Guide to Electronic Data Interchange betweenPorsche and its suppliersVersion 1 October 2020Publisher: Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG1


INTRODUCTIONImproved goods flow in the supply chain between Porsche and its suppliers requires fast,automated information flows within this complex system in the development and supplyphase. The tool that enables all the partners concerned to carry out business transactionswith each other is Electronic Data Interchange – EDI1.Using electronic communication between Porsche and its suppliers should lead toinformation being transferred and used more effectively both internally and betweenbusiness partners. The information flow preceding, accompanying or following the physicalgoods must be ensured and thus support smooth running of the logistics and supply chain.This ensures that the supply chain process is designed to enable suppliers to deliver theirmodules to Porsche in the right quantity, at the right time, in the right place of installation,in the agreed versions and delivery form. Every Porsche partner should be able to accessfull information updates and react quickly with a targeted response to any problems.The purpose of this guide is to provide our suppliers with useful basic information on EDIalong with a current overview of the formats in use at Porsche.1EDI:Electronic Data Interchange3

1 Electronic Communication (EDI, DFÜ)1.1 Transferring different types of data1.1.1 Administrative dataAll partners are to use standardized electronic message records for transferring businessdata (delivery instructions, invoices, etc.) All EDI master data is stored centrally for thispurpose. To create the master data, the relevant Porsche EDI administrators send outdatasheets for suppliers to complete and return. Storing the master data centrally ensuresthat all important master data is up to date and is accessible to all involved.As part of the connection via OFTP2, digital certificates are exchanged. These are used bymeans of electronic data exchange over the internet to guarantee the authenticity andintegrity of the data and to protect the content of logistics, financial and CAD data usingmodern encryption methods. Each EDI partner is responsible for the administration andtimely notification of his certificate. In order to avoid interruptions in the connection, thenew certificates should be communicated to the EDI works at least 2 weeks in advance. Alist of approved certificates can be requested at any time.The certificates are issued by an authority. Odette CA is the certification authority for theautomotive industry recognized and recommended by manufacturers and suppliers. Thelogistics department of the VDA acts as a partner for validation of the certificates appliedby companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.1.1.2 Use of standardsOur communications connections are designed in accordance with the publicrecommendations of the Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA) on the electronicexchange of structured data in supply networks.1.2 Use of EDIOur suppliers must use electronic communication and therefore should plan for the factthat we will require them to use EDI standards for communicating business data.4

2 DATA PROCESSING – TECHNICAL SOLUTION2.1 Data transfer processingData transfers with Porsche are processed via the centralized Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG(Porsche AG) datacenter. Every area of supplier communication where EDI is employedtransfers data using SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI).In-house editing of EDI data is performed in SAP Exchange Infrastructure, as is theconversion of the data in accordance with national (VDA) and international (ODETTE)standards.2.2 Process of EDI connectionsA request must be sent by email to the Porsche EDI team [email protected] Porsche EDI team will send the relevant information (EDI guidelines, VDAdocumentation, etc.) by email and initiate the necessary settings in the converter (PI2).The supplier will creates an EDI test file (TXT). The correctness of these files must checkedby the suppliers in the Validation Portal 1o0wakd34vhudlawyuw1sax))/VDA4938/login.aspx?&Proj 54&Lang DE&Relogin trueAs soon as the test file is correct, the supplier sends the error-free test file (TXT) and theerror log from the Gefeg portal to the Porsche EDI team by email. This will import the testfile into the FileZilla system. Subsequently the transfer into the SAP test system K01 takesplace. If the invoice has been processed successfully, the supplier is asked to send aproductive invoice. This is checked by the Porsche EDI team in the production system P01.The supplier then receives feedback.EDI AgreementAn EDI agreement isn't necessary.2.3 EDI interface to suppliersEDI at Porsche is carried out exclusively via point-to-point connections between Porscheand its partners.5

