380 Edison WayReno, Nevada 89502P: 775.327.3945 * F: 775.861.1299Signature Academy General Application for 2016-2017 School YearGraduating Class of 2020 Only(Current 8th grade students)APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE ONLINE DECEMBER 1, 2015 for students to register online if possible to insure accuracy of information.The application deadline for all Signature Schools and Academies isJANUARY 27, 2016Please Note: This application is for Signature Schools (AACT and Wooster) and all Signature Academies. This does notinclude TMCC High School or the GATE program at Hug High School. Please visit their websites for their applications.Please enter the following:Student’s Legal LAST Name(s):Student’s Legal FIRST Name(s):Student ID# (If you do not have a Washoe County School ID# enter zero and see lastpage for additional information needed)If you are applying to the Damonte Ranch High School Performing Arts Academy, you must apply directly tothe high school. Due to overcrowding, the PAC program will only be accepting students zoned for DRHS forthe 2016-17 school year. 775-851-5656Parent/Guardian Name: Last: First:Address:City: State: Zip Code:Home Phone: Student Date of Birth:Name of Current Middle School:Parent Email: Cell Phone:Student Email: Cell Phone:

SECTION ONE: Signature Academy SelectionPlease RANK the three signature programs you would like to attend next year.1 First Choice 2 Second Choice (you are not required to select three)RankSignature AcademyHost SchoolMBA High School of BusinessAcademy of Arts,Careers & TechnologyDoes applicant have asibling currentlyattending this school(Yes/No)? If yes, pleaseprovide name of sibling.(AACT)AACTAACTAACTAACTAACTAACTGalena HSHug HSHug HSMcQueen HSMcQueen HSMcQueen HSCommunication Arts & MediaCulinary & HospitalityEducation & TrainingEngineeringMedical CareersNatural Resources & Animal ScienceS.T.E.M. AcademyHealth Science-Sports MedicineHealth Sciences-Community Health & Human SvcsGlobal Studies-International StudiesGlobal Studies – Fine ArtsGlobal Studies – Visual ArtsCASE - Center for Agricultural Science & EngineeringNorth Valleys HS(Agricultural Engineering)CASE – Ag Resource ManagementNorth Valleys HSEnterprise Project (Biomedical Studies)Reed HSEnterprise Project (Civil & EnvironmentalReed HSEngineering)Enterprise Project – Human ServicesReed HSRed House ProjectReno HSSpanish Springs - C3MediaSpanish Springs HSSpanish Spring - Sports MedicineSpanish Springs HSInformation Technology-Tech ScienceSparks HSInformation Technology-Manufacturing TechSparks HSInternational Baccalaureate DiplomaWooster HSInternational Baccalaureate: Energy Technology orWooster HSEntrepreneurshipPerforming Arts Academy****** Due to overcrowding, the PAC program will only beDamonte Ranch HSaccepting students zoned for DRHS. Apply directly tothe high school. 775-851-5656 DRHSMastangs.comApplication WCSD High School Signature AcademiesApplications Due: January 27, 20162

SECTION TWO: Readiness CriteriaThe Signature Academies look for specific attributes when screening applicants. The qualities are based onresearch regarding success in a career academy program or school. Are you ready? Do you currently havethe following readiness skills, and are you willing to continue these skills for the next four years of yoursignature program?1. Good attendance (85-90%).2. Clean disciplinary record, including NO suspensions.3. Ability to take responsibility for your academic behavior and success.4. Read and comprehend at your grade level.5. Write proficiently, as determined by Nevada CRTs, HSPEs, and/or by receiving As, Bs, and Cs in grade-level Englishclasses.7. Have and maintain a 2.0 or better GPA.8. Organizational skills and ability to complete your school work and homework without assistance.9. Complete your school work and homework on time and completely.10. Good time management skills to handle an increased class schedule and challenging work load.11. Demonstrate mature social behavior and self-control such that you could blend into a college or work-likeenvironment.12. Demonstrate thoughtful decision-making and take responsibility for your actions.13. Demonstrate appropriate and respectful behavior with adults.14. Demonstrate appropriate and respectful behavior with your peers.15. Ability to manage a rigorous high school curriculum that includes classes and performance-based grading.I understand the above mentioned skills needed to be successful in a signature program and make acommitment to maintain the needed criteria. (Check YES or NO)Student Signature:Application WCSD High School Signature AcademiesYes or NoApplications Due: January 27, 20163

