./;’LICENSED VOCATIONAL NURSING (LVN) PROGRAM APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONSCertificate Program with Associate Degree OptionApply January 2022/Program start January 2023/Complete May 2024The LVNApplicationsProgram applicationand entryrequirementsaresubject to changeto year.acceptedonlineJanuary 1,2022-January31, from2022yearat 4:00pmFor theProgrammost currentinformation,refer tothe CuestaCollegeNursingand tyCampus- PasoRobles,CA at or contact the Cuesta College Nursing and Allied Health office atThe Cuesta College Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) program is approved by the CA Board of VocationalNurses and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT). This 18-month, 3-semester program prepares students to take theNational Council Licensing Exam for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). Passing this exam is required to becomelicensed and employed as an LVN. It is the responsibility of the student to pursue licensing and testing at their ownexpense after successful completion of the program. Cuesta College LVN program licensure exam pass rates areavailable at: pass rates.pdfLVN PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS AND PREREQUISITE COURSES: Current California Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) certification - Obtained by December 31, 2021 Proof of completion of 12th grade education or equivalent (or higher degree) Prerequisite Coursework - completed by DECEMBER 31, 2021 with a grade of ‘C’ or better BIO 212 Human Biology*3.0 credits/unitsBIO 212L Human Biology Lab*1.0 credit /unitENGL 156 or ENG 180 Intro to ENG Comp*4.0 credits/unitsMATH 127 Intermediate Applied Algebra* OR5.0 credits/unitsMATH 128 Applied Algebra6.0 credits/units* Completion of the above prerequisites is required to be an eligible applicant in the LVN program. Completionof higher-level college courses such as BIO 205 Human Anatomy, BIO 206 Human Physiology, ENG 201AEnglish Composition, and MATH above 128, with a grade of ‘C’ or better are acceptable.Completion of Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology courses are strongly recommended.IMPORTANT DATESDecember 31, 2021:January 1 - 31, 2022:January 31, 2022:April 1, 2022:May 2, 2022:September of 2022:January 17, 2023:Deadline to complete prerequisite courses and CNA certificationApplications accepted online for Spring 2023 admissionApplication deadline at 4:00 p.m.Notification of eligibility status mailedNotification of admission status mailedMandatory orientation for admitted applicantsProgram beginsTIME COMMITMENT:The LVN program is an 18-month, 3-semester program (with summer off) that requires a commitment to rigorousstudy over the course of the program. Students will attend classes and clinical rotations 5 days a week (currentlyTuesday through Saturday) for 8-9 hours each day. If accepted into the LVN Program, students will be expectedto: Maintain a flexible schedule to accommodate the scheduling demands of clinical rotations. Have reliable transportation and be prepared to travel as far south as Arroyo Grande and as far north asKing City.Note: Conviction of a misdemeanor or felony may constitute grounds for denial of licensure. Meet with the Directorof Nursing to discuss any concerns before applying to the program.It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow all application instructions, submit a complete application, andmeet all requirements and due dates. Missed deadlines due to non-receipt of my.Cuesta emails cannot beaccommodated.1

