THE IONA SCHOOLFORMINISTRYThe Episcopal Diocese of Texas1225 Texas AvenueHouston, TX 77006713-520-6444800-318-4452Camp Allen18800 FM 362Navasota, TX 77868866-334-2267Episcopal Diocese of Texas

Iona School Graduates at Work21345St. John’s cross near the Iona Abbey on the Isle of Iona, Scotland.1. The Rev. Tracie Middleton, Vidor Fire Station Chaplain and The Ven. RussOechsel prepare the table for Bishop High for Eucharist and Baptism at the station. 2. The Rev. Bill Wigmore offering Eucharist for the Fellowship of the Prodigal, Austin. 3. The Rev. Judith Jones officiating at nuptials at St. Paul‟s, Pflugerville. 4. The Rev. Link Hullar with friend from Blessing of the Animals at St.Barnabus, Houston. 5. The Rev. Gill Keyworth (in pink shirt) with Galvestonclean-up crew.

STUDENTSOVERVIEWSince its opening in the fall of 2004, the Iona School for Ministryhas graduated 24 Bi-Vocational Priests and 19 Diaconal students,all ordained and in active ministry.The Iona School for Ministry provides the training required by theDiocese of Texas for persons to become Bi-Vocational Priestsand Deacons. It has a rigorous curriculum of academic, practicaland liturgical instruction. In addition, the Iona School is open toLay Professionals who are interested in augmenting their theological studies. The school has welcomed students from the Dioceseof West Texas and the Diocese of Oklahoma.HISTORYIn the last several years, the Church has been faced with thegrowing need for clergy leadership in small congregations withunique challenges and circumstances. Studies indicate thatmost congregations with 30 to 75 average Sunday worship attendance are struggling to afford the services of a full time priest.Many of these small congregations have depended on supplyclergy for worship, but have been left with no clerical oversight ofthe congregation.Happy Faces at Deacon Graduation, June 2009.L-R, Jodi Tomberlin, Barbara Van Black, Phyllis Hartman,Pat Ritchie, and Tracie Middleton.ADMINISTRATION & STAFFThe Rt. Rev. Don Wimberly, 8th Bishop of Texas, set a course ofaction during his episcopate to address these challenges. It washis vision to establish an internal diocesan school to train persons for the bi-vocational priesthood and diaconate who wouldserve small congregations for no monetary reward.continued on next pageThe Rt. Rev. Dena Harrison, Executive for MinistryMs. Mary MacGregor, Executive DirectorThe Rev. Sam Todd, Academic DeanMs. Julie Heath, Administrator & RegistrarThe Rev. Linda Shelton, Coordinator Diaconal CurriculumThe Rev. Pat Richie, Diaconal Fieldwork SupervisorThe Rev. Mary Green, School ChaplainCONTACTTo learn more about the Iona School and the various tracks,contact Mary MacGregor, [email protected], 713-353-2126.“The most remarkable thing about the Iona School for Ministry isits student body which has included doctors, lawyers, engineers,policemen, firemen, teachers, therapists, homemakers and ajudge.” The Rev. Sam Todd, Academic Dean

