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FacilitiesChancellorRhema Bible College occupies a modern building of 14000 squarefeet. Facilities are as follows:Rest Rooms:Class Rooms:Auditorium:Offices:3415Sanitation duties will also be performed daily and adhered to for the duration of time assigned.HousingR.B.C. does not provide dormitory or housing for its students. However, any out-of-state students seeking housing can request help fromthe Chancellor's Office in acquiring a place for boarding.Dr. George D. Hamilton, Th.D., D. D.423

Executive BoardDr. George D. Hamilton, ChairmanRobert Chisolm, Vice ChairmanPatricia Grant, SecretaryJames Smalls, TreasurerMarie SimmonsCaffey MoultrieMary ElliottCollege Admissions BoardDr. George D. Hamilton, ChancellorMargarine S. Hamilton, ProvostEric Frasier, Dean of StudentsHelena Manigault, Provost , School of MusicJames Smalls, Member of the Executive BoardMarie Simmons, Member of the Executive BoardStatement of NondiscriminationRhema Bible College does not discriminate in admission on thebasis of race, gender, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religionor disability. In compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and section 504 of the Rehabilitation act of 1973and the Americans with disabilities Act of 1990, Rhema Bible College offers access and equal opportunity in its admissions policies,academic programs and services to individuals with disabilities.No otherwise qualified person will be denied access or opportunityon the basis of a disability.Discrimination ComplaintsGraduate School CommitteeEric Frasier, DeanHelena Manigault, Provost, School of MusicDr. Charlotte R. HamiltonRev. Canon E.J. SkibaIf any student feels that he or she has been discriminated againston the basis of any of the above mentioned reasons, the studentmay contact the College Executive Board to make a formal complaint.Faculty Disciplinary CommitteeEric Frasier, DeanGeorge D. Hamilton II, Assistant DeanSeward Grice, Instructor441

Rhema Bible College Class of 2002OrdinationHistory And PurposeRhema Bible College grew out of concern by W.O.R.D Ministries,Inc. To provide academic training to Ministers and Christian LayLeaders desiring to further their education without the inconvenience ofleaving home.Rhema Bible College was established in September of 1989 asW.O.R.D Ministries Bible Institute.The Bible Institute was not accredited, but continued to providetraining in biblical studies to ministers and Christian workers untilOctober of 1997. During that year, the Bible Institute changed itsname to Rhema Bible College and added academic programs to meetthe college level standard, E.I., such as textbooks, instructors,certification, and student requirements.In 1998, Rhema Bible College was accepted and placed on thecandidate status with the Accreditation Commission International.The A.C.I. Team made an on-site evaluation and examination in July,2000. In August 2000 the college became fully accredited.Rhema Bible College (R.B.C.) offers ministerial ordination to students who can meet the college qualifications. Ordination is doneonce a year upon approval of the Elders Council of W.O.R.D. Ministries Christian Center. All candidates must be investigated andrecommended by the council for ordination.It is the purpose and goal of this college to provide our students withquality academic teaching based upon scriptural truths. This collegeis mandated by God and is designed to stimulate and open the mindsof people called of God to walk in their divine calling.The curriculum is designed to help Pastors, Evangelist, Teachers,Preachers and Missionaries carry out their divine calling by providing them with in depth theological approaches in studying the wordof God.405

FacultyAccreditationRhema Bible College is fully accredited by the AccreditationCommission International (A.C.I.).A.C.I, is a private, non-profit International AccreditingOrganization.A.C.I, is an accrediting commission, which holds as its primary objective the encouragement and maintenance of sound scholarship andthe highest academic achievement in the areas of private Christianeducation. Its purpose is the preparation of quality education inprivate schools, colleges and theological seminaries.Georgia Middleton, InstructorB.S. SCSU, Orangeburg, SC,MS Degree in Financial ManagementSCSU, Orangeburg, SCHelen Washington, InstructorB.S. Degree in Elementary EducationMS, Degree in Education,SCSU, Orangeburg, SCWe at Rhema Bible College feel quite honored to have passed thehigh academic standard set by this accrediting commission.We are now among the 186 other colleges, seminaries and universities that have been accredited under the high academic standard required by this commission for accreditation.Rhema Bible College accreditation is based on annual inspectionsand recertification.Seward Grice, InstructorBachelor Degree in TheologyRhema Bible CollegeSummerville, SCCharlotte, R. HamiltonB.S. Degree and MastersAppalachian State Univ, NCDoctorate Degree, Univ. of VARev. Canon E.J. Skiba, InstructorMaster in TheologyJacksonville, Theological Seminary,Jacksonville, FL639

