program, Pacific Alliance for Catholic EducationChair: Kristina Houck, University of PortlandC. Take a Stand Against CyberbullyingCourtney “Vail” FletcherFranz Hall #206Assistant Professor of Communications Studies, University of PortlandChair: Laurie Kash, Rainier School DistrictD. From “St. Mary of the Springs” to “Ohio Dominican University”:The Challenge of Maintaining Mission and Identity in a Corporate WorldKathleen RileyFranz Hall #026Professor of History, Ohio Dominican UniversityThe Challenge of Transitioning the Mission:The Graying of the Sisters, Servants of the ImmaculateHeart of Mary and the Propagation of MissionEugene J. Halus, Jr.Associate Professor of Politics, Immaculata UniversityChair: Brad Franco, University of PortlandE. PACE Perspectives: Insights from Graduate ResearchFranz Hall #034Strategies for Effectively “Flipping” a Science ClassroomSuzanne BurkeVocabulary and Reading Strategies in a Content AreaNicole Layng4

Building Vocabulary in an Elementary ClassroomLaura BurchettChair: Dave Devine and Mary Dolan, PACE Program6:00 :00 a.m.Continental BreakfastSkybridge(Franz Hall)9:00-10:15 a.m.Session 6Saturday, June 22A. The Challenge and Promise of Meeting the Needs of Today’sCatholic School StudentsSr. Dale McDonald, PBVMFranz Hall #223Director of Public Policy and Educational Research, NCEAChair: Fr. Bill Hund, CSC, University of PortlandB. Upheavals in the Ministry of US Catholic Education and theEffect on Catholic Identity: Models from the 19th Century Schoolsand 21st Century HospitalsRobert O’GormanFranz Hall #214Professor of Pastoral Studies, Loyola University ChicagoDemocracy and Hierarchy: Education and Catholic CultureAaron HoffmanAssociate Professor of Political Science, Bellarmine UniversityChair: Fr. Joseph O’Keefe, SJ, Boston CollegeC. A Call for a Liberative Theological Education and MinisterialModel in Catholic High SchoolsFrancisco CastilloFranz Hall #231Sr. Editor/Multicultural Specialist at RCL Benzinger PublishingAdjunct Professor of Religious Studies, Broward CollegeFrom the Eliot Street Rebellion to Campion Hall: Solidarity, PublicInterest and School Vouchers: A Test Case for the Catholic ImaginationFred HerronExecutive Director, Mount Manresa Jesuit Retreat HouseChair: Lauretta Frederking, University of PortlandD. Creating a Transformative Nursing Curriculum at Seattle UniversityBased on Ignatian PedagogyPatricia BennerFranz Hall #206Visiting Professor, Seattle UniversityTerri ClarkAssociate Professor of Nursing, Seattle University5

Anne HirschAssociate Dean of Graduate Education, Seattle UniversitySteven PalazzoAssistant Professor of Nursing, Seattle UniversityGail “GG” SalvatierraSenior Instructor of Nursing, Seattle UniversityChair: Lisa Manthey, University of Portland10:15 a.m.Break10:45 a.m. - noonSession 7A. Cultivating a Partnership for Success: Administrator andBoard PartnershipRegina HaneyFranz Hall #223Executive Director, Dept. of Boards and Councils of Catholic SchoolsNational Catholic Education Assn.Chair: Julie Vogel, Archdiocese of PortlandB. Educational Leadership Practices in TanzaniaFr. Peter SiamooDoctoral Student, Portland State UniversityFranz Hall #214What Did the Argonauts Sing? What Contribution can theCatholic Imagination Make to the Conversation RegardingStandardized Testing and the Problem of ScapegoatingMichael HerronSpecial Education Teacher, New York City Teaching FellowChair: Fred Herron, Mount Manresa Jesuit Retreat CenterC. Building the Core Value of Stewardship through SustainabilityCourses and Programs at Viterbo UniversityGlena TempleFranz Hall #206Professor of Biology and Dean, Letters and Sciences,Viterbo UniversityBarbara Mae GayleV.P. for Academic Affairs and the Dean of Graduate Studies,Viterbo UniversityAn Integrated Religious Education Program in the Early School YearsChristine McGunnigleEarly Childhood Program, University of Notre Dame - AustraliaChair: Bernard Prusak, King’s CollegeD. From the Ballot Box to the Supreme Court: Oregon School Bill of 1922Richard Loomis, Ph.D.Franz Hall #231Pierce v. Society of SistersSr. Charlene Herinckx, SSMOChair: Fr. Gary Chamberland, CSC, University of Portland6

Noon – 1:30 p.m.Lunch1:30 p.m.Conference EndsExecutiveBoardroom(Commons)Keynote AddressThomas Groome, SpeakerCatholic Schools: From and for FaithBorn in County Kildare, Ireland, Thomas Groome is Professor of Theology and Religious Education atBoston College and Chair of the Department of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry at BostonCollege’s School of Theology and Ministry. He holds a doctoral degree in religious education from UnionTheological Seminary at Columbia University.Dr. Groome’s recent book, Will There Be Faith: A New Vision for Educating and Growing Disciples(HarperCollins 2012) is considered a contemporary, holistic guide for today’s teachers and parents toreenergize the faith community and family from the bottom up. His widely respected books in religiouseducation have been translated into many languages and include the Coming of Faith religion textbookseries from W.H. Sadlier. Groome is also the author of What Makes Us Catholic: Eight Gifts for Life(Harper Collins 2002) and Educating for Life (Crossroads 2000).vThe Garaventa Center for Catholic Intellectual Lifeand American Culture wishes to acknowledge thefollowing individuals and corporations for theirgenerous support of this conference.Nancy and Rick GreenEugene FeltzJacque and Richard LouieJosephine and Edward McFarlaneRaytheon CompanyEpping Family FoundationFulcrum Foundation/Archdiocese of SeattleJoseph E. Weston FoundationKoch FoundationRaskob Foundation7

Seminars at Viterbo University Barbara Mae Gayle Franz Hall #206 V. P. for Academic Affairs and the Dean of Graduate Studies, Viterbo University Glena Temple Professor of Biology and Dean, Letters and Sciences, Viterbo University Educating the Educators: Graduate Programs in American Catho