Planter Parts - John Deere 7000-7100 MaxEmergeTMOrder No. Descriptionand Kinze StockEachWJD3MM15” opener, standard duty blade (3 mm thick). Blade is made inthe USA. Includes import bearing, dust cap, and hub. Used onMaxEmerge and Kinze. Replaces JD number AA55927.08916 26.40WJDTVO15” opener, heavy duty blade (3.5 mm thick). Includes importbearing, dust cap, and hub. Replaces JD number AA53860.51121 28.20WJDTVO215” opener, heavy duty blade (3.5 mm thick). Includes USAbearing, dust cap, and hub. (standard blade on Kinze 3000).Replaces JD number AA53860.96525 34.25B204PY3Bearing for seed and fertilizer opener assemblies. (USA made)Also used on Kinze residue wheels.5371 10.50WJD205HD15” opener for Kinze planters, has 205 bearing instead of thestandard 204 series. 3.5 mm thick blade. Uses a dust cover insteadof a dust cap. (may require the use of a longer mounting bolt)10224 29.35B205DDS5/8205 series bearing used on WJD205HD.1158 7.30KCJDFO13-1/2” JD opener assembly for double disc fertilizer unitsmounted to the fertilizer tool bar, complete with dust cap. (Hasheavy cast hub.) Replaces JD no. AA57466.83424 32.50P23113Liquid fertilizer spout for JD 7000 planters with double discfertilizer openers. Replaces JD no. AA23113.5958 8.50HSSFTStainless steel dry fertilizer tube. Replaces JD no. AA23112.73116 16.24H24085Outside fertilizer scraper for double disc openers. Two used perrow. Replaces JD no. A24085.3310 1.90P45913Inside fertilizer scraper for double disc openers. One used per row.Replaces JD no. B45913.5615 2.36WFHUBFertilizer unit cast hub. Replaces JD no. B32457. Sold without dustcap or rivets.9881 12.70WFCAPDust cap for fertilizer opener assembly.5016 1.50K1814K18” smooth edge, .236” thick single disc fertilizer coulter blade.Fits Kinze openers.44724 39.20K20197K20” smooth edge, .236” thick single disc fertilizer coulter blade.Fits Kinze openers.43235 46.20N17K17” notched coulter for Kinze 2000 series fertilizer opener, 6holes. Replaces Kinze no. GD9934. Blade is .197” thick.96123 30.99Fax 800-528-2554www.cfcdist.com71

Order No. DescriptionStockEach96123 30.99KD113017” notched coulter for Kinze 3000 series fertilizer opener.Replaces Kinze no. GD12676. Has a 2” center hole and 6 bolt holes3/8”. Blade is .197” thick.Seed tube - less sensor for JD 7000.0731 5.29WHUBSeed unit hub for use with B204PY3 bearing.6621 3.80Portite-SPortite spacer for use with WHUB.356 .75WFB29400Dust cap, poly/rubber combination for seed opener assembly.488 1.20FCJDSLScraper, seed unit, Left Hand. Replaces JD no. AA26444.4927 4.20FCJDSRScraper, seed unit, Right Hand. Replaces JD no. AA26443.4926 4.20F41629Seed tube guard with tube holder. Replaces JD no. A41692, Kinzeno. GB0241. Used on John Deere max Emerge and Kinze (except3000) planters.5254 7.50F41629OSSeed tube guard, use on MaxEmerge and Kinze (except 3000).Replace JD no. A61577 and Kinze GB0241.5134 4.50KD0301Inside scraper for Kinze 3000 series. Replaces Kinze numberGB0301.51019 14.50APQ25502BGauge wheel arm kit complete with threaded bushings, andhardware. Fits JD 7000-7340 and all Max Emerge Plus. Paintedgreen.Replacement bushing for APQ25502B and AP6114.Has 1” I.D.hole for sliding over stub shaft. Replaces JD no. A57057.Gauge wheel arm kit complete with threaded bushing, andhardware. Fits 2000 series Kinze planters. Has threaded hole atbottom. Painted black.Bearing for gauge wheels on JD 7000 and for closing wheels on7000 and early Kinze. Has cross hole.02818 26.000651 8.0002813 26.000143 5.85B88515240Bearing with cross hole to fit gage wheel assemlies, has a 40 mmO.D. to eliminate the use of the bearing spacer.5258 7.50HA25915Bearing sleeve, fits B21015 bearing.1417 2.01H750Gauge wheel, closing wheel bearing for Kinze. Replaces Kinzenumber GA6171.5669 9.50HR45165789 12.50HR4516W4 1/2” x 16” rim half, yellow for gauge wheel assemblies. ReplacesJD no. A22780.4 1/2” x 16” rim half, white for OEM assemblies.5785 12.50HR4516POuter nylon black rim half. Replaces JD no. A56565.94018 14.99HR4516BInner rim half, black for nylon/steel assemblies. Replaces JD no.A56621 and A85104.5787 12.50N17K3APQ2550BAP6114B21015CFC Distributors, Inc. Jan. 2015 Catalog72Phone 800-548-6633

