Email client configuration guideBusiness EmailMarch 2016

Contents1. Mac Email Clients1.1 Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2011331.2 Configuring Entourage 200841.3 Configuring Mac Mail OSX62. PC Email Clients2.1 Downloading Microsoft Outlook 2010772.2 Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010/201372.3 Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express82.4 Manual Configuration of Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010/20139

1. Mac Email Clients.1.1 Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2011.*Business Email Professional Users Only.Download / Install / Upgrade Microsoft Outlook 2011:1. Log on to the TELUS UC Management Center at From the Home Page, on the top menu bar select Services Exchange DownloadOutlook.3. Follow the instructions to download and install Microsoft Outlook 2011 onto yourcomputer.Configure Microsoft Outlook to Connect to Your TELUS Mailbox:1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2011.2. Click on the Tools Accounts.3. The Accounts dialogue box will open. In the lower right-hand corner, click on the Addbutton Exchange.4. Enter your email address.5. Under Authentication, ensure that the Method field is set to User Name andPassword and enter your credentials in the following format:User Name: Your email address (same as step 4)Password: Your password6. Uncheck Configure Automatically to bring up the Server field. Enter the followingserver address: .7. Click Add Account. Once your account has been configured successfully it will appearin the left pane of the Accounts dialogue box and your messages and data will begin todownload. You will know that your account is connected when the indicator next to youraccount name turns green.Business email client configuration guide3

1.2 Configuring Entourage 2008.Configure Entourage 2008 to Connect to Your TELUS Mailbox:1. Open Entourage and at the top scroll down select Entourage Account Settings(If Entourage opens the automatic configuration, you can simply close it).2. In the accounts window, select a new Exchange account.3. In the Account Setup Assistant window, check “My account is on an Exchange Server”.4. In the same window, look to the bottom and click Configure Account Manually, anotherwindow will appear called Edit Account. In this window, enter your name in the AccountName field. This name will be used to recognize the account that you have on theExchange 2007 server.5. Under heading Personal Information, in the Name box, enter the name that you wantpeople to see attached to your email address.6. Email Address: this is the email address you use for your exchange account.7. Under the heading Authentication in the Account ID box, enter your Hosted Exchangeusername in the format of your [email protected]’ Leave the Domain box empty.9. In the Password box, enter your hosted exchange password.10. Under the heading Server Information, in the Exchange Server box [email protected]. Check “Save password in my Mac OS Keychain”.12. Check “This DAV service requires a secure connection (SSL)”.continued on next pageBusiness email client configuration guide4

13. Uncheck “Override default DAV port”.14. Click on the “Advanced” tab.15. Under heading Public Folder Settings, in the Public Folders Server box, Check the “This DAV service requires a secure connection” check box. Uncheck“Override default DAV port”.17. Click “OK” and you’re finished!Business email client configuration guide5

1.3 Configuring Mac Mail OSX.1. Open the Mac Mail OSX application.2. If you have never run Mac Mail OSX before, skip to step 3.If you are adding your Business Email account to already-existing Mac Mail OSXaccounts, go to File Add Account.3. Type the following information into the Add Account pop-up window: Full Name: Your Name Email Address: Your Business Email address Password: Your password4. Click Continue.5. Mail will search for the Exchange server. When it detects the server, it will automaticallyconfigure your account. At this time, you’ll have the option to download your ExchangeCalendar and Contacts as well as your messages. If you’d like to download yourExchange Calendar to iCal and your Exchange Contacts to your Address Book, leavethe tickboxes next to these options checked. If you’d like to opt out of either of theseoptions, uncheck the corresponding box.6. Once you are satisfied with your settings, click Create.7. Mac Mail OSX will set up your account and begin to download your mail.Business email client configuration guide6

2. PC Email Clients.2.1 Downloading Microsoft Outlook.Download / Install / Upgrade to Microsoft Outlook1. Log on to the TELUS UC Management Center at using yourmain administrator account.2. From the Home Page, click the Services tab Exchange Download Outlook.3. Follow the instructions to download and install Microsoft Outlook onto your computer.2.2 Configure Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013 to Connect toYour TELUS Mailbox.To configure your email client to your Outlook email client, navigate to the following pagewithin the UC Management Centre control panel:1. Select Services from the top menu bar and select Exchange Configuration Outlook Profile from the drop-down menus.2. Select a connection protocol that Outlook will use for accessing your mail account.3. Select your desired Exchange Cached Mode.4. Select and Download the appropriate executable file – either Outlook Profile Setupor PRF.5. When the download is complete, run the executable file.The executable file configures your Outlook mail client profile and installs the OutlookAutologin application on your computer. The Outlook Autologin application automaticallyverifies your Outlook credentials each time you access Outlook. You can use the OutlookAutologin application to change the configuration of your Outlook profile any time after thesetup is complete.continued on next pageBusiness email client configuration guide7