Administration/StaffAdministrationChancellorEric Frasier, Dean, InstructorB.S. Degree, College of Charleston, SCMasters in Journalism, NYU,NYGeorge D. Hamilton II, Asst DeanB.S. Degree, Georgetown, Univ.Washington, DCMaster in Social Work, USC, Cola SCGeorge D. Hamilton is chancellor and instructor. He holds a Bachelorof Art (BA) and Honorary Doctorate (D.D.) Degree from Allen University, Columbia; Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA) fromtheUniversity of South Carolina, Columbia; Masters Degree (M.Th.) And a Doctorate Degree in Theology (Th.D.) From Gulf CoastTheological Seminary, Panama City, Florida. He is the author of several religious books, including two college textbooks on theology. Hehas traveled extensively around this country as well as other countriesconducting seminars and teaching the word of God. Dr. Hamiltonserved as professor at Hosanna Bible College, Durham, North Carolina.ProvostMargarine S. Hamilton is provost and instructor. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC, Master of Science Degree plus more than 45 hours in education from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina and a Master of Religious Education from Gulf Coast TheologicalSeminary, Panama City, Florida. Mrs. Hamilton is a retired teacherand principal, who has spent the last several years teaching ChristianEducation.Priscilla HolmesVeterans Benefits Representative38Helena Manigault is the Provost of the Rhema School of Music. Here atRhema Bible College, Helena teaches introduction to Praise and Worship. She is a 1989 graduate of North Carolina Central Universityin Durham, North Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Performance with a concentration in piano. She sang with theuniversity concert and touring choirs, where she traveled extensively both nationally and internationally. Along with the touringchoir, she performed at Carnegie Hall, New York City and Washington D. C. performing The Spiritual Heritage.7

DeanAdministration/FacultyEric Frasier is dean and instructor. He holds a Bachelor Degreefrom the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina and aMaster Degree in Journalism from New York University, New York.Mr. Frasier has traveled around the world studying, compiling,collecting and writing information on various religious practicesand cultures. He is the former religion editor for the Post andCourier, Charleston, South Carolina.Assistant DeanGeorge D. Hamilton, II, is the assistant dean and instructor. Heholds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Georgetown University,Washington, D. C. and a Masters Degree in Social Work from theUniversity of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina. He is alicensed (L.M.S.W.) Practitioner and Behavioral Modification(C.D.V.C.) Consultant, registered with the state of South Carolina. Hehas recently written a book, which is being used in the MentalHealth Departments in the South Carolina and Georgia.Margarine Hamilton, Provost/InstructorB.S. Degree, South Carolina State Univ.MS. Degree, USC, Cola, SCMasters of Religious Edu. Gulf CoastTheological Seminary, FLFlorence Grice, Guidance CounselorB.A. Degree in African AmericanHistory, Rutgers Univ. N.J.MA. Degree in Rehab Counselling,SCSU, Orangaburg, SCDwana Tillman, RegistrarB.S. Degree, College of CharlestonCharleston, SCHelena ManigaultB.A Dregree in Music PerformanceNorth Carolina Central University837

AdmissionsStudentsRhema Bible College was established to help young men and womenprepare themselves for their Divine ministerial calling. All studentsaccepted for admission must be approved by the Rhema College Admissions Board.Entrance RequirementsStudents must be 18 years old as of date of entrance must provideevidence of a high school diploma or the recognized equivalent(GED).How To Apply: AdministrationAndFaculty StaffTo request application forms and instructions, write or call,Rhema Bible College, 301 Cross Creek Drive, Summerville, SC29485,843-821-7743 . Send us your completed application form . Have official copies high school transcripts, GED scores and allformer college transcripts mailed to the college.Registration:Tuition: 15.00 per semester 250.00 full time enrollment (12 Semester hrs) 25.00 part time enrollment (per semesterhour)Books: 150.00 (average per semester)FinancesAll students are responsible to take care of their financial obligation to the college. All incurred financial debt must be paid before a student can receive his or her grades to be passed on to thenext semester. Students interested in loans, financial assistanceor scholastic scholarship must meet the college requirements.Payment Plan 1:At least one-fourth of tuition of the courses taken during the first semester mustaccompany this application. The remaining balance is to be paid in three equalpayments. The first of these payments is due 30 days after the submission of theapplication . The next payment is due by the 60th day of the semester, and thefinal payment is due on the 90th day of the semester.369

