ExceptIn BoxFromBenches17-19Rifle /Pistol.22ONLYARC Ranges for steeltargetsSteel must always be at backstopsEach range has placement and usage rulesRange D: 22LR, .22 Long and .22 Short onlyRange E: Any caliber at 100m, Silhouettecalibers for 40,50 & 75mRanges H,I,J,K: Pistol calibers under 1500fps, rimfire, shotguns with lead birdshot.There are no steel targets at ARC for generalmember use. Bring your ownCheck with the Range Safety Director ifyou have any eclub.orgRule questions and safety reports (notedate/time, location, vehicle)Prevent unsafe behavior if possibleNon-emergency #:512-498-3846updated:11/16/20

ARC Steel Quick ReferenceRule highlights for ranges allowing steel targets Commercial targets or equivalent, impact surfaces in good condition.AR500 steel preferred. Impact surface square to the shooter. Impact surface vertical or deflects the bullet at a downward angle. Targets set on silhouette rails or as close to backstop as possible tocontain misses and edge deflections. Swinging and moving targets may only be shot when they will deflect thebullet at a downward angle. One shooter per target at a time (no “duelling trees”). Do not shoot into ground. Any misses and deflections must impact directlyin backstops. Observe minimum steel target height requirements. Shoot only from covered firing line– Exception for H-K if you have taken the ARC steel class or are a certified RSO. Must be your steel unless you have permission from owner while shooting. Eye protection mandatory. No other hard targets except clay birds are allowed anywhere at ARC.This is just highlights. There are lots more rules. All ARC rules apply!Limited exceptions exist for matches and official authorized events only.

ARC Steel Quick ReferenceLegacy Ranges A through ENo steel targets on A.No steel targets on B.No steel targets on C except placed in the box and shot from 17-19. See full rules!*40,50,75,100m .22LR, .22 Long or .22 Short only. Steel targets on or hanging from rails, free-standing steel targets withinbullet traps Freestanding targets below bottom rail height only on bullet traps withoutgaps underneath.Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun All calibers may be used on steel targets at 100m.– This is the only place at ARC to shoot any rifle at steel. 40, 50 & 75m limited to pistol calibers and rifle calibers allowed for NRAHunter Pistol Silhouette. Set steel targets on, behind, or immediately beside rails so all shots go intobackstop. No steel targets below bottom rail. Shoot only at steel directly downrange from shooting position. Do not shoot rails.*Limited exceptions for matches and official authorized events only.

ARC Steel Quick ReferenceG & Action Bays H-LNo steel targets on G*., , , Pistol, Rimfire, Lead birdshot and Pistol-caliber carbines. Pistol caliber velocity must be under 1500 fps for steel targets.– Rifle-caliber pistols (eg: .223, 7.62x39, etc) are prohibited on H, I, J & K. Steel targets always all the way back, at or on backstop*.– Impact surface 20” to 55” from ground*. Shoot only from covered bench except for:– Shooting from a common redefined firing line under the direction of those withcurrent USPSA or IDPA RSO credentials, or those that have successfullycompleted the ARC Steel Safety Course. And 11 yards minimum to steel targets*. No moving and shooting*.No steel targets on L*This is not all the rules. All ARC rules apply!*Limited exceptions for matches and official authorized events only.only.

STEEL TARGETS on ECheck shooting heightaligns with targetheightAll bulletsmustimpactbackstopE

STEEL TARGETS on H, I, J & KFROM FIRING LINEWithout ARC SteelCertificationYou must shoot steelfrom under the coveronlyAllbulletsmustimpacthereH-K55” max20” min


Information on what ranges allow steeltargets and what is allowed on each.Take one if you can use itQuick Reference forSteel targets at ARC

Nov 16, 2020