ROADMAP TO SUCCESS:Driving Results with Marketo

Welcome to the Marketing Nation!You’re joining a community of more than 60,000 innovative marketersTABLE OF CONTENTS1. OnboardingRequirements andRecommendations2. Drive ResultsDown the Funnel3. Top-of-Funnel(TOFU) Activitiesand digital marketing leaders who are taking charge of their marketingfunnel, from attracting and engaging the right buyers to closing dealsand creating advocates.At Marketo, we are committed to your success. This quickstart guide willprovide a solid framework of the tasks you’ll need to complete to buildeffective, scalable campaigns that deliver measurable business impact.Keep in mind that this is an ideal framework. Managing all of these activitiesmay not be feasible for every organization. The priority is to determinewhich of these activities are the most critical for your company.With any new tool, there’s a lot of information to learn—with that in mind,we’ve broken this guide into easy-to-navigate sections that will give you an4. Middle-of-Funnel(MOFU) Activitiesoverview of the core concepts that are essential to your success in the firstfew months and beyond.5. Bottom-of-Funnel(BOFU) Activities6. Reporting:Measure andProve ROI7. Resources forMarketing SuccessNote: This guide includes a comprehensive list of different features; notall features may be applicable to your subscription or business needs. Formore information about any of our products or services, please reach outto your Customer Account Manager for assistance.5

Onboarding Requirementsand RecommendationsBefore you get the ball rolling, take a look at the steps below to make sureyour Marketo instance is ready to go. If you’ve decided to have Marketo helpwith your implementation, your Marketo Consultant will guide you througheach of these steps and ensure you stay on track.Here are a few steps that you will complete over the next few months:REQUIRED TASKSIntroduction CallsWelcome call with your Customer AccountManager, who is your main point of contactfor your account needs.Kickoff call for your Launch Packimplementation service (if purchased). You’llmeet your Marketo Consultant, who will helpyou with the initial onboarding of Marketo andbe available to you for additional questionsabout services.User EducationComplete quick win exercises from the“Getting Started” section in Marketo Docs.Watch setup, configuration, and CRMintegration on-demand videos (if applicable).Complete Marketo Core Concepts Training(previously called Foundation Training).Marketo Production SetupCreate production users.Technical Setup to Ensure EmailDeliverability and Consistent BrandingThere are some technical aspects to onboardingwith Marketo that will ensure you are set up forsuccess. Here are the elements you need to have inplace prior to launch:Configure Sender Policy Framework (SPF),an email validation system, and Domain KeysIdentified Mail (DKIM), an authentication protocolused by email receivers to determine whoan email was sent from and if it is authorized.Configure CNAMEs for both landing pages andemails. Choose a word to go at the beginningof the URL for your email URL links and landingpages. It should be just one word and relativelyshort, and will look something like IP Restrictions and enter IP addressesof Marketo domains that you want to whitelist,or allow access to.CRM Sync (if applicable)Configure authorized support contacts.Submit an email template request (for allLaunch Pack users).Install a Munchkin code, Marketo’s customJavaScript tracking code, on your website.Sync Marketo to your CRM. The very first syncin your subscription takes hours or even daysbecause Marketo is copying the entire databasefrom your CRM. After that, each sync typicallytakes seconds or minutes and only syncs datathat has changed.6

Before You Get StartedRECOMMENDED TASKSInstance OrganizationMarketo Marketing CalendarNavigate Marketo applications and folderUse Marketing Calendar to plan, organize, andstructures, and explore Marketo assetscommunicate marketing plans across yourand features.organization in a single, unified view. Learn moreOrganize your programs with folders and usethe proper naming schemes. See our bestin the recorded webinar, Introducing MarketingCalendar from Marketo.practice recommendations.Issue or revoke a Marketing Calendar license.Document your set-up in a playbook. As youNavigate the Marketing Calendar: changebuild your playbook, make sure to include:between modes, use the agenda view, and1.Admin setup: workspaces, partitions,channels and tags, user roles,technical setupnavigate through time.2.Governance: naming and folder structure,data management, subscription management3.Program and asset templates and theprocess for their creation4.Lead lifecycle and routing5.Program setup requirements6.Ongoing nurture streams or other programs7.Testing and reporting8.Integrations9.ResourcesMarketo MomentsDownload Marketo Moments from the App Storeor Google Play and learn how to use it to trackcampaign progress, make changes, and trackresults. Check out the Understanding MarketoMoments document for details.10. Internal processes7

