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Table of Contents1.About the Program2.About Intellipaat3.Key Features4.Career Support5.Why take up this course?6.Who should take up this course?7.Program Curriculum8.Project Work9.Certification10.Intellipaat Success Stories11.Contact UsSalesforce Master’s Certification Training2 Page

About the ProgramOur Salesforce certification master's program will let you gain complete proficiency inSalesforce. We provide the best online classes to help you learn Salesforce App Builder,Administration, Advanced Developer, application design, security, automation, dashboard,and report. As part of this training, you will work on real-world projects.About IntellipaatIntellipaat is one of the leading e-learning training providers with more than 600,000learners across 55 countries. We are on a mission to democratize education as webelieve that everyone has the right to quality education.Our courses are delivered by subject matter experts from top MNCs, and our world-classpedagogy enables learners to quickly learn difficult topics in no time. Our 24/7 technicalsupport and career services will help them jump-start their careers in their dreamcompanies.Salesforce Master’s Certification Training3 Page


Career SupportSESSIONS WITH INDUSTRY MENTORSAttend sessions from top industry experts and get guidance on how to boostyour career growthMOCK INTERVIEWSMock interviews to make you prepare for cracking interviews by top employersGUARANTEED INTERVIEWS & JOB SUPPORTGet interviewed by our 400 hiring partnersRESUME PREPARATIONGet assistance in creating a world-class resume from our career services teamSalesforce Master’s Certification Training5 Page

Why take up this course? The global CRM market is projected to reach US 48.4 billion in 2 years – Strategyr Salesforce leads the CRM market with a 19.7% of market share – Gartner A Salesforce Administrator in the United States can earn US 82,000 – IndeedGet comprehensive training in Salesforce Administration and Security through Intellipaat.Salesforce is the world’s favorite customer relationship management tool and is beingdeployed by some of the world’s biggest companies. This training can help you get jobs inadministration and security departments in major companies for a very high pay scale.Who should take up this course? System Administrators, Software Developers, Architects, and Security Analysts Those aspiring for a Salesforce careerSalesforce Master’s Certification Training6 Page

Program CurriculumSalesforce Master’s Training Course ContentSalesforce Administrator and App Builder Training Course Content SALESFORCE FUNDAMENTALS1.1 Introduction to Salesforce1.2 Overview of Salesforce and its editions1.3 Home page customization1.4 User management1.5 Apps creation1.6 Core CRM objects capabilities1.7 Declarative customization boundaries1.8 Programmatic customization use cases QUOTE TEMPLATES: PREVIEW, CREATE, & ACTIVATE2.1 Introduction to quote templates2.2 Quote record creation, its template, and quote PDF FIELD TYPES & SALESFORCE OBJECTS3.1 Field types overview3.2 Standard fields modification3.3 Creation of auto-number, formula, roll-up summary, lookup, master-detail,and checkbox fields3.4 Creation of number, currency, and percent fields3.5 Creation of geolocation, phone, and email fields3.6 Creation of date and time fields3.7 Creation of text and text area fields3.8 Creation of URL and encrypted fields3.9 Salesforce objects introductionSalesforce Master’s Certification Training7 Page

3.10 Components, standard objects, and their modification3.11 External objects and the creation of custom objects CREATION OF CUSTOM BUTTONS, LINK UNITS, & ACTIONS4.1 Creation of buttons, links, and actions overview4.2 Creation of new records with actions4.3 Call logging with actions4.4 Record updating4.5 Creation of custom buttons and custom links, etc. SALESFORCE WORKFLOW, SCHEMA BUILDER, & PROCESS BUILDER5.1 Overview of visual workflow, schema builder, and process builder5.2 Creation of a visual flow5.3 Modification of the existing workflows5.4 Creation of a process5.5 Field creation in the schema builder VALIDATION & WORKFLOW RULES6.1 Overview of validation rules and their creation6.2 Creation of formulas6.3 Creation of error messages6.4 Overview of workflow rules6.5 Creation of workflow rule, field update, task assignment, and email alert CREATION OF ROLE HIERARCHY7.1 Overview of the role hierarchy7.2 Creating: Roles Groups Permission sets7.3 Enabling field history7.4 Assigning roles to usersSalesforce Master’s Certification Training8 Page