Order No. DescriptionH4515StockEach(RID) Gauge wheel tire only, reduced inner profile. FitsMaxEmerge, MaxEmerge2, MaxEmergePlus, Pro; 1530 and1535 with MaxEmergePlus. Replaces Case-IH no. 128633C1 and87602293; JD no. A84450.OEM style gauge wheel tire only, 4.5” x 16” offset chine.ReplacesDeere no.’s A22884, A84050 and Kinze GD1086. Made in theUSA!39927 39.9008622 33.50GW416102AComplete Gauge Wheel Assembly, 4.5” x 16” for JD Max Emergeand Kinze planters built prior to 1993. Nylon/Steel rims with stemcross hole bearing.06368 79.50GW416ASComplete Gauge Wheel Assembly, 4.5” x 16” for JD Max Emergeand Kinze planters built prior to 1993. Double steel rims with stemcross hole bearing and nylon outside cover.06369 79.00GW416102BComplete Gauge Wheel Assembly, 4.5” x 16” for Kinze plantersbuilt 1993 and later. Nylon/Steel rims with bearing.06368 79.50GW416BS40Complete Gauge Wheel Assembly, 4.5” x 16” for Kinze plantersbuilt 1993 and later. Steel/Steel rims with bearing. With Nylonouter cover.Narrow (3”) gauge Wheel Assembly for Kinze planters built 1993and later (mounts with a bolt). Allows better trash flow.06367 79.0069559 69.95GW316NCNarrow Gauge Wheel Assembly to fit MaxEmerge only if updatedto our APQ25502B gage wheel arms. Mounts with a set screw.Allows better trash flow than normal width gauge wheels.69554 69.95KD1040Seed Belt, replaces JD AA22451, Kinze GD1040, GD11286.9670 10.99KD1041Seed Belt Drive Sprocket, replaces JD A22795, Kinze no. GD1041.5256 7.50KD2020Brush assembly, replaces JD AA29838, Kinze no. GA2020.2526 3.60P25369Idler arm for seed drive chain tightener on vacuum and fingerpickup units. Fits MaxEmerge and Kinze. Replaces JD no.’sA25369 and A50564, also Kinze number GA2056.Idler arm spring. Replaces John Deere no.’s A28518, A63534,A82137. Used on 7000, 7200, and 1700 series.0236 4.573315 1.90F22838Plastic idler for seed meter drive. Replaces JD no. A22838. (small).1-9/16” diameter.890 1.40F30968Plastic idler for fertilizer drive and others. Replaces JD no. B30968& B30969. (med.) 1 7/8” diameter.2119 1.60F22628Plastic idler for drive wheels. Replaces JD no. A22628. (large) 21/4” diameter.4518 2.20FC6003Spacer bushing, 1-3/16” long. Used with F22838.0127 3.00FC6005Spacer bushing, 1 3/4” long. Used with F22628.0126 3.00FC6007Spacer bushing, 1 1/2” long. Used with F30968.0125 3.00H4516GW316NBP28518Fax 800-528-2554www.cfcdist.com73