Drive Results Down the FunnelThe ability to create a seamless, continuous experience across channels, andthroughout the customer lifecycle, is marketing’s responsibility—and you candeliver on it with the help of technology like Marketo.Your marketing funnel represents your company’sTo attract the right people, nurture them until they’rerevenue model. It’s essentially the internal version ofready to purchase, and then deliver win-ready leads tothe customer lifecycle, starting from when qualifiedsales, you need to understand how to optimize yourbuyers, or leads, first become aware of your business,campaigns for each stage of the funnel, which forto when they engage with your campaigns, to aftermost B2B organizations includes top-of-funnelthey become a customer and beyond.(TOFU), middle-of-funnel (MOFU), and bottom-offunnel (BOFU).8

Drive Results Down the FunnelIf your marketing strategy includes targeting specificIn either case, Marketo’s robust marketingaccounts via account-based marketing (ABM), yourautomation platform allows you to run, measure,revenue model may look different. Rather thanand optimize your campaigns for your unique goalsapplying a broad-based marketing approach asat each of these stages—with a focus on either leadsoutlined below to engage your target accounts, you(broad-based marketing), target accounts (account-may use technology like Marketo ABM to identify keybased marketing), or both.accounts that have strategic importance and focusyour efforts on identifying and engaging withthe right people within those accounts. With thistargeted approach, you may find that your funnel issmaller on the top, but it will yield more qualifiedleads in the long run.EXAMPLE OF A BROAD-BASEDMARKETING FUNNELEXAMPLE OF AN ACCOUNT-BASEDMARKETING FUNNELAwarenessAll NamesTOFUEngagedIdentifyProspect ed LeadMOFUEngageSalesQualified LeadAdvocateOpportunityBOFUCustomer9

Drive Results Down the FunnelFunnel ManagementTo optimize marketing activities at each stage of the funnel, you will need todo the following things:Work with key stakeholders in marketing andMap the revenue model in Marketo’s Revenuesales to define your revenue model with agreedModeler to direct the rules in your marketingupon stages, definitions, and handoff touchpoints.automation system for where a buyer is in theirEstablish common goals with the sales team.Both marketing and sales should think about thefunnel in terms of one process rather thanjourney at any given time—based on theirbehavior across channels, engagement withcampaigns, lead score, and data changes inyour CRM.different processes.Understand how to use Success Path Analyzerto visualize the movement of people througheach funnel stage to see where leads may getstuck to focus your efforts on nudging them tothe next stage.WHAT TYPES OF GOALS SHOULD YOU FOCUS ONTHROUGHOUT THE FUNNEL?Top-of-funnel goals to driveawareness and acquisitionMiddle-of-funnel goalsto increase conversions anddetermine sales-readinessBottom-of-funnel goalsto drive adoption, retention,and growthCompensation goals: considerstructuring compensation in asimilar way for both marketing andsales to increase accountabilityDriving attendance at jointactivities, such as roadshowsand luncheons10

Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) ActivitiesProspects in this buying stage are just entering your marketing and salesfunnel. They are aware of your product or service, but may not be ready tobuy. Your main objectives at this point should include attracting the rightpeople (leads or target accounts), acquiring their names into your database,and educating them to build interest.AwarenessAll NamesEngagedProspect andRecycledNurturingDatabaseMarketingQualified LeadSalesQualified LeadOpportunityCustomerCHECK OUT THESE HELPFUL RESOURCES FOR MORE INFORMATIONON HOW TO GET STARTED WITH TOFU ACTIVITIESDownloadable resources:A Multi-Channel Marketing WorkbookThe 5 Principles of Engagement MarketingAdditionally, you can visit Marketo University forcourses covering everything from marketing bestpractices to how-to instruction and tailoredLearning Paths. And then you can review ourEmail DeliverabilityProduct Docs, which include easy-to-followThe Power of A/B Testingdocumentation with step-by-step instructions andThe Definitive Guide to Lead Generationscreenshots about Marketo’s product features.The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing11

Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) ActivitiesAttract New BusinessAttract and generate demand with inbound and digital programs acrossdifferent channels. Discuss how to set up campaigns for your currentchannels with your Marketo consultant. Looking to expand to new channelsin the near-future? Your Marketo consultant can help you to map out a planfor that too.Use this checklist to identify your current channels and plan for new channels:CURRENT MARKETING CHANNELSFUTURE MARKETING CHANNELSWebsiteWebsiteEmailEmailMobileMobileSocial MediaSocial MediaSearch EnginesSearch EnginesDigital AdvertisingDigital AdvertisingLanding PagesLanding PagesDirect MailDirect MailCall CenterCall CenterRetail StoreRetail StorePrintPrintTVTVRadioRadioOutdoor AdvertisingOutdoor AdvertisingOther:Other:12

Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) ActivitiesAcquire Names into Your DatabaseConvert traffic into marketable leads in your database. Drive conversionswith customized landing pages and forms (including text, images,calls-to-action, and more) based on any criteria you need—location,industry, job title, etc.Website/Web FormsWebinarsUnderstand the different ways to integrateConsider connecting Marketo to a LaunchPointMarketo forms onto your website and theirEvent Partner to automate your online eventsuse cases:and learn how to create an event that integrates1. Marketo form on a landing pagewith the solution. These are a few commonly2. Marketo form embedded into iFrameused event partners:3. Marketo form embedded using anembed code1.4. Non-Marketo forms using Marketo APIs3. GoToWebinar5. Non-Marketo forms4. InExpoCreate and use a form on a landing page togenerate new namesLearn how to dynamically toggleAdobe Connect2. BrightTALK5. On246. ReadyTALK7.WebExvisibility of a form field and configureform progressive profilingEnable Social Form Fill to allow leads to fill out aform using their social network information13

Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) ActivitiesEngage and Personalize CampaignsMarketo is a comprehensive engagement marketing platform that allowsyou to understand buyer behaviors, affinity, and context across channels ina single data repository. Our platform enables you to engage buyers in ahighly personalized way, build broader, more meaningful relationships, andmanage, coordinate, and plan marketing activities across your team.Email and Landing Page TemplatesEmail MarketingCreate emails and landing pages, includingCreate and use Smart Lists, a mechanismmanaging images, adding forms to landingthroughout Marketo used to define whichpages, and personalizing emails with Marketopeople to include from a report, list, or smarttokens. For information, visit the Marketocampaign, to target select audiences.University and register for the Building CreativeAssets course.There are four options for building email andlanding page templates in Marketo:Create a segmentation, define segment rules,group email reports by segmentations, andgroup lead reports by segments.Create an Email Performance Report to see how1. Work with your Enablement Consultant toget the initial starter templates included withyour Marketo Launch Pack (if purchased)well your emails are performing with stats like2. Download an email or landing page templatefrom Marketo’s template library ( or the Email Template Picker(see an Overview of the Template Picker).Create an Email Link Performance Report to see3. Upload your own custom templatedelivered, opened, clicked, and well the links in your emails are performing.Content Personalization4. Engage Marketo Creative Services to buildcustom templatesUnderstand how to use dynamic content toUnderstand the difference between free-formautomate customization of emails and landingand guided landing pages.pages based on your desired audience.Create and edit snippets within dynamic content.14

Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) ActivitiesEmail DeliverabilityNurture TOFU LeadsUnderstand different types of unsubscribes inUnderstand the basics of nurturing leads withMarketo (some of these need to be configured):Marketo’s engagement engine, which allowsunsubscribed, marketing suspended, emailyou to boost lead quality by building trust andsuspended, blacklisted.educating leads with consistent marketingKnow the difference between a hard bounceand soft bounce and how to use the EmailPerformance Report to track them.Learn how to use Marketo’s Email Deliverabilitytool to evaluate an email’s deliverability beforeyou send it. (Not all instances have the EmailDeliverability Tool. Contact your sales rep formore information.)communications across channels andthroughout the sales cycle.Create nurture streams, set engagementcadence, edit and archive content, andunderstand how to find leads who haveexhausted content or, in other words, receivedevery piece of content in a stream.Create an engagement program to run emailnurturing campaigns. Content sent to top-offunnel prospects should be fun, entertaining,A/B TestingUnderstand the different email testing optionsin Marketo and how to add them: A/B Testingis for one-time emails and Email Champion/Challenger Testing is for ongoing emails.and educational to build interest in your brand.Track nurture campaign results in theEngagement Dashboard, which includes theEngagement Score. See how your content isperforming in the Engagement StreamPerformance ReportUse Landing Page Test Groups to pick the mostcompelling option.15

Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) ActivitiesOther applications you might have added on to your Marketosolution to power Lead Management include:Web Personalization (requires the WebMobile Marketing (requires the MobilePersonalization application)Marketing application)Learn the basics of Web PersonalizationCreate and send in-app messages to engageand how to create a campaign.with your audience while they’re using the app.Identify different use cases:Create, edit, configure, and send push1. Product interestnotifications to mobile devices.2. Buying history3. Vertical/market segment4. Targeted name accounts5. Sales cycle stage/score16

Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU) ActivitiesProspects in this buying stage have the right demographics and behavior,have engaged with your content or offers, have displayed buying intent, andare potentially sales opportunities. Your goals at this point should includeaccurately scoring leads based on interest and fit and routing them to thesales team when appropriate.Prioritize Leads, Customers, and AccountsAwarenessBy scoring leads based on the interest they show in your business, theirAll Namescurrent place in the buying cycle, and their demographic fit, you canhelp make sure that your sales reps are talking to the right people at theEngagedright time.Prospect andRecycledWork with sales to agree on the scoring model for leads andaccounts (e.g. MQL score, SQL score) based on fit, demographics,interest, behavior, strategic importance, etc. At what score does aNurturingDatabaseMarketingQualified Leadprospect get routed to sales?Work with the sales team to determine whether any otherindicators should be factored into the scoring criteria.SalesQualified LeadOpportunityValidate your scoring model. Are all your campaigns running? Whatdoes your scoring footprint look like? What are high value attributesCustomerand activities most closely associated with buying behavior? Checkyour values to see if they align.CHECK OUT THESE HELPFUL RESOURCES FOR MORE INFORMATIONON HOW TO KICKSTART YOUR MOFU ACTIVITIESDownloadable resources:Jumpstart Revenue Growth withSales and Marketing AlignmentThe Definitive Guide to Lead ScoringThe Definitive Guide to Lead NurturingAdditionally, you can visit Marketo Universityfor courses covering everything frommarketing best practices to how-to instructionand tailored Learning Paths. And then you canreview our Product Docs, which include easyto-follow documentation with step-by-stepinstructions and screenshots about Marketo’sproduct features.17

Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU) ActivitiesAlign with SalesNurture MOFU LeadsAs your marketing efforts begin bringing in more leads,Create an engagement program to run emailyou’ll want to be sure that you’re aligned with salesnurturing campaigns. Content sent to middle-of-so that both teams know exactly when the handoverfunnel prospects should be educational,between marketing and sales will occur. You’ll beengaging, and drive toward a goal to buildresponsible for preparing the sales team with theinterest in your product or service.necessary information and content to continue toTrack nurture campaign results in theadd value to existing relationships with leads.Engagement Dashboard, which includes theSales InsightInstall the Marketo Sales Insight app toEngagement Score. See how your content isperforming in the Engagement StreamPerformance Report.Salesforce/Microsoft Dynamics.Learn how to issue a Marketo Email OutlookAdd-In license.Install Marketo Insights for Google Chrome.Marketo Sales Insight picks your best leads andcontacts based on their priority. Both marketingand sales should understand the twocomponents of a lead or contact’s priority—urgency and relative score.Understand how to use Interesting Momentsto give your sales team visibility into yourleads’ actions.18

Bottom-of-Funnel (BOFU) ActivitiesProspects in this buying stage are in the process of evaluating their purchasingdecisions. At this point, your sales team will primarily be in charge of creatingand closing new opportunities. You’ll now want to focus your efforts oncustomer onboarding, retention, and growth. You’ll still be responsible forproviding sales with the right content, such as case studies.Nurture BOFU LeadsAwarenessCreate an engagementTrack nurture campaignprogram to run email nurturingresults in the Engagementcampaigns. Content sent toDashboard, which includesbottom-of-funnel prospectsthe Engagement Score.should be educational,See how your content isinformative, and be very specificperforming in the Engagementto your product or service areaStream Performance support the buyer during theAll NamesEngagedProspect andRecycledNurturingDatabaseMarketingQualified Leadpurchase process, such as casestudies or success stories.SalesQualified LeadOpportunityCustomerCHECK OUT THESE HELPFUL RESOURCES FOR MORE INFORMATIONON BOFU MARKETINGDownloadable resources:Customer Base Marketing: How to Keep YourCustomers Coming Back For MoreAdditionally, you can visit Marketo University forcourses covering everything from marketing bestpractices to how-to instruction and tailoredLearning Paths. And then you can review ourThe Definitive Guide to Lead NurturingProduct Docs, which include easy-to-followdocumentation with step-by-step instructions andscreenshots about Marketo’s product features.19

