View metadata, citation and similar papers at to you byCOREprovided by South Carolina State Documents DepositoryAGENCY NAME:AGENCY CODE:Fiscal Year 2013-14Accountability ReportSUBMISSION FORMAGENCY MISSIONSouth Carolina State University (SC State) is a historically Black public 1890 landgrant senior comprehensive institution of approximately 4,500-6,000 students.Located in Orangeburg, South Carolina, SC State University is committed toproviding affordable and accessible quality baccalaureate programs in the areas ofbusiness, applied professional sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, engineering,engineering technology, education, arts, and humanities. A number of programs areoffered at the master's level in teaching, human services and agribusiness, and theeducational specialist and doctorate programs are offered in educationaladministration.SC State University prepares highly skilled, competent and socially aware graduatesto enable them to work and live productively in a dynamic, global society. Throughtechnology and traditional methods of teaching and learning, research and service,the University enhances the quality of life of citizens and contributes to theeconomic development of the state and nation.Please identify your agency's preferred contacts for this year's accountability report.PhoneNamePRIMARY CONTACT:SECONDARY CONTACT:Dr. Rita Jackson TealMr. James [email protected] have reviewed and approved the enclosed FY 2013-14 Accountability Report, which is complete and accurateto the extent of my knowledge.AGENCY DIRECTOR\{SIGN/DATE);/(TYPE/PRINT NAME);Mr. Thomas J. ElYey,Presid nt UBOARD/CMSN CHAIR(SIGN/DATE):(TYPE/PRINT NAME);Dr. William Small, Jr., Board of Trustees ChairmanA-1

AGENCY NAME:AGENCY CODE:South Carolina State UniversityH24SECTION:019AGENCY’S DISCUSSION AND ANALYSISLocated in Orangeburg, S.C., South Carolina State University was founded in 1896 as a land- grantcollege and the state's sole public college for black youth with a mission of providing education andservice to the citizens of the state. In its first century, SC State was a leader in education and continuesto lead the way into the next century. It has been home to generations of scholars and leaders inbusiness, military service, government, athletics, education, medicine, science, engineering technologyand more.SC State University focuses on maintaining accreditation of its accredited programs; upgraded itsadmission procedures to focus more on the utilization of technology and the reduction of paperapplications and materials; provides special peer and computer –assisted tutorials in preparation forprofessional and licensure exams; continues to provide more workshops on grant writing and expandingresearch opportunities for faculty; and utilizes advisory boards and business clusters to ensure that theUniversity continues to meet the needs of students to become successful whether in the workplace orgraduate studies. The University is also enhancing its assessment efforts that identify those areas thatneed improvement in our academic programs and support services in order to improve advisement,retention and graduation rates; as well as in the overall administrative levels of productivity andefficiency.SC State University continues to address several challenges, including declining enrollment,decreased financial resources, multiple leadership changes, as well as negative public images over thispast year. Of significance importance is that the University was placed on Warning in July 2013 by itsregional accrediting body, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges(SACSCOC) and then placed on Probation in June 2014 for financial and governance issues.As in the FY2013 report, FY2014 began with a new administration. A permanent president, Mr.Thomas Elzey, was hired in June 2013, followed in the fall by major revisions in the university’sorganizational structure, hiring of several new vice presidents, a general counsel, selecting interim vicepresidents in new or modified positions, and creating the office of provost. In addition, five new Boardof Trustees (BOT) members assumed positions, with one of the five being elected as Chair of the SCState University BOT.Through all of the challenges and personnel and organizational changes, the University continued a highlevel of performance as evidenced by: maintaining accreditations of academic and support programs;continuation of outreach services throughout the state; maintaining productive scholarship throughresearch and publishing that faculty and staff continue to achieve; and continuing to produce graduateswho seek post-graduate study and/or enter the job market. Approximately 80% of SC State studentscome from within the state of South Carolina. Over 90% of its students also come to the Universityneeding financial assistance. Each year, the institution graduates over 700 students with bachelors,masters, specialists, and doctorate degrees. Many students continue their educational and professionalpursuits by attending graduate and professional schools and land jobs in lucrative careers. To date, SCState has 16 graduates who currently are, or have served as, presidents of colleges or universities acrossA-2