Our suppliers must take all necessary measures so that an error-free processing of theEDI data is always given. This requires an automatic and continuous processing of the EDIdata.2.4 Establishing connections between Porsche and technical partnersThe Porsche AG datacenter provides a 24 hour EDI service for the supplier industry(permanent transmission and reception operability). Connection is established by Porschevia automatic calls to the supplier’s communication processor (dial-out procedure).How Porsche transmits data(e.g. credit advice, self-billing invoice)Transfer of data to suppliers is triggered by an automatic call to the supplier (dial-outprocedure). Using this process, Porsche ensures that data transfer is performed as soonas the data is created.How Porsche receives data(e.g. invoices, in exceptional cases also credit notes)The transfer of data from suppliers is generally triggered by an automatic call from thesupplier to the Porsche AG datacenter (DIAL-IN PROCEDURE). The incoming data is routedto its destination system (e.g. goods receipt system) immediately following receipt.2.5 Contingency planIn order to assure Porsche production and fault-free supply of its plants, both Porsche andits suppliers must have contingency plans in place for all process steps. They come intoeffect if the system, and thus fault-free delivery, is temporarily unavailable.6

3 Contacts3.1 Porsche EDI team: EDI coordination financial data (cross-plant)Mr Matthias GoeckeE-mail: [email protected]: 49 711-911-22608Ms Sabrina GeeraertE-mail: [email protected]: 49 711-911-531983.2 Porsche supplier communicationHere you can find an overview of the formats used in individual plants.ZuffenhausenVDA 4907 remittance adviceVDA 4906 or VDA4938 invoiceVDA 4921 incoming waybillfreight invoiceVDA 4927 container/empties informationoutgoing to logistics service xxxxxWeissachxx

4 Virtual filenames4.1 Outgoing messagesThe filename format for outgoing messages from Porsche to suppliers is as followsXX.YYYYY.ZZZZZZZXX plant code always YYY supplier number (first 5 digits)ZZZZZZZ transfer formatV4907 VDA 4907 remittance adviceV4908 VDA 4908 credit advice4.2 Incoming messagesThe filename format for messages that Porsche receives from suppliers is as followsYYYYY.XX.ZZZZZZZ with the exception of invoices which are always formatted asYYYYY.ZU.V4938XX plant code always YYY supplier numberZZZZZZZ transfer formatV4938VDA 4938 invoices (Global Invoic)V4921VDA 4921 waybillSFRGspecial format freight invoice8

5 Supplier communication Zuffenhausen5.1 VDA 4907 Remittance adviceEDI of remittance advice files at Porsche is based on VDA 4907. For each payment run, atransmission is created for each supplier and each currency.Explanatory note on record type 911 field 04 supplier numberBecause the supplier number in SAP has 10 digits it is right aligned with leading zeros.Explanatory note on record type 912 field 04 document typeRemittance advices via EDI are processed in SAP Standard by basic type PEXR2001 andmessage type REMADV. For individual documents settled by a payment, the systemforwards only the invoice or credit advice information to the supplier. But VDA 4907 allowsfor detailed codes here (see appendix 5, VDA standard, issue August 1993).This list of codes was implemented by extending the standard program based on specificprocedures (invoices, credit advices, debits, cancellations, etc.) in accordance with VDAspecifications.If there is no entry in the ‘SAP – VDA document type’ assignment table then the followingwill be set‘01 – invoice’ on credit line item default‘03 – your credit advice’ on debit line item defaultExplanatory note on record type 912 fields 05 and 10 supplier invoice numberBecause fields 05 and 10 only have 8 characters each while the field reference in SAP canhave up to 16, the reference or invoice number of the supplier is split.The invoice number is imported right to left. An invoice number of up to 8 digits right to leftis imported left-aligned in field 05 and completed with blanks if necessary. Additional digits(i.e. 9-16) are also imported left-aligned in field 10 and completed with blanks if necessary.Explanatory note on record type 912 field 12 remittance adviceIn principle, the remittance advice number always has 10 digits. Because the field ‘paymentreference number’ in the VDA record only has 6 characters, the remittance advice numberis read from the right and only 6 characters are imported into the field. To complete theremittance advice, the number sequence 3901/3902 is put in front of this.Explanatory note on record type 919 field 06 payment methodThe payment method is always ‘2’ (bank transfer).9