Order No. DescriptionStockEachP21962Idler, seed meter, herbicide/insecticide drive. Replaces KinzeGD11962. Can also be used to replace JD no. A62180.5915 2.79HG106Bearing with 9/16” hex bore. Fits 7000 flex fold seed drive line.Replaces JD no. AA34259.3961 9.90F25447Drive release handle for plateless hopper drive. Fits MaxEmergeand Kinze (except 3000). Replaces JD A25447, Kinze GD1035.7726 3.95KD1046Corn meter housing for finger pickup mechanism on MaxEmergeand Kinze. Replaces JD A48383, A65626, and Kinze GD1046.51019 14.50KD2031Bean feed cup assembly, replaces JD AA26713. Replaces Kinzenumber GA2031.67818 26.80P31217Closing wheel arm for John Deere 7000-7100. Replaces JD no.AA31217. Also replaces Kinze no. GA6056. Painted green.57221 32.50P33879Cast iron closing wheel arm stop, painted green. Fits 7000, 7100;Kinze (except 3000 and 4000 series). Replaces JD No A28135,A33879; Kinze No GB0113.35215 17.906000-523Eccentric Closing wheel bushing. Used on John Deere 7000 &7100 series and Kinze, prior to 1993, planters to align closingwheels.0415 2.00KD8322Closing wheel arm for Kinze built 1993 and later. For use with bolton wheels. Replaces Kinze GA8322.51426 34.50P254BAdjustment handle for Kinze closing wheel arm built 1993 andnewer. Replaces Kinze No. GB0254.4056 7.20P8460Closing wheel spring, fits Kinze 1993 and newer. Replaces KinzeNo. GD8460.3438 4.90P282Hex step bushing for KD8322 closing wheel arm, fits Kinze 1993and later. 2 used per row.3215 1.75P239Eccentric bushing for closing wheel arm, fits Kinze 1993 and later.2 used per row.3025 2.90H33297Closing wheel assembly, nylon. Uses stem bearing with cross hole(B21015). Used on Deere 7000 and Kinze through 1992.Closing wheel assembly, nylon. Uses H750 bearing. Used on Kinze1993 and later.Heavy duty down pressure spring with plug. Replaces JD no.’sAA28046 and AA35876; Kinze no GA2068. Also used on Kinzecontact drive wheels.Standard down pressure spring, bolts to side of parallel arms.Two or four used per row. Replaces JD no. A43609. Used on MaxEmerge & Max Emerge Plus.Down pressure spring with hooks for Kinze planters built 1989 andlater. Replaces Kinze no. GD8249.04227 32.0004228 32.007679 10.958051 7.252939 5.60H33297BGA2068P43609KD8249CFC Distributors, Inc. Jan. 2015 Catalog74Phone 800-548-6633

Order No. DescriptionStockEachKD21337Heavy Duty down pressure spring with hooks for Kinze plantersbuilt 1989 and later. Replaces Kinze no. GD21337.2068 8.60M65SRBHBearing with 7/8” hex bore. Has curved O.D., used on MaxEmerge,Kinze seed and fertilizer transmission and drive lines. Also Kinzecontact drive wheel. Replaces JD no. AA22097 and Kinze G210003.Bearing with 7/8” hex bore. Has flat O.D. Used on wheel frame,seed and fertilizer transmissions. Replaces JD no. AA28271.3966 9.903558 7.90FAA7483Hopper bottom plate fits plate type planters.Replace DeereA447483.02112 16.00KBTVOSolid steel rivets for planter seed openers, pkg of 50. 1/4” x 5/8”.5258 7.50KBFORIVSolid steel rivets for planter fertilizer openers, pkg of 50. 1/4” x 11/2”.0365 9.00GA5622Bearing for Kinze No-till coulter built 1991-2001, 2 used per row.Replaces Kinze number GA5622.7848 6.95B5206KPP3Double row bearing for Kinze 4 bolt no-till coulters built 2001 andlater. 1 used per row. Replaces Kinze number GA8603.71115 15.95P23789Bushing for parallel upper and lower arms on JD 7000 and Kinze.Replaces JD no. A23789 & Kinze GB0218.3215 1.75K88790Parallel linkage bushing kit for John Deere 7000-7100MaxEmerge (all) and Kinze prior to 1993 planter row units.1 kit used per row. Includes bolts, nuts, flat washers and P23789bushings.08619 24.00StockRetail03846 69.00P28271Notched Marker Disc AssembliesThe notched blade allows for better penetration and cutting of residue. Heavy dutyblade and hub allow for long wear life.Order No. DescriptionAP430000Notched marker disc assembly. Fits John Deere and Kinzediameter blade. Mounting bolt has 5/8” threads.AP201113Replacement blade for notched marker assembly.planters, 9 notch, 13”02816 26.00Fax 800-528-2554www.cfcdist.com75