Payment Plan 2:A weekly installment plan is available for those who qualify. Please apply to theRegistrar for more information .Financial AssistanceWork –Tuition , Scholarships, Work-Study opportunities are availableto students who demonstrate financial need. A scholarship application must be filed before eligibility can be determined.Who is Eligible: Any enrolled full-time student who maintains a 3.0grade point average and demonstrates a financial need.How to apply: Complete application by August 1.When awarded: Awards for the coming year are made in August.Personal Scholarships: It has been a frequent practice of localChristians to give personal scholarships to worthy individuals. Suchgifts can be made through the administration of R.B.C.Ability Scholarships: These are awarded by the Chancellor in rarecases of special talent or ability that can serve the school.Students may use VA benefits at R.B.C.: Please contact your localVA Representative or the registrar for the proper forms.10REFUND POLICYRHEMA BIBLE COLLEGE WILL USE THEFOLLOWING REFUND POLICY FOR ALL VETERANS ANDELIGIBLE PERSONS UNDER TITLE 38. U.S. CODE:The School has and maintains a policy for the refund of the unused portion of tuition, fees, and other charges in the event theveteran or eligible person fails to enter the course of withdraws oris discontinued therefrom "at any time prior” to completion. Suchpolicy must provide that the amount charged to the veteran oreligible person for tuition, fees, and other charges that the lengthof the completed portion of the course bears to its total length,within the following limitations:Registration Fee - An established registration fee in the amount notto exceed 10.00 need not be "subject to pro-ration.” When the established registration fee is more than 10.00, the amount in excessof 10 00 will be subject to pro-ration.Prompt Refund - Refunds will be made promptly (within 40 days).Veterans are not required to file application for refund35

Mitigating CircumstancesPolicies and RegulationsMitigating circumstances are those, which directly hinder pursuit of a course and which are judged to be beyond the student's control. The following are some general categories ofmitigating circumstances. This list is not all-inclusive.1)Serious illness of the veteran.2)Serious illness or death in the veteran's immediate family.3)Immediate family or financial obligations which require achange in terms, hours, or place of employment whichprecludes pursuit of course.4)Active duty military service, including active duty for training.Leave of AbsenceConductAll students are expected to be on their best behavior and refrainfrom anything reproachable, questionable or considered un-Christlike. Any conduct detrimental to good order or to the reputation of theschool will be cause for dismissal. Students dismissed for such conduct may appeal in writing to the Executive Board. The appeal formmust be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation. Appeals submitted without appropriate supporting documentation will bedenied. Appropriate documentation includes: One page, type-written letter explaining the circumstancesand their resolution. Any other relevant documentation to substantiate the appeal. Students receiving VA education benefits will have their benefitsdiscontinued while on an "official leave of absence."Eligible veterans or persons terminated for unsatisfactory attendance and or tardiness will not be allowed tore-enroll for a period of 30 days. Eligible veterans orpersons interrupted a second time for unsatisfactoryattendance will be prohibited to re-enroll in the absence of mitigating circumstances.The Boards decision will be final.DisciplineAll students who expect to complete their academic programthrough this college must be diligent, committed, serious and ableto keep good class attendance. Students who violate any ethical,moral, or behavior rules of the school will be required to meetbefore the college Faculty Disciplinary Committee. If a student isexpelled, the student may return the following semester as a probationary student.CounselingAll students seeking career counseling or other counseling servicesmay request this service from the Chancellor or the Dean of Students.3411

