OptionsBroadcast Sheet DecoderThis page is here to help you along deciding if the equipment and options are the" factory options" slated for your vehicleat production time. I know I don't have them all, but I have always seemed to decipher all my codes with what I do have.The codes listed below are good for 1969-1983 also 1962-1968.They are listed in sections. Have your build sheet orbroadcast sheet available, or if you don't have that, the tag on the drivers side fender top, in the engine compartment willhave a lot of the codes for engine and body options. You should be able to figure out all your factory options with thischart if you don't see a chart blame the browser not me, you should still be able to find your codes okay.Please Select an Option:(A) Packages(E) Engines(M) Molding(S) Steering(B) Brakes(G) Glass Mirrors(N) EngineAccessories(T) Tires(C) Trim(H) Heater A/C(P) Power (Seats)(V) Vinyl Top & Paint(D) Transmissions(J) Misc. Options(R) Radio(W) Wheels & Hubcaps(D) Axles(L) Lights(S) Suspension1962 to 1968PackagesPackages consist of options like (performance-pkg.) (dress-up pkg.) (sports option)CodeDescriptionCodeDescriptionA01light packageA53F body two tone paintA02Driver aid groupA53Formula S pkg. 69 onlyA04basic groupA53trans. -am pkg. 70 E bodyA05protection groupA54Color bumper pkg. 70 71A06sport group/ac/group70/71A55Custom trim pkg.A07turnpike packageA55Readability pkg. late 70sA09concealed headlamp 71 onlyA56Cuda 340 pkg. 69A11Charger 500/Daytona 69 onlyA57Cuda 383 pkg. 69A12440-6 Eng. Pkg.69 onlyA57Monaco 500A12Chrysler 300-Hpkg 70 onlyA57F-body Roadrunner/RT pkg.A13Superbird Pkg. 70 onlyA57Challenger/Charger-Rallye ions.htm (1 of 12)9/30/2005 4:17:19 AM

OptionsA13440 Eng. Conversion Pkg. 69A59Demon sizzlerA14Ply Sprg Spec w/o Vyn. Roof 69A59F body RR-Decor pkg.A15Ply Sprg Spec w/Vinyl Roof. 69A61Swinger spec. 1971A16Fury 3 spring spec. 69A62Rallye Instrument. ClusterA17Fury 3 spr spec w/convert 69A62A body decor Pkg. 75A21F-body-RR-R/T Decor Pkg.A63Challenger SE Mold. group AA21Deluxe trim group A/bodyA63F body custom pkg.A21Elastomeric Collapsible Front bumper Gr.A63Dart hang 10 pkg. 73-76A22Elasto Front & Rear colored bumper pkg.A64Gold Duster pkg. 72A22Custom side trims Gr: A/body Seed.A64F body premium pkg.A22Sport trim gr. 70 dusterA65Dart GT pkg.A23Custom sport trim group A-bodyA65F body custom interior pkg.A24Trunk carpet & spare tire coverA66Challenger 340 performance pkg. 70A25Interior Convenience GroupA66F body super PACA28Calif. noise reduction. pkg.A67Plymouth Backlight louver pkg.A313.91:hp axle pkg.A67F body super coupeA324.10:1 Dana 60 per pkg.A68Custom pkg.A333.54:1 Dana 60 trk. pkgA69Cordoba "S" pkg.A344.10:1 Dana 60 super track 69 70A73Spec Value pkg.A34Light trailer tow pkg.A75Monaco 500 OrnamentationA35Trailer tow pkg.A76Monaco broughamA363.55:1 hp axle pkg.A77Charger spr spec. 74A36heavy duty pkg. late 70sA78Formal roof pkg. 71A37Taxi pkg.A78Formula S pkg.A38Police pkg.A83New York Taxi 70A39Dodge sprg spec A 69 0nlyA85Charger topper pkg.A40Dodge. sprg spec B 68 onlyA86Barracuda Decor groupA41White hat special. W/vinyl roof 69 on.A86Interior decor groupA43F body kit car pkg.A86F body custom exterior pkg.A44Dodge rear window louver pkg.A87Roadrunner decor pkg.A45Spoiler pkg.-front & rearA88Duster 340 interior decor groupA46exterior trim/mold groupA88interior decor groupA47Spec edition pkg.A89200 decor groupA48Dress up pkg./front bumper guardsA91Western sport spec. 70A51Barracuda Sport pkg.A93B & E body coupe pkg.A51Sinatra pkg. ImperialA94Gold Duster spec pkg.A52Sport Fury GT pkg.A97Convenience pkg.( /userDocs/options.htm (2 of 12)9/30/2005 4:17:19 AM