AGENCY NAME:AGENCY CODE:South Carolina State UniversityH24SECTION:019this nation; 17 graduates hold the rank of general in the armed services; and the University is one of thelargest producers of minority officers for the U.S. Army.SC State University’s key strategic challenges include insufficient financial resources as it continues itsquest for academic excellence, increased research productivity and state-wide outreach services. Thisfinancial inadequacy results in: decreasing enrollment due to the inability to provide sufficient financialassistance to students who qualify for need-based aid; decreasing scholarship funds to provide adequatefinancial support for better academically prepared students; employing and retaining qualified facultyand staff due to higher salaries offered by competitors; addressing deferred maintenance; and impedingthe progress in acquiring and updating a technology infrastructure that will improve administrative andeducational operations.Throughout the year, SC State University has employed several strategies to address the financialchallenges it faces, including: layoffs, hiring freezes, reductions in discretionary spending—strategiesthat remain as the University continues to focus on its priorities of providing excellence in education andmaintaining fiscal accountability. When it was determined that the enrollment shortfall would continuefor fall 2013, the University acted immediately by strategically enhancing its enrollment/recruitmentinitiatives and petitioning the University's Foundation and Alumni Association to contribute funds tofinancially-strapped students who would not have enrolled but for these funds. The University'saggressive response to the student enrollment crisis was a success because the original projection of3,000 students increased to an actual count of 3,463 for the fall 2013 semester. Since the start of the2013-14 academic year, the University continued to take the necessary steps to reduce its FY 2013-14expenditures by increasing fundraising efforts and allocating 500,000 in deferred maintenance projectcosts to the Federal Title III Program. These actions, along with the necessary increase in tuition andfees for this fiscal year, further reduced the projected deficit of 9 million by another 4.6 million,leaving a current projected deficit for FY 2013-14 of 4.4 million. The University has made, andcontinues to make, every effort to protect the University's services and activities that are critical tomaintaining the integrity and quality of the institution.As evidenced in the FY 2013-14 Performance Measurement report for SC State, although the majorityof the objectives remained level or showed improvements, there were some that did not. However, theUniversity is moving forward in enhancing its procedures to ensure that those critical areas of theuniversity that provide our students with the highest quality education and support services are given thehighest priority with appropriate resources. It should also be noted that, with the new administration, theuniversity’s strategic plan was reviewed and will be changed beginning in the 2014/15 fiscal period.A-3

South Carolina State UniversityAgency Name:Agency Code:H24Section:Fiscal Year 2013-14Accountability Report019Strategic Planning TemplateItem #TypeGoal ote and Sustain a Student-Centered EnvironmentIncrease student achievement, retention and graduation rates.Increase and maintain enrollment levels to align with the university’s mission statement.Promote diversity and inclusiveness in all programs and activities.Provide co-curricular learning experiences to enhance the development of students to include research, leadership opportunities and globalawareness initiatives.Strengthen the University’s Performance through Enhanced Accountability and Efficient and Effective ProcessesImprove customer service in all university operations.Maintain compliance with all oversight and accrediting associations’ rules, regulations and policies.Increase training and maximize the utilization of technology in all areas of the campus.Develop a comprehensive facilities improvement plan that reduces overcrowding and ensures appropriateness, safety, and comfort.Create and maintain an organizational structure that is fiscally efficient and effective.Enhance Academic Programs and Academic Support Services to Meet Student and Other Stakeholder Needs33. undergraduate and graduate programs (to include the core curriculum) regularly to ensure that content and practice remain currentand meet market needs.Advance programs of research and scholarship by increasing the percentage of faculty actively engaged in intellectual contributions.Expand continuing education and distance education offerings.Maintain quality academic support services to assist students to be successful.Expand and Increase University Resources to Ensure Fiscal Viability and Growth44. and maintain a financial structure that ensures a balanced budget and appropriate reserve funds through effective budgetmanagement, enhanced development activities, and research.Develop and maintain a public relations and marketing plan that enhances the public’s perception of the university, recognizes itsachievements and acknowledges the quality of its programs.Increase research goals to 50 million by 2015.Increase fundraising goals by 15% annually, with a base of 3.6 million.Page 1 of 2

South Carolina State UniversityAgency Name:Agency Code:H24Section:Fiscal Year 2013-14Accountability Report019Strategic Planning TemplateItem #TypeGoal Object55. Partnerships and Collaborations that Mutually Benefit and Support the University, Local, State and Global CommunitiesStrengthen alliances and partnerships with the community, alumni, public, private and non-profit organizations.Enhance outreach programs that strengthen the relationships between the university and the community.Establish Research Centers that enhance the 1890 mandate and faculty scholarship, and that promote agricultural, rural and urban researchand extension work.Pursue grant opportunities and fund-raising initiatives to support student programs and services.Page 2 of 2