Veteran StudentsCalendar and Daily ScheduleDay Time Classes:Policies and RegulationsDay classes will be scheduled on Monday thru Friday from 9:00 A.Mto 12:00 P.M.LeaveEvening Classes :Classes will be scheduled on Monday thru Friday from 7:00 10:00 P.M. and on Saturday from 9:00 AM. to 12:00 PMHolidays:New Years Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day–Return after the new year. Labor Day, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day (See school calendar for detailed information) .TuitionAll tuition must be paid before a student can be enrolled in anothersemester, unless other arrangements have been made with theChancellor or the Registrar's Office.BooksStudents are responsible for purchasing their books, tapes and otherrequired resource materials, which can be purchased at the collegebook store.Tape LibraryA tape library is available to the student for individual study of lectures of instructors and guest speakers.12Students may take leave provided prior arrangements are madewith school officials.Unsatisfactory AttendanceThis policy is established to set minimum standards of attendancefor students enrolled in non-college degree programs receivingVeteran’s Education Benefits. Wherever the word "Veteran" isused it is intended to include all persons receiving Veterans Education Benefits.An absence is defined as nonattendance for any reason, includingillness, emergency or official leave. If you arrive late to class, youmay not be allowed into the classroom and may be considered absent for that period. When you are excessively absent, it is yourresponsibility to initiate the proper paperwork to with draw fromcourses.Veterans enrolled in non-degree programs will be interrupted forunsatisfactory attendance when accumulated absences, tardiness,and class cuts exceed twenty (20) percent of class contact hours* A punitive grade will be assigned for the course. The interruption will be reported to the Veterans Administration within 30days of the last date of attendance (use VA Form 22-1999b).A veteran may be re-enrolled for benefits at the beginning of the semester following interruption because of unsatisfactory attendance onlywhen the cause of unsatisfactory attendance has been removed. Students interrupted a second time for unsatisfactory attendance willnot be allowed to be re-enrolled for benefits in the absence of mitigating circumstances.33

Church Organization and Administration (8) PR 665This practical course deals with the organization of the local church from thestandpoint of the pastor and his staff. Topics on pastoral theology (pulpit manner, weekly study, sermon preparation, personal life, etc.) and pastoral administration (relationship to staff, deacons, evangelism, weddings, funerals, children's ministry) is covered as well as the administration of the various Christian education ministries: staffing, organization, program, curriculum, training, methods, and facilities. Class lectures discuss principles of leadership related to church growth and books and authors helpful to the ministry. PR 545Evangelizing Children (4)This course acquaints students with procedures for teaching Bible songs, Bibleverse, and Bible stories; using teaching aids; and evaluating materials andmethods. The class emphasizes practical helps and the actual practice of workingin children's Bible clubs. BI 445I and II Timothy and Titus (4)An introduction to and exposition of I and II Timothy and Titus, with a specialview of their teaching on the Christian ministry.Statement of Academic Recordsll Student records which include High School Transcripts, College Transcripts, Rhema Bible College Academic Records andProgress information etc., are kept on site in accordance with theAccreditation Commission International (ACI) standards. Students are furnished with Final Grades at the end of each Semester provided all tuition and fees are paid in full. Students mayrequest copies of college transcripts at any time. A fee may apply.Transfer Of CreditsR.B.C. will accept the transfer of credits with the grade of C or higherfrom any other accredited college or university with compatible curriculum or similar course outlines. R.B.C. will also transfer credits onthe same basis.AssignmentsStudents are to perform all assigned work. All classroom assignmentswill be monitored.3213

COMMUNICATIONIntroduction to Communication (6) CO 131Standards of ProgressGrading SystemLetter GradeABCDFIWNumerical Scale91-10081-9071-8065-70Below 65Incomplete*Withdrawn*Defaults to F automatically after midterm of the next semester,unless work is completed and grade is assigned by the instructor. The minimum satisfactory grade for completion of the course is65. Students who have not maintained an average of 65 at thecompletion of 300 hours will be dropped from the school. Students may apply for re-admittance to School Officials afterthirty days. The decision of School Officials is final. Grade books will be maintained which will record each students academic progress. Test grades will be furnished to eachstudent after each semester.14This course traces the history of mass communication and provides insightinto how prints, radio, and television can help promote church ministry. CO 645Public Relations (4)This course includes a historical overview of public relations, plus an analysis ofvarious PR principles and applications. These include public relations as a management function, the distinction between PR and advertising, and PR as a formof advocacy, motivation, and persuasion. Special emphasis is placed on research,planning, and survey techniques.EDUCATIONPhilosophy of Christian Education (6) ED 965This course highlights the history and principles of education in general andthe distinctives of Christian education in particular. Guidance in identifying thepersonal and educational qualifications for teaching on preschool, elementary,secondary, and higher educational levels is given in order to help students determine their individual interests and aptitudes. Observation is an integral part ofthis course. ED 465Marriage and Family Education (6)This course is designed to guide the student from a Biblical perspectivethrough the multitude of responsibilities relating to courtship and marriage.Topics discussed will include Biblical foundation for marriage, dating/ courtship, engagement, wedding, adjustments after marriage, husband and wife roles,finances, and parenthood. MU 762 Church Music Philosophy and Administration (6)The implementation of administrative guidelines for the total music program of achurch is discussed. Course topics include church music philosophy, planning,budgeting, program goals, church music education, promotion, and worship leadership. SP 845Oral Interpretation of Poetry (4) (Elective)This is a basic course that stresses the communication of thought and feelingfrom the printed page to the listener. Emphasis is placed on analysis and interpretation of thought and rhythm of poetic forms.31