HISTORY (continued)FACULTY (continued)The establishment of the Iona School for Ministry, in concert withthe Committee for the Bi-Vocational Priesthood and the Committee for the Diaconate of the Commission on Ministry, has successfully addressed this challenge.NameThe Rev. Link Hullar*The Rev. Dr. Nathan JenningsJ. Milton Richardson Asst. Professor ofLiturgics & Anglican Studies, Seminary of theSouthwestA three-year program of preparation for the bi-vocational priesthood and diaconate was developed providing comprehensivetraining for persons who have qualified for enrollment. This program is academically rigorous and includes two years of significantfield work. It is designed to meet the academic, liturgical and practical aspects of formation necessary for ordained ministry.The Rev. Gill Keyworth*Deacon, Emmanuel Church, HoustonUpon ordination, Bi-Vocational priests will become vicars of smallchurches which cannot afford full time priests. The deacons become unpaid servants of Christ, working especially with outreachministries.TRACKSBi-Vocational Priests & DeaconsThe School works closely with the Bishop and the diocesan Commission on Ministry (COM) in the formation and evaluation of persons chosen as students. The COM has empowered two subcommittees, the Bi-Vocational Priesthood Committee and theCommittee for the Diaconate, to oversee the development of theirrespective candidates. The Chairs of these committees servewith the diocesan Executive for Ministry, the Executive Directorand the Academic Dean of the Iona School for Ministry to periodically assess the Iona School’s curriculum and formation program.Diagram A on the following page outlines the process toward theBi-Vocational Priesthood. Deacon candidates follow a similarprocess.Lay ProfessionalsThe Iona School is open to Youth Ministers and Directors ofChristian Formation. Those selected will take the same CoreTheological Curriculum as the Bi-Vocational Priest and Diaconalstudents. These classes are held on Saturdays so lay professionals will not stay all weekend.BackgroundRector, St. Barnabas Church, HoustonProfessor of New Testament, Seminary of theSouthwestAssisting Priest, Good Shepherd, AustinFounding Director, Center for Faith in theThe Rev. Dr. John LewisWorkplaceExecutive Director, Iona School for MinistryMs. Mary MacGregorDirector of Leadership Development, EDOTAdjunct Professor in Religious Studies, UniverMs. Sylvia Maddoxsity of the Incarnate WordChair, Committee for the Diaconate, EDOTThe Rev. Victoria Mason*Deacon, St. David's Church, AustinRetired, Former Dean, Seminary of the SouthThe Rev. Dr. Durstan McDonaldwestDeacon, St. John's Church, SilsbeeThe Rev. Tracie Middleton*Chaplain, Vidor Fire StationThe Rev. Dr. Cynthia KittredgeMr. Clark MooreExecutive Director, Ubi CaritasThe Rev. Canon Ann NormandCanon to the Ordinary, EDOTThe Ven. Russ Oechsel*Archdeacon, EDOTMs. Linda PattersonChair, EDOT Music CommissionThe Rev. Jane PattersonCo-Director, Center for Faith in the WorkplaceThe Rev. Murray PowellVicar, Lord of the Streets, HoustonThe Rev. John PriceThe Rev. Pat Ritchie*Retired, Assisting Priest, Palmer MemorialChurch, HoustonDeacon, St. Stephen’s Church, BeaumontChaplain, Ubi Caritas, BeaumontThe Rev. Gerry SevickRector, Trinity Church, The WoodlandsThe Rev. Linda Shelton*Deacon, Palmer Memorial Church, HoustonThe Rev. Cecilia SmithSafe Church Ministry, EDOTThe Rev. Dr. Henry StrobelProfessor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology,University of Texas Health Science CenterThe Rev. Sam ToddAcademic Dean, Iona School for MinistryDr. Kristine WallaceFormer Professor of Classics, Rice University

FACULTYCAMPUSThe Iona School is fortunate to have highly qualified ordained andlay persons serving on our faculty. Some are active or retired faculty from the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest.Others are leaders in the community and professionals in theirrespective fields. Below is the 2010-2011 faculty roster.The Iona School meets at Camp Allen near Navasota, Texas inthe heart of the Texas Hill Country surrounded by piney woods.Camp Allen provides classrooms, a chapel, hotel accommodations and meals for students & faculty when in session.NameBackgroundThe Rev. Israel AhimbisibweBoniuk Center Lecturer, Rice UniversityThe Rev. Patsy Barham*President, Community of Hope InternationalPriest-in-Charge, St. Matthew's Church,HendersonThe Rev. Dr. Greg Buffone*Coordinator for Diaconal Formation Curriculum,Iona School for MinistryDeacon, St. John the Divine Church, HoustonThe Rev. Canon Jaime CaseCanon for Multi-Cultural Ministries, EDOTEx. Director of Province VII Center for HispanicMinistryProfessor, Seminary of the SouthwestThe Rev. Charlie CookRetired Professor of Pastoral Theology,Seminary of the SouthwestThe Rev. Mark CrawfordChaplain, St. Luke's Hospital, SugarlandThe Rev. Wanda Cuniff*Deacon, Christ Church, NacogdochesThe Rev. Betty Divine*Diaconate Fieldwork Supervisor, Iona School forMinistryDeacon, St. Mark's Church, HoustonThe Rt. Rev. Andy DoyleBishop of TexasThe Rev. Daniel DunlapRector, Good Shepherd Church, TomballThe Rev. Doug EarleRector, St. Paul’s Church, San AntonioThe Rev. Jeff FisherRector, St. Alban’s Church, WacoMP7:30amThe Rev. Bob FlickRector, St. Michael's Church, LaMarqueBreakfast8:00-9:00amThe Rev. Dr. Larry GipsonFormer Rector, St. Martin's Church, HoustonInstruction9:00am-NoonNPNoonThe Rev. Mary GreenChaplain, St. Luke's Hospital, HoustonChaplain, Iona School for yExam3:00-4:00pm4:00-5:00pmThe Rev. Hoss GwinVicar, Christ Church, Matagorda*Graduates of the Iona School for Ministrycontinued on next pageSCHEDULEThe Iona School meets at Camp Allen one weekend a month forten months of the year from September through June. The weekend begins Friday evening and runs through Sunday lunch. Adetailed schedule is below. Graduation is held in Camp Allen’sAll Saints Chapel in June prior to student ordinations.Saturday EveningFriday NightCheck-inEPafter 0-9:00pmCompline9:00pmSaturday Instruction10:30am -12:30pmLunchCheck-out12:30pm1:00pm