SALESFORCE DATA SECURITY MODEL8.1 Restricting logins8.2 Object access determination8.3 Record access configuration8.4 Creation of role hierarchy8.5 Record access exceptions SALESFORCE USER PROFILES9.1 Profiles introduction9.2 Overview of standard profiles9.3 Page layout assigning9.4 Settings: Custom app and its access Tab Record type9.5 Permissions: Administrative General user Standard object Custom object9.6 Password guidelines9.7 Session timeout, hours of log in, and IP ranges9.8 Field-level security9.9 Access of Apex and Visualforce SALESFORCE REPORTING & DASHBOARDS10.1 Reports introduction10.2 Report formats10.3 Creation of:Salesforce Master’s Certification Training9 Page

Leads report Contacts Accounts report Opportunity report Charts Scheduling report Campaign report Report formula10.4 Using reports to add leads to a campaign10.5 Report exporting to Excel10.6 Dashboards introduction10.7 Dashboard: Creation and refreshing a dashboard Modifying columns Adding a filter Adding reports Interfaces10.8 Access management10.9 Dynamic dashboards configuration10.10 Report builder activation on profiles DATA MANAGEMENT IN SALESFORCE11.1 Data management introduction11.2 Importing: Leads Contacts AccountsSalesforce Master’s Certification Training10 P a g e

11.3 Installation of data loader11.4 Mass delete11.5 Records Importing with data loader Exporting with data loader Updating with data loader Deleting with data loader11.6 Addition a field to schema builder, etc. APPEXCHANGE12.1 AppExchange introduction and overview12.2 Finding: App Developer Consultant DEPLOYING A CHANGE SET13.1 Change set introduction and its deployment13.2 Change sets: Inbound Outbound13.3 Deployment: Settings Status13.4 Eclipse IDE USER INTERFACE IN SALESFORCE14.1 User Interface Introduction:Salesforce Master’s Certification Training11 P a g e

General Options Sidebar Options Calendar Options Name Settings Setup Options UI COMPONENT DYNAMIC UPDATINGDynamically updating UI components, JavaScript controller actions for firingevents in the Lightning component framework, and event declaration using theaura:event tag in a .evt resource EVENT HANDLINGEvent-driven programming using JavaScript, Java Swing, the component eventand the application event, and writing handlers in JavaScript controller actions SERVER-SIDE CONTROLLERCreating server-side controller in Apex, @Aura Enabled annotation, annotation toenable client and server-side access to the controlled method, and calling aserver-side controller action from a client-side controller HANDS-ON EXAMPLE OF SERVER-SIDE CONTROLLERA real example of deploying a server-side controller by pulling data from theopportunity object, creating a client-side controller to invoke the server-sidecontroller, and passing the returned value to components MOBILEDescribing the declarative customization options available for the SalesforceMobile App user interface APP DEVELOPMENTMilestones and considerations when managing the application life cycle, usecases and considerations when using the various types of sandboxes, theSalesforce Master’s Certification Training12 P a g e

capabilities when using change sets, and the use cases of unmanagedPackages.Salesforce Platform Developer I and II Course Content MVC ARCHITECTURE OF SALESFORCEIntroduction to Salesforce, understanding the MVC architecture, overview ofSalesforce Platform Developer I and II, the Visualforce MVC model, definingcollections and sets, declaring a set and using in operation, the list method inSalesforce, and understanding maps INTRODUCTION TO JAVASCRIPTUsing JavaScript in Visualforce pages, deploying Salesforce Object QueryLanguage, using Query Editor for editing queries, working with iterators onmultiple objects, and generating a query SALESFORCE APEX DATAUnderstanding Salesforce Apex language, Apex data types, introduction to Apextriggers, importance of triggers, trigger: before and after use cases, types oftriggers, trigger operations, the trigger context, writing triggers, generating errormessages, and old and new triggers TRIGGERS OVERVIEWVarious scenarios in which triggers can be fired, understanding insert trigger andupdate trigger, working with after update and after insert triggers, relationshipbetween accounts, contacts, and opportunities in Salesforce, updating accountrecords, mapping account IDs, and comparing Trigger.newmap andTrigger.oldmap INTRODUCTION TO WRAPPER CLASSESUnderstanding Salesforce wrapper classes, various class methods and datastructures, properties of wrapper classes, test classes in Salesforce, andexecuting Apex class UNDERSTANDING DEVELOPER CONSOLESalesforce Master’s Certification Training13 P a g e