South Carolina State UniversityAgency Name:Agency Code:H24Section:Fiscal Year 2013-14Accountability Report019Program TemplateProgram/TitleInstructionPurposeFY 2012-13 ExpendituresOtherFederalGeneralActivities that are part of the institution'sinstruction program. This includes credit and noncredit courses, tutorial instruction, and forregular, special and extension sessions.TOTAL4,206,855 18,376,342 2,548,279 FY 2013-14 ExpendituresOtherFederalGeneral25,131,476 4,833,001 15,541,378 2,406,603ResearchActivities specifically organized to produceresearch outcomes, commissioned either byexternal entities or through a separate budgetprocess of an organizational unit within theinstitution. 1,811,182 450,818 7,346,968 9,608,968 1,811,182 Public ServiceThis category should include funds foractivities that are established primarily toprovide non-instructional services beneficialto individuals and groups external to theinstitution. 349,978 857,181 2,541,426 3,748,585 Academic SupportActivities associated with the administrationof the academic and instructional programsfor the university.LibrariesIncludes library holdings in all formats, withemphasis on e-resources that support theacademic research requirements of theuniversity and the lifelong learning skills ofstudents.Student ServicesAn overall holistic approach to providingstudents with transitional and cultural skills,to develop their social and academicawareness. 691,926 2,941,514 500,078 158,988 790,798 - 2,913,076 14,203,282 286,165 InstitutionalThese costs include those activities which are Support/Administration non-instructional in nature, but are integral to3,063,855 9,931,306349,978 -868,455 22,780,9823.2, 3.3 3,754,608 5,565,7904.3 2,496,769 3,715,2025.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4- 4,133,518 684,677 2,028,383 212,709 - 949,786 187,303 740,058 -- 17,402,523 3,179,022 Associated Objective(s)TOTAL2,884,684 265,438 - 2,925,7691.4, 3.4927,3613.46,329,1441.3, 1.4, 2.1, 5.4- 17,999,5702.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5, 4.1, 4.2,4.4345,832 11,442,9002.4 5,308,107 18,303,268 3,413,517 9,660,933 4,925,120514,095 17,293,515 1,289,274 9,807,794 the operations of the institution.Operations andMaintenanceProvides services and maintenance related togrounds and facilities. Program includesbuilding, grounds maintenance, custodialservices, landscaping along with majorrepairs and renovations.Access and EquityThe access and equity program vision is toachieve educational equity for all studentsand faculty in higher education. 2,894,828 13,884,592 - - -- - - - - - - - -1.1, 1.2, 1.3Page 1 of 2

South Carolina State UniversityAgency Name:Agency Code:H24Section:Fiscal Year 2013-14Accountability Report019Program TemplateProgram/TitlePurposeFY 2012-13 ExpendituresOtherFederalGeneralAuxiliary ActivitiesIncludes housing, food service, bookstore,and other self-supporting activities thatfurnish goods and services to students,faculty and staff.ScholarshipThis program accounts for all awards,waivers, abatements and entitlements given to students to defer the costs of attending theuniversity. - 16,524,720 TOTAL- 3,624,783 6,012,532 12,016,900 FY 2013-14 ExpendituresOtherFederalGeneral16,524,720 - 13,099,441 21,654,215 3,544,782 -Associated Objective(s)TOTAL 5,518,055 11,108,575 13,099,4412.1, 5.120,171,4121.1, 1.2, 4.4Note: FY2014 total query was 1,428,360 more than the financial statements dated 9/5/2014Page 2 of 2

South Carolina State UniversityAgency Name:Agency Code:Item1234567Performance MeasureH24Section:Fiscal Year 2013-14Accountability Report019Performance 1Annual1.12012/132013/14Target t of onal tional al1.4AnnualAnnualAnnualAnnual1. Source and AvailabilityInstitutional ResearchInstitutional ResearchInstitutional ResearchInstitutional ResearchInstitutional ResearchCollege Annual ReportsCollege Annual Reports1213Retention Rates of All Students Fall to SpringRetention Rates of All Students Fall to FallRetention Rates of New Freshmen Fall to SpringRetention Rates of New Freshmen Fall to FallGraduation Rate (F2006 vs F2007 Cohorts)No. Students received External AwardsPercentage of Students received Academic Honors & AwardsNo. athletes named to the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference(MEAC) Commissioner's All-Academic TeamPerformance of Graduating Education majors on ProfessionalExams (PRAXIS II)Fall Enrollment (F2012 vs F2013)Percentage of total enrollment receiving financial aid (Pell,SEOG, Federal Work Study, Loans)Number of students enrolled receiving Pell grantsNo. students enrolled receiving Loans14No. campus events promoting diversity27212507/01-06/3015No. Students participated in Study Abroad23507/01-06/3016171819No. Students engaged in ResearchNo. Students presented at External ConferencesNo. Job Offers/Placement through Career CenterNo. academic programs accreditedUniv Characteristics & Quality Survey Results by fallgraduating seniors (excellent or good)Univ Characteristics & Quality Survey Results by springgraduating seniors (excellent or good)Survey results strongly agree with the overall high quality ofStudent Executive Leadership 01-06/3007/01-06/3007/01-06/30Financial Aid OfficeFinancial Aid OfficeOffice of International & NationalStudent ServicesOffice of International & NationalStudent ServicesSponsored ProgramsCollege Annual ReportsCareer Center Annual ReportInstitutional Research75%77%90%07/01-06/30Institutional ResearchAnnual2.171%71%90%07/01-06/30Institutional ResearchAnnual2.190%80%95%07/01-06/30Student Life & Leadership Annual ReportAnnual2.1891011202122Page 1 of 3