ble stuWHAT THEY SAY“When seminary was not an option, due to my full-time job,God found a way for me to answer His call. The Iona Schoolprepared me well for the work I do ministering to alcoholicsand addicts in recovery. I„ll be forever grateful for the doorsIona School opened for me.The Rev. Bill Wigmore, Iona School Class of 2005, Chaplain tothe Fellowship of the Prodigal, Round Rock, TX“Teaching at Iona School, I experience a level of dedication, commitment, and camaraderie among the students that I do not find in anyother institution where I teach (universities and seminaries). The Iona students faithfully and joyfully juggle jobs, families, and study,knowing that when they complete their rigorous three-year coursethey will enter into service in the church without compensation. I amhappy to make my small contribution to the Iona program to honorthese faithful Christians who love the church so deeply.”The Rev. Dr. John G. Lewis, Founding Director, Center for Faith in theWorkplaceTUITION & FEES (2011-2012)In-DioceseAnnual tuition for In-Diocese Bi-Vocational Priest & Diaconal students is 2000 for new students, 1750 for returning students, 650 for Lay Professionals. The Diocese of Texas subsidizes twothirds the cost of training for in-diocese students.Out-of-DioceseAnnual tuition for students outside the Diocese of Texas is 3600.Additional FeesSome additional fees not covered by tuition include:Cost of required textsSchool clothing (optional),Matriculation fee (graduating seniors only),Single accommodation upcharge (optional)Travel expenses.“When God called me into ordained ministry, I was intellectually unprepared. The three years studying at Iona School deepened my knowledgeof scripture, church history, theology and liturgy and enriched my lifethrough relationships with classmates. Combined with the power of theHoly Spirit, this training has enabled me to take on the role of rector of afamily-sized parish.”The Rev. Susan Gerding, Iona School Class of 2008, Rector, St. Luke’sChurch, Livingston, TXThe Iona School combines the best of two worlds, students engaged inactive ministry, and a tip-notch faculty. It’s a joy to teach in the IonaSchool because the students are highly motivated, mature, and alwaysprepared for class. They are eager to integrate their learning into theirlife ministries.The Rev. Dr. Durstan ‘Dusty’ McDonaldRetired Dean, Seminary of the Southwest

PRACTICAL CURRICULUM (continued)Year 1SpiritualityYear 2Year 3Spiritual AutobiographiesRule of LifeRule of LifeStages of FaithLectio DivinaLectio DivinaPrayer & TemperamentLabyrinthLabyrinthLectio DivinaReverence:Paying AttentionReverence:Paying AttentionSabbath KeepingVocation:Living with PurposeVocation:Living with PurposeSelf-exam, Sin & Justifica- Physical Labor:tionCarrying WaterPhysical Labor:Carrying WaterGrace & SanctificationWilderness: Getting Lost Wilderness: Getting LostCeltic SpiritualityGroundedness:Walking on the EarthGroundedness:Walking on the EarthAnglican SpiritualityBenediction:Pronouncing BlessingsBenediction:Pronouncing BlessingsRule of LifeRule of Life Review:Leaving LegacyRule of Life Review:Leaving LegacyLiturgyYear 2Year 1Year 3Daily OfficeLiturgical PlanningLeading in a FamilySystemHomileticsBurialsLeading ChangeIntro to Holy EucharistChristian InitiationChurch Year: Advent Holy WeekHistory & Theology of the Church Year: EasterBCPPentecostHymns, Poetry, PrayersFamiliarity with the BCPHomileticsFoundations for HealthySmall Congregations IFoundations for HealthySmall Congregations IIDeacons in the LiturgyPriests in the LiturgyHoly Eucharist & PrayersWeddingsTheological Reflectionof the PeopleConversation re. Assign- Sacrament of Reconcilia- Orientation to DiocesanmentstionStaffField Work ReviewHealing LiturgiesWorld Mission