Graduate Course DescriptionsBIBLE BACKGROUNDBible Geography (6) BB 765A study of Bible lands including mountains, cities, rivers, political, and geographical areas. Map studies are made in class. An emphasis is placed uponPalestine and the historical-geographical study of Jerusalem. BB 562Church in 20th Century (6)The course identifies major movements that have influenced twentieth centurychurch history: Pentecostalism, Liberalism, Neo-orthodoxy, Fundamentalism, andNew Evangelicalism. Each movement is examined in light of its leaders, theirprinciples, and their practices. BB 745Reformation (4)In this course, notice is taken of the religious state of Europe in the fifteenthcentury and the political events that led to and accomplished the sixteenth century Reformation. The lives of the reformers are studied in detail.BIBLICAL LANGUAGESElementary Greek (6) BL 765This course is a concentrated study of Greek grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. It is designed to acquaint the student with the essentials of New TestamentGreek by developing a working knowledge of the form and function of case,tense, voice, and mood. BL 861Elementary Hebrew (6)A beginning analysis of elementary Hebrew including alphabet, vowels, nouns,particles, adjectives, and other parts of speech. The student majors on learningthe strong verb system and basic vocabulary while translating passages from theBook of Genesis. BL 763Elementary Hebrew (6)A continuation of vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. The student will be introduced to the weak verb system. Translation is done from the Book of Ruth.30GraduationThe College awards associate, bachelor and master degrees, and certificates upon successful completion of the required academiccourse work as described in the Catalog. Upon completing requirements for any program of study, students should apply forgraduation from that particular program. To graduate you musthave an overall grade point average of 2.0 or better for allcourses required in your degree or certificate program. Graduation is held at the college in September as needed. All graduatingcandidates are responsible for the renting of their cap and gown.Graduation HonorsThe following honors are granted to graduating students in undergraduate programs with superior academic achievement:Cum LaudeMagna Cum LaudeSumma Cum Laude3.50 Cumulative grade point average3.75 Cumulative grade point average3.90 Cumulative grade point average15

Degrees And CertificatesA degree covers the major courses taken with that degree. A student or potential student must understand that credits taken inone type of program may or may not transfer to another type ofprogram. This is the sole determination of the receiving institution.Graduate Course Outline2nd Year FALL SEMESTERCredit HoursCourse Number6PR 665To be enrolled in the degree programs listed below, the studentmust present his or her diploma or G.E.D. C.B.S.Certificate of Completion in Biblical Studies(24 Semester Credits) A.B.S.A.Th.Associate of Biblical StudiesAssociate of Theology(66 Semester credits) B.A., ThBachelor of Arts in Theology B.C.EdB.D.B.Th.Bachelor of Christian EducationBachelor of DivinityBachelor of Theology(127 Semester credits ) M. Div.Master of Divinity641PR 545BI 445 SPRING SEMESTERCredit HoursCourse Number6MU7626416PSY 462BAS 964M.Th.Master of Theology M.C.EdMaster of Christian EducationSUMMER SEMESTERCredit HoursCourse Number6BAS 6636416IRS 762CO 131(64 Semester credits )16Course TitleChurch Music Philosophyand AdministrationPastoral Crisis InterventionAfro- American Theology(Elective) (70 Semester credits) Course TitleChurch Organization andAdministrationEvangelizing ChildrenI and II Timothy and Titus29Course TitleBlacks in Biblical History(Elective)Islamic StudyIntroduction toCommunication

