SONICWALL FIREWALL BEST PRACTICESBobby CornwellSr. Manager, Sales EngineeringMarch 2017

FIRST STEP OUT OF THE BOX Start from Safemode: (Recommended) Enter Safemode by booting up the firewall – then using a paper clip or similar sized item, insertinto the small hole either in front or back of the firewall, and hold the “button” down for 10seconds or more. The wrench light will start flashing, and you can release the “button” Load latest firmware and boot to factory defaults* Safemode is not required but is the most cautious method and leaves least room fortechnology induced issues If you do not start from Safemode, do the following: Skip Setup Guide (Wizard) Register the appliance (you cannot load firmware unless the appliance is registered (if you arenot in Safemode)) Load latest firmware and boot to factory defaults* *Reason: Issues in configuration created inold/initial release RTM firmware can survive firmware upgrades; this step eliminates this chance,however small it may be.March 2017 Copyright SonicWall

SETTINGS TIPSMarch 2017 Copyright SonicWall

“BENCH” CONFIGURATION (IF YOU ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET) Licenses: System Licenses View then copy firewall’s license keyset from firewall’s MySonicWALL page and paste intoSystem Licenses page Signature Database: System Security Services Download latest countermeasure database (‘signature file’) from firewall’s MySonicWALL pageand upload via Security Services Summary Import SignaturesMarch 2017 Copyright SonicWall

SYSTEM System Administration For PCI/Better Security: Change super user administration account from ‘admin’Enable Enhanced Audit Logging (new in 6.2.5 for UC APL certification)Change HTTPS management port from 443 to other (i.e. 8443)Change the default Admin Timeout from 5 minutes, to your preferred amount System Time Set time automatically using NTP Don’t configure additional NTP Servers unless needed for internal synchronization System Diagnostics Check Network Settings Note that “Content Filtering” will fail until licensed or if UDP/2257 is blocked from SonicWALL Firewall toSonicWALL GRID CFS Servers. MTU Discovery: Paste determined value into WAN/Internet interface used in test Note: Some ISP’s values change each time you test. In that case review ISP’s KB for optimum MTUMarch 2017 Copyright SonicWall


ONE TOUCH CONFIGURATIONMarch 2017 Copyright SonicWall

ONE TOUCH CONFIGURATIONMarch 2017 Copyright SonicWall

ONE TOUCH CONFIGURATIONMarch 2017 Copyright SonicWall

NETWORK Network Interfaces Link Speed: Set to Auto or, if possible, hard code on both sides to best possible (i.e. 100/fullduplex, 1 Gb) WAN Interfaces and enabling management (don’t open to whole world): Create Address Objects for external IP addresses that can manage device Add those to new Address Object Group created for this purpose Edit WAN:WAN HTTPS and HTTP Management auto rules and change Source to newly created group(Note: Alternatively VPN first to manage firewall) Network Zones Make sure all desired security services are enforced on proper zones Network Services: “Any” in firewall policy does not mean ‘any’ unless firewall knows about the service. Therefore,add any Services required but not present. Log Event ID 41: Network Access Unknown Protocol Dropped will expose theseMarch 2017 Copyright SonicWall

NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION On outbound policy, select specific outbound Interface (Not recommended to use “Any”) On inbound policy, select specific inbound Interface (Public Server Wizard sets this to Any) If you use Public Server Wizard: Only use once to show/use as a reference then manually create additional Firewall/NAT policies While the Wizard is good for creating a quick policy, it’s recommended to build policies manually forlearning purposes (not to mention the Wizard creates 3 policies each time). Rename & change PSW inbound NAT policy’s inbound Interface from Any to specific interface Don’t create unnecessary Loopback policies Outbound Many-to-Few : Use Address Object type Range for Source Translated. Range preferredbecause of predictable outcome. Example of why to use this: YouTube can blacklist a university dueto too many connections from one WAN IP. (Note: This is if you own a block of IP addresses) NEVER set Service Translated to same Service as Service Original, always use ORIGINAL or PATPort. This could occur due to replicating a config from another manufacturer's firewall Good idea to NOT use firewall's Primary WAN IP (or other high priority IP in Subnet, such as youroutbound email SMTP IP) for Guest network’s Outbound NAT Policy. This protects againstblacklisting.March 2017 Copyright SonicWall

