Routing and DispatchAn advanced planning solution for vehicle planning, scheduling and dispatchSolution ORTEC Routing and Dispatch

Safeguard the cost-effectivenessof your operationsThe challengeTransport and logistics planners operate in a highly dynamic environment.Punctuality, reliability, and customer focus are paramount. At the same time,businesses face the challenge of retaining their current customer base in thePlanners and dispatchersface of ever-rising expectations.Our solutionORTEC Routing and Dispatch is an advanced transport managementapplication that helps you stay ahead of the game and meet these challengesfull on. Using state-of-the art optimization techniques, it safeguards the costeffectiveness of your operations in a highly competitive industry. It’s a fit-for-Trackingand tracingPDA/MDTgrowth solution that strengthens collaboration between business units andwithin the supply chain, and delivers a rapid return on your investment.ORTEC Routing and Dispatch goes beyond the capabilities of ERP, TMS, orWMS systems. The solution is built on our decades-long experience workingwith a large number of transport and logistics companies. No one else canmatch our commitment to delivering the best routing product for the industry.Our customers include retailers, shippers, fourth party logistics providersERP/TMS/WMSKPIs and plannedvs. actual(4PL), and logistics service providers (LSP). Our solution caters to everytransportation requirement: less-than-truckload (LTL), groupage, bulk/liquid(compartmentalized), container trucking, intermodal, network providers,distribution, and express.Planning and optimizationin transport and distributionPlan eassignmentDispatch andFollow upManagementreporting

A proven, fit-for-growth solutionthat makes a priority of deliveringa rapid return on your investmentUnique features Combine batch planning optimization with real-time dispatch andexecution. Centralized and scalable architecture that supports both mid-sizeddistribution companies and the large, multi-site operations of logisticsservice providers, 4PL companies, shippers, and carriers. Handles all logistics requirements: FTL, LTL, container trucking, networkproviders, intermodal, distribution, and parcel express. Real-time event management with alerts for restriction violations, issue/event messages, and KPI monitoring. A true multi-user, multi-environment, real-time planning and dispatchapplication that runs 24/7. Embedded optimization techniques with multiple options for decisionsupport, such as pick-up and delivery, distribution rounds, multi-modal routegeneration, resource assignment, compartment assignment, and optimalcleaning locations. These features are available in batch planning mode aswell as proposal planning mode. Flexible resource planning (truck, trailer, driver, chassis, and container). Scheduler functionality to take business variables into account, keep trackof resource status, locations and orders, and ensure that total multi-dayplanning is responsive while remaining consistent.

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Additional featuresThe ORTEC scheduler and optimizers incorporate a broad range of businessrequirements. Traffic information to improve ETA accuracy Time restrictions Hours of service regulations Axle weight distribution regulations Hazardous materials/dangerous goods regulations Vehicle length, width, height, and weight route restrictions Cross-docking and the consolidation of transport orders The ability to incorporate compartment planning. Intermodal transport Fleet cleaning and maintenance schedules Road network editing enables you to update map data with useful information suchas temporarily blocked roads, road speeds, and road designation changes (two-way toone-way) Integration capabilities to turn ORTEC Routing and Dispatch into an operationalplanning dashboard or transportation control tower Integration with mobile devices to share messages, GPS positions, planned actions,and confirmations Synchronous or asynchronous import and export of xml files via SOAP web services,if required. ORTEC Message Hub – a separate integration layer – facilitating the seamlessintegration between ORTEC Routing and Dispatch and your existing architecture or ICTenvironmentOur productivity has grown immenselythanks to ORTEC Routing and Dispatch,and we still perform our scheduling activitieswith the same number of planners

We generate morebusiness with less capacity usingORTEC Routing and DispatchAudit trail of changes and security levelsIntegration of Tactical Routing resultsSubcontractor payments using deviation reportsSystem security levels can be set to restrict multipleShare data between solutions. ORTEC Tactical RoutingORTEC Routing and Dispatch can store sub-contractorusers from viewing and changing certain data or planningallows you to create territories and distribute delivery routesagreements for planned routes as baselines and theninformation. Security levels can also be used to allowevenly. The result of this tactical calculation can be entereduse actual execution information to produce reports thataccess to modify the GUI (graphical user interface). Anyinto a timetable for operational planning purposes. Dailyhighlight any deviations. This enables you to add deductionsystem changes made by users can be tracked with an auditorders are automatically assigned to territories or to pick-upfees for delayed delivery times, or allocate bonuses wheretrail.and delivery routes.appropriate.GPS-based tracking and ETA recalculationCompare planned routes versus actual routes driven.Now that all trip information is passedon automatically, and we have an overview ofall statuses 24 hours a day, our service andquality level has also increased!Collaborative portalsRole-based portals encouraging supply chain collaborationby providing easy to use views of the planning schedule andinteractive, collaborative tools.

Your benefits Horizontal collaboration increases, as business units share orders andresources. Centralized planning improves the load factor, reduces the number of emptymiles, and decreases the number of vehicles on the road, lowering CO2emissions. Transport costs decrease as a result of reduced distances, reduced drivingtime, and increased vehicle utilization. Less time required to plan and dispatch. More transparent route planning and vehicle costs. Greater capability to meet changes and short-term requests (e.g., rushorders). Quick simulation of alternate planning scenarios. Results overview in graphical and tabular form. Improved customer service with the automatic inclusion of restrictions,such as delivery slots. Strong ROI cases and references from the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Save costs with centralized deployment. Maintain just one application witha single interface between ERP/ TMS applications and in-vehicle devices. Regular updates ensure you are always running the latest, innovativebusiness features and optimizers.ortec.comstay connected

providers, intermodal, distribution, and parcel express. Real-time event management with alerts for restriction violations, issue/ event messages, and KPI monitoring. A true multi-user, multi-environment, real-time planning and dispatch application that runs 24/7. Embedded o