Introduction to Salesforce Developer Console, the IDE for creating, testing, anddebugging applications, checking and executing Salesforce test classes, makingchanges in classes, working with the Eclipse platform and plugin, and schedulinga custom-level class STANDARD/CUSTOM CONTROLLERStandard and custom controllers in Salesforce, the concepts and differencesbetween the two, working with standard controller, validation rules and controlleractions, building a custom controller, designing a new Visualforce page and anaccount, HTML tags in Salesforce, and learning Apex programming UNDERSTANDING STANDARD CONTROLLERDeep dive into standard controllers, learning about Salesforce objects: standardand custom objects, creation of new Apex page in accounts using programming,extending the controllers, understanding Debug and Apex Debug log, theApex:param tag, output link and Apex:command link, and defining the renderedfunction EXCEPTION HANDLING IN APEXUnderstanding how to handle error exceptions in coding, working with standardand custom objects, setting up the master-detail relationship, designing a customcontroller with coding, creating wrappers, statement updating, and understandingthe try and catch function for exception handling in Apex SALESFORCE LIGHTNINGSalesforce Lightning, collection of tools and technologies, modern user interfacefor speed optimization, Lightning Experience, building reusable components tocustomize Lightning Experience, and Salesforce1 Mobile App SALESFORCE1 LIGHTNING PROCESS BUILDERIntroduction to Salesforce1, action layouts for Salesforce1, Lightning ProcessBuilder, creating a process using visual layout, create the whole process ratherthan using multiple workflow rules, and the process of working together in one UIfor different usersSalesforce Master’s Certification Training14 P a g e

SALESFORCE ACCOUNT SIGN-UPTwo types of free accounts, the lifetime free developer account, the 30-day trialproduction account, understanding how to sign up for the lifetime free developeraccount, and account creation at SALESFORCE DOMAIN SIGN-UPCreation of custom domain in Salesforce, defining the custom domain name foran organization at https:// myDomain, testing the domain,event-driven lightning framework, Aura framework, deploying the domain, usingDeveloper Console, and creating Lightning components USING HTML & CSS STYLEUsing CSS and HTML for styling Lightning components, referencing componentsin the Lightning app, creating a CSS file in Developer Console, linking to theLightning component, and uploading an external style sheet to a static resource COMPONENT ATTRIBUTESUnderstanding what attributes are, member variables in Apex Class, typed fieldson a specific instance of a component, referencing from within a component’smarkup using expression syntax, making components dynamic with attributes,and using the aura:attribute tag to add attribute to the component or to the app LIGHTNING FUNCTIONSUnderstanding client-side controller, defining functions, binding to components,passing values to functions and other JavaScript-based operations, defining anattribute in an application, and referencing a component in the application COMPOSITION OF COMPONENTSCreating fine-grained components in larger components, fitting componentstogether, creating simple components such as c:LC and c:LC2, and creating thewrapper component c:wrappercomp containing simple components CONDITIONAL STATEMENTSSalesforce Master’s Certification Training15 P a g e

The IF Else conditional statement, aura:if and isTrue expressions, andinstantiating components in either its body or the Else attribute VALUE PROVIDERSAccessing data using value providers, encapsulating related values together, andthe value providers for components v (view) and c (controller) OUT-OF-THE-BOX COMPONENTSUsing out-of-the-box components for Salesforce1, Lightning Experience,Lightning Apps, components belonging to different namespaces, Aura, Force,forceChatter, forceCommunity, Lightning design system styling, Lightningnamespace components, and user interface COMMON UI & UI NAMESPACEUnderstanding common UI, using aura:component, UI components such asui:input and ui:output, easy handling of common UI, and component styling andextension UI COMPONENT DYNAMIC UPDATEDynamically updating UI components, JavaScript controller actions for firingevents in the Lightning component framework, and event declaration using theaura:event tag in a .evt resource EVENT HANDLINGEvent-driven programming using JavaScript, Java Swing, the component eventand application event, and writing handlers in JavaScript controller actions SERVER-SIDE CONTROLLERCreating server-side controller in Apex, @Aura Enabled annotation, annotation toenable client and server-side access to the controlled method, and calling aserver-side controller action from a client-side controller HANDS-ON EXAMPLE OF SERVER-SIDE CONTROLLERSalesforce Master’s Certification Training16 P a g e

