Ana RezendeSenior Support Manager –Mainframe and Gateways teamsOracle Global Product [email protected] Oracle SIG – 2005Monday, April 18, 20051

AgendaGoal: To improve your working relationshipwith Global Product Support Support Terminology and ToolsService Request Severity DefinitionsService Request Status CodeHow to help Support to help youEscalationsTechnical ReferencesSummaryQuick ReferenceQ&AMonday, April 18, 20052

Support Terminology and Tools CSI: Customer Support Identifier. A number isused by Oracle to track the software andsupport licensed by each Customer. BUG: A internal report for Oracle Developmentabout an error in the Software, anenhancement request or a patch request. OWC: Oracle Web Conference. Our internetdiagnostics tool that allows SupportRepresentatives to connect and viewinformation on Customer's systems.Monday, April 18, 20053

(Cont.)Support Terminology and Tools RDA: Remote Diagnostic Agent. RDA is a set of scripts to gather detailed information from an Oracleenvironment to aid on problem diagnosis andresolution.OHS: Oracle Hosted Support. Service offeringwhere Oracle Support Services hosts an eBusiness Suite for a Customer.OSS: Oracle Support Services.SR: Service Request (formerly known as TAR).The unit of work for Oracle Support Services.TAR: Technical Assistance Request has beenrenamed to Service Request (SR).Monday, April 18, 20054

Review: SR ProcessCreate SRvia MetaLinkSR Number isautomaticallygeneratedMetaLink AssignsSR to Engineerwith appropriateskill setEngineer logs BugEngineer requestsWeb Conferencingsession to gatheradditional detailsEngineer reviewsSR anddocumentsaction planDevelopmentupdates Bugwith resolutionEngineer findsSolutionEngineerUpdates SRMonday, April 18, 20055SRClosed

SR Severity DefinitionsSeverity Level 4No Business ImpactSeverity Level 3Minor Business ImpactSeverity Level 2Severity Level 1No loss of service or resourcesMinor loss of service or resourcesSerious Business ImpactSevere loss of service orresources w/o acceptableworkaroundCritical Business ImpactComplete loss of service orresources and work cannotreasonably continue - the work isconsidered “mission critical”Please check Oracle Technical Support Policy Website for further olicies.html#severity***Note: Use MetaLink to log SRs for all Severities. Call Support hotline in your region(found in the link above) if you need immediate assistance in an existing SR.Monday, April 18, 20056

SR Status CodesSupport Action: NEW (NEW SR), ASG (Assigned to a Support Engineer),WIP (Work In Progress), RVW (Review), 1CB (1st Callback from Customer),2CB (2nd Callback from Customer), IRR (Immediate Response Required),INT (Awaiting Internal Response)Customer Action: WCP (Waiting for Customer to apply Patch), CUS(Waiting on customer), SLP (Sleep until Customer Available), LMS (LeftMessage for customer), SCL (Soft Close Inactive), HCL (Hard Close nomore update possible)Development Action: DEV (Assigned to Development). It could be also INTif there is no bug associated to the SR.For further information on SR Status Codes and other valuable information,please refer to:- Doc ID: 280603.1 (MetaLink Service Request Closure FAQ)- Doc ID: 166650.1 (Working Effectively With Oracle Support Services)Monday, April 18, 20057

How to help Support to Help you OracleMetalink UsageOracle Collaborative Support – OWCProvide RDA informationBest PracticesEscalationMonday, April 18, 20058, April 18, 20059

OracleMetaLink A Web Application that provides access to:––––– technical information and solutionsPatchesBugsSupport EngineersOther Users in the Oracle CommunityMetaLink is a tool that helps you get the most out ofyour Oracle products by providing a repository of–––––Technical ArticlesDiagnostic TestsAn interactive Forum AreaService Request (SR) accessThe ability to create a Personalized Home PageMonday, April 18, 200510

Benefits of MetaLink!!hIncrease Support Alternatives–Knowledge Base–Forums–Patches–Service Requests (SRs)–BugshQuick and Convenienth24x7 Accesse-Business is the future!Monday, April 18, 200511

