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A world’s firstThe Chain of TotalAssurance3M Electronic Test System (ETS)Developed in close consultation with health care professionals,the 3M Electronic Test System (ETS) is a world’s first and a vital stepforward for sterilization assurance programmes.EQUIPMENT CONTROLEXPOSURE CONTROL3M ETS is a unique, stand alone test device for the measurement ofthe physical parameters of a steam sterilization cycle providing:. an accurate temperature, pressure and time measurement. a unique air detection system. a totally computerised engineering tool for precise analysis3M ETS is highly innovative and easy to use. Thus, as well asproviding an alternative to the traditional Bowie and Dick Test Pack,this unique test device performs a number of other importantfunctions.Reproducible results/Precise data acquisitionLOAD CONTROLResults are reproducible and equivalent in performance to a standard Bowie and Dick TestPack (as described in EN 285 and ISO DIS 11140-3). Tested to methods described in prEN867-4, ISO DIS 11140-4 and BS 7720, the 3M ETS satisfies the daily steampenetration test requirement prescribed in EN 554.Clear ‘Pass’/‘Fail’PACK CONTROLUnlike any other test system, the 3M ETS Sensing Unit 4008,boasts a unique device which functions as a stand-alonemeasurement system which not only gives clear ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’results, but also ‘Early Warning’ indication and SterilizationParameter Indication (SPI) measurements.Diagnostic featuresIn addition to the Bowie and Dick test results, the ETS also provides anumber of diagnostic features, for example Sterilization Parameter Indication (SPI), LeakRate Test (LRT), Early Warning, Superheated Steam Detection, Fo Integration, EngineeringTests and Help Files which are important in assuring the safe operation of sterilizers.RECORD KEEPING3M SterilizationAssurance ProgrammeaThe 3M Sterilization AssuranceProgramme is a comprehensive and prudentapproach to sterilization monitoringprocedures and methods that you can counton to reduce the risk of unnoticedsterilization failure. The Programme consistsof five separate, but interrelated processes,illustrated above, which monitor everyaspect of the sterilization cycle and help youestablish, manage and maintain a consistentprotocol for sterilization in your facility.Electronic graphic analysis and print outsThe system can be further enhanced by using the 3M ETS DataConverter (4009), and 3METS Software (4010), for connection to a standard printer or PC. Thus 3M ETS willcomputerise all the results, producing graphs of time, pressure and temperature as well asthe ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ results.The software will also provide measurements for the Leak Rate Test (EN 285),Fo Integration and Sterilization Parameter Indication.Its diagnostic functions will also suggest potential causes of failure and recommendationsfor possible remedial action.Precise data acquisition/Digital archivesTo maintain precise record keeping and eliminate all possible transcription errors, the 3METS Sensing Unit (4008) will create an electronic archive using dedicated PC software.The data logging mode allows for the individual interpretation of the sampled data forsteam sterilization cycles operating at temperatures other than 134 C for 3 minutes.

What we’vetaken out Subjective interpretation of results Inconclusive tests results Hand written record keeping Monthly purchase orders Wasted valuable storage space Unplanned downtime Unnecessary upgrading costsand what we’veput in Unambiguous ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ indication Reusable 400 timesHighReproducibilityTÜVRheinlandProduct reiwillige Prod uktpr üfung Electronic archiving and filingPrecisionMeasurement One purchase order raised every eighteen months* Device taking up minimum space Diagnostic functions allowing planned maintenance Precise, accurate and independent measurement ofsterilizer performance*Statistic assuming a once a day use, six times a weekPeace of mindSecurityInnovationis simplyrevolutionary

