Automotive ManualsAn absolute mustfor the serious restorer!One of the hottest selling Chevroletbooks of all time!DLiterature, CDs & VideosChevrolet Service and Shop ManualFactorymanuals thatgive all theinformationyou’ll needfor servicingyour ChevyII or Nova.Each tments,minor serviceoperations,removaland installationof components(excluding thebody) and a wealthof General Motorsservice operationstechniques. Ifthere is one bookdevoted to thecare of your Nova,this is the one!Includes information onother models in the Chevroletline (excluding Corvette).Whether you own a Nova oranother Chevrolet model, these manuals have the important andpertinent information for correct maintenance procedures. Writtenby General Motors. A must for any Chevy II or Nova owner.Note: Books listed as sets include additional titles covering overhaul, electrical and Fisherbody information. See listing for 751976197719781979Chevy II/Nova .1963 Chevy II/Nova Supplement – use with L2262 .1964 Chevy II/Nova Supplement – use with L2262 .Includes ‘75 Shop Supp, ‘74 Shop/Overhaul ManualIncludes Shop Manual, Overhaul manual & Wiring.Includes Shop/Body/Overhaul, Wiring Diagram .Includes Shop/Body/Overhaul, Wiring & Electrical .Includes Shop/Body/Overhaul, Wiring & Electrical .Automotive eaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeasetsetsetsetThe Ultimate Body Manualfor Nova Models!Covers every essentialbody component andmuch more!Fisher Body ManualsAll Fisherbody manualshave completeinformation onthe essentialremoval,installationand adjustmentprocedures forservicing eachyear Nova.Informationincludes interiortrim cleaning,headlining,stationary glass,door panels,rear seat shelf,convertibletop, electricaland more.This manualcovers themost essentialinformationpertainingto the body.Unlike the shopmanual, you’llfind uniqueinformation,illustrations,and otherinformationfound nowhere else. We recommend this manual for anyChevrolet owner who intends to keep and maintain their vehicle.Note: This book covers the body aspect of the vehicle. For mechanical operations, see theChevrolet Service/Shop 99eaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaToll Free Order Line 800.854.1280

Automotive ManualsFactory Shop Manuals On CD-ROM 1969-79 Haynes Repair ManualsLN1069L2269L2369Service/Fisher Body/Assembly Manual KitsDue to popular demand, Classic Industries has puttogether this easy-to-use restoration/reference kit. Thisthree volume kit includes the most desirable manualsrequired to completely rebuild, assemble or restoreyour 1966-72 Chevrolet X-Body. Both enthusiasts andprofessionals will find answers to just about any technicalquestion in one or all three of these manuals. The servicemanual contains information regarding maintenance andadjustment, minor service operations and the removaland installation of the mechanical parts of the car. TheFisher Body Manual includes information on bodypanels, electrical, stationary glass, convertible tops,headlining and much more! The assembly manual is aduplicate of the original technical assistance referenceguide which was used by the original GM assemblyline personnel when the cars were being built. Theinformation is extremely detailed and includes explodedviews of many different areas of the vehicle includingoriginal part numbers (which may have changed dueto replacement numerical assignments). This kit isan absolute must for all 1966-72 Nova owners! Eachmanual also available separately.RN9661966. 67.99 kitRN9671967. 67.99 kitRN9681968. 67.99 kitRN9691969. 67.99 kitRN9701970. 67.99 kitRN9711971. 67.99 kitRN9721972. 67.99 kitThe informationprovided oneach CDROM includesvirtually all theinformationyou’ll find ina factory shopmanual. EachCD-ROM givesyou the ability toview completefactory technicalinformation on the make and model of your vehicle.You can print out just that portion of the manualthat’s needed, or go to the index and type in the partthat you're trying to locate. If several manuals arerequired for a particular make and model, all aresupplied on a single CD for your convenience.1962-64 Chevy II/Nova Shop ManualIncludes the 1962 Chevy II Shop Manual and 196364 supplements.CDN62001962-64 . 49.99 ea1965 Chevy II/Nova Shop ManualIncludes the 1965 Chevrolet Chassis Service Manual,the 1965 GM Body manual, and the 1964-72 Parts andAccessories manual.CDF65001965. 49.99 ea1966 Chevy II/Nova Shop ManualIncludes the 1966 Chevrolet Chassis Service Manual,the 1966 GM Body manual, and the 1964-72 Parts andAccessories manual.CDF66001966. 49.99 ea1967 Chevy II/Nova Complete Factory ManualsIncludes 1967 Chassis Service manual, 1967 ChassisOverhaul manual, 1967 Fisher Body manual and 196472 Parts and Accessories information.CDC67001967. 49.99 ea1968 Chevy II/Nova Complete Factory ManualsIncludes 1968 Chassis Service manual, 1968 ChassisOverhaul manual, 1968 Fisher Body manual and 196472 Parts and Accessories information.CDC68001968. 49.99 eaBy Scott Mauckand John H.HaynesThis manualis written byHaynes forthe “do-ityourselfer” whowants to dothe work andmaintain thevehicle withoutexpensive repairshop prices. Thebook includesvirtually allaspects ofmaintenance,includingengine, cooling system, fuel and exhaust, ignition,transmission, driveline, brakes, suspension,body, wiring and more! Includes step-by-stepprocedures linked to hundreds of easy to followphotos. Detailed wiring diagrams and color sparkplug diagnosis are just a few of the features in thiscomprehensive manual.L5571969-79Nova (V8) . 29.99 ea1962-79 Nova Repair Manual by ChiltonThe name Chiltonis synonymouswith detailedautomotive repairand this versionis no different.This repair manualcovers the completeline of Novas.Includes heavilydetailed informationon just about allaspects of enginemaintenanceand repair, tuneups, lube andfilters, electrical,troubleshooting,computers, cooling,suspension andmore! The Chiltonmanuals are well respected and used by some of thetop mechanics for basic Nova maintenance, serviceand repair.L5811962-79 . 35.99 ea1969 Chevy II/Nova Complete Factory Manualswww.classicindustries.com1970 Chevy II/Nova Complete Factory ManualsIncludes 1970 Chassis Service manual, 1970 ChassisOverhaul manual, 1970 Fisher Body manual and 196472 Parts and Accessories information.CDC70001970. 49.99 ea1971 Chevy II/Nova Complete Factory ManualsIncludes 1971 Chassis Service manual, 1971 ChassisOverhaul manual, 1971 Fisher Body manual and 196472 Parts and Accessories information.CDC71001971. 49.99 ea1972 Chevy II/Nova Complete Factory ManualsIncludes 1972 Chassis Service manual, 1972 ChassisOverhaul manual, 1972 Fisher Body manual and 196472 Parts and Accessories information.CDC72001972. 49.99 ea1962-63 Convertible Top ManualCovers the care and operation of all GM convertiblesfor all 1962-63. Includes information on raising andlowering the top, cleaning the top, top boot installation,and care of rear windows. Excellent manual for allconvertible tops.SF3011962 . 9.99 eaSF3021963 . 9.99 eaAutomotive Manuals143Literature, CDs & Videos DLN1063Chevy II/Nova Assembly ManualsThe most informative and comprehensive bookavailable on early Chevy II and Nova assembly! Eachmanual contains detailed information on completeassembly of each component, exploded views of eachpart and where it fits, corresponding part numbersfor each part and factory notations on assembly. Norestorer should be without this manual! Manuals varyin page numbers according to year.LN10621962. 21.99 eaLN10631963. 21.99 eaLN10641964. 21.99 eaLN10651965. 21.99 eaLN10661966. 21.99 eaLN10671967. 21.99 eaLN10681968. 21.99 eaLN10691969. 21.99 eaLN10701970. 21.99 eaLN10711971. 21.99 eaLN10721972. 21.99 eaIncludes 1969 Chassis Service manual, 1969 ChassisOverhaul manual, 1969 Fisher Body manual and 196472 Parts and Accessories information.CDC69001969. 49.99 ea

