Antenna:Restoration Parts for all 1962 to 1974Mopar muscle cars: A, B, E-BodiesPhone: 559-645-7243 8am-6pm PST.Mobile: 559-307-1433 - Fax: 559-645-7254P.O. Box 28146, Fresno, CA 93729-8146E-mail: [email protected] PAGE: www.themoparshop.comOrder Information:Welcome to The Mopar Shop - E-body Parts & RestorationIF you cannot find the part you are looking for in this catalog but see it in someone else’s catalog. It does not mean I do not stockit, or cannot get it. I will match or beat anyone's advertised catalog price on any reproduction parts made by the same manufacture.Excluding any Chrysler parts, due to constant price increases by Chrysler and Continuous part cancellations.Please use part numbers found in this catalog with brief description of part and application.Orders by Fax or Email are preferred or call days between 8 Am & 6 PM PST. Please include telephone number and specify day ornight for use in case of question about order.ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS:PAYMENT: U.S. Funds Only! AMEX, MASTERCARD or Visa (Minimum Purchase 25.00), and or Money orders, is preferred forimmediate shipment. Personal checks acceptable, but order may be held 2 weeks. PAYPAL is also available for Internet orders.SHIPPING: Please include 10% (Minimum 5.00) for shipping and handling. If insufficient shipping is received, parts will be sentCOD for S/H plus COD fee. For Canadian and Foreign customers, please include 20% (Minimum 15.00) COD shipments made by UPSfor 5.00 chargeRETURNS/GUARANTEE: If ANY part is unacceptable for any reason, return within 14 days in its original packing for a Fullrefund minus shipping and handling. Refunds on COD shipments will require 30 days to complete. No returns accepted COD.PRICES: This catalog is continually updated with 3 or 4 editions during the year. Prices may change and in the event of asubstantial increase, you will be notified and order held for instructions.DISCOUNTS: 5% Discount Available for Purchases Over 500.00 10% Discount Available for Purchases Over 1000.00 - SomeParts Are Discount Exempt.DAMAGES /LOSS: If merchandise is received in a damaged condition due to shipping or a loss of merchandise from a damagedpackage, contact the carrier for instructions. UPS has an "800" number and will pick the package up for inspection. Please inform usby phone or in writing if a problem has occurred.BACK ORDERS: Back orders will be handled on an individual basis as preferred by the customer. When the catalog is printed,most items are in stock for immediate delivery!USED PARTS: ED continually buys and sells used parts. Condition and prices vary according to availability and application. Write orFAX with needs. WE BUY PARTS & CARS: If you have NOS, NS, or nice used parts which you are interested in selling, please call orsend list with prices and quantities for immediate results. We pay competitive prices for hard to find parts.INQUIRES S.A.S.E. (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) necessary on all inquiries. Special "quoted" prices guaranteed for 14 og.htm (1 of 64)12/1/2005 2:57:52 AM

Antenna:Index:Order Information:Index:Antenna:Accelerator Pedal:Battery:Battery Cables:Positive Battery Cables A-body:Positive Battery Cables B-Body:Positive Battery Cables C-body:Positive Battery Cables E-Body:Positive HEMI Cables:Negative Cables:Battery Hold Downs:Battery Trays:Battery tray Brace:Body plugs:FirewallTrunkRubber Floor Plugs:Plastic Plugs:Body plugs Kits:Body Plug Super Kits:Brackets:Alternator BracketsFront License Plate BracketHeater Hose BracketBrakes:Brake Flex Hoses:Brake Lines:Brake Handle:E-Brake Cables:Brake & Clutch Pedal Pads:Bezels: Accelerator & Brake Pedal PadsBumpers – Chrome:1968-70 Dodge Charger:Bumper – Rubber Guards & fillers:Cooling System:Radiator Hoses:Hose Clamps:Hose Fittings:Radiator Caps:Fan Shrouds:Radiators:Fan Blades & Water Pumps:Dash Caps – Molded Dash Cover:E-body:Decals:Road Runner Birds:Air Cleaner:Emission decals:Tire & Jack:Rally Dash Gauges:Specialty:Air Cleaner lid decals:Console wood grain:Door Wood log.htm (2 of 64)12/1/2005 2:57:52 AM