Graduate Course Outline1st Year FALL SEMESTERCredit HoursCourse Number6BB 7656BB 5624BB 74516Course TitleBible GeographyChurch in 20th CenturyReformation SPRING SEMESTERCredit HoursCourse Number6BL 8656ED 9654CO 54516Course TitleElementary GreekPhilosophy of Christian EducationPublic Relation (Elective) SUMMER SEMESTERCredit HoursCourse Number6BL 7636ED 4654SP 84516Course Outline FALL SEMESTER, Semester OneCredit HoursCourse Number Course Title6OT 112 Part 1Old Testament Survey I6OT 112 Part 2Old Testament Survey II12Total SPRING SEMESTER, Semester TwoCredit HoursCourse Number Course Title6NT 112 Part 1New Testament Survey I6NT 112 Part 2New Testament Survey II12Total24Hours of Undergraduate StudiesCertificate of Completion Program SUMMER SEMESTER, Semester ThreeCredit Hours Course Number Course Title4TH 141Introduction to TheologyDIS 561Dispensational Theology I610Total Course TitleElementary HebrewMarriage and Family EducationOral Interpretation of Poetry(Elective)FALL SEMESTER, Semester FourCredit Hours Course NumberCourse Title6DIS 562Dispensational Theology IIMUSL 141Music Appreciation410Total SPRING SEMESTER, Semester FiveCredit Hours Course NumberCourse Title6FA 561Principles of Faith IFA 562Principles of Faith II612Total2817

SUMMER SEMESTER, Semester SixCourse NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours6COMP101Introduction to Computers4BUS 641General Business (Elective)10Total66 Hours of Undergraduate StudiesAssociates Degree Program FALL SEMESTER, Semester SevenCredit HoursCourse NumberCourse Title3DE 231Demonology (Elective)6S M 261Supernatural Ministry(Elective)BP 241Bible Prophecy413Total SPRING SEMESTER, Semester EightCourse NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours6ENG 261Basic English (Elective)612MAT 261Business Math (Elective)Total SUMMER SEMESTER, Semester NineCredit HoursCourse NumberCourse Title2BI 120Women in the BibleHPR 161History and Philosophy of6Religion8Total18Graduate Level Degrees Offered Master of Divinity or TheologyThe Master of Divinity and the Master of Theology program is designedto prepare the student for active ministry. Building on astrong foundation of Bible-content course work, your trainingwill be supplemented by additional tools to aid you in the pastorate. This program aims at the student's acquisition of soundtools for studying the Scriptures. Comprehensive coverage coupled with technical skills is the hallmark of this curriculum. Aunique feature of the program is the opportunity to gain training in practical Christian school applications to prepare thegraduate for a well-rounded ministry.Study for the Master of Divinity includes mastery of a fieldof knowledge combined with close attention to personal spiritual growth. A minimum of 70 credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree is required for the Master of Divinity degree and64 hours beyond the bachelor's degree is required for the Master of Theology degree. Master of Christian EducationThis degree is designed for those students who desire to teach in educational institutes. Study for the Masterof Christian Education includes mastery of a field of knowledge combined with close attention to Christian philosophyand education. The student is equipped with a traditionalChristian philosophy of subject content and teaching methods, practical teaching skills, and a servant's heart. A minimum of 64 credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree is required for the Master of Christian Education degree.27

4. Request the institutions of higher education from which youearned undergraduate credit to send an official transcript addressedto the Dean of Students at Rhema Bible College. RBC must alsohave transcripts of all completed graduate level course work.Continuing StudentsIf you have previously attended the graduate program ofRhema Bible College and the next course you are applying to take iswithin 12 months of the last course you took, you are a continuingstudent. Please fill out the sections indicated in the instructionslocat

SCSU, Orangaburg, SC Margarine Hamilton, Provost/Instructor B.S. Degree, South Carolina State Univ. MS. Degree, USC, Cola, SC Masters of Religious Edu. Gulf Coast Theological Seminary, FL Dwana Tillman, Registrar B.S. Degree, College of Charleston Charleston, SC Helena Manigault B.A Dregr