Bottom-of-Funnel (BOFU) ActivitiesRetain and Grow Your Customer BaseEstablish goals for customer base marketing:Prioritize and segment your best customers byadoption, retention, cross-sell, upsell, growth,automatically qualifying them and measuring thelifetime value, etc.level of interest in products and services.Segment and prioritize customers by interestListen to customer behaviors to determine theirand behavior to identify those who are close tointerest in specific products or services to predictchurning as well as to identify cross-sell andcustomer needs so sales can easily prioritizeupsell opportunities.conversations and focus on closing business.Map products and services to relevantcustomer segments.20

Reporting: Measure and Prove ROIThere’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes togenerate sales pipeline and ultimately revenue. Andwith Marketo’s robust reporting capabilities, you candemonstrate your impact on both.Track your campaign progress to course-correct inreal-time, prove results, optimize your campaigns,and report on your results. Start measuring at thebeginning of your campaigns for a baseline tobenchmark and optimize your future campaignsagainst. It may take some time to see immediateresults depending on your business model andaverage sales cycle, so you’ll need to continue tomeasure your campaigns long after they first launch.CHECK OUT THESE HELPFUL RESOURCES FOR MORE INFORMATIONON HOW TO MEASURE AND PROVE YOUR RESULTSDownloadable resources:The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Decoding MetricsThe Definitive Guide to Marketing MetricsAdditionally, you can visit Marketo University forcourses covering everything from marketing bestpractices to how-to instruction and tailoredLearning Paths. And then you can review ourProduct Docs, which include easy-to-followdocumentation with step-by-step instructions andscreenshots about Marketo’s product features.21

Reporting: Measure and Prove ROIROI AnalysisIt’s critical for you to track the appropriate metricsMid- to late-stage: Once the leads in yourfor each stage of your buyer’s journey.campaigns start to convert, you can start measuringEarly-stage: Early-stage analysis is a great placeto start when you’re launching a new campaign.Opportunities take a while to develop, butROI and determine whether your campaigns areworth the continued investment by analyzinglater-stage metrics.there are other important metrics you can trackFirst-touch (FT) opportunities: indicates theduring this stage.number of opportunities created by the salesInvestment: budget dollars investedteam (interested, have budget, have authority,have the need, have the time, etc.) calculatedInvestment per new name: measures howusing first-touch (FT) attribution, which meansmuch you’re spending to acquire each newthat the original acquisition campaign getsname, which indicates buyers who have100% of the revenue creditentered your database but have not engagedyet (e.g. name acquired through a businesscard at a tradeshow)Multi-touch (MT) opportunities: indicates thenumber of opportunities created by the salesteam (interested, have budget, have authority,% new name: indicates how many names arehave the need, have the time, etc.) calculatednew to your database out of all the leads yourusing multi-touch (MT) attribution, which creditscampaign is generatingthe revenue to every successful marketingInvestment per lead: measures how muchinteraction with a leadyou’re spending to acquire each newFirst-touch (FT) pipeline: measures whichlead, which indicates a potentiallycampaigns are the most efficient at acquiringqualified buyer who is opted-in to yournew leadsmarketing communicationsMulti-touch (MT) pipeline: measures whichInvestment per success: measures how muchcampaigns are the most efficient at pushingyou’re spending to acquire each new success,leads through the funnelwhich indicates people who take the desiredaction of your campaign (e.g. registering forand attending an event vs. just registering for it)First-touch (FT) ratio: indicates yourinvestment vs. FT pipeline generatedMulti-touch (MT) ratio: indicates yourinvestment vs. MT pipeline generatedRevenue won: amount of money generatedfrom a closed deal22

Reporting: Measure and Prove ROIMarketo ReportsHere’s a list of reports that you can set up in Marketo to measure and optimizeyour ROI. While many of these come with standard licenses, some are availablewith our Advanced Report Builder application.ProspectsLeads by Revenue StageReports on which stage of yourrevenue model your leads are in,which map directly to yourorganization’s marketing andsales funnel.Leads by StatusAutomatically reports based on theLead Status field, which indicates alead’s value specific to yourmarketing and sales process. Thismay include the lifecycle stage,but also allows you to be morespecific (e.g. in progress, recycled,unqualified, etc.).23