A real example of deploying the server-side controller by pulling data from theopportunity object, creating the client-side controller to invoke the server-sidecontroller, and passing the returned value to components BUILDING LIGHTNING APPLICATIONBuilding a contact management app on the Lightning framework, uploading CSSfile and uploading it to the static resource for referencing in the application,creating contact Controller Apex class, pulling data from contact and returning thelist of contacts, and designing a user interface by using HTML and CSS classesprovided in the Bootstrap style sheet.Project WorkSalesforce Master’s Training ProjectsProject 1: Real-time inventory management with SalesforceIndustry : RetailProblem Statement : How to keep track of the inventory and product purchase in realtime to keep products well-stockedTopics : In this project you will work on the retail inventory management. You will deployreal time tracking and analysis for the four different categories of product, inventory, salesand customer. This is a multiple to multiple relationship, whenever a product is sold it hasto be replaced in the inventory. You will list the products bought by the customer, thedetails of the customer and such other data.Highlight :Tracking customer information through various parametersUpdating inventory when a product moves outKeeping track of products sold to customers.Project 2 : Creating a Library Management System with SalesforceSalesforce Master’s Certification Training17 P a g e

Industry : EducationProblem Statement : How to keep track of all books and ensure that requests for booksare met and books are returned on time.Topics: In this project you will create a Salesforce library management system for keepingtrack of all books, all the requests for books that are coming, searching for books based ontitle, author or name of the book, giving the admin rights to the librarians to ensure that it isa smooth and well-oiled machine.Highlights :Create a Salesforce Apex platformCustomization of SalesforceAnalyzing data with Reports.Project 3 : Understanding Salesforce admin and developer conceptsIndustry : GeneralProblem Statement : Familiarizing with the various Salesforce aspectsTopics : In this Salesforce project you will be introduced to the cloud computing scenario.You will understand what the meaning of Salesforce Objects, user creation, dashboardsand reports, workflow in Salesforce, Process builder, validation rules and so on. Uponcompletion of the project you will be well-versed in the domains of Salesforce developmentand administration.Requirements :Extending access with Permission setsBulk export of data with Data LoaderImporting data with Import Wizard.Project 4 – Building Lightning ApplicationObjective Building component to call client side controller function and handle data,alternate method for pulling contact details based on ID, creating component to handle theevent, creating client side controller for binding user event and calling new Apex ControllerSalesforce Master’s Certification Training18 P a g e

method, adding fields to components, querying fields in the controller method anddisplaying on the screen.Project 5 – Developer ConsoleObjective – This project involves working with the Salesforce Developer console. TheSalesforce Developer Console is basically an integrated development environment thatincludes a set of tools for creating, debugging, testing and verifying of applications inSalesforce. Some of the tasks that you will be specifically working on are as below:Executing test classesChecking test class executionDeploying change of classesLearning about & deploying EclipseScheduling of a particular classProject 6Domain – CloudObjective – Build a Lightning Component with Yelp’s Search API that displays a list ofbusinesses near a certain locationProject 7Domain – CloudObjective – Build a simple conference management app with Apex and VisualforceSalesforce Master’s Certification Training19 P a g e

CertificationAfter the completion of the course, you will get a certificate from Intellipaat.Salesforce Master’s Certification Training20 P a g e

Success StoriesKevin K WadaThank you very much for your top-class service. A special mentionshould be made for your patience in listening to my queries and givingme a solution, which was exactly what I was looking for. I am giving youa 10 on 10!Sampson BasoahThe Intellipaat team helped me in selecting the perfect course that suitsmy profile. The whole course was practically oriented, and the trainerswere always ready to answer any question. I found this course to beimpactful. Thank you.Sugandha SinhaIntellipaat's course instructors were excellent and well-versed with theirconcepts. The support team solved all my queries within the promised24 hours. They explained all topics and concepts well, and the coursematerial was updated and included videos, exercises, etc. I would highlyrecommend Intellipaat to those who wish to excel in the IT field.Salesforce Master’s Certification Training21 P a g e

CONTACT USINTELLIPAAT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.BangaloreAMR Tech Park 3, Ground Floor, Tower B,Hongasandra Village, Bommanahalli,Hosur Road, Bangalore – 560068USA1219 E. Hillsdale Blvd. Suite 205,Foster City, CA 94404If you have any further queries or just want to have a conversation with us, then do call us.IND: 91-7022374614 US: 1-800-216-8930Salesforce Master’s Certification Training22 P a g e

Salesforce leads the CRM market with a 19.7% of market share – Gartner A Salesforce Administrator in the United States can earn US 82,000 – Indeed Get comprehensive training in Salesforce Administration and Security through Intellipaat. Salesforce is the world’s fa