SECTION THREE: TEACHER/COUNSELOR RECOMMENDATIONSYou are required to give us the name and email address for the following: One from a core academic teacher(English, math, science, or social studies) that you have this year, and one from a counselor or teacher of yourchoice that you have this year. Our office will send out recommendation surveys randomly.Example: Betty Smith [email protected] Teacher Name:Email AddressTeacher/Counselor NameEmail AddressPART FOUR: BASIC UNDERSTANDING AND SUCCESS STATEMENTAll of our Signature Academies believe in student success and make a commitment to support our students inevery way that they can. We also believe that it takes a commitment from the student and parent(s) toachieve this success. Please sign below that you support your child’s interest in attending this program, andthat you have read the following Basic of Understandings and variance athletic guidelines.In a Signature School or Signature Academy, the following Basic Understandings apply:MINIMUM CRITERIA:Acceptance is based on a criteria set by the district. All accepted students are provisionally accepted,dependent upon their final grades, attendance, credit accrual, MAP scores, and behavior for the 8th gradeschool year.Acceptance basic criteria: 2.0 overall GPA in core classes (English, Math, Science) Meets standards on 7th grade and 8th grade MAP scores and/or standardized test. Regular school attendance (90%, all reasons included) Demonstrations of appropriate self-management abilities (no major discipline events/suspensions;few minor discipline events).ATTENDANCE IS A PRIVILEGE:Acceptance is a privilege and is for one school year only. Enrollment will continue from year to yearprovided that students continue to meet the grade, credit, GPA, and behavior requirements as stated in theguidelines to be accepted. Students not meeting these requirements will be notified of probationary statusand subsequent revocation of attendance privileges, if applicable.Application WCSD High School Signature AcademiesApplications Due: January 27, 20164

TRANSPORTATION:Transportation is provided from/to the nearest high school for Signature Schools (AACT and Wooster).Students/families will need to provide transportation to and from the nearest high school, as schedules willnot overlap to allow for door-to-door service. There is no district sponsored transportation for all SignatureAcademies.ONE YEAR COMMITMENT:Available spaces in Signature Academies are limited and highly competitive. Students and parentsaccepting one of those available spaces are required to make a commitment to remain enrolled through theconclusion of the enrolled school year.ATHLETIC POLICY:Student athletes attending a Signature Academy at a school other than their zoned high school are eligibleto participate in any sanctioned sport offered at that school (NAC 386.787/NRS 386.430).Students must abide by the regulations of the Signature Variance, which include: Students must maintain full enrollment in the plan of study designated by the Signature Academy andassociated Signature Program with which they are affiliated. If student is not enrolled in a signaturecourse the variance will be revoked. Enrollment will be reviewed annually. Student athletes are eligible to participate in NIAA sanctioned sports at any level other than varsity forthe first year. Athletic participation is limited to the sanctioned sports offered by the school thestudent is attending. Students must continue to meet the requirements of participation in the Signature Academy andassociated Signature Program.If a Signature Variance is revoked or a student opts to leave the Signature Academy: Students who elect to return to the zoned school will lose athletic eligibility for the remainder of theschool year in which the transfer occurs and for an addition 180 school days for any sport in which thestudent’s name appeared on a varsity NIAA roster (NAC 386.786). Students who are removed from a Signature Academy but want to stay at the school in which theSignature Academy exists (which is not the students’ zoned school) may apply for a “school grantedvariance” to remain at current school, and NOT LOSE athletic eligibility for 180 school days for any sport inwhich the student’s name appeared on a NIAA roster. This variance must be approved by the site Principal (NAC 386.786).Students who leave from a Signature Academy in which they were granted a Signature Variance andapply and are accepted to a different Signature Academy located outside of their zone of residence willbe placed on a standard variance and will lose athletic eligibility for 180 school days for any sport inwhich their name appeared on a varsity NIAA roster (NAC 386.786).Parent Name:Date:Parent Signature: Student Signature:Application WCSD High School Signature AcademiesApplications Due: January 27, 20165

Application Checklist RequirementsCompleted information form with parent/guardian signatureApplication Part One: Signature Academy SelectionApplication Part Two: Readiness Criteria SignatureApplication Part Three: Teacher Recommendation Names & EmailApplication Part Four: Success Statement signed by parent & studentNon-Discrimination Statement: Washoe County School District does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability orage, and that they provide equal access to the Boy Scouts of America and other designated youth groups. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the nondiscrimination policies, contact Byron Green, Area Superintendent, at 425 E. Ninth St, Reno, NV 89512; (775)789-4604.APPLICATION DUE DATE:PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL REQUIREMENTS ARE RECEIVED BY JANUARY 27, 2016. Applications received afterthis date will not be process until after March 15, 2016 and qualified students could be placed at the bottomof a wait list for their signature academy request.IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO INTERNET TO COMPLETE AN ONLINE APPLICATION, PLEASE RETURN ALLFORMS AND SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS TO:Option #1: By mail to Washoe County Signature Academy Applications, 380 Edison Way, Reno,NV, 89502Option #2: Your current school counselor to be forwarded to the Signature/CTE officeOption #3: Fax to 775-861-1299Application WCSD High School Signature AcademiesApplications Due: January 27, 20166

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NEEDED FOR STUDENTSNOT CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN WASHOE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICTIf the student is attending a charter school that is part of the computerized system in Washoe County School,you should have a Washoe County student ID.If the student applying is not currently enrolled in a Washoe County School District school, you will need tosupply the below documents to us as part of this application.*Transcript from 7th grade and first semester 8th grade (as soon as available)*Discipline and attendance records for 7th grade and first semester 8th grade*Most current state standardize test results in Math and Reading. If you are not able to supply thesetest results, the student will need to attend one of the testing dates to take a math and reading test. Call theSignature/CTE office to sign up for one of the test dates. 775-327-3945Application WCSD High School Signature AcademiesApplications Due: January 27, 20167

The application deadline for all Signature Schools and Academies is JANUARY 27, 2016 Please Note: This application is for Signature Schools (AACT and Wooster) and all Signature Academies. This does not include TMCC High School or the GATE program at Hug High Sc