Reporting: Measure and Prove ROILead PerformanceGroups leads by any attribute (e.g.demographics, behaviors, datecreated, etc.) and whether thereare any opportunities associatedwith the lead.Campaigns and ChannelsProgram PerformanceIncludes new names brought inby your programs and the costeffectiveness of each one.Engagement StreamPerformance ReportReveals how well nurtureprograms are working in termsof email KPIs such as opens,clicks, and sends.24

Reporting: Measure and Prove ROIEmail Link PerformanceReveals how often individual linksin your emails are clicked on.Email PerformanceReports on interactionswith your emails, whether itwas delivered or bounced,opened and clicked on byyour subscribers, and ifanyone unsubscribed.Landing Page PerformanceReveals how many people filledout the forms in your landingpages, and how many of themwere new leads.25

Reporting: Measure and Prove ROIWeb Page ActivityReports on web activity to yourlanding pages and public website,such as specific pages viewed,where they were referred from,and who they were viewed by(if a Munchkin code is associatedwith the lead).Company Web ActivityReports on web activity to yourlanding pages and public website,grouped by specific companies.26

Reporting: Measure and Prove ROIRevenue ModelWhile these aren’t reports, they are important applications to be aware of:Lifecycle ModelerModels your revenue model todirect the rules in Marketo for howeach lead will be passed from onerevenue stage to the next.Success Path AnalyzerVisualizes how your leads aremoving through your LifecycleModeler. It includes specific detailsthat reflect both flow (amount)and velocity (speed, in terms ofdays) of people through the stagesof your Revenue Cycle Model.Sales and Marketing AlignmentSales Insight EmailPerformanceReveals interactions with emailssent to prospects and customersthrough Marketo Sales Insight inSalesforce, Microsoft Dynamics,and the Outlook and Gmail plug-in.27

Marketo ResourcesWith Marketo, you never have to go it alone. There are a variety of resourcesavailable to you to help you achieve your marketing and business goals.Marketo UniversityWhether you’re looking to learn and apply industry best practices, gainhands-on skills, or develop a global Marketo training program, the MarketoUniversity team is available to help you every step of the way.Marketo Training: Marketo UniversityLearning Passport: With a Learning Passportoffers a broad range of training courses coveringsubscription, you’ll have the freedom to chooseeverything from marketing best practices to how-toany of our classroom or public instructor-led virtualinstructions and tailored Learning Tracks, all aimedtraining courses, and you’ll also get on-demandat helping you focus your marketing efforts toaccess to our growing library of premium learningachieve maximum business impact. Accesscontent. Contact us at [email protected] courses in our University, wherefor more information or to purchase a Marketoyou’ll find a library of learning content on aLearning Passport.variety of topics.The resources in Marketo University will prepareBe sure to visit the Marketo University atyou for the Marketo Certification Program, and register for theprovides a highly respected technical marketingGetting Started learning path. This hand-picked setcredential that demonstrate your knowledge,of on-demand courses is the ideal way to beginability, and experience. Visit the Marketolearning the basics.Certification Page to learn more about the MarketoCertification program and how to prepare forthe certification exams.

Marketo ResourcesServicesMarketo’s professional services and enablement teams have helpedthousands of marketers accelerate time to value, and get the most from theirMarketo investment. Services available for purchase are listed below. Refer toyour contract or reach out to your Customer Account Manager to seewhat’s included on your order:Launch Pack: Unless you’re already familiarCreative Services: Need more templates thanwith the Marketo platform or are working with athose provided with your Launch Pack? Marketo’spartner or external consultant, we recommendCreative Services team can develop visually attractivegetting started with a Marketo Launch Packemails, landing pages, and mobile templates to helpimplementation service which include setup andyou elevate your brand and drive improvedconfiguration assistance, hands-on training, initialengagement and conversion.templates, best practice coaching, and one-on-oneconsulting–all in one convenient package. Yourassigned Enablement Consultant will guide youExpert Consulting: After launch, you canthrough setup steps, tailor a success plan focused onengage our Professiona

data management, subscription management 3. Program and asset templates and the process for their creation 4. Lead lifecycle and routing 5. Program setup requirements 6. Ongoing nurture streams or other programs 7. Testing and reporting 8. Integrations 9. Resources 10. Internal processes Marketo