Driven by the futureBowie Dick Test (BDT)Receive a clear ‘Pass’/‘Fail’ answer, requiring no interpretationfor your daily air removal and steam penetration test (as required inEN 554 and EN 285)Early WarningDetect an early indication of potential sterilizer malfunction:ETS gives the indication of air entrained in the chamber insufficientto cause a BDT failure. Corrective maintenance can eliminateproduction down time.The Leak Rate Test (LRT)Conduct a meaningful LRT to determine chamber seal integrityeven for equipment with low resolution pressure gauges or nopressure gauge.Sterilization Parameter Indication (SPI)Plan corrective maintenance to avoid production downtime:ETS measures the parameters indicating inadequate processing dueto temperature or time.DiagnosticsAccelerate fault identification with the ETS Software featuringsimple help screens to illustrate failure types, causes and possibleremedial actions.Superheated Steam DeterminationDecide on remedial action before processing load items. The ETScompares theoretical and measured temperature giving an indicationof the presence of superheated steam in the sterilization chamber.Calibration CheckSave downtime and servicing costs with the ETS procedure forchecking the calibration of sterilizer instruments. Calibration checkscan now be carried out on-site during normal equipment controlprocedures (eg. BDT).

Totally IntegratedSolutionDilution Factor CalculationPlan corrective maintenance, avoiding equipment breakdown:ETS monitors changes or deterioration by the calculation of thedilution factor for air removal using the standard method describedin DIN 58946-2.Data LoggingMonitor and record precise temperature, time and pressure (T/t/P)data in electronic (Intelligent Archiving) or hard copy formats,by using the ETS Sensing Unit in data logging mode.Engineering TestsEliminate variables when carrying out tests in which sterilizerperformance is determined using a thermometric textile test pack(as defined in EN 285 and HTM 2010): The thermometric small load test The thermometric full load test The air detector function testVersatile Data Handling and ArchivingShare files and records with the easy to use ETS Softwarefeatures allowing: On screen data analysis Intelligent data archiving Summary report writingElectronic Lethality Calculation (Fo)Monitor cycle-to-cycle variability as a single function because ETScalculates the total energy input of the process and expresses it as afunction of microbial lethality – Fo, an application for industrial andhospital environments.

Ordering Information for the 3M Electronic Test System (ETS)TMCat No400840094010Product nameETS Sensing UnitETS DataConverterETS Software Version SW1.1Items/Box111Boxes/Case111Understanding the role of each component of 3M ETSTest DescriptionsETSSensing UnitETSSensing Unit DataConverterETSSensing Unit DataConverter Software EQUIPMENT CONTROLBowie and Dick Test: according to EN 285, BS 7720, prEN 867-4Sterilization Parameter Indicator (SPI)Early Warning of pending Bowie and Dick test failureELECTRONIC RECORD KEEPINGStore Bowie and Dick test data in writing or electronicallyElectronic File Management (intelligent archiving)Generate written reports for management overviewsand quality systemsSPECIAL FUNCTIONS Help files: Embedded ‘tips’ to help analyse/diagnosepotential failures (Diagnostic Poster)Calibration check (as per EN 285)Leak Rate Test (LRT) as per EN 285 (1.3mB/min)Detection of presence of superheated steamDilution Factor CalculationEngineering TestsData Logging Fo INTEGRATION Measures total energy delivered to kill micro organisms3M Health Care not only provides quality products but also appropriate supporting serviceswhich enable correct product use and optimised outcomes. 3M strives to contribute to oneof the ultimate goals of all health care organisations: infection-free patients and health careprofessionals, throughout the continuum of care.3M Sterilization Assurance products are one part of a full line of products 3M hasdeveloped for hospital and home use. Contact your local 3M representative for furtherinformation on: skin health products surgical masks respirators for personal protection surgical draping and gowns clippers for pre-operative hair removal.3Sterilization Assurance Products3M Health Care Limited3M Ireland3M HouseMorley StreetLoughboroughLeicestershire LE11 1EPTelephone (01509) 611611Facsimile (01509) 2372883M House, Adelphi CentreDun LaoghaireCo DublinIrelandTelephone (01) 280 3555Facsimile (01) 280 3509www.3M.com3M is a trademark of the 3M Company. 3M Health Care Limited 2000.

3M TM Electronic Test System The integrated solution to revolutionize sterilization monitoring. EQUIPMENT CONTROL LOAD CONTROL EXPOSURE CONTROL RECORD KEEPING PACK CONTROL Developed in close consultation with health care professionals, the 3M Electronic Test System (ETS) is a world's first and a vital step