APPLICANT SELECTIONRandom Draw: A computerized random draw of all eligible applicants is used to select students for admission.Wait List: No wait list is maintained for the LVN program once the program starts. All applicants who are notadmitted into the program during this application cycle will need to reapply to be considered for future admission.CNA Work Experience Credit: Applicants with documented CNA work experience of 500 hours or more completed between January 01,2020- January 31, 2022 will have their name entered an extra time in the random draw. Request that youremployer(s) complete the CNA Work Experience Verification form provided in this application packet andreturn it to you well in advance of the application due date so you can submit your online application; lateforms cannot be accepted.Previous Eligible Applicant Credit: Applicants who have previously submitted two eligible LVN program applications in the past threeapplication cycles (2018, 2019 or 2020)* but were not selected for admission, will have their name placedtwice in the random draw to increase chances of being selected. Maintain proof of eligible applicantletters each year to submit with the online application.* 2018 is included in the past 3 application cycles since no applications were accepted in 2021 due to Covid pandemicAPPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS1. Apply for admission to Cuesta College: You must apply for admission to Cuesta College if:- You have never been a student at Cuesta College.- You have not attended Cuesta College for two or more consecutive semesters.Apply online at: . After submitting yourapplication, a welcome email is sent that includes important information regarding your myCuestalogin information, your email account, and your student ID number, beginning with“900”. You will need this number to complete the application.2. For questions about the program, program requirements, or the application, [email protected]. For other inquires, including prerequisite advisement or courseequivalencies, schedule an appointment with a Cuesta College counselor here.3. Submit the following official, sealed transcripts to Cuesta College Enrollment Services by 4:00 pm onJanuary 31, 2022: All coursework completed at colleges other than Cuesta.- Transcripts for coursework taken at Cuesta College do not need to be submitted and will beautomatically evaluated.- Students are encouraged to have their non-cuesta coursework evaluated prior to submitting theirapplication. To do this, schedule an appointment with a Cuesta College counselor here.- Students can also request evaluation of non-Cuesta coursework transcripts through theirmyCuesta pathway.- If you’re unable to have your non-Cuesta coursework evaluated by a counselor before theapplication cycle, you are still able to apply. Your coursework from other colleges will beevaluated during the selection process as long as your official transcripts are on file by thedeadline. Proof of completion of 12th grade education, or equivalent, or higher. Must include one of the following:- Official, sealed, high school transcript with graduation date posted OR- Official GED report OR- Official, sealed, college transcripts with an Associate degree or higher (other than Cuesta)LINK to Submitting Transcripts Here. 2

4. Prepare an electronic copy of your California CNA certification, and if applicable, your CNA workexperience form and/or proof of prior eligible applicant letters to submit with your online application.a. Go to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) L & C Verification search page at: Click next to “Last Name” to search by name and enter your last name and first name before clickingthe search button. Click on your name when it appears from the search engine. Print the L & C DetailPage as a pdf and save it to your computer or thumb drive or print out and either scan or take digitalpictures so you can upload it with your application.c. If applicable, request that your employer(s) complete the CNA work experience form provided in thispacket, and return it to you well in advance of the application due date so you can scan and submit itwith your online application.5. Submit the complete LVN program application, CNA certificate verification form, and if applicable, yourCNA work experience form and proof of prior eligible applicant letters by 4:00 pm on January 31, 2022. The application must be completed online in one session: there is no saving progress to return laterpossible. Applicants need to make sure they have all required supporting documentation ready, in pdfformat, for uploading at the time they apply to the program online in January. Access to the online application will be automatically disabled at 4:00pm (Pacific StandardTime) on January 31, 2022. Applications not submitted by this time cannot be accepted, includingapplications in progress. After submitting your application, a confirmation that your application has been received is sent to yourmy.cuesta email. This notification is to confirm the receipt of your application only and does not reflectprogram eligibility or acceptance into the program. If you do not receive a confirmation emailimmediately after submitting your application, it is your responsibility to contact the Admissions &Records office before the application deadline at [email protected] to inquire about thestatus of your application. Print or save a copy of documents submitted with your online application.6. Notification of admission status will be emailed to all eligible applicants on May 02, 2022.7. Updating Your Contact Information: If there has been any change to your name, address, email, or phonenumber after submitting your application, you must update it immediately by [email protected] your information in myCuesta alone will not update your LVNProgram application. Failure to notify [email protected] with any changes to your contactinformation may result in delays or non-receipt of important information and cause your application tobecome ineligible.CRITERIA RENDERING APPLICATIONS INELIGIBLE FOR ADMISSION: Failure to meet program prerequisites, deadlines, final admission requirements, and/or respond to timesensitive emails (emails will be sent to the applicant’s myCuesta email address).Any hold on your Cuesta student account. All holds must be cleared by the application due date in orderto remain eligible for program admission in the current application cycle. In situations of financial hardship,applicants may appeal their situation by submitting a statement detailing the situation for consideration.Instructions are provided in the online application.Failure to submit all official sealed transcripts by the due dates.Incomplete or in-progress applications not submitted by the due date.3