Antenna:Rally dash Wood grain:Door Handles & Door Handle Gaskets:Door Related Items:Window hardware kits:Lock Knobs:Door Sill Plates:Electrical:Coil, ECU, Voltage regulators:Ballast ResistorsStarter Relays:Ignition switches:Plug Wires Set & Caps:Plug wire separators:Plug wire brackets: Big blockElectronic distributor Kits:Coil Brackets:Electrical Switches:Door Jam switches:Horns:Horn Relays:Wiring Harness:Forward Light Harness:Rear Light Harness:Electrical – Road Lamps – Used on 70-71 Plymouth Cuda’s:Wire Strap Kits:Emblems:Hood-Challenger & 71-72 Charger:Cuda:Engine Components:Engine Paint:Exhaust:Manifold Hardware:Exhaust Tips:Muffler Hangers:Tip Hangers:Head Pipes & Over Axle Pipes:Mufflers With Penastar:Resonators:H-Pipes:Exhaust Pipe Clamps:Exhaust Systems Performance:Exhaust Headers:Firewall Gaskets:Fuel Lines:Fuel Pump to Carburetor LinesFront to Rear Fuel Lines:Fuel Systems:Throttle Cables:Throttle cable brackets:Return Spring brackets:Return Springs:Filters:Fuel – Six Pak Components:Fuel – Air Cleaner Seal:Fuel – Gas Caps:Fuel – Shaker Hood Parts:Fuel – Air Cleaner:Fuel Tank atalog.htm (3 of 64)12/1/2005 2:57:52 AM

Antenna:Sending Units:Fuel Tank Straps:Fuel Tanks:Grille Hardware Kits:CudaMisc Cuda:Challenger:B-body:Glove Box Liners:Headliners:Hood Pads – Hood Insulation:Hood Pin Kits:Hardware & Clips Sets:Body Screws:Door top & Rear Stainless ClipsHood & Deck lid Clips:Rocker Molding Clips:Vinyl Top Clips:Valance Hardware Kits:Interior – Arm Rest Pads:Palco Industry Arm rest pads:Interior – Door Panels – E-body:Radio Bezels:Seat Hardware:Seat Hinge Covers:Seat belt retaining clip sets: Front & rear SetsSeat Belt retaining Clips Front sets:Seat Kits:Carpet & Trunk Mats:Fiberglass & Jute Padding:Interior Light Lens:Lens & Light Assembly:Charger:License Light Lens:Lenses – Side Marker:Front Turn Signal & Park Lamps:Taillight:Lock Sets & Door Locks:Ignition:Trunk & Door lock cylinders:Keys:Mirrors & Hardware:Paint Seal Kits:Rallye Gauge Hardware (E-body):Suspension & under carriage:Rear End:Axel Tags:Rubber Body Bumper:Door:Under Hood:Interior:Body Kits (Under hood, deck lid, doors & glove box):Rubber Bumper – Body Kits C-BodySpoilers & Wings:Front Chin:Rear Deck lid:Rear Wing Spoilers:Spoiler Components tm (4 of 64)12/1/2005 2:57:52 AM

Antenna:Rear Wing Spoilers – under deck lid brackets:Stripe Kits:Duster:Barracuda:Challenger:Charger:Super Bird:Road Runner:Super Bee:Coronet:Dart:Demon:GTX:Inserts – Front Valance:Sheet Metal:Front Valance:Rear Valance:Hoods & Fender:Door skin Patches:Inner Fenders:Fender Patch Panels:Interior Floors:Trunk Floors:Wheel House:Trunk Extensions:Misc.:Deck Lids:Rear Quarter Panels:Rear Quarter Patch Panels:Rocker Panels:Filler Panel between Rear Window & Trunk Lid:Rear Window Rust Repair:Suspension:Splash Shields – Inner Fender:Transmission:Auto:Transmission Cooler Lines:Auto – Kick Down Linkage:Transmission-Manual:Transmission – Manual – Shift Boots:Transmission – Manual – Shifters:Shift Handles:Transmission – Manual – Linkage & Hardware:Z-bar parts & Clutch rod:Clutch forks & parts:Manual transmission tunnels:Trim-Moldings:Door Belt Molding:Deck Lid:Grill & Hood:Rocker Moldings:Wheel Opening Molding:Trunk Dividers & Package Trays:Washer Bottles:A & opar/New%20Catalog.htm (5 of 64)12/1/2005 2:57:52 AM