FIREWALL SETTINGS Firewall Settings Advanced Enable Stealth Mode, Enable Randomize IP ID & Enable Decrement IP TTL for forwarded traffic. KB Article Reference: Choose best “Connections” setting. There is a Help icon you can mouse-over to view thesevalues. If connections in ‘DPI Connections’ mode is enough, use that as it has best DPIperformance. (Allocates more memory to DPI/Requires a reboot)March 2017 Copyright SonicWall

BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENT Bandwidth Management Don’t enable it if you are not using it. Most people forget to adjust when their ISP speedchanges Use Advanced Mode (Firewall Settings BWM) Name Firewall Bandwidth Objects so name tells you how configured Example: ‘BWM - P4/G00Kb/M10Mb/E1Mb/Delay’ Reason: GUI pages where BWM Objects are selected display nothing other than the name.March 2017 Copyright SonicWall

SSL VPN SSL VPN Server Settings: Change SSLVPN Port to 443. This is done to enhance the end user’s experience. Note: You must first change the default HTTPS Management port (443) mentioned previously Note: SSLVPN terminates on the SonicWall’s Interface IP(s) and cannot be changed to another IPin Interface’s subnet. Note this so you can address other potential inbound NAT Policy conflicts It is recommended to have a public (purchased) cert meeting the latest encryption standards.The self signed cert provided by the firewall is adequate, but will not pass PCI auditsMarch 2017 Copyright SonicWall

SECURITY SERVICESGAV Check all boxes on main screen Don’t forget Cloud AV Note on TCP Stream: If you do not enable, DPI will only scan listed protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc.) on default port(s)IPS High/Med Prevent Detect Low Detect Customize the following Categories to Prevent Detect ( change log redundancy as needed): Backdoor, Bad-Files, Compromised-Certs, DB-Attacks, Virus, Web-Attacks Review other Low priority signatures and change to Prevent Detect as needed ( change log redundancy)Anti-Spyware Check all boxesMarch 2017 Copyright SonicWall

SECURITY SERVICESGeo IP Turn on in either “All connections” or “Firewall Rule-based Connections” (recommended) mode depending on needs. Forexample, do you have a DNS server that must perform recursive lookups on a DNS server in a blocked country? Enable logging Consider blocking ‘Anonymous Proxy/Private IP’ and ‘All Unknown’. However, note that you may have IP addresses requiringexclusionBotnet Filter Turn on in “All connections” mode Enable loggingMarch 2017 Copyright SonicWall

LOGGING Log Name Resolution Name Resolution Method: Disable (None) or set to DNS Point to Internal DNS servers otherwise no RFC1918 resolution (192.168.x.x, 172.16-31.x.x, 10.x.x.x) Log Automation: : In most cases, this creates an overwhelming amount of email and can put undue strain firewall’sCore0. Thus, this feature is not recommended for logs. Utilize syslog to SonicWall GMS or Analyzer or send to a 3rd party Syslogcollector For Alerts, don’t set globally here. Set specific alerts you wish to receive by email via Log Settings Edit the Event Regardless, verify email settings are correct if doing this Better: SonicWall GMS’s Live Monitor feature is recommended for this as it is more efficient, will send a more detailed email alertand can send a SNMP trap as well. Up to 5 destinations, each with a different schedule Log Settings Security Services General: Disable ‘Raw Data’ (Event ID 1391) by unchecking GUI, Alert, Syslog, & Email, Click Apply Network NAT: Disable ‘Connection NAT Mapping’ (Event ID 1197) by unchecking GUI, Alert, Syslog, & Email, Click Apply Note: This information can be useful. For example, if you need to determine who downloaded a pirated movie because you received aDMCA violation email that your public IP broke the law, you need to log this information to track down what private IP was associated withthe public ip:port in the notice. Also note that GMS and Analyzer have a filter for this event (as well as Raw Data) so, by default, it is notwritten to GMS's/Analyzer’s reporting database.March 2017 Copyright SonicWall