OptionsBrakes, Trim, Transmission, Axles, Enginescode DescriptioncodeDescriptionCodeDescriptionB029x2.5" front drums 72C34front seat shieldD36HD 727-A 69-71B0510x2.5" front drums 72C52Bench seatsD36727-b Torqueflite 72 upB06Skid Control ABSC55Bucket seatsD41HD clutchB11HD drum brakes E bodyC56Dual recline bucketsD49spec order trans. 69 71B11std duty front disc brakeC56bucket seats 1972 upD512.76:1 Axle ratio 69 71B12HD front disc brakesC5760/40 seats w recline.D512.71:1 " " 72 upB13taxi front discC5850/50 bench seatD522.94:1 69-74B229x2" rear drum brakes 72C61reclining pass seat b/sD522.93:1 75 upB2510x2.5" rear drum brakesC62LH 6-way Man. AdjustbucketD533.23:1 69-74B2611x2.5" rear brakes taxiC65Air foam bench seatcushionD533.21:1 75 upB2811x2.5" rear drum brakesC68Carpeted front floor matD552.45:1B3111" HD man drum brakesC69Carpeted rear fl matD563.45:1 Dana 60 69-71B41Front disc brakes some yearspowerC71Air foam seat front &rearD563.55:1 69-74B42Front HD disc brakes some power C73fold down Rear seat back D573.91:1B43Manual brakesC74Shelf panel FoldingD584.10:1 Dana 60 69-71B51power assist disc brakesC81HD front seat sprigD68standard axleC02S/W cargo carpetC83HD rear seat springD69special order rear axleC07Litter con.C92Accessory floor matsD723.23:1 6clyC12shoulder beltsC93CarpetingD817.25" AxleC13front shoulder beltsC96Spare tire coverD828.25" or 8.36" axleC14rear shoulder beltsC97Trunk dress up pkg.D849.75" Dana 60 axleC15Deluxe seat beltD113-spd man trans. 69-71D859.25" axleC15Spec. Sound insulation. pkg.70s80D123-spd man trans.D91Sure grip diff.C16console w bucketsD133-spd man trans. floorD99Special order trans.C20delete consoleD143-spd man column shiftE06special order 6cylC21center seat fold down ArmrestD15HD 4-speed M/TE08Spec. order 8cylC22rear armrest w/o ashtrayD21HD 4spd manE11170 1bb 6cylC23rear arm rest w ashD244 spd. man w/o-driveE20225 6cyl exportC25floor thermal insulationD30TorqueFlite auto 82 & up E22198 1bb 6cyC25left head restraint 69D31Light duty 904-A T-FltE24225 1bb 6 cyl.C26Over head roof consoleD32HD A-727 TorquefliteE25225 1bb 6cyl HDC28right head restraint 69D32some years A-998E26225 2bb ons.htm (3 of 12)9/30/2005 4:17:19 AM

OptionsC31head restraint pkg. 69D33A 999 TorquefliteE31273 2bb 8cyl 69C32head restraint deleteD34Torqueflite Trans.E43318 2bb 5.2litre eec 8cylSelectorFleet and Glasscode Descriptioncode Descriptioncode DescriptionE44 318-2F08 Trans. AM engineF38 Roof. Lt. reinforcementE45 318-2-hp-73-4F11 46 amp Alt 69F46 roof light wiringE55 340-4 69-73F11 50 ampF51 double bottom gas tankE55 340-6-w/a53pkg/70F11 70amp/1970/71F52 man Low gear blockE55 360-2 c bodyF12 41amp altF56 Anti freezeE56 340-6F13 60 amp altF57 T-bar RR Eng. mountE57 360-2F15 75 amp altF58 RR reinforce weldE58 340-4 hp/policeF17 Radio suppresser pkg. F62 NY taxi headlinerE61 383-2F17 100 amp altF65 assist strapsE62 383-4-69F17 114 amp altF81 deck lid release knobE63 383-4F18 65 amp HD/altF82 power deck releaseE63 400-2 72-76F22 46 a/h batteryF83 stainless hose clampE64 400-4F23 59 a/h 375 CCA batF88 Eng. oil coolerE65 383-4 Roadrunner/Superbee F24 325cca batteryF91 vinyl back lightE68 400-4-hpF25 70-a/h 440 red capF95 certified speedometerE74 426-2-4 HEMIF27 500 CCA batteryF96 Oil-press/temp Gage.E86 440-4 hpF28 500 a/h batteryG01 Elec. R Win DefogE87 440-6-hpF33 LH 6" spotlightG11 tinted glass allF01 policeF35 RH 6"spotlightG12 tinted glass side*(E85--440-4) SelectorHeater A/C, Misc. Options, nG15tint windshield onlyH42heater less upper ventJ54sport hood 70-1G20delete vent windowH51single air/W heaterJ55undercoating w/HD-padG21clear glass/ac all windowH52duel air conditionJ56formal rear win vinyl roofG22clear glassH53single air/temp/acJ64wood grain instrument panelG24Add vent windH54duel/air/temp/acJ67HD wiring harnessG25man vent windJ01driver Ed decalJ68rear wind louversG26man tailgate windJ06radio wire conduitJ78front speaker ons.htm (4 of 12)9/30/2005 4:17:19 AM