CURRICULUMPRACTICAL CURRICULUMThe curriculum is designed to provide students proficiency in theseven areas required by canon: Holy Scripture, Church History,Theology, Ethics & Moral Theology, Liturgy & Music, Contemporary Society, and the Theory & Practice of Ministry. Time is alsodevoted to community building and spiritual formation. Fieldworkis integrated into the Bi-Vocational & Diaconal tracks. Bi-Vocational Priest students spend a significant amount of time servingas the head of a congregation or intern with a supervising clergyperson. The curriculum is three years, consisting of six semesters.Having a sound foundation in Holy Scripture, the History of theChurch, Theology and Ethics is essential for all clergy in the Diocese of Texas. Iona students in the Diaconal and Bi-VocationalPriesthood tracts participate in these classes together. The diaconal students also participate in some of the same instruction forliturgy and worship as the Bi-Vocational Priesthood students. Thediaconal students join with the Bi-Vocational Priest students inclasses for the practice of ministry that are pertinent to both tracks.Year OneCORE THEOLOGICAL CURRICULUMFirst SemesterOLD TESTAMENTCriticism, Sources, History of Ancient Near EastSecond SemesterNEW TESTAMENTMarkPentateuchMatthew; Luke/ActsHistorical BooksJohnProphetic Books & MinistryThe WritingsYear TwoYear 1Theory & Practice of MinistryYear 2Year 3Paul and "Deutero-Paul"Spiritual AutobiographiesSelf CareThe Pastoral RelationshipThe Concluding LettersClergy VestureSacramentality & JusticeIntro to Systemic LeadershipRacismHistory of the DiaconateSynthesis Paper ReturnedANGLICAN STUDIESANCIENT & MEDIEVAL HISTORYThe Early ChurchEnglish ReformationHospital VisitsChristian FormationThe Imperial ChurchThe 18th & 19th CenturyEnglish ChurchCommitment & RelationshipsEnd of LifeThe Medieval ChurchChristianity in the Modern WorldWorking w/Non-Profits,Funding OutreachGrief & Loss: Preparing theCongregation for bothPre-Reformation Christianity inEnglandThe American Episcopal ChurchDisciplinary CanonsMinistry to the HomelessCongregational Seasons &CyclesContinental ReformationContemporary SocietyEmpowering LaityJubilee MinistriesConflict: Resolution & ReconciliationHuman Nature & SinMulti-Cultural MinistriesMinistry to SeniorsPastoral Leadership: A Trinitarian ApproachParish PolitySynthesis Paper AssignmentChurch: Established or Intentional?Little ChurchesMusic for Little ChurchesServant LeadershipParish AdministrationSeasons of Life: Spirituality& AgingDOGMATIC THEOLOGYYear ThreeThe core curriculum is supplemented with specific classes pertaining to matters unique to those serving as Bi-Vocational Priests orDeacons. Deacons are required to complete four semesters offield work in addition to their Iona classes. Some of the coursesare listed below and on the following pages.History of Christian ThoughtApologetics IChurchETHICS & MORAL THEOLOGYApologetics IIThe Christian LifeGodThe Centrality of Love & JusticeChristVocation and Practices of FaithPractical Curriculum continued on next page

The Iona School prepared me well for the work I do ministering to alcoholics and addicts in recovery. I„ll be forever grateful for the doors Iona School opened for me. The Rev. Bill Wigmore, Iona School Class of 2005, Chaplain to the Fellowship of the Prodigal, Round Rock, TX "Teaching at Iona School, I experience a level of dedication, commit-