5.2 VDA 4938/83 invoicePorsche uses EDI of purchase invoice data as per VDA 4938/83 to transmit invoices forblanket orders (production and spares materials scope of delivery instruction). In thiscontext, the SBI (self-Billing invoice), (neither in VDA4908 Format, nor in VDA4938) is notsupported. Attention: Porsche doesn’t accept credits, remeasurements or complaints byour suppliers. Corrections were only initiated from Porsche. Exceptional cases are to beagreed with the accounting department.All invoices for deliveries of the series and spare parts are obligatorily to send viaEDI.Invoices with small amounts must be avoided, several daily deliveries of goods fora material must be collected in only one invoice. Same positions per delivery noteinside one invoice must be cumulated.Please also note the following requirements for invoicing (serial suppliers):- send only max. 250 invoices (BGM segments) per transfer- only send invoices for one supplier number per transfer- One delivery plan/order number per invoice- One delivery note number per invoice- Max. 5 billing items per invoice- Same material numbers are to be consolidated per invoice- Use the correct ASCII encoding- Please do not use test flags in the test phase or in the production system- All necessary segments must be included- UST ID of buyer and seller must always be indicatedSpecial features during the introductionIf EDI messages are not yet exchanged between a supplier and Porsche AG, the technicalcommunication connection must be carried out as described in section 2.1.A test phase is planned before the start of productive operation, the time frame for whichmust be agreed with the contact person at Porsche. The Porsche specialist departmentanalyses the data and agrees on the formal and content-related correctness with thecontact persons at the supplier. In this test phase, the invoices must continue to be sentusing the previous transmission method so that Porsche can make the correct payment.The test data is only entered into the test system for formal verification.Once a stable, error-free condition has been achieved, the date of the real test iscoordinated by the Porsche specialist department. From this date on, it must be ensuredthat sent EDI invoices are no longer sent in a different format.10

Time of data transmissionPorsche can send and receive data 24 hours a day.Problem managementYou need to make sure that the transmission goes through successfully (i.e. that youreceive an acknowledgment). For VDA4938/83-Massages, an APERAK-ResponseMassages can also be sent back to our suppliers. Further information’s can be found inVDA 4938 Part 5 APERAK and chapter 5.4. At Porsche, the sequence of transmissionnumbers does not necessarily have to be ascending. To prevent errors, always check thatthe Porsche mandatory fields are correctly filled out.It must also be taken into account that the invoice itemisation has an impact on processingand fault handling.Basic technical conditionsEDI of invoice data is not dependent on different unloading points e.g. Weissach, Leipzig,Osnabrück, Ludwigsburg, Sachsenheim or Zuffenhausen.Complete and correct address in1. NAD BY (Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG Porscheplatz 1 Stuttgart 70435 DE) und2. NAD SE without PO box addressAlso, note that regardless of which plant in Germany the goods were delivered to, theinvoice must always state our VAT no. DE147799625.Your master data (for example: Order- and Materialnumber) and prices must always be keptup to date to allow fast, automatic and problem-free processing.Data formatThe data for the invoice EDI must be provided in the format of the VDA recommendationVDA4938 Part 2 - Version 2.4, October global-invoic-anwendungshandbuch.htmlStatutory regulations/informationThe introduction of procedures that will guarantee data authenticity and integrity is planned.National regulations (GoBS) must be observed. Specifically for intra-community deliveries,the specification of the VAT ID of the biller and the recipient is mandatory.11

Invoices with foreign sales tax will still be requested in paper form and will notbe accepted via EDI.Sales tax registrationsPorsche AG is currently registered for VAT in the following European countries (status:02/08/2018)CountrycodeVAT.-Id. Nr.GermanyDE147799625BelgiumBE0670595147from 02/21/2017FR75817880644(from 2015)GB253556888(from 2014)ItalyIT00185729993from 12/22/2016NetherlandsNL800996069B01(from 2014)AustriaATPortugalPTU57551811980564026(from 2015)SE502070031501(from 2007)CHCHE-398.193.349(from 2011)SK4020117123(from 03/16/2012)SI37005499(from 2016)SpainESN0046421DCzech RepublikCZ683981739from 10/15/2016HungaryHU26919221(from 2014)CountryFranceGreat on timeExempels:1. Intra-community delivery without sales tax:The following mandatory segments must be specified: AAC (TAX 7 VAT) Tax relevant text (FTX TXD) VAT ID supplier must be DE MOA 403DescriptionEnglishUNA: .? 'Delimiter definitionUNB UNOC:3 12345 PORSCHE 180131: Start of the transfer file0911 2114'with sender, recipient,transfer number anddateUNH 1 INVOIC:D:07A:UN:GA0131'Head segment withsubset identifier12Hint