South Carolina State UniversityAgency Name:Agency Code:ItemPerformance Measure23No. Professional Development Seminars conducted on Campus24Attendance at Professional Development Seminars26Professional Development Seminar survey results ratedExcellentPercent Housing Occupancy (fall semesters)27Washington Monthly magazine ranking in Service (ROTC)252829303132333435Diverse Issues in Higher Education, top 100 Degree Producers:Baccalaureate (African Americans) in EngineeringTechnologies and EngineeringDiverse Issues in Higher Education, top 100 Degree Producers:Baccalaureate (African American) in Family & ConsumerSciences/Human SciencesDiverse Issues in Higher Education, top 100 Degree Producers:Baccalaureate (African Americans) in CommunicationDisorders Sciences and ServicesDiverse Issues in Higher Education, top 100 Degree Producers:Baccalaureate (African Americans) in Physical SciencesDiverse Issues in Higher Education, top 100 Degree Producers:Masters (Total Minority) in Communication DisordersSciences and ServicesDiverse Issues in Higher Education, top 100 Degree Producers:Masters (Total Minority) in Rehabilitation and TherapeuticProfessionsNo. faculty engaged in research through 1890 ResearchNumber of books publishedH242012/13Section:2013/14Fiscal Year 2013-14Accountability Report019Target 07/01-06/3010/2818/284#3#6#6#5Data Source and AvailabilitySurveyMonkey Electronic Survey Database(Online) and Annual ReportPerformance ual2.3Annual2.3Residence 2013/national university 6/301890 Research Annual ReportCollege Annual ReportsAnnualAnnual3.23.2SurveyMonkey Electronic Survey Database(Online) and Annual ReportACEware Learning Management System(LMS) System (OPD) and Annual ReportPage 2 of 3

South Carolina State UniversityAgency Name:Agency Code:ItemPerformance MeasureH24Section:Fiscal Year 2013-14Accountability Report0192012/132013/14Target 1-06/3007/01-06/3007/01-06/3007/01-06/30Data Source and AvailabilityCollege Annual ReportsCollege Annual ReportsBanner filesCareer Center Annual ReportPerformance ual3.23.2AnnualAnnual3.33.4Annual36373839No. articles published by facultyNo. faculty made presentations at professional meetingsNo. on-line courses offeredNo. students participating in Career Day Extravaganza40In-state tuition and Required fees full-time undergrad 9,258 9,77607/01-06/30 Docs/finance/fin/2013-14 Tuition&FeeSummary ate tuition and required fees full-time undergrad 18,170 18,91007/01-06/30 Docs/finance/fin/2013-14 Tuition&FeeSummary Fall2013withAdditionalFees.pdfAnnual4.142434445No. newspaper articles published from PR officeTotal Research Grant Amounts AwardedFund Raising (July 1- June 30)Number employers participated in Career Day ExtravaganzaNumber of articulation agreements with external agencies withthe 1890 Extension & ResearchNo. Outreach Activities by 1890No. individuals served in outreach activities through 1890Extension450 20,000,000 01-06/30Public RelationsSponsored Programs OfficeAnnual Giving ReportCareer Center Annual 0420 16,720,409 14,473,401 1,645,025.92 2,533,273.25607417222507/01-06/301890 Extension Annual ReportAnnual5.1771007/01-06/301890 Extension Annual ReportAnnual5.210,58911,79611,85507/01-06/301890 Extension Annual ReportAnnual5.2Page 3 of 3

South Carolina State University (SC State) is a historically Black public 1890 land grant senior comprehensive institution of approximately 4,500-6,000 students. Located in Orangeburg, South Carolina, SC State University is committed to providing affordable and accessible qualit