Precut Planter ChainsJohn Deere 7000 series & KinzeSeed Meter Chain for planters with MaxEmerge row units (7000, 7100) and KinzeOrder No. DescriptionStockRetailA9841Seed hopper drive chain, hopper drive plateless, row drive unit. # 41 chain x 98 link.0656 8.00A11441Seed hopper drive chain for Kinze with row units set back 4”. 114 links of #41 chain.3678 10.90Herbicide/Insecticide Chain for planters with MaxEmerge row units (7000, 7100) and KinzeOrder No. DescriptionStock RetailA11041Hebicide/Insecticide drive chain for JD and Kinze. #41 x 110 links.2473 10.60A11441Herbicide/Insecticide drive chain for Kinze 1983 & after.3678 10.90Seed Transmission Chain for planters with MaxEmerge row units (7000, 7100) and KinzeOrder No. DescriptionStock RetailA382040Seed Transmission drive chain. # 2040 x 38 links. Fits JD 7000-7100.4952 8.48A442040Seed Transmission drive chain. # 2040 x 44 links. Fits JD 7000-7100.1465 9.16Main Wheel Drive Chain for planters with MaxEmerge row units (7000, 7100) and KinzeOrder No. DescriptionStock RetailA692050Main wheel drive chain. Fits 12 row through 24 row JD 7000, narrow folding. #2050 x69 links.39319 19.90A502050Main wheel drive chain. Fits JD 7100 built after ’79. #2050 x 50 links.2688 12.31A562050Main wheel drive chain. Fits 6 row through 12 row JD 7000, narrow rigid, 8 row widethrough 12 row narrow 7000 folding. All 7100 built before 1979. #2050 x 56 links.49217 18.49Idler Assembly UpdateUsed on all Max Emerge series planters. Replaces JD kit no. AA43277.Order No. DescriptionC43277Idler update kit.StockRetail0898 14.00CFC Distributors, Inc. Jan. 2015 Catalog76Phone 800-548-6633

Seed Tender Blender* Evenly distributes graphite, talc, or inoculant on to seed asit is being delivered from the hopper to the conveyor.* Standard 12V motor.* 40 lbs. hopper capacity.* Variable speed.* Universal mounting.* Now with remote control.Quickly and easily disconnectfrom the seed tender.Order No. DescriptionSTB1StockSeed Tender Blender complete unit.0293018Retail 1299.00Planter Graphite & Talc*Maximizes yield and profit by increasing plant population per acre.*Easiest, most economical way to apply seed flow lubricant. No buildup.*Helps prevent bridging of seeds in the planter.*Helps seed flow smoothly and evenly through high speed planters.Order No. DescriptionStock No. RetailEZ1900-0White Talc, 8 pound bucket. Packed 4/Case, sold each.90314 18.70EZ1900-4White Talc, 40 pound box.05436 69.00EZ9950-3Planter graphite powder, 1 pound bottle. Packed 24/case,sold each.Planter graphite powder, 5 pound bucket. Packed 4/Case,sold each.Planter graphite powder, 40# box.2933 5.6081213 17.4000269 124.0035914 27.9000636 72.00EZ9950-0EZ9950-4EZ0901-8EZ0901-480/20 talc/graphite mixture. 8 lbs. bucket. Packed 4/Case,sold each.80/20 talc/graphite mixture. 40 lbs box.Fax 800-528-2554www.cfcdist.com77

Gauge Wheel Arm Repair KitsA worn arm will cause the wheel to move away from the blade, creating a deterioration of seed furrow definition and creating the opportunity for plugging.*Bushing slides over worn pins to eliminate slop.*Bushing is threaded for accurate adjustment.*Comes with hardware.*Eliminates the use of a roll pin by using a set screwand jam nut to hold the wheel on. (7000 planters)Order No. Description Stock No. RetailAPQ25502BGauge wheel arm kit complete with thread

Planter Parts - John Deere 7000-7100 MaxEmerge TM and Kinze WJD3MM 15” opener, standard duty blade (3 mm thick). Blade is made in the USA. Includes import bearing, dust cap, and hub. Used on MaxEmerge and Kinze. Replaces JD number AA55927. 08916 26.40 WJDTVO 15” opener, heavy duty blade (3.5 mm thick). Includes import bearing, dust cap, and hub. Replaces JD number