Antenna:Washer pumps & Squirters:Window Molding Clips:Front Windshield:Rear Glass:Weather Stripping – Door Seals & Roof Rail Seals – Door End Seals:E-body: 1970-74A-body: 1967-76B-body: 1962-1980Quarter Glass:Wing Vent Auxiliary:Trunk Weather Stripping:Hood to Cowl & Hood to Radiator Support Seal:Windshield & Rear Window Gasket:Weather Stripping – Window Fuzzies: Full Kits-StandardA-body: 1963-76B-body: 1962-79C-body: 1969-71E-body: 1970-74F-body: 1976-80Weather Stripping – Window Fuzzies: Full Kits – PremiumA-body: 1963-76B-body: 1962-79C-body: 1969-71E-body: 1970-74F-body: 1976-80Weather Stripping – Window Fuzzies: Outer Only Kits – StandardA-body: 1963-76B-body: 1962-74C-body: 1965-1971E-body: 1970-74Weather Stripping – Window Fuzzies: Outer Only Kits – PremiumA-body: 1963-76B-body: 1962-74C-body: 1965-71E-body:1970-74Weather Stripping–Window Fuzzies: Dodge Truck – Full Kits - Standard1976-79Weather Stripping-Window Fuzzies: Dodge Truck – Full Kits – Premium1976-79Wheels:Vinyl Tops & Convertible Boots:Anti rattle clips:T-Shirts:Antenna:KIT7074DE 125.0070-74 Challenger Antenna Kit-mast,cable, nut, & baseJP108JP107KIT7074PEKIT6870PDB162 13.00Antenna chrome base - CudaG101 2.00Antenna Base Gasket- All ModelsManual Telescoping (60”) antenna mast- Correct reproduction 1968-71 models71-UP FM Whip antenna – fit all models70-74 Barracuda antenna kit- mast, cable, nut, & base1968-70 B-body antenna kit- mast, cable, nut, & g.htm (6 of 64)12/1/2005 2:57:52 AM 55.00 30.00 125.00 125.00

Antenna:KIT6776PDA164925B9241967-76 A-body antenna kit- mast, cable, nut, & baseAntenna chrome base – ChallengerAntenna chrome base – 68-70 Charger & AARAntenna chrome base – 68-70 B-body (ex/Charger) 70 T/A Challenger 125.00 23.00 13.00 13.00Accelerator Pedal:801R801R-BAP 25-D 41.00 51.00 53.501970 E-body Accelerator1970 E-body1962-65 B-bodyPedal-w/out bezel – will fit 69- Accelerator Pedal- With Accelerator Pedal74 A-body & 71-72 B, C & E bezel – will fit 69-74 Abody & 71-72 B, C & EAP 25-C 49.001966-70 B-bodyAccelerator PedalBattery:BDP20764BDP21033Mopar Scrip Battery – Group 24 (Small Block)1965-74 Yellow or Green Caps – 750 CCAMopar Scrip Battery – Group 27 (Big Block)1965-74 Red Caps – 875 CCA 160.00 NOTE: Batteries are shipped dry. Price doesn’t include shipping. 160.00Battery Cables:E-body:F3764166F29836492P-E 28.00 28.00 125.00Positive Battery Cable-Fits 70- Battery Cable 1970-71Concourse Correct74 E-body & 71-72 B-body Big Block & 6 cyl E- Battery cable 1970-71body & 71-74 B-bodyE-body Big BlockF2983778 19.00Negative Battery Cablemost modelsExcept HemiB-bodyF376416611P-BF2983778F2983649 28.00 125.00 19.00 28.00Positive Battery Cable- 71-72 Positive cable 1969-70 Negative Battery Cable- Engine to body ground Battery Cable BigB-body Small BlockB-body 318/383/440most modelsstrap – 13”Block 71-74 B-bodyReproductionExcept HemiConcourse CorrectPositive Battery Cables A-body:3P-A4P-A5P-A1967-68 A-Body Small Block (Split Starter Lug/Heat Sheath)1968-69 A-Body Big Block (Split Starter Lug/Heat Sheath)1969-72 A-Body Small Block (Molded Starter Lug/Heat Sheath) 135.00 135.00 135.00Positive Battery Cables B-Body:6P-B7P-B8P-B9P-B10P-B11P-B1966-67 B-body Small Block (Split Starter Lug/Heat Sheath)1966-67 B-Body Big Block (Split Starter Lug/Heat Sheath)1968 B-Body Small Block (Split Starter Lug End)1968 B-Body Big Block (Split Starter Lug End)1969-70 B-Body Small Block (1 Piece Molded Starter Lug)1969-70 B-Body Big Block (1 Piece Molded Starter Lug) 125.00 125.00 125.00 125.00 125.00 125.00Positive Battery Cables C-body:12P-C13P-C1965-67 C-Body Big Block1968-69 C-Body Big Block 135.00 135.00Positive Battery Cables E-Body:1P-E2P-E1970-74 E-Body, 1971-72 B-Body Small Block (1Piece Starter Lug)1970-71 E-Body 6Cyl/Big Block, 1972 E-Body g.htm (7 of 64)12/1/2005 2:57:52 AM 125.00 125.00