LOGGING – APP CONTROL ADVANCED Log Settings Firewall Application Control: Disable ‘ApplicationControl Detection Alert’ (Event ID 1154) from GUI. Don’t disable for Syslog as you need that for GMS/Analyzer reporting on Application Data Usage. This change saves on-box logging and Core0 from processing the large number of events whoseon-box log display provides little value in most installations. Global Log Redundancy Filter: Set 0. Reason: for a 60 second video, 0 creates 180 events which translate to 180 syslogs. Changing itto just 1 second reduces that down to 38. Old default was 0, new default is 60 seconds. Change the Log Redundancy filters for Web Browser and Protocols categories to 60 seconds. For other categories, at least increase it to 15-20 secondsMarch 2017 Copyright SonicWall

HIGH AVAILABILITY Try and always use x0, and configure its Monitoring IP addresses x0 is hardcoded in SonicOS as the backup heartbeat link Additionally, if no WAN interface has Monitoring IP addresses configured, it is the Secondary/Standby unit’spath to Internet for GRID and License Manager communication The Secondary unit is never licensed automatically Always login to it via one of its Monitoring IP addresses, put in the registration code and sync its licensing withMySonicWall. If both units have been properly associated in MySonicWall it will get all licensing. Firewall changes requiring a reboot can easily cause an outage Reason: When a change requiring a firewall reboot is made, the “Status” shown at the bottom left-hand corner ofthe firewall’s administration GUI changes from “Status: Ready” to “Status: Reboot ”. When this happens in a HApair, the behavior is the Standby firewall will reboot when the change is made prior to clicking on “Status: Reboot”.So, if you click Reboot while the Standby unit is rebooting both firewalls will be unavailable and you just broughtthe network down. Use the Virtual Mac option: This simply reduces ARP convergence time during a failover HA Pair connected to the same switch: Make sure that the Switch Ports connected to the SonicWALL Interfaceshave STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) disabled. Essentially STP has a real problem with our Virtual MAC being seenon multiple interfaces, and will cause a flapping effect to the firewalls.March 2017 Copyright SonicWall

ADDITIONAL SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS Firewall Rules for Security Enhancement DNS: Add Outbound Rules for DNS: Deny Rule: Block all DNS queries (UDP/53) from Inside to Outside (i.e. LAN to WAN) Allow Rule: Only allows DNS queries (UDP/53) to specific/sanctioned DNS servers like Google, etc. SMTP: Only allow Outbound SMTP access for sanctioned email servers, block all else SSH: Add Deny Rule to block all outbound SSH. When malware tries everything to get out it could try SSHwhich currently cannot be scanned by man-in-the-middle (DPI-SSL). DPI-SSH is a new feature in SonicOS6.2.7 Content Filtering – Categories to always control: Hacking/Proxy Avoidance Systems, Pay to SurfSites, Internet Watch Foundation and Malware When Ready/Where Possible, also block Not Rated. Blocking this category will cause Availability/Usabilitychallenges. Therefore, before implementing, look at report of traffic to Not Rated sites (and IP addresses)and add sanctioned destinations to allow list or re-categorize those sites. (i.e. http://ipaddress is almostcertainly not rated) To help mitigate this, CFS 4.0 in SonicOS 6.2.6 adds both Confirm and Passphrase bypass page options, ratherthan Block. Thus, could be used to mitigate this issue for N/R sites.March 2017 Copyright SonicWall

ADDITIONAL SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS Gateway Anti-Virus Lockdown On each protocol (HTTP, FTP, etc.) you can additionally block: Restrict Transfer of password-protected ZIP files Restrict Transfer of MS-Office type files containing macros (VBA 5 and above) Restrict Transfer of packed executable files (UPX, FSG, etc.)NOTE: These Settings will cause Usability/Availability challenges for usersMarch 2017 Copyright SonicWall

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SSL VPN SSL VPN Server Settings: Change SSLVPN Port to 443. This is done to enhance the end user [s experience. Note: You must first change the default HTTPS Management port (443) mentioned previously Note: SSLVPN terminates on the SonicWall [s Interface IP(s) an