OptionsG30delete all mirrorsJ11glove box lockJ78240km speedometerG31O/s RH manual racingmirror.J14delete cigarette lighterJ81Rear spoiler wing type 70-2G32same aboveJ15cigarette lighterJ81US speedometerG33O/S LH remote std mirror 69 J17radio suppress no radioJ82R spoil AAR/TA styleG33O/S LH remote race mirrorJ21elec. clockJ83roof air deflectorG34O/S LH remote race mirrorJ22digital clockJ94wood grain dash 72/upG35O/S LH remote chromemirrorJ24headlight washer 71J96elec. instrument panelG36O/S duel painted race mirror J253spd variable wipersJ97rallye instrument panelG37O/S duel chrome race mJ26rear win wiper washerL05Map court. lightG41I/S day/night mirrorJ29garage door openerL06dome read LampG42I/S day/night mirror stdJ31duel hornsL07court Lamp below D/panG44RS/illum vanity mirrorJ31single hornL11glove box lightG45LS/illum vanity mirrorJ35Wheel house liner barracudaL15ash tray lightG54LH O/S race mirror F bodyJ41pedal dress upL17cigarette lighter lampG72OS duel remote elec. mirror J42floor pan boom dampL21cargo lampG73OS duel remote man mirror J42pistol grip shiftknb70-4L25trunk comp lightG76OS duel remote mirror FbodyJ42delete front licenseL31HD/fender mount turn signalG77Elec. mirrorsJ45hood pins w/lanyardsL34Rd Lamps 70-1 CudaH11front heater/w defrosterJ46locking gas capL34halogen headlampH25heater deleteJ51luggage Comp lockL35corning lampsH31R win defog blower typeJ52inside hood releaseL36Opera lampsH41strato ventilationJ54hood insulation padL37concealed headlampSelectorMoldings, Engine riptionL39bright tail lamp accentM27delete wheel lip moldM86S/W ornament pkg.L42night headlamp time delayM28front bumper Periphery M88low deck lid moldL44llum entry system.M31belt mold 69-70M881/4panl tape treatmentL48S/G sent deact drive. LampM31belt & hood moldM91luggage rack deck lidL51R/Fr door pill switchM33door body side moldM93delete body side moldL55HD stop lamp switchM36deck lid fin pan 70-1M95assist handlesL56variable/load turn flasherM36rear bump peripheryN11oil bath air cleanerL61dome lamp switch R/DoorM38deck lid fin pan 70-1N15oil filter replacement ons.htm (5 of 12)9/30/2005 4:17:19 AM