FINANCIAL AID & SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION:Various education funding sources are available for nursing students, including financial aid andscholarships. In order to meet funding deadlines, applicants are advised to apply for financial aid and/orscholarships prior to hearing if they have been admitted.Contact the Financial Aid Office at 805-546-3143, or go to the Financial Aid website finaid/index.html to learn about the various funding sourcesavailable. It is the applicant’s responsibility to be aware of and meet all deadlines. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible for state and federalfinancial aid resources. The FAFSA is also required for many Cuesta College Scholarships. The FAFSAcan be viewed at or accessed from Cuesta’s Financial Aid website after October1st. Complete a Cuesta College scholarship application on Cuesta’s Financial Aid website to be eligibleto apply for nursing program scholarships. Estimated LVN Program Costs are available on the department webpage.FINAL PROGRAM ADMISSION REQUIREMENTSFOR ACCEPTED APPLICANTS ONLYThe following mandatory final admission requirements must be completed by all students accepted into thenursing program before the program start date, and by the due dates provided at the pre-program orientation.Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in being dropped from the admit roster. Only applicantsselected for admission will need to complete the following final admission requirements. All final programrequirements are to be completed at the applicant’s expense prior to their final acceptance into the LVN program.Further details and forms will be provided at the mandatory pre-program orientation.1. Mandatory Pre-Program Orientation in September 2022Applicants selected for admission will be provided with additional details in their notification of admissionstatus letter.2. Background Check and Drug ScreenInstructions and forms will be given to admitted students at the pre-program orientation. A list of convictionsthat would prevent clinical participation are included in the Central Coast Consortium Background and DrugScreen Policy on the Nursing department webpage. If you have any questions about these requirements,please contact the Nursing department at 805-546-3119, option 4, and ask to speak to the Director ofNursing.Note: The Board of Vocational Nursing & Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT) will conduct their ownbackground evaluations of students upon completion of the program. Applicants with any questions orconcerns about this policy are advised to contact the Director of Nursing at (805) 546-3119, option 4.3. Physical Examination and Proof of ImmunityStudents admitted into the program will receive forms and instructions for completing these requirements attheir pre-program orientation. Cuesta College forms must be used. Proof of immunity is required for: Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) x 2Varicella (Chickenpox) x 2Hepatitis B series x 3Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap)Tuberculosis screeningSeasonal influenza (flu) (to be obtained during Fall semester)Covid-194. American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR CertificationInformation on CPR requirements and local training sites is available on the nursing department webpage.4

LICENSED VOCATIONAL NURSING (LVN) PROGRAMCredit for CNA Work Experience Verification FormThis form is only for applicants with 500 hours of CNA work experience within the past two yearsFor the January 2022 ApplicationInstructions to Applicant:1. Print this form and complete section A.2. Ask your employer to complete sections B and C and return this form to you well in advance of the applicationdue date (Complete and submit one form for each job you want to be considered.)3. Follow the instructions provided in the online application to submit this form with your online application by thedue date.A. Applicant Information (to be completed by Applicant)Name:Address:firstmiddlenumber & streetContact information:cityprimary phone number(laststatesecondary phone number)(zip email address:)B. CNA Work Experience Verification (to be completed by Employer)Employer Facility Name:Type of Healthcare Facility:Name & Title of Supervisor:Address:number & streetWork Phone Number:(city)statezip codeWork Email:C. Employer: Please complete this sectionPosition held by applicant:Dates of Employment:Work experience must be completed within the past 2 years (January 1, 2020 to January 31, 2022 only)-Start DateFull TimeTOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS WORKEDDURING ABOVE TIME PERIOD:End DatePart TimeName and Title of Employer (please print)Signature of EmployerDate5

The Cuesta College Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) program is approved by the CA Board of Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT). This 18-month, 3-semest