BGM 380 0206111867'DTM 137:20180130:102'DTM 1:20180129:102'GEI PM ::272'NAD BY 17587::92 Dr. Ing. h.c. F.Porsche AG Porscheplatz1 Stuttgart 70435 DE'RFF VA:DE147799625'NAD SE 99999::92 SampleGmbH Sample GmbH Samplest.220 Sample city 77700 DE'RFF VA:DE281999999‘RFF FC:Type of invoice(commercial invoice)and numberInvoice date:01/30/2018Performance date forsales tax: 01/29/2018Material type(production material)Purchaser withcustomer number andaddress: Customernumber: 1234567assigned addressdetails by the sellerZIP 70435mandatory fieldmandatory fieldOnly correct valuesare accepted here.Here only a 1: 1match is acceptedby the system.Otherwise thecalculation will runinto errorVAT ID: DE147799625' Only this PorscheAG sales tax IDneeds to beentered in themandatory fieldSeller with suppliernumber and addressUST ID: DE12345678Tax number for thirdcountryThe system onlyaccepts a completesupplier address.Mandatory field - ifavailableThe tax number isonly a mandatoryfield if the supplierdelivers from athird countryCUX 2:EUR:4'PYT 1 5 3 D 30'Invoice currency andpayment currency withexchange ratePayment term 1: 30days after the invoicedate without deduction13optional

DTM 140:20180225:102'Due dateoptionalPCD 12:0'0% cash discountoptionalFII RH 8701591:SampleGmbH :::79999900:::Sample bank OÖ ZndlSüddeutschland'Account detailsoptionalLIN 10 999.999.999.99:IN'Invoice item and partnumber purchaserMandatory fieldPIA 1 0708052#:SA'IMD :::RT140-PS/AP P/AP-EK'Item number seller,customs tariffoptionalQTY 47:28:PCE'Parts or description ofservicesCalculated amountMandatory field forservice invoicesMandatory fieldALI DE'Country of originMandatory fieldMOA 203:5476.52:EUR'Net amount of theposition- excl. VAT- including surchargesand discounts(exceptpackaging costs)Mandatory fieldPRI AAA:195.59::CON:1:PCE'Net price of the item- excluding VAT- including surchargesand discounts(except packagingcosts)and price reference (1piece)Delivery note numberand positionRequired fieldRFF AAU:0080358323'DTM 171:20180129:102'RFF ON:790999'Date of the deliverynoteOrder number14The calculation iscarried out on thebasis of the netprice. Incorrectvalues cannot beposted correctlyMandatory field forproduction materialand not required forservice invoicesMandatory fieldMandatory field forproduction material

and not required forservice invoicesDTM 171:20131127:102'Date of the deliverynoteMandatory fieldTAX 7 VAT :::0 AAC'Tax type and rate: VAT0%Mandatory fieldNAD ST 16::92 Porsche LogistikGmbH:plant: 16, Unloading pointBAU50 Porsche Logistik GmbH:plant: 16,Unloading point BAU50 Porscheplatz1 Sachsenheim 74343 DE'LOC 11 :::BAU50'Goods recipient with IDand address (either atheader level for allitems or individually foreach item)Unloading pointoptionalUNS S'Mandatory fieldMOA 125:5698.28:EUR'Separation of item andsum partControl value: numberof positionsFinal invoice amount ininvoice currencyTaxable amount (total)MOA 176:0:EUR'Tax amount (total)Mandatory fieldMOA 79:5476.52:EUR'Sum of the itemamountsTax-exempt amountMandatory fieldCNT 2:1'MOA 77:5698.28EUR'MOA 403:5698.28:EUR'optionalMandatory fieldMandatory fieldMandatory fieldMandatory fieldonly if it istransferred withoutVAT. Otherwiseplease let it out.TAX 7 VAT :::0 AAC'Tax type and rate: VAT0%Mandatory fieldMOA 124:0:EUR'Tax amountMandatory fieldMOA 125:5698.28:EUR'Taxable amount (total)Mandatory fieldALC C PC'Surcharge or discount:here packaging costsoptional15Please indicatepackaging costsonly at the overalllevel (header levelsegment 53).

