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Unified Digital workspace platform, simplifies IT managementOverview:MDM software is a type of management or security technology that enables IT admins to monitor,manage and secure corporate or personally- owned mobile devices that run across multiple operatingsystems from one unified console easily and immediately.With the growing number of mobile devices in the corporate world, you need a way to scrutinizeyour enterprise's resources. Administrators need a unified digital workspace platform that simplifies andsecures app.Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions use a client-server architecture, with the devices acting asclients while MDM server remotely pushes configurations, apps, and policies managing the devices overthe-air (OTA). You can manage Apps configurations, Access rights, App usage, Geo-location, Monitor Call/ SMS logs, White-list Applications, several enrollment processes.You can improve efficiency and productivity, achieve compliance in accordance with standards suchas GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, PCI, and CJIS as you may requires.Mobile device management can be utilized across industries such as Health, Sales, Marketing,Transportation, Education, Retail and any corporate using Android mobile devices for their workforce.What we offer: SAAS based platform: Economical on-demand, immediately, without any infrastructurerequirements Multi-tenant architecture: Supports multiple Enterprises without compromising theirdata Scalability: Grows with your requirements, as you add devices Bulk Device Enrollment: Several ways such as QR code, through Email, Client code andOTP or Cloud logins to easily enroll devices Graphical dashboard with an easy to use interface, with an overview of the entiredevice ecosystem in your organization

Cloud-based Admin management consoleFeatures:Bulk Enrollment: Several Device Enrollment Methods1. Create an account from here . Install Android App: OTP, Email, QR code or Admin login methods for fast enrollment.Device Management: Device lockdown when you need itRemotely Wipe, Lock and Factory reset device, Restrict Wi-Fi usages, back up on Clouds oraccessibility rights, Block USB devices.Application Management: App Repository & Enterprise AppStorePublish/Distribute custom Applications from Enterprise App store or from Google Play store.Blacklist or Whitelist Apps. Run only selected Apps on the devices.Location Tracking: Geo Fence and Track in real-timeTrack devices on Map. Create geographical fence and get alert when they go out of that

Document Library: Push whatever files you need to shareAdd documents here to distribute to the customer Apps remotely. Share multi format Documentsacross devices.Anti-Virus protection: Protect from all types of MalwareSchedule virus scan, get reports, take remediation action. Keep customer devices Malware free.Scan USB external devices as soon as you connect it to prevent viruses getting in your device.Role based administration: Manage who does whatCreate different levels of administrator users with privileges they need for the Portal access.Policy Management: Stringent control for complianceFrame policies around managing Password, Camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Device lock, Outgoing calls,screen capture, Microphone, Time out, Auto Sync control.Network Monitoring: Control Data, Calls, SMSMonitor data usage over Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks Logs of consumer calls, SMS, MMSsent/received.

Safe Browsing: Web SecurityWhite-list/Black-list URLS. Safe browsing to control Phishing. Only browse Safe websites.Broadcast Messages: Two-way messagesShare messages between a single device or in bulk, for quick alert, instructions or notifications.(Send/ Receive)Device Grouping: Create groups for easy deploymentGroup devices based on departments, business functions and locations. Apply policies and restrictionsbased on groups for bulk policy management.Kiosk mode: Lock down devices to Kiosk mode w/ custom launcherEnable Kiosk Mode provisioning which ensures that only certain features of the devices areaccessible and the rest are hidden or made unavailable for usability or security reasons. As the deviceusage is limited, the user interaction is more streamlined and focused on the intended purpose ofthe device.

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/ SMS logs, White-list Applications, several enrollment processes. . Education, Retail and any corporate using Android mobile devices for their workforce. What we offer: . Share messages between a single device or in bulk