Automotive ManualsGet the information thatcame in your Nova’s glove box.L86L87L82143701962-79 Owners ManualsN1966Excellent reprints using exact colors, paper, andprinting techniques. You’ll find all the originalinformation included in each manual for all yearsavailable.N1962 1962 . 9.99 eaN1963 1963 . 9.99 eaN1964 1964 . 9.99 eaN1965 1965 . 15.99 eaN1966 1966 . 9.99 eaN1967 1967 . 9.99 eaL19681968 . 12.99 eaL19691969 . 12.99 eaN1970 1970 . 12.99 eaN1971 1971 . 12.99 eaN1972 1972 . 12.99 eaN1973 1973 . 12.99 eaN1974 1974 . 12.99 eaN1975 1975 . 12.99 eaN1976 1976 . 12.99 eaN1977 1977 . 12.99 eaN1978 1978 . 12.99 eaN1979 1979 . 12.99 ea143771962-74 Sales Brochure1962-74 Full Color Wiring DiagramsReproduction dealer salesroom brochures featuring fullcolor pictures, option guides, interior and exterior colorguides, and more. This factory approved reproductionis a must for all Nova enthusiasts. Each brochure is anexact replica of the original sales brochure, printed onthe same stock paper utilizing correct colors, fonts andsize. Bring back that old GM feeling with any of thesenew sales brochures. Officially licensed by Chevrolet!L841962 . 11.99 eaL801963 . 11.99 eaL851964 . 11.99 eaL821965 . 11.99 eaL861966 . 11.99 eaL871967 . 11.99 eaL891968 . 11.99 eaL911969 . 11.99 eaL921970 . 11.99 eaL931971 . 11.99 eaL961972 . 11.99 eaL901973 . 11.99 eaL971974 .

Overhaul manual, 1972 Fisher Body manual and 1964-72 Parts and Accessories information. CDC7200 1972. 49.99 ea Automotive Manuals Automotive Manuals Service/Fisher Body/Assembly Manual Kits Due to popular demand, Classic Industries has put together this easy-to-use restoration/reference kit. This three volume kit includes the most desirable manuals required to completely rebuild .