Antenna:Positive HEMI HU1006HU1007HU1008HU1009Positive battery cable- fits V8 A-bodyHEMI Positive cable 1966 B-Body Manual trans.HEMI Positive cable 1966 B-Body Automatic trans.HEMI Positive cable 1967 B-Body Manual trans.HEMI Positive cable 1968-69 B-body Manual trans.HEMI Positive cable 1967-Early 1968 Automatic trans. W/ single prong switchHEMI Positive cable 1968-69 B-body Automatic trans. W/ three prong switchHEMI Positive cable 1970 B-body Automatic trans.HEMI Positive cable 1970 B-body Manual trans.HEMI Positive cable 1970-71 E-body & 1971 B-body Manual trans.HEMI Positive cable 1970-71 E-body & 1971 B-body Automatic trans. 120.00 235.00 235.00 235.00 235.00 235.00 235.00 235.00 235.00 235.00 235.00Negative 1966-Early 68 B-Body Hemi (1st 90 Degree)Late 1968-69 B-Body Hemi (SX 90 Degree)All 1970-71 Hemi B & E Body (Round End Two Wire)1970-72 A/B/E Body Small Block (19 ½ “C. to C.)1970-71 B&E Body 383/440/440 6; 1972 B-Body 400/440 V8 (23 ½”C. To C.)1963-1969 Negative Cable, A/B/C Body; All EnginesBattery Cable Head Bolts With Correct Dark Color As Original; Sold separately 85.00 85.00 85.00 85.00 85.00 85.00 3.95Battery Hold Downs:3404404-SHW-BHD4 26.00 20.00Factory Battery hold down Battery hold down kit 70-71 Ekit most models 1970-71& body & B-body & 70-72 A70-72 A-bodybodyHW-BHD3 20.00Battery hold down kit 66-69 Bbody & A-bodyHW-BHD5HW-BHD1 20.00 20.00Battery hold down kit 72-74 Battery hold down kit 62-65 BE-body & B-bodybody & A-bodyHW BHDHWBK-4 20.00 20.00Battery hold down kit 66-69 B- Battery hold down kit 62-65 B-bodybody & A-body& A-bodyHW-BHD06Wingnut 20.00 2.00Battery hold down kit 1966 Correct Battery J-bolt wing& Up C-bodynutHW JB-1 5.00J-bolt Kit 1970-71 Hold Down1828352-S 26.00Factory Battery hold down kit mostmodels 1966-69HW JB-2 5.00J-bolt Kit 1966-69 Hold DownBattery Trays:G300-67 20.00Battery tray 1967-76 A-bodyF2925322G300-73G300-66 25.00Battery tray 2966-69 B-bodyBattery tray 70-74 E-body & 70-72 B-body – Factory trayBattery tray 1973-74 B-bodyG300-70 22.00Battery tray 70-74 E-body & 70-72 Bbody 29.00 25.00Battery tray Brace:HWBTB-3 10.001967-76 A-body battery tray braceHWBTB-2 30.001968-69 B-body battery tray braces3-piece setBody w%20Catalog.htm (8 of 64)12/1/2005 2:57:52 AMHWBTB-1 10.001970-72 B-body & 1970-74 E-

KIT6776PDA 1967-76 A-body antenna kit- mast, cable, nut, & base 125.00 164 Antenna chrome base – Challenger 23.00 925B Antenna chrome base – 68-70 Charger & AAR 13.00 924 Antenna chrome base – 68-70 B-body (ex/Charger) 70 T/A Challenger 13.00 Accelerator Pedal: 801R 41.00 801R-B 51.00 AP 25-D 53.50 AP 25-C 49.00 1970 E-body .