Oracle Collaborative Support Faster Resolution Time – On Demand Connection– Instant Online Collaboration via OWC - Oracle WebConferencing– Customer access to scripts, tools and instruments– Customers can join via MetaLinkCollaborate directly with an Oracle Support RepresentativeA secure encrypted connection between Oracle Support andyour systemAvailable from MetaLink for resolving open SR’sCoordinate use with the Support Rep working your SRChat / Desktop Sharing / File TransferFor online Reference, please refer to Doc ID 274430.1 (How to useOWC as a Customer)Monday, April 18, 200512

Access from MetaLink Arrange time for a OracleWeb Conferencing (OWC)session with SupportEngineer through SR Log into MetalinkMonday, April 18, 200513Click on Oracle CollaborativeSupport button in lower leftcorner

Join your Conference Clicks Conference Titlematching TAR/SRnumber Or you can enter theConference ID ifalready provided to youby Support Engineer.Monday, April 18, 200514

Join your Conference –Problems To see your Conference Title you may need to useFilter by Conference Title where Conference Title SR number If there is a problem click on New User sub tabunder the Home tab and then click the “Test”button to run a series of tests. This test will pointout any issues along with the resolution required. If you still have problems, run the Diagnostic Toolunder Quicklinks & send your Oracle Support Repthe reportMonday, April 18, 200515

Enter your Details For your security: yourSupport Identifier (CSI) isused as the meetingPassword or Conference Key Once your name, emailaddress & Company areprovided, you may joinconferenceMonday, April 18, 200516

Initial Screens First see Initializationscreen, then Invitation to presentyour issue to OracleSupportMonday, April 18, 200517

Sharing ModesDesktop SharingModeShare anApplicationStop SharingShare an AreaShare Entire Desktop Select 4th icon from left to begin Desktop SharingModeTo present an application, click the Share anApplication iconTo present an area of your desktop, click the Share anArea icon or for entire desktop, click the Share EntireDesktop iconMonday, April 18, 200518

Sharing the experienceVoice Streaming Record SessionTo resolve complex issues, Engineer & Customer may need toshare their findings with Oracle Development or system experts,not present.Record on screen activity and/or conversation if acceptable tocustomerRecorded sessions are password protected for security only to beseen by participants and designated personsMonday, April 18, 200519

Mediation Controls Host or presenter can grant authority to any attendee Shared control, click the yellow (mouse) icon next tothe attendee’s namePresenter rights, click the blue (person) icon next tothe attendee’s nameMonday, April 18, 200520

RDAWhat is RDA? RDA is a set of scripts used to gather detailed informationfrom an Oracle environment. The scripts collect information that aid in problemdiagnosis, however, the overall system configuration isalso captured. Oracle Support encourages the use of RDA because itprovides a comprehensive picture of the customer'senvironment. Providing RDA output, especially when logging an SR,can minimize the need for follow up questions that delaythe SR resolution process.

RDARDA is essential for the following types of SRs: Database performance issues Installation/configuration issues ORA-600, ORA-7445, and ORA-3113 errors Upgrade, migration, and linking issues Corrective issuesRDA collects data in a range of categories, some of them: Operating System (Host) Networking Database Performance Intelligent Agent Internet Directory Management Server RAC Single Node Collections Enterprise Manager Grid, Agent, and DB Control

Customer Benefits of RDA Increases self-service effectiveness by:– Identifying and eliminating possible causes of issues– Verifying and eliminating possible solutions for issues Reduces time to resolution by:– Providing complete and accurate information about the technicalenvironment and Applications settings– Minimizing need of additional questions related to the technicalenvironment and Applications settingPlease refer to Doc ID 175853.1 (Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) ).*** Note: RDA is not yet available for z/OS. Intel Linux (RedHat andSuSE) follows the Unix instructions.Monday, April 18, 200523