OptionsL62A/C high-pressure cutoutswitch.M41license plate frontN21air pumpL68auto headlamp dimmerM42front end moldN23electronic ignition 72 onlyL71lock dr. light 1971M43grill surround moldN23elec. ignition standard only 4bbengineL71door ajar light 69-70M44hood & fender molding N25Eng. block heaterL72head Lamp warnM45fender skirtsopt compress ratioL73seat belt lightM46simulated 1/4pan scoop N41duel exhaust w/o tipsL74fold lamp time delay/69M47Cuda ornament optionchrome duel exhaust tipsL74Title/SW/w TM Del 70-1M51power sun roof/w vinylN44topside exit exhaust AAR\TAL75low fuel LampM52man sun roof/w vinyltopN45high cap fanL76heater control lamp 70-1M53vinyl/man/sun/roof/AbodyN51maximum Eng. coolL76warning gaugesM53power moon roof 81 up N657-blade clutch door/fanL77warn signal wash fluidM55T-bar roofN75aux. trans. cool oilL81door ajar indicator LampM71front color bumperN76coolant recover systemM01starts moldingsM72rear color bumperN77aux. vacuum reservoirM05door edge moldM73Color elast bumper pkg. N81fast idle throttleM07pill mold celeb roof 74ChargerM73painted bumper B-body N85tachometerM08simulated door louvers 72M75rear bumper tapetreatmentN88auto spd controlM15Up door front moldM81front bumper guardsN94fresh air hood fiberM21roof drip rail moldingsM83rear bumper guardsN94ESA w/cat/con 75/upM25wide sill moldM84tailgate scuff stop plate N95nox exhaust emission controlM26wheel lip moldM85Bumper guard pkg.Calif. Emission Pkg. late 70sN31N42N95SelectorPower Seats etc. and nN96shaker hood 70-71P33power vent windR13Astrophonic am radioN96high altitude EmissionP35power tailgate windowR21solid state am/fmN97Noise reduce pkg.P37power convertible topR22am/w/8/trackP21power bench seatP41power door locksR24search tune radio/tape/wpaP25power LS bucket or 50/50P44auto lock tailgateR26am radio/w/st/cassP28power seats left rightP45power deck lid releaseR31front sing /options.htm (6 of 12)9/30/2005 4:17:19 AM

OptionsP28power seat right 81 upR01total radios 80 upR31rear speaker-singleP31power windowsR08radio deleteR31duel rear speaker w/r85P31power windowsR11music master radio amR32duel rear speakersSelectorSuspension Steering and R33microphoneS62tilt steer wheelT518.25x14 BSWR34Premium speaker pkg.S74fast ratio power steeringT528.55x14 WSWR35am/fm multiplex radioS75fast ratio man steer 69T55h78x14 BSWR36Am/fm radio. stereo/cassS76luxury steering wheelT56h78x14 WSWR36am/fm/CB late 70sS77power steeringT61d78x14 BSWR37am/fm/stereo/8trckS78full horn ringT62d78x14 WSWR38am/fm stereo searchS79lower 1/2 horn ringT63d78x14 BSW fiberR39am/fm MX cassS793 spoke style pad hubT64d78x14 WSW fiberR42am/fm ETR CassS81simulated wood steerwheelT72e70x14 WSWR44premium spr. electronicS832 spoke rim-blow 70abcbodyT73e70x14 red streakR45oversize man antennaS833 spoke rim blowT74e70x14 WSW fiberR48Power ant.S84tuff steering wheelT75e70x14 rsw fiberS01stan.1" frt. shocksS91manual steeringT76e70x14 rwl fiberS02heavy duty 1"frt shocksT026.45x14 poly tiresT77e70x14 BSW biasS11HD suspension w/front sway barT116.95x14 BSWT79fr70x14 owl AramidS13Rallye suspension w/sway barT126.95x14 WSWT82f70x14 whiteS15HEMI XHD suspension/w/frontsway barT14c78x14 BSW fiberT83f70x14 redS16HD suspension /w front/sway barT15c78x14 WSW tiresfiberglassT65f70x14 red fiberS17reduce rate suspensionT227.35x14 BSWT86f70x14 whiteS23Monroe shocks 13/16-3/8T25e78x14 BSWT87f70x14 rwlS24Monroe shocks 1972T26e78x14 WSWT93g70x14 rwlS25HD/firm ride shock absorberT317.75x14 WSW fiberglass T99spec order 14" tiresS26HD shock-1971T327.75x14 WSWU01e60x15 rwl frt.70 AAR/TAS31front sway bar 70-71T34f78x14 WSW fiberU01G60X15 RWL REAR AAR/TAS31Rear shock. absorber laterT35f78x14/wswU028.25x15 rwl f bodyS32HD/1" rear shock absorber.T418.25x14 BSWU127.75x15 BSWS41rear

B43 Manual brakes C74 Shelf panel Folding D58 4.10:1 Dana 60 69-71 B51 power assist disc brakes C81 HD front seat sprig D68 standard axle C02 S/W cargo carpet C83 HD rear seat spring D69 special order rear axle C07 Litter con. C92 Accessory floor mats D72