MOA 8:221.76:EUR'Packaging costsOptionalPackaging costsplease only at theoverall level(indicate headerlevel segment 53)UNT 43 1'End of messageMandatory fieldUNZ 1 2114'End of the transfer fileMandatory field16

2. Domestic German delivery with 19% German sales tax and packaging costs.The following mandatory segments must be specified: MOA 8 Packaging costs (if any) ALC C Packaging costs as surcharge text (if available) VAT ID supplier must be DEDescriptionEnglishUNA: .? 'Delimiter definitionHintUNB UNOC:3 12345 PORSCHE 180131: Start of the transfer file0911 2114'with sender, recipient,transfer number and dateUNH 1 INVOIC:D:07A:UN:GA0131'Head segment withsubset identifierBGM 380 0206111867'Type of invoice(commercial invoice) andnumberDTM 137:20180130:102'Invoice date:01/30/2018Mandatory fieldDTM 1:20180129:102'Date of performance forsales tax: 01/29/2018Mandatory fieldGEI PM ::272'Material type (productionmaterial)NAD BY 17587::92 Dr. Ing. h.c. F.Porsche AG Porscheplatz1 Stuttgart 70435 DE'Buyer with customernumber and address:Customer number:1234567 assignedaddress details by thesellerZIP 70435RFF VA:DE147799625'VAT ID: DE147799625'17Only correctvalues areaccepted here.Here only a 1: 1match isaccepted by thesystem.Otherwise thecalculation willrun into errorOnly this PorscheAG sales tax IDneeds to beentered in themandatory field

NAD SE 99999::92 SampleGmbH Sample GmbH Samplest.220 Sample city 77700 DE'Seller with suppliernumber and addressOnly a completesupplier addresswird vom Systemakzeptiert.RFF VA:DE281999999‘UST ID: DE12345678RFF FC:Tax number for thirdcountryMandatory field if availableThe tax number isonly a mandatoryfield if thesupplier deliversfrom a thirdcountryCUX 2:EUR:4'Invoice currency andpayment currency withexchange ratePayment term 1: 30 daysafter the invoice datewithout deductionPYT 1 5 3 D 30'optionalDTM 140:20180225:102'Due DateoptionalPCD 12:0'0% cash discountoptionalFII RH 8701591:SampleGmbH :::79999900:::Sample bank OÖ ZndlSüddeutschland'LIN 10 999.999.999.99:IN'Account detailsoptionalInvoice item and partnumber buyerItem number seller,customs tariffParts or description ofservicesMandatory fieldPIA 1 0708052#:SA'IMD :::RT140-PS/AP P/AP-EK'optionalQTY 47:28:PCE'Calculated amountPflichtfeld fürServiceRechnungenMandatory fieldALI DE'Country of originMandatory fieldMOA 203:5476.52:EUR'Net amount of theposition- excluding VAT- inclluding surcharges(except packaging costs)Mandatory fieldPRI AAA:195.59::CON:1:PCE'Item net price:Mandatory field18

- excl. VAT- including surchargesand discounts(except packaging costs)and price reference (1piece)RFF AAU:0080358323'The calculation iscarried out on thebasis of the netprice. Incorrectvalues cannot beposted correctlyDTM 171:20180129:102'Delivery note number and Mandatory fieldpositionfor productionmaterial and notrequired forservice invoicesDate of the delivery note Mandatory fieldRFF ON:790999'Order numberDTM 171:20131127:102'Date of the delivery noteTAX 7 VAT :::19 S'Tax type and rate: VAT19%Mandatory fieldNAD ST 16::92 Porsche LogistikGmbH:Plant: 16, Unloading pointBAU50 Porsche Logistik GmbH:Plant: 16,Unloading point BAU50 Porscheplatz1 Sachsenheim 74343 DE'Goods recipient with IDand address (either atheader level for all itemsor individually for eachitem)optionalLOC 11 :::BAU50'Unloading pointoptionalUNS S'Separation of item andsum partMandatory fieldCNT 2:1'Control value: number ofpositionsMandatory fieldMOA 77:6780.95:EUR'Final invoice amount ininvoice currencyMandatory fieldMOA 125:5698.28:EUR'Taxable amount (total)Mandatory fieldMOA 176:1082.67:EUR'Tax amount (total)Mandatory fieldMOA 79:5476.52:EUR'Sum of the item amountsMandatory fieldTAX 7 VAT :::19 S'Tax type and rate: VAT19%Mandatory fieldMOA 124:1082.67:EUR'Tax amountMandatory field19Mandatory fieldfor productionmaterial and notrequired forservice invoicesMandatory field