The executable file also checks to see if there is an existing profile for your mail client. If noprofile is found, the program creates a new profile using defaults. If a profile is found, theprogram displays a dialog box with the following settings: Profile Name — A default profile name. You can overwrite any existing profile byselecting Existing Profile or you can type a new profile name. Outlook Options — For Outlook, this option is enabled; for previous versions ofOutlook, it is disabled. Options include: Local Copy. If checked, Outlook is configured with the Local Copy option enabled. Connect Using HTTP. If checked, Outlook is configured to connect using HTTP.NoteWhen creating or configuring your Outlook profile, you might receive the following message:Do you want to import setting from this file? Click Yes to proceed with the configuration.2.3 Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express.You can manually configure Outlook Express for the TELUS Business Email. To do this, youcreate an Outlook Express account:1. Start Outlook Express.2. Click Tools Accounts Mail.3. Click Add and use the wizard to set up your account.4. Specify for your Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers.5. Under the “Servers” tab, you will need to: Specify “IMAP” as the incoming mail server. Type in your account name in the format hostedmsx\ username as well asyour password. Check the “My server requires authentication” check box.TroubleshootingIf your ISP blocks port 25, you can alternatively set your email client to communicate on port2525 to our SMTP server. This is done on the advanced tab of the Internet Email Setting.Business email client configuration guide8

2.4. Manual Configuration of Microsoft Outlook.Supported Client Configurations:OperatingSystems:OutlookMail Clients: Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows Vista Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Microsoft Office Outlook 2013Configuring Microsoft Office Outlook.Create a new email profile in Microsoft Windows XP:1. Click the Start Settings Control Panel.2. Locate the Mail icon:a. In Category view: Select User Accounts Mail.b. In Classic view: Select Mail.NoteThe Mail icon won’t appear unless you have Microsoft Outlook installed and have run theprogram at least once.Create a new email profile in Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7:1. Click the Windows Symbol Control Panel.2. Locate the Mail icon:a. In Category view: Select User Accounts and Family Safety Mail.b. In Classic view: Select the Mail.continued on next pageBusiness email client configuration guide9

From this point, the setup for Windows XP, Vista and 7 is the same.3. The Mail Setup window opens. If there are no profiles set up on the computer already, itwill skip the following screen and go straight to the profiles window.4. Click Show Profiles.5. Click Add.6. Type in a Profile Name. Typically this would be the user’s first name and last name.Business email client configuration guide10

7. Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next.8. Select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service and click Next.9. Enter the Server name.You can use any one of the following server name:a. hucca01.hostedmsx.localBusiness email client configuration guide11

10. Ensure the Use Cached Exchange Mode is selected.11. Enter the user name of the account. Typically this would be the user’s first name andlast name.NoteDO NOT click “Check Name”. This will only produce an error message that the connection tothe server could not be established. If you get this error, simply click Ok to make it go away.12. Click on More Settings to open the Microsoft Exchange window.NoteAt this point you may encounter an error. Simply click OK on it to make it go away.If you are prompted for your User name and Password, your User name would be your fullemail address (e.g.) [email protected]. Go to the Connection tab.continued on next pageBusiness email client configuration guide12

14. At the bottom, select the check box for Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP.15. Click the Exchange Proxy Settings button.16. In the Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings window, enter inthe https:// field.17. Ensure the check box for Connect using SSL only is checked.18. Ensure the check boxes for both fast and slow networks are checked.19. Change the Proxy authentication settings to Basic Authentication OK.20. Click Apply OK Next Finish.Congratulations, you have completed set up!When you go to open your email, your User name is your full email address(e.g. youraccoun[email protected])Business email client configuration guide13

Business email client configuration guide 4 1.2 Configuring Entourage 2008. Configure Entourage 2008 to Connect to Your TELUS Mailbox: 1. Open Entourage and at the top scroll down select