Best PracticesLessons learned from our customers Shared ownership in resolving the issue Joint planning on problem resolution Customers control the quality and quantityof information about their environment We depend on our customers to managetheir environments and help us understandthem Quality and quantity of communicationA problem well stated is a problem half solved

Quality and quantity of communication Clear problem statement: Cause & Effect– All known facts– Is the issue reproducible?– Detailed history of environment and changes Answer all Template questions Review our knowledge base on MetaLink– Top Tech Docs– Forums Contact Support – SR Successful Communication Minimize SR ‘tag’ or ‘pinging’Documentation is essential– Answer all questions– Action plans after each update and define who owns each actionMonday, April 18, 200525

EscalationsPurpose: bring more management attention to the SR, andwhen appropriate, more resources. This does notautomatically mean that the severity level of the SR will bechangedIf the severity level of the SR becomes inappropriateover time, it may be raised by mutual agreementbetween the Oracle Support Engineer and theCustomer.Please refer to Note 199389.1 (Escalating TARs with OracleSupport Services) for further information and instructions

Escalations Encounter critical roadblocks Communicate business issues to managerswithin Oracle Support Dissatisfied with resolution or response Escalate issues in a timely manner Quality of escalation criteria is key:– Project deadlines?– Lost Revenue?– Government reporting?– Users at your doorMonday, April 18, 200527

Escalation ProcessV.P. orExecutiveSenior Manageror DirectorManager /Escalation ManagerSupport EngineerCustomerMonday, April 18, 200528

z/OS:Technical ReferencesSome documents you may always be referenced to:–Doc ID 204422.1 z/OS: How to provide dumps for diagnosis–Doc ID 268888.1 z/OS: Patch Information for Currently Supported Versions–Doc ID 206583.1 z/OS: Diagnostics Required for OSDI issues–Doc ID 252166.1 z/OS: How to FTP and UNZIP patches from Metalink to UnixSystems Services (USS)For more documents (notes) and information:–Please review Top Tech Docs in Metalink (Top Tech Docs - System Administrationand Platforms - IBM z/OS (OS/390, MVS). Ensure you navigate through all theavailable folders: Documentation (Online Documentation for 8i, 9i,10g), FAQ,Troubleshooting, Archive. You can see all of them under folder ‘All Articles’–Online Documentation can be found in OTN: - DocumentationMonday, April 18, 200529

Linux:Technical ReferencesSome documents you may always be referenced to:–Doc ID 270734.1 How to Enable an Oracle 9i 1.5GB SGA on IBM z/Linux SuSESLES8 64-bit–Doc ID 270577.1 Installing Oracle 9i on IBM z/Series - SLES8 /OS–Doc ID 300652.1 Supported System Configurations and Limits for Red HatEnterprise Linux Releases z/OSFor more documents (notes) and information:–Please review Top Tech Docs in Metalink (Top Tech Docs - System Administrationand Platforms - Linux/Intel). Ensure you navigate through all the available folders:Documentation (Online Documentation for 8i, 9i,10g), FAQ, Troubleshooting,Archive. You can see all of them under folder ‘All Articles’––Online Documentation can be found in OTN: - mpaigns/ibm/linux390/faq.htmlMonday, April 18, 200530

Summary Understand Support TerminologyKnow Severity Level DefinitionsAccess MetaLink!!Use Oracle Web ConferencingCommunicate the issue effectivelyImplement the Escalation Process whennecessary Share important articles for referenceMonday, April 18, 200531

Quick Reference MetaLink:– WEWS User Guide – Doc ID: 166650.1– RDA Info – Doc ID: 175853.1– How to use OWC as a Customer - Doc ID: 274430.1– Escalation Process – Doc ID: 199389.1 Severity Definitions and Support policies.html OWC– Quick Tutorial – located in the Quicklinks box on the rightMonday, April 18, 200532


10 Monday, April 18, 2005 OracleMetaLink A Web Application that provides access to: – technical information and solutions – Patches – Bugs – Support Engineers – Other Users in the Oracle Community MetaLink is a tool that helps you get the most out of your Oracle products by providing a repository of – Technica