MOA 125:5698.28:EUR'Taxable amount (total)Mandatory fieldALC C PC'Surcharge or discount:here packaging costsoptionalPackaging costsPlease indicatepackaging costsonly at the overalllevel (header levelsegment 53).OptionalUNT 43 1'End of messagePackaging costsplease only at theoverall level(indicate headerlevel segment 53)Mandatory fieldUNZ 1 2114'End of the transfer fileMandatory fieldMOA 8:221.76:EUR'20

Example invoice:21

Example packaging costs:Hint:With VDA 4938/83, the packaging costs in the corresponding segment (MOA 8 andALC C PC) must be transferred separately! (see example file)22

OFTP2 Daten- und ParameterblattOFTP2 Data and parameter sheetPorscheGeneral InformationFirmenanschrift(Firmenname, Adresse)EDI-Provider (ja/nein,ggf. Adresse)Kundennummer erantwortlicher yname, address)EDI-Provider(yes/no,address ifappl.)Customer ID /Supplier IDEDI-Software*)Stand byResponsibility transferconnection(e-mail)oFTP ParameterSSIDSSIDSFID (leer fals SSID SFID) SFID (empty ifSSID SFID)Odette-PasswortOdettepasswordEERP eingehendEERP incomingEERP ausgehendEERP outgoingEERP SignierungEERP signatureDatenverschlüsselungFile encryptionDatensignierungFile signatureÜbertragungsmodusTransfer modeOFTP2 ClientOFTP2 geEDI-PartnerDr.Ing.h.c.F.PORSCHE AGPorscheplatz 1D - 70435 StuttgartNein/NoT-Systems rvsEvo00:00 – 24:[email protected]:00 – iert/UnstructuredJa/YesEmailNein/NoTransport Parameter23

To**): nderungen der IPnotice: bitte 2 Wochen Please inform (Failover Atlanta)vor Wirksamkeitus about anyFrom:,mitteilen.changes in84.21.32.32,your IP address84.21.32.35,2 weeks ortPort6619Transportverschlüsselung TransportTLSEncryptionTLS ClientTLS clientNein/NoAuthentifizierungauthenticationTLS SSL Zertifikat CATLS SSLCN ODETTE SHA-2 Issuing CAcertificate CAOFTP2-SecurityOFTP2-Security CN ODETTE SHA-2 Issuing CACertificate CACertificate CAHost / IPHost / IP*) optional**) always use the DNSname in your config foroutgoing traffic toPorsche.In case you cannot usethe DNS name, configureboth IPs!For small and medium invoice volumes (not suitable for series and spare partssuppliers) we offer the following alternatives for electronic invoicing: PDFBASWARE (service provider)FIN application on vwgroupsupply.comIf you wish to receive more information about future possibilities, please contact [email protected]

5.3 Credit / debit advice / complaint / revaluation VDA4938Correction documents are also sent to the suppliers by Porsche via EDI in VDA4938 format.BGM code:Revaluations: 295Complaint notice: 383Debit advice: 383Credit notes: 389VFN: ZU.XXXXX.V49385.4 APERAK VDA4938 part 5Porsche offers suppliers the use of APERAK messages for standardized receipt in the event oferrors for accounting documents.The following cases are currently acknowledged in case of errors:G003 Net amount of the item should be 0 - MOA 203G007 Invoice amount (SG50.MOA 77) must be 0V018 Text for tax exemption missing if qualifier E must be filled (FTX TXD) - same logic asfor tax auditS007 Invoice currency missing - in SEG CUX, MOA 77 and MOA 203S009 Control rate missing - header and position levelOnly APERAK messages are generated for the defined error images. Correct messages are notacknowl

3.1 Porsche EDI team: EDI coordination financial data (cross-plant) Mr Matthias Goecke E-mail: [email protected] Tel.: 49 711-911-22608 Ms Sabrina Geeraert E-mail: [email protected] Tel.: 49 711-911-53198 3.2 Porsche supplier communication Here you can f